Beat boxing
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Beat boxing

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Make a whole range of sounds, from drum beats to bass and rhythm, using only your mouth as an instrument. It’s fun to do and really cool to watch.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Beat boxing is great for building improvisation and memorisation skills
  • Performing in front of others can help kids gain confidence
  • Spontaneous rhyming can help kids acquire literacy skills

Get started

  • Start with the basic percussion sounds and repeat them on their own until you are happy you’re getting them right
  • Add in another sound or create sequences step by step: it’s easy to get frustrated, but with this skill, practise is everything

A bit of history

Beat boxing is a form of vocal percussion. It can include singing and the vocal imitation of turntablism as well as the simulation of horns, strings and other instruments. Beat boxing is a form of storytelling that is connected to hip hop culture, but beat boxers can create all kinds of sounds, not just hip hop.

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