Flying discs
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Flying discs

Flying discs, or frisbees, are brilliant fun in all sorts of games, from catch to golf or Ultimate. As they’re a bit larger and easier to catch than balls, they are especially good for beginners.


What’s in it for your child?

  • It’s easy to learn — everyone can play, with no prior training required
  • Flying discs are a perfect play-anywhere game: they’re easy to carry around, and all you need to play is a bit of space
  • Teammates not required: kids can practice tricks and new moves on their own
  • Team play is social and collaborative, teaching kids how to pass, share and work together


Get started

  • The easiest way to catch a flying disc is to clasp it between the hands, one on top and one on the underside, or to grab it along the edge
  • To throw a flying disc, lightly hold the rim with one side and, holding the disc flat over the ground at about chest height, use your wrist to bring it towards you and then fling it away


Tips and tricks

  • Ultimate is a great game to play with a flying disc: modelled after American football, it is a  non-contact sport where teams compete to get the flying disc into the opposing endzone
  • Try flying disc freestyle: using a slightly lighter freestyle disc, throw the disc in the air and try stalling it with your shoulder, catching it with your feet, and all sorts of other tricks


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