Body Popping

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Move to the beat by quickly contracting and relaxing your muscles. Put together a sequence of moves to really wow the crowd.

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What’s in it for your child?

  • Body popping is cool and social — it’s a great skill to have and share
  • Body popping teaches kids agility and confidence, and helps them feel comfortable in their own bodies


Top moves

  • Popping: mainly using the upper body, quickly contract and relax the muscles to cause a jerk
  • Hitting: contract and relax the muscles as with popping, but this time use the upper and lower body at the same time
  • Banging: this is a more intense version of hitting
  • Vibrating hits/trembling: piece together a sequence of quivering hits and perform it with real intensity
  • Dimestopping: stop all body movement without even a shadow of a jerk — tricky and impressive
  • Strobing: a rapid sequence of dimestopping
  • Ticking: a rapid sequence of hitting or popping
  • Airposing: with a relaxed body, bounce or sink to the beat of the music and pose on every beat
  • Angles: this comes with a bit more experience — once your child develops a heightened awareness and control of their body, they can start to create sequences of linear forms and patterns using their arms, legs and torso


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