Cup stacking
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Cup stacking

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Speed-stack cups in specific sequences as an individual or a team, either against the clock or other players.

What’s in it for your child?

  • It’s been scientifically proven that cup stacking improves children’s ambidexterity, concentration and hand-eye coordination by up to 30%
  • Cup stacking uses both sides of the brain, improving your child’s reaction time and even reading comprehension
  • It’s really fun – it’s got the ‘cool’ factor
  • Athleticism is not a necessary prerequisite to cup stacking — less sporty kids can do just as well or even better than more athletic kids
  • Kids can practice on their own or with friends

Get started

  • You don’t need special cups to start stacking — just find three same-size, relatively stiff plastic cups
  • It’s crucial to have a firm, flat surface that’s been cleared of any breakables
  • Start off with cups tucked into each other, then set up a pyramid, then take it apart
  • Add in more cups or more complicated sequences as kids grow more confident with the skill

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