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Keepie – uppie

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Develop control on the pitch by juggling the football with your feet, lower legs, knees, chest, shoulders and head… but whatever you do, don’t let the ball to hit the ground.


What’s in it for your child?

  • Fitness — keepie-uppie is a great way of developing strength and aerobic fitness
  • Playing keepie-uppie helps kids improve their agility and develop quick reflexes
  • What boy doesn’t want to be a footballer? Keepie-uppie is an easy way for your kids to develop some basic footballing skills so they feel confident joining a kickabout or organised match


Tips and tricks

  • If the ball is coming from a height, cushion the fall by ‘catching’ it with your thigh — this makes the ball easier to control with your feet
  • Don’t do too many headers in a row — it can make you dizzy
  • If the ball is coming down beside you and you don’t have time to move, kick up with the outside of your foot to get the ball up again and give yourself time to reposition


Top moves

  • Round the world: kick the ball up, and while it’s in the air, quickly circle your foot around the ball, then kick it up again as soon as your foot is back under it
  • Shoulder juggle: hit the ball up with a shoulder, then with the other shoulder — go back and forth as many times as you can
  • Neck catch: when the ball is about head-high, bend over so it lands on the base of your neck
  • Head stall: slow the ball with a couple of gentle headers until you can ‘catch’ it in the space between your nose and eyebrows — wait a couple of seconds and then push it up again


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