Decoding the Manuka Honey Mystery: What do K-factor and UMF mean

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We all love honey; it is sweet and has certain medicinal properties. There are different types of honey-based on how and from the plants they are extracted from.

The different types of honey are:

  • Blossom honey
  • Honeydew honey
  • Monofloral honey
  • Multi floral honey.

What Manuka Honey ?

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey. This means that the honey is obtained from bees that predominantly forage on the Manuka tree.

The Manuka tree originally grows in areas of Australia and New Zealand. Every type of honey contains various sugars and other constituents including phenolic compounds.


Manuka honey is darker than most honey; this means that it has a higher concentration of Phenolic compounds.

Extracts from the Manuka were traditionally used as sedatives and antibacterial elements. Since a plant’s nutrients are transferable through honey, Manuka reserves those medicinal properties.

manuka honey

It is very popular in treating wounds due to its antibacterial as well as antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. This healing power is not in all manuka honey, however, due to various factors.


What Is The K-factor ?

The K-Factor is an independent grading system for Manuka honey. The system measures certain factors in the honey to determine its nature.

It is used by the Wedderspoon Company of New Zealand. Some of the factors considered in the K-factor system are:

  • Purity
  • Live enzymes
  • PH levels
  • Antioxidant levels
  • Pollen count
  • DHA

MGO and NPA are not considered in the K-Factor grading system of Manuka honey.


UMF (Unique-Manuka Factor)

The UMF grading system was established by the UMFHA in New Zealand. It tests and grades the strength of active manuka honey.

The UMF value is based on the effect the active honey has on bacteria. In the UMF grading these are the major determining factors:

  • Methylglyoxal (MGO).
  • Non-peroxide Activity (NPA).
  • Dihydroxyacetone


Methylglyoxal is a potent protein-glycating compound that is said to have anti-bacterial properties. MGO is in part responsible for the high antibacterial property of this honey.

Manuka honey’s preference as anti-bacterial to others is because the effect lasts much longer. This long-lasting anti-bacterial effect is due to the Non-peroxide Activity (NPA) of the honey.

Honey contains glucose oxidase which is converts to Gluconic acid and Hydrogen Peroxide in the wound. Upon application onto the wound, the Hydrogen peroxide quickly breaks down to oxygen and water.

This break down happens because of catalase present in body tissue; it destroys any antibacterial effect.

Because of the MGO and other compounds in Manuka , antibacterial effect is not destroyed by catalase. (DermaSciences, 2018).

Manuka honey

Leptosperin is only found in manuka plants and other of the same family. The concentration of Leptosperin does not change over time.

The chemical’s concentration can determine the authenticity of the honey. (analytica, 2018). Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a precursor chemical compound of MGO in the manuka tree nectar.  After the harvest of the honey, DHA converts to MGO over time.

This conversion is due to a natural chemical process that takes about 4 years to complete. High levels of DHA in Manuka honey means High levels of MGO.

The Manuka Mystery Solved

Due to the complex nature of manuka, it has been difficult for most people to understand. Hopefully, after having broken down the honey for you, it will be easier to shop for.

Manuka honey works and the proof is there to back that up. It has a very bright future in the field of medicine

Yarn Ball Winder 101:  Types, Comaparision, How to and FAQs

Do you love knitting? If yes, then yarn ball winder is a vital tool you should have to make work easier and save time. The operation of these tools requires the use of hands, and you have enough time they can do a great job.

Sometimes, winding yarn using your hands may be tiresome. You may feel pain in wrists as a result of straining in your shoulders and arms. Therefore, below is the full detail on the manual and electric yarn ball winder.


Manual Vs. Electric ball yarn winders

These are the most known and commonly used by starters or hobbyists who only knit when they feel like. For this reason, there is no need for you to buy an electric yarn winder, use manual ones.

Manual yarn ball winders are cheaper compared to electric ones. However, if you intend to use your tool to knit for an extended period, you should have an electric yarn ball winder. But, if you knit for leisure, try manual ones.

As their name suggests, manual yarn ball winders have a lever and a handle. You are required to rotate the handle so that to enable the apparatus work, which in turn, will convert the yarn skein to a rigid and sturdy ball.

Manual yarn ball winders have a design so that you can drag the yarn from inside. Here, the speed of your work depends on how faster is your hands.

Electric yarn ball winders use electricity, and some operate using batteries. Therefore, what you need to do here is to switch ON your tool to make it work.

You don’t have to manually operate the tool because it is an automatic yarn ball winder that comes with different settings in speed. A swift umbrella swift can be used with an electric yarn ball winder to convert your skeins, forming a tight yarn ball.

Therefore, manual electric ball yarn winder is the best because they are relatively cheap.


Step by step guide to setting up a Yarn Ball Winder

Before you start to wind, it’s good to set up your equipment. Items that are needed here are; a yarn swift, ball winder, yarn skein, and finally, a table. Below are steps to set up a yarn ball winder using Amish yarn swift style.

  1. Gather your yarn swift

Assembling the Stanwood swift is faster because you only need to lock the base using two pieces of wood. Insert the pin at the center between the two arms.

  1. Fix the pegs in specific holes

Place pegs in the holes, tying untwisted skein together.

  1. Wrap the skein around the pegs

Ensure that the yarn loop slides around the pegs, they should not drape loosely.

  1. Assemble your skein

Spot the bond holding loops together, then unite and cut them carefully using scissors. It would be best if you were keen here to avoid cutting your skein. Here, the skein will have two relaxed ends, and one will be more approachable than the other. It is advisable to use an accessible one.

  1. Clamp your ball winder to the table

At this step, connect the center cylinder to the base and lock it in the place by turning.

  1. Thread the yarn in the wire loop

Place a loose end in the curlicue loop through the wire arm. The arm directs the yarn from the swift up to the winder.

  1. Attach loose end to the notches of your ball grinder

Now that you have threaded loose end, tightly place it to the cylinder in the notches. The notches tie the cylinder in place when winding the yarn ball.

  1. Use your hands to pull the yarn

Once you start to crank, swift will rotate quickly and smoothly hence freeing yarn from hank.

  1. Turning the yarn ball clockwise

You can now start winding because everything set up. Wind the crank slowly in a clockwise direction. Use the other hand to direct the yarn on the ball winder and the swift.

This is helpful because sometimes yarn may be stuck in the swift arms. If you are comfortable with cranking, you can increase speed, but be careful because you can break the ball winder.

  1. Finish the ball

Continue cranking and directing them from the swift to have “a yarn cake.” The swift will turn along automatically with the help of the ball winder feed yarn on the winder faster and smoothly.

  1. Drag the yarn from the winder

Once you have entirely wound the yarn skein, slide it out from your ball winder. What you will get is not really but something a bit flatter with a hole at the center.  This hole keeps you from tightly turning the yarn. Now you are done with your yarn making.


Tips For Using a Yarn Ball Winder

  1. Ensure that your apparatus is far from each other– Before winding, you need to connect the yarn to the ball winder. At the top of your grinder, slide the yarn in the yarn metal guide passing through plastic disk notch.
  2. Tuck the loop on the swift- When you turn the hank, the yarn is pulled outside.
  3. Cut the ties keenly using a scissors– use small scissors to snip the bonding close to the knot.
  4. Wind at an advised speed– try to maintain your speed so that you get desired results.
  5. Direct the yarn using your other free hand– let the yarn twirl on your other free hand to ensure that it has proper guidance to the tension pin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yarn Ball Winder 101 FAQ

Question: How to wind a yarn with the ball winder

Place the yarn on the swift, then carefully untwist the hank or skein, connect the yarn to the winder, make your center-pull yarn “yarn cake,” then slowly spin the handle, get your “yarn cake” from the ball winder and use it.

Question: How to make yarn ball winder

Set up your apparatus, put the yarn to the swift, fix the yarn to your ball winder, wind, finish, then use your ball of yarn.

Question: How can you use a yarn swift and a ball winder?

First, you need to set up your swift of yarn, hold your yarn hank, put the yarn to the swift, transparent all holdings, spot the yarn end that is outside of your hank.

Question: Why do you need a swift with a yarn ball winder?

Swift of yarn enables you to wind yarns effectively to perfect balls

Question: How can you make a wooden yarn ball winder?

Turn to round from blank, then put the blank in between centers, decide how big you want the handle to look like, then make a mark on the ball winder, smooth and shape the ends of the ball winder, form its handle then finish.

Question: Why do you use a yarn ball winder?

They are cheaper and most popular in the market.

Question: How tight should a yarn ball binder work?

It should be held tight enough to prevent the yarn from falling off from the pegs.

Question: Why use a yarn ball winder instead of a skein of yarn

We use yarn ball winder to correct issues that may arise from tensions.



After going through the above steps and tips on how to use a ball winder, I hope by now you are in a position to make your ball of yarn. It is essential to get quality winder because it will save you time and energy.

Invest in a winder that will do best for you. There is electric and manual yarn ball winder. Therefore, you should buy, depending on how you frequently knit.

Step By Step Guide Of Cooking Sous Vide Rack of Lamb

The expensive nature of a rack of a lamb means that even its cooking can be challenging than cooking pricey steak.

Surprisingly, lambs are always smaller and leaner than steaks, hence can be accidentally overcooked. Therefore all this qualifies it as an ideal candidate for cooking sous vide.

This article will give you a detailed guide on how to cook sous vide rack of a lamb.


Step by step guide of cooking Sous Vide Rack of Lamb


Step 1: Start by Preheating the Precision Cooker

The precision sous vide cooker should be preheated to the required temperature. Place your water bath on the cooker and allow it to come to temperature then add your lamb. Alternatively, when cooking sous vide you can use beer cooler technique.


Step 2: Season

With salt and pepper season your lamb rack on all sides generously.


Step 3: Bag and Seal

The bag can be sealed either by use of a zipper-lock bag, also known as a water displacement method or a vacuum sealer. When going about it, seal the zipper leaving about an inch open.

Then, carefully put your bagged lamb into a tub of water through the bag’s top, the pressure of the water will force out air.

Often, use your fingers to squeeze the air out. Finally, seal the bag above the waterline when most of the air is out of the bag.


Step 4: Cook the Lamb

At this point put the bag into the water bath and cook. It should sink if properly sealed.


Step 5: Remove Lamb and Dry Carefully

Take the lamb out of the vacuum bag then put it in a plate that is lined with a paper towel. Remember to have it part dried on all sides.

The surface of the lamb cooked sous vide will not brown, hence browning is added afterward to enhance good texture and flavor.

This is much easier with the use of a stainless steel skillet or a heavy cast iron over the stovetop.


Step 6: Preheat a Stainless Steel Skillet or Cast Iron

Ensure good ventilation at this step, open your windows and vents. With the hottest burner you have, place a stainless steel skillet or a heavy cast iron on it, and add a tablespoonful of canola, rice bran or vegetable oil.

Secondly, preheat the skillet until it begins to smoke. Then, add the lamb bones facing up.

Lastly, crowding the pan will make the lamb sous vide cool too, if your pan is not large enough work in batches.


Step 7: Add Butter and Aromatics and Baste

While swirling the pan add a tablespoonful of butter. Depending on your choice of aroma you add garlic cloves, rosemary sprigs, whole thyme, or roughly chopped shallots.

Make sure that your lamb is evenly seared by continuously moving it around the pan.

Using a large spoon and tilting the skillet towards you, collect the fat on top of the lamb and use it to baste the lamb with the flavored butter.

In less than a minute the first side of the lamb should be well browned. Flip the lamb and use the same procedure to brown the other side.


Step 8: Remove the Lamb and Let It Rest

Though it is not necessary that you let your meat rest, but you may need some time to set your table ready for a meal.

All you need is to place the lamb to a rimmed baking sheet wire rack and go on setting your table. Fortunately, there is a way to make sure that your lamb is hot and nice when serving.

Once you have set everything and you are now set to enjoy the meal, reheat any fat and juices in a pan until they sizzle then sprinkle them on the lamb then carve.


Step 9: Carve and Serve

Holding the rack upright carve the cooked lamb and transfer it to a cutting board. With a sharp knife- and the bones making a good handle, slice down after every two ribs.

On reaching the bottom you ought to turn it around to find the joint between the vertebrae. Serve at least four ribs per person. Be cautious to avoid ruining your knives always don’t force it through.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking Sous Vide Rack of Lamb Faq

Question: What are the benefits of sous vide rack?

  • Easily cooked in batches.
  • It aides in cooking bagged food consistently and evenly.
  • The bags are easily removed from the water bath.
  • No need for clips because it keeps the bags in place.


Question: What is sous vide cooking?

Sous vide also known in French as “under vacuum” is a procedure of food preparation where food is vacuum-sealed in a bag and then cooked in a water bath to a certain temperature. Its results are unique and are not easily achieved by any other method of cooking.


Question: How long to sous vide chicken?

It takes one to four hours to cook sous vide chicken. Set the sous vide to 145-degrees.using your preferred method, vacuum seal the chicken breasts. Along with pepper and salt, lemon slices and fresh herbs add two breasts per bag.


Question: How to make sous vide egg bites?

  1. Set the temperature to 165-degrees, then fix your sous vide cooker to a warm water bath and let it heat.
  2. While being careful not to crack the eggs, lower them into the water bath.
  3. Prepare your ice bath and transfer your eggs from the water bath immediately after 15 minutes.


Question: Do you need to sear chicken after sous vide?

Sous vide your chicken at a minimum temperature to avoid overcooking when searing your chicken breast. To achieve a tasty crunchy flavor sear each side for about one minute.


Final Words

Because of its expensive nature, when cooking lamb rack you need to be cautious. Cooking sous vide rack of lamb at home relieves you stress and always offers you a perfect result all times. Lamb rack sous vide can be cooked earlier and reheated when needed. It’s perfect for special Sunday lunches and dinner parties. Always remember that it is easy to overcook it


Skateboarding is one of those skills with plenty of cool factor, but it’s not just about looking edgy — this skill also does a lot for kids’ fitness and sense of balance.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Skateboarding is great for developing core strength, balance and agility
  • Skateboarding has a lot in common with surfing and snowboarding, so if your child is interested in those sports, this is a great skill to start off with


Get started

  • Learning to skateboard usually involves falling, so be prepared with plenty of safety equipment including wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet
  • The trick to falling is to override instinct and not use your hands to break your fall — rather, roll into it and allow your shoulder and body to take the fall, protecting your wrists
  • The first thing to learn is stopping: try a footbreak stop by dragging your back foot on the ground


Tips and tricks

  • Ollie: snap the tail down with your back foot while sliding your front foot up the board and jumping, so it looks like you’re jumping up with the skateboard stuck to your feet
  • Kickturns: balance on your back wheels for a moment and swing your board to a new direction
  • Truck stands: stand on either of your trucks and balance on the tail of the skateboard


Terms to know

  • Deck: this is the piece of wood the skater stands on
  • Trucks: each skateboard has two trucks that attach the wheels to the skateboard


This extract is part of a larger article “Skateboarding” from Wikipedia.

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Juggling is a performance-friendly skill that always impresses, but it’s also a very meditative activity that many kids find very calming.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Juggling helps to develop quick reflexes
  • As juggling is a meditative sort of activity, kids can find it very relaxing
  • Juggling is a very performable skill: mastering it even in its basic form and then sharing it with others can help kids develop self-confidence


Get started

  • Beginners should expect to drop things a lot, so start juggling something that won’t cause any damage should it land on the floor or the juggler: beanbags or soft balls are best
  • The simplest pattern is the three-ball cascade, where the juggler starts with two balls in one hand and one in the other: start by throwing one of the two balls up in an arc, then throw the single ball up before catching the first ball, and continuing with each hand throwing one ball and catching another


Tips and tricks

  • Once your juggler masters the three-ball cascade, move on to a five-ball cascade
  • The shower is a juggling pattern that works for as few as two objects: one hand throws the object up, and the other hand catches the object and passes it back to the first hand
  • The fountain is another pattern that can be used for an even number of objects, as each hand juggles separately — objects are not passed between the hands


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Balloon animals

Making balloon animals is a fun and creative skill that tends to yield all sorts of new toys and games.


What’s in it for your child?

  • Even though it can be practiced alone, making balloon animals is a very social skill
  • This skill helps kids develop improved dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination


Get started

  • Your child will need an assortment of balloons in various colours and something to inflate the balloons with, usually an air pump (it can be difficult to inflate balloons via the mouth)
  • It helps to have some step-by-step instructions in image or video format
  • The easiest animal to make is the wiener dog, a long-bodied animal made with one balloon and several twists


Tips and tricks

  • Be sure not to over-inflate or under-twist: precision is important with this skill
  • Before going on to make balloon animals out of two or more balloons, your child can create a veritable menagerie of one-balloon animals: dogs, giraffes, monkeys, bears and even an elephant’s head, ears and trunk
  • Balloons can be used for more than just animals: try making swords, helmets and wands


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Inline skating

Inline skating is a high-energy outdoor skill that teaches kids balance and helps develop strength and fitness.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Fitness: inline skating can be great exercise, so it’s good for kids’ cardiovascular fitness
  • Once kids are competent and confident, inline skating is a great way to get around
  • This skill is great for developing balance and core strength
  • What works on pavements also works on ice: inline skaters make brilliant ice skaters!


Get started

  • Get skates that fit comfortably and have plenty of ankle support
  • Safety equipment is a must: don’t skate without a wrist guards, knee pads and a helmet
  • Start on grass or carpet, balancing on one skate and then the other with knees slightly bent and shins pressed forward into the skate; try to hold each position for a few seconds
  • Again on grass or carpet, close your eyes and find your balance — once you’ve got this, it’s time to try it out on pavement
  • If you think you’re going to fall, just drop: it’s easier and less risky than falling forward onto your hands and wrists


Tips and tricks

  • The basic skate involves pushing away from the ground behind you with the back foot, and gliding forward on the front foot
  • The easiest way to stop is by using the heel stop that comes on most skates, but you can also try a T-stop or a sideways stop (as in skiing)
  • Crossovers are a great trick to master: rather than facing the direction you are going, skate side-on, along a curved path, with the back foot crossing over the front foot


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Develop speed, strength and confidence, whether you’re on the court with a team or practicing your dribble, lay-ups and shots alone.


What’s in it for your child?

  • Fitness: basketball helps develop speed and aerobic fitness
  • Agility: when played in a team, basketball involves dodging, feinting and darting around
  • Team sports help kids develop a sense of sportsmanship and learn to work as part of a team


Get started

  • Learn to dribble: grab a ball, find a hard surface, and bounce the ball against the ground, touching it only with the pads of the fingers
  • Develop your ball-handling skills: experiment with dribbling over distances and with increased speed; try passing overhand and from the chest


Tips and tricks

  • Shoot! It takes time to get good at scoring, but practice makes perfect — encourage your child to take shots from a range of different position on the court
  • Basketball is a non-contact sport with one very strict rule: players cannot carry the ball, they must dribble it at all times


Terms to know

  • Lay-up: this is the name for the move where a player runs and dribbles up to the basked, then leaps in the air to shoot
  • Block: in team play, when a player from one team prevents an opposing player from shooting or passing… without touching that player
  • Swish: when a player makes a basket without touching the rim — ‘swish’ is the sound this makes


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Hula hooping

Develop strength and coordination with a hula hoop. Start with the hoop around your waist, then mix things up by twirling it round your neck, arms and legs.


What’s in it for your child?

  • Hula hooping helps kids develop core strength and body-confidence
  • Just about anyone can do this… even parents! It’s a fun skill to share with your kids


Get started

  • Hold the hoop against your back, a little above the waist
  • Push the hoop around your waist
  • Shift your weight back and forth on your feet to keep it moving


Tips and tricks

  • Be sure the hoop is big enough: to measure, stand the hoop in front of the hula-hooper: it should come to somewhere between stomach and nipple height
  • Larger hoops are better for beginners, while smaller hoops are better for speed and tricks
  • Rather than moving your hips in a circular motion, put one foot in front of the other and shift your weight back and forth in a rocking or pumping motion
  • If twirling the hoop around the hips is proving tricky, try hooping with the hands to get a feel for the movement


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Body popping

Move to the beat by quickly contracting and relaxing your muscles. Put together a sequence of moves to really wow the crowd.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Body popping is cool and social — it’s a great skill to have and share
  • Body popping teaches kids agility and confidence, and helps them feel comfortable in their own bodies


Top moves

  • Popping: mainly using the upper body, quickly contract and relax the muscles to cause a jerk
  • Hitting: contract and relax the muscles as with popping, but this time use the upper and lower body at the same time
  • Banging: this is a more intense version of hitting
  • Vibrating hits/trembling: piece together a sequence of quivering hits and perform it with real intensity
  • Dimestopping: stop all body movement without even a shadow of a jerk — tricky and impressive
  • Strobing: a rapid sequence of dimestopping
  • Ticking: a rapid sequence of hitting or popping
  • Airposing: with a relaxed body, bounce or sink to the beat of the music and pose on every beat
  • Angles: this comes with a bit more experience — once your child develops a heightened awareness and control of their body, they can start to create sequences of linear forms and patterns using their arms, legs and torso


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Keepie – uppie

Develop control on the pitch by juggling the football with your feet, lower legs, knees, chest, shoulders and head… but whatever you do, don’t let the ball to hit the ground.


What’s in it for your child?

  • Fitness — keepie-uppie is a great way of developing strength and aerobic fitness
  • Playing keepie-uppie helps kids improve their agility and develop quick reflexes
  • What boy doesn’t want to be a footballer? Keepie-uppie is an easy way for your kids to develop some basic footballing skills so they feel confident joining a kickabout or organised match


Tips and tricks

  • If the ball is coming from a height, cushion the fall by ‘catching’ it with your thigh — this makes the ball easier to control with your feet
  • Don’t do too many headers in a row — it can make you dizzy
  • If the ball is coming down beside you and you don’t have time to move, kick up with the outside of your foot to get the ball up again and give yourself time to reposition


Top moves

  • Round the world: kick the ball up, and while it’s in the air, quickly circle your foot around the ball, then kick it up again as soon as your foot is back under it
  • Shoulder juggle: hit the ball up with a shoulder, then with the other shoulder — go back and forth as many times as you can
  • Neck catch: when the ball is about head-high, bend over so it lands on the base of your neck
  • Head stall: slow the ball with a couple of gentle headers until you can ‘catch’ it in the space between your nose and eyebrows — wait a couple of seconds and then push it up again


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Start out with the basic moves, then graduate to Double-Dutch and musical skipping games for larger groups of kids.


What’s in it for your child?

  • Skipping is great physical exercise for both athletic and non-athletic kids
  • It can be done anywhere, all you need are a rope and a little bit of space
  • Group games help develop teamwork skills and coordination


Get started

  • Start with the basic jump: stand with the feet slightly apart, grasp an end of the rope in each hand,  bring the rope over the head and jump over it with both feet
  • Once you’ve mastered the basic jump, gather some speed by using alternate feet to jump off the ground — you can double your skips per minute this way


Tips and tricks

  • Criss-cross: do the basic jump, but mid-jump cross your wrists in front of you so your left hand goes to the right side of your body, and your right hand to your left side
  • Double under: jump up a little bit higher than usual and make two revolutions with the rope instead of one, so it passes under your feet twice before they touch the ground again
  • The toad: this is a complicated trick where the jumper performs the cross manoeuvre but with one arm crossing under the opposite leg from the inside
  • Triples, quads and quins: it is possible to have the rope swing three times under the feet (triple under); in competitive jump rope you may even see quadruples (quads) and quintuples (quins)


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Beat boxing

Make a whole range of sounds, from drum beats to bass and rhythm, using only your mouth as an instrument. It’s fun to do and really cool to watch.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Beat boxing is great for building improvisation and memorisation skills
  • Performing in front of others can help kids gain confidence
  • Spontaneous rhyming can help kids acquire literacy skills

Get started

  • Start with the basic percussion sounds and repeat them on their own until you are happy you’re getting them right
  • Add in another sound or create sequences step by step: it’s easy to get frustrated, but with this skill, practise is everything

A bit of history

Beat boxing is a form of vocal percussion. It can include singing and the vocal imitation of turntablism as well as the simulation of horns, strings and other instruments. Beat boxing is a form of storytelling that is connected to hip hop culture, but beat boxers can create all kinds of sounds, not just hip hop.

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Cup stacking

Speed-stack cups in specific sequences as an individual or a team, either against the clock or other players.

What’s in it for your child?

  • It’s been scientifically proven that cup stacking improves children’s ambidexterity, concentration and hand-eye coordination by up to 30%
  • Cup stacking uses both sides of the brain, improving your child’s reaction time and even reading comprehension
  • It’s really fun – it’s got the ‘cool’ factor
  • Athleticism is not a necessary prerequisite to cup stacking — less sporty kids can do just as well or even better than more athletic kids
  • Kids can practice on their own or with friends

Get started

  • You don’t need special cups to start stacking — just find three same-size, relatively stiff plastic cups
  • It’s crucial to have a firm, flat surface that’s been cleared of any breakables
  • Start off with cups tucked into each other, then set up a pyramid, then take it apart
  • Add in more cups or more complicated sequences as kids grow more confident with the skill

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Flying discs

Flying discs, or frisbees, are brilliant fun in all sorts of games, from catch to golf or Ultimate. As they’re a bit larger and easier to catch than balls, they are especially good for beginners.


What’s in it for your child?

  • It’s easy to learn — everyone can play, with no prior training required
  • Flying discs are a perfect play-anywhere game: they’re easy to carry around, and all you need to play is a bit of space
  • Teammates not required: kids can practice tricks and new moves on their own
  • Team play is social and collaborative, teaching kids how to pass, share and work together


Get started

  • The easiest way to catch a flying disc is to clasp it between the hands, one on top and one on the underside, or to grab it along the edge
  • To throw a flying disc, lightly hold the rim with one side and, holding the disc flat over the ground at about chest height, use your wrist to bring it towards you and then fling it away


Tips and tricks

  • Ultimate is a great game to play with a flying disc: modelled after American football, it is a  non-contact sport where teams compete to get the flying disc into the opposing endzone
  • Try flying disc freestyle: using a slightly lighter freestyle disc, throw the disc in the air and try stalling it with your shoulder, catching it with your feet, and all sorts of other tricks


This extract is part of a larger article “Flying Disc” from Wikipedia.

It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

Car Dryer Blower Vs Leaf Blower Vs Car Air Dryer

There are various reasons why utilizing a specially-designed car dryer blower is the best idea, however, the primary reason is to maintain your car’s paintwork in optimum condition. When you use a cloth or towel, no matter how soft and clean it is, always runs the risk of damaging your car paint. In case you own a leaf blower you can also use it to dry your car. Read on to have an idea of how Car dryer blower, leaf blower and car air dryer work.

Car dryer blower, leaf blower and car air dryer can be used to dry your car. Compartively, car dryer blower are more expensive compared to leaf blowers.

Leaf blowers are more efficient when used instead of dryers as they do not scratch or interfere with the car paintings.


How to use and clean car dryer blower

The first and most important thing to do is to check whether your car dryer blower is compatible with your power supply.

Then, plug your dryer in and wheel it towards your car, you can carry it if it’s handheld. If the dryer has adjustable settings, begin with the lowest airflow and heat setting.

Move around the vehicle directing air to wet parts. Focus on smaller and hard-to-reach places like crevices and cracks. Increase airflow and heat if necessary.

After drying, the dryer should be cleaned too; the tunnel, floors, and all other exposed surfaces of the equipment should be cleaned, and also all air intake routes should be inspected and then cleaned carefully.

The air intake routes should be inspected, inlet screens should be removed and any dirt cleaned out carefully.

How to use and clean car dryer blower

How to use and clean a leaf blower

A leaf blower is a tool used mostly in gathering leaves into large piles, which are then removed with a tarp or by hand. It also used in car drying as it can be able to blow out moisture from car surfaces.

Electric leaf blowers are easy to use, either attach a fully charged battery or plug them into a power supply source and switch it on.

Hold the blower at your side and point the front end to the wet areas of your car. Make sure the tip doesn’t come into contact with your car. Use a smooth forth and back motion as you move around the car.

After using your leaf blower you need to clean it, all surfaces exposed to the ground and air inlets should be cleaned well. Do the following to have it clean:

  1. Remove any felt pieces and sponges that are part of it.
  2. Put them in warm, soapy water for some time.
  3. Use clean water to rinse them and allow them some time to dry.
  4. Into the sponge or filter, Squeeze a few drops of oil.


How to use and clean car air dryer

A car air dryer is used in drying the interior of a car. The air dryer quickly dries up the car interior areas that are difficult to reach with a towel or cloth.

When using this tool, you should make sure that airflow is pointed in a proper way to achieve desired results, that is getting all the interior surfaces dry quickly in a moment.

To clean your dryer after use, wipe all sides of the dryer not forgetting the air outlets. Do not spray cleaning solvents or water into the vents of the dryer.

Use a neutral detergent and use a wet towel to wipe it.



FAQs of Car Dryer Blower Vs Leaf Blower Vs Car Air Dryer

Question: What are tips to make sure your car dryer blower last long?

To make your car dryer blower last long the following maintenance tips are crucial; First of all, you should check the motors and clean them using cleaning agents recommended, then oil the motors; then check the wiring system and to ensure there are no loose wires that may lead to improper connection.

Check and clean the cooling system of the blower.

Finally, if the blower drying system contains cloth linings or any other parts which collide with the car, they should be cleaned as per manufacturer’s terms.


Question: How to get a dent out of a car with a hairdryer?

A car dent can be removed by a hairdryer using the following steps:

Step 1: Identify the dent area.

Step 2: Turn on the hairdryer and use it to blow heated air to the dent and the area around the dent for some minutes. Overheating the area is discouraged to prevent the car paintings from being damaged.

Step 3: Then the dented area should be insulated if necessary to keep the area warm at the same time protecting the paint from damage

Step 4: Apply liquified compressed air, spray the dented area to cover the area with a foundation of liquid ice.

After applying the compressed air you will notice that the dent has been removed as the temperature shift will usually make the car material to reform to its original shape.

This process is short and also it is cheap compared to taking the car to a garage for the dent to be removed.


Question: How to get bugs off a car with dryer sheets? 

Bugs can be removed out of your car by using dryer sheets.

First, you need to get an empty spray water bottle and fill it, roll up the dryer sheet and keep it in the water bottle. Then shake the water bottle and let it settle for a moment, spray the bumper and other areas of the car, use a dry dryer sheet to clean the areas.

Finally, you should repeat the process as many times until your car is clean.


Question: What is a dryer on a car air conditioner?

A dryer is a dehydrator which is located in the high-pressure area of the air conditioning system.

The dryer is useful when low cooling is essential as it can act as a temporal storage container for oil and refrigerants that are not needed during low cooling periods.


Question: How often should you replace the air dryer in your car?

The air dryer in your car should be replaced often at any time when the air conditioning system is opened up for check-ups.


Question: How to wash cars in a driveway dryer?

Washing a car on a driveway is acceptable if dirty water from washing the cars is properly disposed off or absorbed into the soil.

But it is illegal if the correct process of disposal is not followed as this may lead into the pollution of the environment.

As the soapy waters can flow to rivers and many people may be depending on this waters on their daily activities.


Question: Blower motor keeps running when the car is turned off?

Blower motor can keep running when the car is turned off due to some motor controller failure. This makes the blower not to function properly.

It can only run in one speed in most cases even if the car is turned off. To avoid this problem it is necessary to replace the blower motor.


Question: How to speed up a car blower motor?

Blower motor complications such as low speed can be solved. To speed up the blower motor, you need it to be checked for bush problems.

Or there may be something stuck on the rotor to prevent it from attaining full speed.

Also when the engine is running and accessories like music system are on, check the battery voltage.

If it is too low then the blower motor will not run at its full speed. You can also get the air conditioning filter cleaned.


Final words

Car dryer blower, leaf blower and car air dryer are essential tools needed for a professional carwash.

For these tools to last long and function as intended good maintenance after using them is necessary. Allowing your car to dry naturally will lead to water spots which sometimes make your car look ugly.

Using a car dryer to dry your car is the best way to avoid water spots after washing your car.

Expert Guide – How To Use and Clean A Swamp Cooler

The nice summer season may sometimes get uncomfortable because of high temperatures. This makes most houses stuffy because of the dry air thus making your house unbearable. Purchasing a swamp cooler can help solve this problem. Through evaporation, moisture is absorbed by dry air.

If there is a continuous evaporation of water into the air that is dry, the heat is also brought down hence lowering the temperature within your house. A swamp cooler works by taking in dry air, evaporate water into the dry air, and finally bring out cool air that is circulated in the house.


Swamp cooler Vs Traditional AC

There is a fan inside the swamp cooler that draws dry air from outside. It also has absorption pads that absorb water. Swamp cooler pads work to cool down the air.

It only costs you little money to settle bills for water and the fan. A swamp cooler is pocket friendly because just a few containers of water are enough.

The bottlenecks fusing a swamp cooler is that your window will be kept open to prevent temperature and humidity from rising within your room.

Another disadvantage is that the cooler might be too noisy. It is important to make the right choice once you go to buy one.

Lastly, there are those which do not do proper circulation of air within the whole house.


On the other hand, an air conditioner normally cools the air by making a compression on Freon gas. It turns this gas into a cool and dehumidified liquid.

This is the temperature you need for circulation within your house. Since money can sometimes be hard to get, most people opt to buy coolers instead of air conditioners.

It is wise to seek advice from retailers who will recommend either of them.


Swamp cooler works best in the low humidity, is it true?

Since they add molecules of water in the air, they are supposed to be used in places where humidity is low.

This means that the air within your environment should be as dry as possible. This is because moisture is easily absorbed by dry air through the process of evaporation.

Heat is then given up by dry air hence moisture cools your room. This moisture also makes your room humid protecting you from the harsh summer heat.

If humidity your environment is 70 percent or thereabout, your swamp cooler will work well although they can still work well where there is a higher level of humidity that this.


Step by step instructions to using a swamp cooler

Step by step instructions to using a swamp cooler

Find the location of its control

The control looks like a panel although variations could be many. However, the two types are manual and thermostat controllers.


Switch on the pump

Before you switch on the fan, the pump should be on to make the pads wet. Later, switch on the fan which then helps in the circulation of air.

Your fan will either work on high or low speed depending on how you want it. Digital coolers with thermostats are good because the fan and pump can be switched on simultaneously.

Remember to set a threshold of temperature. This will be an automatic process since the cooler will turn on when temperatures of your house rise.


Your window should be open once your cooler is running

It enables the hot air to pushed towards the window as cool air passes in the duct and directed to your room.

This is directly opposite of what happens when you are using air conditioning which is refrigerated where you can just shut the doors and windows.


Step by step instructions to installing a swamp cooler in a wall


  • Have your wall well prepared.
  • Hangers should be mounted. These will support it. Have the brackets assembled according to the instructions given. For further support, build a windowsill.
  • Through the window, have the cooler placed in the wall.
  • Ensure the waterline is well installed. This will run water into your swamp cooler.
  • You need a cut-off valve to drain water. Fix a hose to the cooler to channel overflowing water to your yard.
  • On the front side of the swamp cooler, fix the vent.
  • You can now run the cooler as you enjoy the cool air.



Swamp Cooler Using Guide Faqs

Question: How does a swamp cooler work? 

It uses moisture to cool the air. It is also referred to as an evaporative air conditioner. Warm air from the outside environment passes through the wet pads for effective cooling. Through its vent, a motor blows cool air into your room.


Question: How long should I run the pump on my swamp cooler?

As long as you have enough water, you may run the pump. Running it without enough water will only cause it to burn out. Most people prefer evaporative coolers which can run without water but they don’t blow truly cool air.


Question: How often should you clean your swamp cooler? 

In a year, clean it in three phases of there is heavy use. The first phase should be spring then another in the middle and lastly at the end of the year. Do thorough cleaning while refilling the reservoir with fresh water.


Question: How to winterize a swamp cooler?

  • The power supply should be cut off first.
  • Close the valve at the water supply.
  • Drain your swamp cooler.
  • Ensure the pads for cooling are changed.
  • Install the cover of your swamp cooler.


Question: How to make a swamp cooler colder?


Step 1: Look for a shady place to position your cooler or get a tent to block the sun. That cool breeze ensures cold air is steadily supplied to your home.

Step 2: From your cooler, open your window in the opposite section of your house. You will realize a cool breeze from the opening.

Step 3: The cooling pads should be checked to see whether they are dirty because this will reduce the efficiency of the cooler. Replace the pads if they are faulty.

Step 4: Ensure that your cooler is filled with water to the required level. You may want to increase the flow of water to fill it.

Step 5: The water pump is switched on for about 10 minutes. This will ensure proper saturation of the pads. You may then turn on the fan. Instead of gradual cooling, the system cools immediately after ensuring that the pads are wet.


Question: How to remove calcium deposits from swamp cooler? 

Using hard water means that mineral deposits could be in the tank. Ordinary soap will not remove all of them.

If you fail to scrub all the deposits successfully, the deposits could many. You need to pour vinegar into the tank and wait for soaking to take place.

After an hour or so, scrub them all and the tank will be sparkling clean.


Question: How to turn on a swamp cooler?

The pump should be turned on first before the fan. This will ensure that the cooling pads are wet.

If your cooler is manually controlled, the pump is to be turned on for about five minutes. This ensures that the pads are completely wet.


Question: How much does a swamp cooler cost?

A swamp cooler will averagely require $2435 to install. The range of costs is between$1410-$3473.

An expert who fixes it will charge you not less than $70 per hour. The unit ranges from $40-$2300.

This means that if your house is bigger, you need to dig deeper into your pocket.


Question: How much water does a swamp cooler use?

This cooling device needs a steady supply of water. This is because evaporation takes place thus a replacement is needed.

Mostly 3-15 gallons per hour are recommended. This is close to 11-57 liters an hour. The average is 7-11 gallons or 26.5-40 liters each hour.


Final word

The purpose of a swamp cooler is to make the environment cool and bearable especially hot weather and climate.

Your children need this because they may fall sick in such extreme temperatures.

I recommend that every home acquires a swamp cooler. If installation is a problem, ask for professional assistance from the dealers.

So, enjoy that cool ambiance from your swamp cooler, won’t you?

Best Meat Cuts For Homemade Burgers

Cooking from scratch can sometimes be fun and you should be part of it. Burgers that are made at home could be tasty just like that from your favorite snack shop. Just how do you get the best meat cuts for homemade burgers? If you are looking for recipes that are easy to follow, here we go.

Meat cuts that may be good for grinding when making burgers are short rib-eye cuts, hanger, round, brisket, chuck, and sirloin. Compared to others, these cuts are not expensive. They can be easily found and they come in flavors.


Reasons to grind your burger meat

Below are the key reasons why you need to grind your burger meat:

  • To save money

It is wise to grind your meat because it will reduce some unnecessary costs. Quite often, supermarkets overprice ground beef. Why not go for the meat cuts and do the grinding by yourself?


  • It is healthier

Meat that appears on shelves of most local supermarkets appear bright red. Nitrogen is one chemical used for this purpose.

Salmonella and E.coli outbreaks due to commercially prepared meat should be a wake-up call for you to realize the kind of meat to take home.


  • Select the best flavor

It is easier to choose your favorite meat cut to grind by yourself. Fresh brisket, sirloin or chuck can be obtained from the butchery.

Those that are sold in supermarkets have no guarantee of being truly fresh.


Best Meat Cuts For Homemade Burgers

Meat Cuts For Homemade Burgers

The discussion below gives six cuts that will make the most delicious burgers


  • Chuck cut

The chuck cut is the best to go for. It is cut from the upper part of a cow near the upper shoulder.

This is what most burgers eaters like. Nearly one hundred percent of burgers are made from chuck.

From its well-marbled form to its flavor which is melt-in-the-mouth and buttery, the feeling is finger-licking. The ratio of meat to fat is 80/20 and this is a perfect balance.

That is why most people prefer its juicy taste rather than that oily and greasy taste. You are most likely to see a label written “chuck pot roast” as you go to shop at your nearest grocery or store.


  • Sirloin cut

The back region of a cow is used to make sirloin. It comes in different cuts and gives different tastes.

It is recommended that you cut the top sirloin steaks instead of other sirloin areas. This is because this part makes very delicious burgers.

If you want to have your sirloin added to patties of your burger, it’s beefiness will be felt. sirloin is tender and it has a nutty, grassy but sour taste.

Compared to chuck, sirloin is healthier because of its meat-to-fat ratio. Sirloin has many variations, you may want to buy bottom loin, tenderloin or sirloin.


  • Brisket cut

Also known as blue-collar cut, the brisket cut from the chest area of a cow. Among the primal cuts of beef, it is one of them. It can be prepared in many ways such as boiling, braising, or roasting. Its price is also economical.

Its flavor is a bit sour and grassy it is very different from other cuts. The blend of such tastes gives you a potato and meat taste.

However, this cut needs to be ground thoroughly because of its tissues that are tough and interconnected.

Well, not all of us like lean cuts, some will just go for fatty cuts! “Flat cut” is the label you will see on a leaner brisket while “nose cut” is the label for those who would rather pick the fat one.


  • Round cut

This is simply that meat is cut from the rear leg. It is relatively cheap and has a very low ratio of meat to that of fats which is 85/15.

This round steak could be very tough especially when being cooked. However, it is a great cut for your burger because some customers’do not like too many fats in their burgers of choice.

You may also want to mix it with chuck cuts and the taste is just great.


  • Hanger cut

It is cut from the diaphragm. Butcher’s steak is its other name. It is one of those cheapest cuts you have ever known.

Its gaminess nature makes it more favorable to many people. It contains moderate fats and this makes it a healthier option to use it for making burgers.

It has a cheesy flavor and an overtime too.


  • Short eye rib cut

It is a cut from the meaty area of the rib and found in the front half and the area below the loin. It is cheap and tasty as well. So, adding it to your burger will be a good idea.

Just like most meat cuts, it has a sour taste, almost nutty and grassy and this blend won’t disappoint you. The ratio of meat-to-fat is relatively high.

It goes through fine marbling hence staying moist. This gives the burger a great taste once they are fully cooked.


Quick and Easy Meat Grinding and Pattie Making Tips

Pattie Making Tips

  • For 15 minutes, freeze your favorite cut before chopping it further into cubes. You will realize that frozen meat is easier to cut.


  • Again, make sure the attachment for meat grinding, is frozen for not less than 30 minutes. These include the plate and the blade. When the grinding equipment is cold, cutting gets much easier.


  • After freezing both the equipment and your meat, cut your meat into 1 to 2 inches of cubes before they are grounded.


  • This is the point where you need to season your favorite cut so that it retains a great flavor.


  • Do the shaping of the patties without having to mix or knead them thoroughly. Do this on a platter immediately after grounding.


  • Once your patties have taken your favorite shape, add your favorite amount of salt. Salt works to dissolve proteins found in muscles. This makes your burger tender and moist.


  • Put your patties in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked.




Question: How to grind meat without a grinder?

Use a blender or meat processor if you don’t want to use a meat grinder. Blender are the best option because you only need the meat, processor and a tin foil.


Question: What meat grinder plate sizes should i have to grinder meat with bones?

 When it comes to grinding meat with bones, use a 3/8″ hole size plate and use a smaller plate size when grinding the second time.


Question: How to clean a meat grinder?

  1. Utilize bread pieces to act as grease sponges.
  2. Disassemble the meat grinder.
  3. Soak the grinder parts in soapy water.
  4. Wash each part of the disassembled meat grinder using your hand.
  5. Leave the parts to dry.


Question: How to clean meat grinder plates?

  1. Remove the small pieces of meat from the plates using your hand.
  2. Detach the grinder plates from the grinder
  3. Clean using your hand.
  4. Use soapy lukewarm water.
  5. Leave the plates to dry.



Final words

Burgers do not need to be costly. They are the easiest and cheapest snacks to make. They also do not require a lot of time to make except for starters.

Grab this chance, get your best meat cuts for homemade burgers from the nearest butcher shop or supermarket and get down to work.

Why don’t you make tasty burgers as those found at your favorite burger shop?


You can also check: How To Store Smoked Meat

Step By Step Guide To Clean Swamp Cooler Pads

A swamp cooler is essential because it keeps your house cools. It is hard for you to survive in a tropical environment with air conditioners that are not recommended.

This appliance will leave your room fresh and cool. Pads are essential home appliances that turn hot air to cool air. However, cleaning your swamp cooler pads should be done yearly based on the first day you turned it on.

Cleaning your swamp cooler pads is a straightforward process, try the instructions below on how to clean swamp cooler pads. If you realize that your swamp cooler is not functioning well, maybe you have been using it without cleaning.


Why it’s important to clean Swamp Cooler Pads

  • Cleaning swamp cooler pads prolongs its lifespan.
  • Helps to reduce mineral build up.
  • It is essential because it removes terrible dead fish odors.
  • It helps to get rid of foreign matters, e.g., cottonwood seeds.
  • Cleaning your swamp cooler pads improves its efficiency.


What are the equipment you will need to clean Swamp Cooler Pads

  • A Ladder – to access your roof.
  • Gloves – protects your hands from hot metal and small scratches and cuts.
  • Screwdriver – used to open the cover and get access to your cooler’s inside parts.
  • Protective glasses/goggles – to protect your eyes from debris.
  • Flashlight – used a torch to spot power outlets and then unplug them.
  • Hose pipe – this is useful to spray your pads properly.


 Step by step instructions on how to clean your swamp cooler pads

The following are step by step by step guide on how clean your swamp cooler pads. You can clean it, believe in yourself;

swamp cooler pads cleaning guide

  1. Choose a calm day to clean your swamp cooler pads

Clean your cooler on a cold and nice day. If it is stormy or windy, don’t dare to carry on cleaning. Also, make sure the ladder you are using is stable.


  1. Unplug power outlets of your swamp cooler unit

Remove the panel and access the power outlet of your swamp cooler. Disconnect cords connected to the motor and pump. Don’t forget to disconnect power to the cooler.


  1. Remove and inspect cooler pads

Under this step, you need to get out cooling pads. Usually are found on the front part of the more relaxed and are covered with mesh wire. Here, you have to unscrew the swamp cooler’s panel then slide out the front cover. After removing the front mesh wire, a top group will pop up automatically.

After removing the tube playing the role of the distribution section, you will spot the cooler’s pads. Since the distribution tube is not connected anywhere, pull it out quickly and place it safely. The pads will slide out soon, and you may get many pads’ sections based on your cooler’s design.


  1. Inspect the condition of the pads

Now you have your pads, check their condition carefully. If the pads are bulky and maybe falling apart, they may have held a lot of hard. Replace them.

Therefore, after you check the pads’ condition, transport them safely from their position, then put them on the ground and carry out thorough cleaning.


  1. Clean your cooling pads

Manually remove the pads from the roof. Before cleaning, check carefully using manual instructions and identify which side is back and front. Washing should start with the backside of the pads then the front. Now use your hose then at a downward angle, tilt your pad.

You will spot grooves that are slanted, showing the directions on each pad. This enables you to clean  debris from the pad forcibly. Therefore, thoroughly continue washing your pads one by one. However, sometimes cleaning swamp cooler pads may be delicate when there are calcium residues on the pads. If you experience this, you need to replace them with new ones.


  1. Fix back the pads in their position

Once you are through with cleaning, transport them carefully in their position, followed by a distribution tube section on the top of the cooler’s pads.


  1. Connect back all energy outlets

After completion of the above steps, it is now time to plug in the swamp cooler’s pump and motor back. Tightly screw back the panel to its specific position. Here, before screwing or closing your refrigerator, make sure you have fixed everything to their particular locations.

Check around carefully if there is a part left behind. If there is no one, then you are through with the process; you can now enjoy fresh and cold air in your room.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about swamp cooler pads cleaning

  1. How do you remove calcium from swamp cooler pads?

You can remove calcium from swamp cooler pads using an in-line water filter installed before evaporative cooler.


  1. How can you change swamp cooler pads?

Unplug motor and pump outlet power, unscrew the top panel, and then remove the mesh wire covering, slide the distribution section tub. Remove your pads then replace them with new ones. Fix all the parts back to their positions.


  1. How much are swamp cooler pads

It is less expensive. Its price ranges from $40 to $ 2,300, depending on your house. A bigger home will need a bigger unit.


  1. How long do swamp cooler pads last in swamp cooler pads?

Everything has a lifespan. Swamp cooler pads  replaced after 3 to 5 years. Failure to this, you will start feeling a fish-like smell from your cooler. Replace them and enjoy fresh and cool air conditioning in your room.


  1. What are swamp cooler pads made of?

Pads consist of aspen fibre. Fibre is a natural matter making them hold water in the pads.


  1. How can you remove the smell of new swamp cooler pads?

Apply 3 drops of tea tree oil to the swamp cooler pads. This will neutralize unpleasant odors. Tea tree produces a powerful aroma.


  1. How can you tell when swamp cooler pads be replaced?

You may know when to replace your pads after they have become massive and start to fall apart. This is a result of excess hard water held in the pads. When you see this, replace them with new ones.


  1. How often should you clean your swamp cooler pads?

Cleaning your swamp cooler pads is essential. Therefore, it is good to clean the pads yearly based on the first day you started using the swamp cooler.


  1. How can you remove mineral buildup on swamp cooler pads?

Apply the cleaner product directly to the water inside the evaporative cooler panel, start the unit. The mineral and scale will be washed away from the pan.



Now, after you are done with the above step by steps guide on how to clean swamp more cooling pads, I hope that you now know how to clean your more cooling pads.

Clean the pads yourself because it is straightforward. Also, I have explained what to do when your pads are bulky and falling apart; replace them.

Make sure to clean your pads annually based on the first time you started using the unit. Sometimes you may have no time to clean the cooler pads, call for help from an expert.

Please don’t say you don’t know anymore because I have already shed some light on you.

Gold Tester Vs Diamond Tester Vs Platinum Tester Vs Silver Tester

A tester is a device, chemical, or anything used to determine the identity of a particular substance. There are different types of testers, depending on what you want to identify. For this case, this article will discuss Gold Tester, Silver Tester, Diamond Tester, and Platinum Tester. Testers are very important when it comes to identifying fake or counterfeit items.


How Do Gold Testers Work?

How Do Gold Testers Work?

This gold testing is the best because it provides crucial information. It involves testing gold items based on their electrical conductivity.

This is possible by passing an item through a medium electrical charge.

The sophisticated sensor is used to measure the level of the item’s resistance. Then the output of the sensor goes through a computerized system.

The result will be displayed digitally on the computer screen for you to read.

More so, the electronic gold tester can determine whether an alloy has other components like silver, white gold, and copper.

You may also test for gold using different method like;

Apply vinegar on the surface of the item then observe the color change. If vinegar drops change the metal color, it is clean gold, and if the color remains constant, then the metal is gold.


How Do Diamond Testers Work?

How Do Diamond Testers Work?

Diamond tester is a light tool that can fit in your pocket. This tester has a small tip to be put on your testing stone.

The metal tip will heat up, making the device detect if the rock contains a diamond substance.

Transportation of heat in a synthetic material differs significantly from the way it goes through a diamond.

The device will then indicate on its display screen or by signaling. For amateurs, using the diamond tester might be a tough task but below are tips to help you;

  • Make sure your testing stone is cold before using the device- stop holding or wearing the stone for some hours because the human body temperature can warm the stone.

If the diamond tested is warm, inaccurate results may be obtained. However, you can cool the diamond using compressed air with a sprayer or using cold water, but remember to dry it before testing.

  • Don’t test the adjacent diamond immediately- it not advisable to check adjacent stones because electrical current transfers warmth through the uncut stone.

This will result in unreliable results. To prevent this from happening, you have to give the stone time to cool before testing.

  • It is not good to retest stones right away- this is because the stone still will be hot from the previous testing.
  • Battery should be well charged- if the battery is not fully charged, you might end up getting an inaccurate reading.


How Do Silver Testers Work?

How Do Silver Testers Work?

You may differentiate between pure silver and a plated one by use of the following;

Using Nitric Acid Test, here, scratch a small part of your item then applies few nitric acid drops.

If the part turns creamy white, the question is pure silver, but if it turns green, maybe it is silver plated or fake.

Bleaching, when you apply bleaching substance to the silver item, changing its color quickly shows the issue is pure silver and vice versa.

Ice test; freeze the ice cube until the time you want to use them for the test.

This is helpful because silver and ice look alike, but the thermal conductivity of silver is high compared to any other metal.

Place a piece of ice on the silver then observe. Ice cubes will start to melt right away.


How Do Platinum Testers Work?

How Do Platinum Testers Work?

Platinum is a valuable metal that resembles white gold or silver for amateurs.

But it has many distinguishing characteristics that make it unique from other metals.

Firstly, it is harder compared to other metals, so you cannot scratch it. Also, it does not tarnish and is substantial than other metals.

To determine if a substance is a platinum or not, use the following methods;

When you use a scratch test kit, scratch the item against the stone severally until you see a visible mark on the jewelry.

Wear gloves then apply testing acid to the stone.

Here, wearing gloves protects your skin from harmful acids.

If that metal dissolves right away, then it is not platinum. Platinum will always retain its color.


Gold Tester Vs. Diamond Tester Vs. Platinum Tester Vs. Silver Tester

Gold, diamond, platinum, and silver testers all are reliable, but the accurate results will depend on how you carefully or carelessly carry on the test.

Despite differences in prices, the testers are of different quality, genuine, affordable, and available in the market.

However, you should know that there are testers that depend on thermal conductivity.

Some metal has similar features. For example, diamond and moissanite behave the same when in conducting heat.

Therefore, this issue is solved using an electrical device to measure conductivity. Here, the way moissanite and diamond conduct electricity is different.



FAQ about Gold vs Silver vs Diamond vs Platinum Testers

Question – 1: How do you clean Electronic Gold Testers?

Answer: It advisable to leave your testing kit cleans after using it. Therefore, you can carry this task by using a gray eraser to clean your electronic gold tester’s testing tip. Doing this clears oxidization.


Question – 2: How to test gold with an electric tester?

Answer: This is achieved by passing an item through a medium electrical charge. The sophisticated sensor is used to measure the level of the item’s resistance.

Then the output of the sensor goes through a computerized system. The result will be displayed digitally on the computer screen for you to read.


Question – 3: How much does a gold and silver tester cost?

Answer: The best electronic gold and silver tester costs about 349.00 pounds


Question – 4: Which gold tester do jewelers prefer?

Answer: Worldwide jewelers and gold assayers prefer AuRACLE gold tester because of its innovative solutions used to mobile gold testing.



No one would wish to buy fake items, personally no, for this case, gold, diamond, platinum, and silver testers are available in the market to prevent this problem from happening.

Therefore, you should not be worried as a jewelry buyer because these testers are available for you.

Sometimes it is not easy to distinguish certain metals from other metals of the same caliber.

But by the use of the testers named above, unique characteristics possessed by the metals will come out clearly.

Types Of Bees Everything You Need To Know About Them

Bees are a type of insect which has quite a similar appearance to wasps. Their main purpose in nature is to enhance natural pollination amongst flowers and plants. In addition to this, they take up nectar from flowering plants and convert it into honey which is consumed by humans.

They are scientifically categorized in the kingdom Animalia, class Insecta, and order Hymenoptera. Bees come in all sizes, ranging from under five millimeters, without even a stinger, to enormously sized bees such as the Megachile pluto, which are up to approximately forty millimeters in length. These insects are usually prey to other somewhat small insects such as the dragonfly.

Honey Bees

The commonly known, the honey bee is a part of the genus Apis. They are known because of the nests they product. They give the best known for spectacular yields of honey as well as extremely large scale pollination.

Honey bees visit all kinds of flowers as well as pollinate various plant species but only one kind of honey bee is used for commercial pollination, which is the A. mellifera species. This species is used to commercially pollinate vegetable and fruit crops.

Due to this immense usage of specifical honey bees, ecologists are concerned about accidental spillage into the surrounding areas, which could create tough competition between honey bees and other types of bees present which could have devastating effects on the ecology of the area.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees fall under the genus Bombus. They are mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as South America and generally tropical areas. Bumble bees are social insects. They form colonies of at least fifty individual bees and have a queen bee for each hive. They form comparatively smaller colonies as compared to colonies of honey bees.

Bumble bee bodies are generally covered from head to toe in hair, which gives them a soft, furry appearance. They have sharply contrasting colored bands around their round body. Other species of bumblebees may adopt the same coloring in order to seem dangerous to their predators.

Bumble bees can be differentiated from other bees such that the female hind leg is covered with hair and the pollen grains are stuck in between those hairs to make the transport of pollen grains much easier for the insect.

For feeding, they are naturally equipped with a long hairy needle-like structure which acts as a tongue which is used by repeated dipping it into the flower where the nectar is and lapping it up. They secrete wax from their abdominal glands. When it is created is bears resemblance to everyday hair dandruff.

Types of bees

Apidae Bees

Apidae is, by far, the most widespread family of bees. It contains fifty-seven hundred species of bees. The most commonly spotted bees are a part of this family, for example, bumblebees and honey bees. In addition to these two, carpenter bees, stingless bees, orchid bees, and cuckoo bees are a part of this family. They are responsible for natural pollination as well as commercial pollination of various crops.

Andrena Bellissima

This species of bees is known as mining bees. They reside in Europe, and North Africa and are most commonly seen through the months of April till July. Their main source of nutrition is pollen from the plant genera of Cruciferous vegetables.
Their pollen sources are the following plants:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Arugula
  • Brussels Sprouts 
  • Kale
  • Radish

Cruciferous vegetables are part of the family Brassicaceae. Their flowers are marked with crosses, hence the name of Cruciferae, which means cross-bearing in Latin.

Description and Identification of Andrena agilissima bees:

These bees are known to be an oligolectic bee, which means that they take up pollen from only a few types of flowering plants. In this case, these bees take up pollen from plants in the Brassicaceae family, which includes mustard plants as well as radish, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and many others, as listed above.

Adults of this species grow to be around thirteen to fifteen millimeters in length. The females are generally larger than males of the species. They have black bodes, with scattered white hairs on their faces and on the sides of their thorax and on their abdominal tergites. Their wings have a slight blue tint to them.



These bees are known for their attraction to sweat and are referred to as sweat bees. In the case that they are disturbed, they will sting, even if the sting is quite minor. They are usually green and red in color, but some with yellow colored markings have also been observed, especially in the males of this species.

These are the only kinds of bees that run on a nocturnal schedule, which means they come out in the early hours of the evening till dusk.

Unlike other bees that create nests in trees, this species nests underground or in wood. They lay eggs on large masses of pollen and the cell is then completely sealed, so the bee larvae are provided a large amount of food at birth.

Lasioglossum Viereck

Lasioglossum Viereck

These species are found in the Eastern United States, ranging from Minnesota to Georgia. It is mostly found in sandy areas and is also a type of sweat bee. It pollinates various plants such as the rattlesnake master and grass-leaved goldenrod.

Females of this species have unusually long, yellow colored legs and slightly tinted brown clypeus, a slightly yellow-brown colored metasoma and the rest of the body is mainly yellow such as the terga, head, and tomentum.

This species is a highly unsocial bee. A single female raises the whole brood herself and lives in the nest alone, a sort of queen bee. This family of bee can be said to follow eusociality which is a sort of organization in the animal world.

This divides the community into reproductive and non-reproductive animals in that set society. Certain groups are formed in a single community and they are prohibited from performing one function or the other.

The Lasioglossum Viereck is sexually active in the months between April and September, which is the whole summer season in some regions.


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Five Amazing Uses of Honey for Better Health Results

Last updated on August 12th, 2020 at 06:31 am

Health is wealth, and there is no doubt that you haven’t ever heard this famous phrase. In no doubt, we can conquer down any road if we are physically and mentally fit.

Unfortunately, not many of us are healthy, not even physically but mentally, which affects our health overall.

As many adults face both mental and physical both weaknesses because of lack of proper diet, and they keep gulping tons and tons of tablets.

At the end of the day falls of at low immunity levels resulting in poor health. Every pill we intake harms our body as not only flu or headache medicines.

But ADD medicines which are psychiatrists prescribed are too having some negative impact on our health.


Health Benefits of Using Honey


Mental Health

As much as it tastes good, honey has some other benefits as well, such as it is a mood booster, and it releases stress too.

It treats mental conditions as depression, stress, and anxiety, also.

They could change a person’s mood and depressive feelings, as honey is a natural healer is best for people suffering from ADHD and depression.

Also, for those who have to gulp in heavily dosed ADD medicines. Honey is hands down best natural healer out there in nature’s bucket for you.


Bitter Sleep

Honey can be used as a mental healer as we can use honey for better sleep.

Before bed all you need is a small teaspoon of honey separately or in a cup of slight hot milk and take this before bed as it rises insulin levels in our body.

It ensures adequate liver glycogen stores for eight hours of sleep and limits down two stress hormones with the release in morning cortisol and adrenaline.

The sweet liquid in honey fills the liver with glycogen promoting in better sleep.

Various studies have shown that both milk and honey could enhance sleep when used together as it gives a punch of antioxidants.

And if we consume honey before bed, it helps us burn fatter at night while sleeping in early hours, which is a plus for weight loss.

Honey Bee

Health Benefits

Other than that, honey is an excellent punch of antioxidants. These antioxidants lower down cholesterol levels in our body.

They also help us out in lowering down sugar levels in our collection. Honey is better than sugar, as it is suitable for diabetic patients.

It’s less harmful than sugar, .which should be avoided when you are a patient of diabetes. Honey helps suppress cough in children as some medicines may be helpful.

But it is the right choice when your child faces cough problems. It also, children under One year of age should not be in the diet of a baby. Honey has a lot more health benefits than this only.

Also, it is celebrated for its antioxidants properties and hoe they can heal you from anything. It is also cancer preventing and treated through honey as honey is useful in avoiding multiplying cancer cells.



Honey can boost our memory, which can help us out in long-term memory, especially in postmenopausal cases.

The women who were dealing with this illness were given honey treatments for several weeks.

There was a significant improvement seen immediately in their memory as they were given hormone therapy estrogen and progestin.



Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes redness, irritation, blisters, itching, and lesions. These treatments are usually treated with their proper medications.

Still, honey can be more effective .as a study shows that using a mixture of honey, olive oil, and beeswax can be applied to the skin.

It was founded that patient-facing the redness and irritation felt relieved and had a reduction in itching and redness.


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Car Drying 101: Correct Ways, Wrong Ways, Drying Process

Last updated on August 12th, 2020 at 06:50 am

In order to keep your car in better condition, washing as well as drying up is a must! But the fact is, most people only just focus on the washing and neglect to dry it up more often. Sooth to say, that’s the mistake! If you want to keep up the aesthetic appearance of your car, drying up is equally important as washing.

Well, time to cut to the chase! In this write-up, we are going to show you the drying process of a car, including correct ways, wrong ways, and a few necessary things that we’re going to elaborate on. Stay tuned till the end!


4 Correct Ways of Car Drying

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways when it comes to car drying. Make sure to read on to know about the right techniques that you should apply:

Way-1: Using Microfiber Cloth

 One of the best ways of drying up a car is to use a microfiber cloth. You can apply it in order to minimize the risk of getting scratch or leaving swirl marks on your car. The absorbing ability is quite good, and that’s the reason why we always prefer to use a microfiber cloth first.


Way-2: Pick a Pressurized Air

 If you don’t want to spend a heap of time in order to dry a car, then picking out a pressurized air would be the best idea ever! After washing your vehicle entirely, make sure to use pressurized air so that you can reach into the tight space like windshield wipers, gas caps, and running boards with ease.

Note: In order to find a source of pressurized air, you can use a leaf blower, a shop vac, air compression, or anything else.


Way-3: Using Lint-Free Diapers

Some may find it strange, however, it is another choice when it comes to drying a car. The first duty is to take on two pieces of diapers in both hands. Use your single hand in order to wipe off the waters.

After feeling it wet, make sure to use the other hand to dry up the entire section. After using both diapers, it is time to pick out a new one so that you can dry up the glass. Hopefully, you will find no more water stains out there.


Way-4: Go for a Free Drive

A cat shakes itself after completing a bath, you know why? It tries to dry up itself by doing this. The same thing goes with the car! After washing and apply all the drying methods, it will be a wise decision to go for a free drive so that you can ensure better dryness.

Car Drying

4 Wrong Ways of Car Drying

Like the right ways, there are a few wrong ways of drying up a car as well. If you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle, then make sure to know the wrong ways that are below:


Way-1: Using Rags or Towels

If you want to scratch up your entire vehicle with ease, then using rags or towels is the way to go! Many car owners have made the mistake of applying those things in order to dry up. Whatever those pieces are clean, odorless, or even stainless, make sure to avoid those things, as they are highly responsible for providing scratches or stains.


Way-2: Sunlight

This is one of the most common yet wrong approaches when it comes to dry up a car. This process is very efficient for children, pets, or clothes, but not for vehicles. Day by day, the car that you are using can reduce its shining appearance when you are drying it up in the sunlight!


Way-3: Using Cotton Towels

 Usually, a cotton towel is smooth, however, it has got less ability when it comes to absorption. Moreover, it leaves lint and a bit harmful to your paintwork. Considering those aspects, you should avoid it while drying up.


Way-4: Using ShamWows or Chamois

Now, many people would argue with us about this matter, but indeed, it is not that useful in order to dry up a car. Chamois are non-abrasive, nevertheless, it can drag over the surface, as well as there is a chance of getting a few scratches by using these things (especially if you’re a beginner).


What Are The Process of Drying a Car?

You have already got some decent ideas regarding the right ways and the wrong ways of drying up a car. Now, we are going to show you how you can apply the proper way in order to dry your vehicle. For your convenience, we are providing the step-by-step guide that is below:



The first duty is to use a pipe or a hose in order to spray some water on the surface of your car. The water pressure should be average, rinse it out entirely for removing all dirt particles that can stay on the surface.



Leave it for a while so that it can dry up through natural heat. In the meantime, you can prepare your drying equipment in order to begin the actual drying process.



For drying up with ease, using a microfiber cloth is one of the best solutions that we’ve already mentioned earlier. As it comes with a higher-absorbing ability, you can use it without a doubt! Grab the piece of microfiber and start from the glass first. You have to apply the “top to bottom” process in order to dry up your vehicle efficiently.

On the contrary, you can simply do the job by using pressurized air, which can either be a vacuum, air compressor, or even a leaf blower. But, you need some basic idea regarding pressurized air in order to run it with ease.



As per our previous mention, you need to apply the “top to bottom” method for drying up your vehicle. Due to gravity, water drips down naturally. So, there is no need to reverse the direction at all. Start-up from the top and reach to the bottom areas in the end.

In case you start from the bottom, the water will start coming again from the top of the surface. If you value your time, then it is a wise decision to go with the same direction of gravity!




By using the microfiber cloth, you have to go in a tight space in order to dry up your car. After opening the door, you can see water dripping down to the bottom. Wipe off the compact areas by squeezing the piece of microfiber, take enough time in order to dry it from up to bottom.



Switch the piece of microfiber cloth and move on to the tires and wheels. Our old one can be covered up with grease, oil, dirt, and that’s the reason why we have changed the piece of cloth.

For drying the tires and wheels, you don’t have to do a lot of struggle. Just make sure to wipe off the area that seems wet.



At last, check out the inside of the trunk of your car. In case it seems to be wet, you have to take another piece of microfiber in order to wipe off in a breeze. Try to reach each and every area for drying it up entirely!


Leaf Blower

How To Use A Leaf Blower To dry A Car

A leaf blower is one of the most efficient power tools that we use for erasing dust or leaf from the backyard or patio. Due to the multitasking ability, you can use it for drying up your vehicle as well, just make sure to follow some tips in order to get the maximum benefit from it.


Why Using a Leaf Blower?



A leaf blower can accomplish your drying process in a snap, as it is quick yet effective. Basically, it comes with a powerful motor that provides a lot of speed so that you can make the job done within a few minutes.


No Need Any Contact

When you are using cloth or chamois in order to dry up your vehicle, you must be in contact with it. As a result, it may get scratches if you are not an expert. For instance, if you pick out a leaf blower, there is no chance of getting scratches, whereas you are not contacting your car.


Reaches Unreachable Spots

While using a piece of cloth, there is a limitation of reaching those hard-to-reach spots. For instance, water creates smears on your newly-cleaned car. You think the job is done successfully, but in the real sense, it is not! That’s the reason why a blower is the best solution in order to reach into those tight areas for drying purposes.


Factors to Keep In Mind While Drying Up a Car with a Leaf Blower


Select a Blower with High MPH and CFM Ratings

If you want to get the maximum benefit from a leaf blower, then it is a must to choose the one that comes with high CFM and MPH ratings. The range of speed should be at least 200 MPH or so along with high CFM ratings. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with the result!


Assure the Filter is Clean

 Before using it, make sure that it is clean. Or else, it can provide dust or debris onto your car.


Save Time by Drying and Rinsing

 If you want to save time, you can use a hosepipe for washing your vehicle and then use a leaf blower in order to dry it up. As a result, you don’t have to run with a soapy water bucket and the sponge anymore!


Ear Protection

 While using a leaf blower, it is necessary to put on ear protection for preventing eardrum damage. This is highly necessary, whereas a leaf blower can be so noisy!


Avoid Dry Places

 While washing as well as drying, you should highly avoid those places that are dry. Always make sure that the ground is entirely wet yet not be a muddy area.


Stay Free From Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

 If you are in an enclosed place that has no ventilation like a garage, then you should avoid the gas-powered blower, whereas it gives off harmful emission that is really dangerous for health!


The Period of Washing and Drying Your Vehicle


A car drying, indeed, depends on your uses. However, we suggest cleaning your car at least once or twice a month. In case you clean it more often, it will cost your time, money, as well as effort. More washing means more drying, so it is up to you!

Car Drying FAQ



Question-1: What’s the best way to dry a just washed car?

 Answer: In order to dry a just washed car, the best way is to apply a microfiber cloth. In general, a microfiber cloth is non-abrasive and extremely absorbent at the same time. That’s we you should use it to dry a just washed car.


Question-2: What’s the fastest way to dry a car?

Answer: As per our study, you should use pressurized air in order to dry your car in a fast way. It provides a sufficient amount of air to make the job done in a snap! We prefer to use a vacuum, leaf blower, or air compression to dry up with ease.


Question-3: Why should I dry my car after washing?

Answer: Water creates unnecessary stains at times if you ignore to dry up your car after washing. Moreover, some parts of your vehicle can be rusty if it gets wet for hours and hours! That’s why drying up is equally important as washing.


Question-4: What are the best options for drying your car without scratching it?

 Answer: As per our previous mention, the best way to dry a car without scratching it is to apply microfiber cloth, lint-free diapers, or picking out a pressurized air.


Question-5: Why using a chamois towel is a major mistake?

Answer: Indeed, a chamois towel absorbs water very well as well as non-abrasive. Nevertheless, it creates scratches now and then, that’s why using a chamois towel is a major mistake!


Question-6: What is the best towel to dry car?

 Answer: There are a couple of choices regarding towels to dry up a car. But the large-sized microfiber towel is hands down, the best option to dry up a vehicle with efficiency!


End Quote

We hope the entire write-up regarding the car drying process was quite helpful to you! As you can see, drying up a car is equally important as washing. But, you have to make sure that you are applying the right techniques while drying it up. Or else, you may get some negative feedback!

Gold Testing Guide: Non-Destructive Vs Common Vs Destructive Gold Testing

Last updated on August 27th, 2020 at 02:56 am

Gold is one of the prime embodiments of aesthetics and elegance. For centuries after centuries, it has dictated the notion of luxury.

As a gold collector or gold ornament owner, it’s crucial for you to be able to spot whether your gold is pure or it is plated or maybe a fake.

Gold has diverse types due to different texture, color, and fineness features. In this article, you are going to be facilitated with some demonstration methods and a guide on how to test gold-filled metal and quantify its features.

So from now, you don’t need a jeweler to spot the difference anymore, because you will know how to test the authenticity of gold by yourself!


Non-Destructive Gold Testing

You can derive accurate yet fast analysis of your Gold through testing it by non-destructive gold testing methodology. Testing gold with a magnet or an electronic tester are some of the ways,


  • Testing gold with a magnet

It is one of the easiest methods you can utilize to learn how to test gold filled metal. Bring the magnet close to your precious metal of gold.

One of the attributes of gold is that it doesn’t stick with a magnet, because it’s a non-ferrous metal. So if it attracts your metal, it is definitely fake.

However, this methodology of testing gold with a magnet is not precisely accurate. Even if the magnet attracts your material, it doesn’t automatically mean it is real, because even non-magnetic metals are used in counterfeit pieces as well.

This process also doesn’t tell you about the quantity of karat or about the fineness of the material.

Make sure to read the following methodologies as well to know other techniques on how to test gold filled metal.

Testing Gold with an Electronic Tester

  • Testing Gold with an Electronic Tester

Usually, an electronic tester contains an integrated camera and x-ray beam collimation. You can analyze your gold material with it.

This provides you with an optimal output about the karat quantity within seconds and tells you about the fineness of your gold.

Anything below 10 karats is considered non-gold material. So you can check it pretty easily and tell if it is a fake.

You can look out for machines such as Delta Alloys and Metals Handheld XRF Analyzer, Delta Element, GoldXpert Mobile Analyzer, etc, which are prevalently available in the market.

Put your gold on the surface of it, follow the simple protocols on machine instructions and you will get accurate results.

These non-destructive methodologies are very popular because it provides you with accurate yet the quickest result with no complexity.

It gives you an automatic karat quantification with almost 0 error. You don’t have to worry about the uneven structure because it easily quantifies even on an uneven surface.

Apart from all these benefits, a special mention has to go to its large data storage. This helps you to use the result in future reference and also helps you to do comparison.

The fascinating digital reporting system provides you with immediate certification, which is very crucial if you are looking forward to selling it, or you are curious about the materials worth.


Common Testing Procedures


  • Basic Needle Testing

This is one of the primeval yet popular gold testing methodologies. The tools required are primarily a testing stone, a 14 karat gold testing needle, and gold testing acid.

Firstly rub the material you are willing to test with the testing stone. Then tenaciously press it and make sure to leave a visible mark so that you can accurately test.

Get yourself a 14-karat needle and leave a similar scratch or mark. Make sure its a similar scratch or deposit you are crafting.

The last step is to drop in gold testing acid. Focus and thoroughly check the speed at which the scratches are dissolving as soon as acid strikes them.

Use a stopwatch and compare the time precisely. If the scratch-made by the material you are testing dissolves quicker compared to the needle scratch mark, it is a lower than 14 karat gold.

If it dissolves slower than the needle scratch mark, then it’s a higher karat gold material.


  • Testing by comparison

It is very similar to the method explained above. Except that here instead of using a gold karat needle, you would use an item that you already know how much gold content it holds.

Then you’d compare the dissolving time.


Testing Gold by specific karat values

Repeat the same steps of basic needle testing. Now, specifically use 14 karat gold testing acid on the marks.

Check that your 14 karat needles mark won’t disappear however if the mark made by the material contains less than 14 karat gold then the mark would faint and slowly fade away.


Destructive Gold Testing

To learn how to test the authenticity of gold, you must learn about destructive gold testing. It is a nice and technical methodology of testing.

Destructive Gold Testing

  • Direct Acid Test

Take the material, grind a thorough and deep cut through the metal using a jeweler’s file.

Make sure you place it on an acid safe surface. Carefully drop a 14-karat acid on it.

Carefully observe the reaction. If the cut bubbles with deep green bubble, then it is a copper or some other metal plated gold.

If there are some green bubbles after 10 seconds, then it is probably a 9-karat gold.

However if after 10 seconds the cut transforms brown, and green bubbles are absent, then the item is 10 karat gold.


  • Testing Metal Shavings

This method is only applicable if you suspect that your material is less than 10 karat gold.

Make a cut on the material and take metal shavings from its interior and directly put drops of acid. If the streak fades away completely then it’s less than 10-karat gold.


  • Inside Metal Scratch Test

You will need a jewelry cutter, a jeweler’s pliers, a testing stone surface and 14 karat gold testing acid.

To perform this, make a cut through the ornament using the jewelry cutter all the way through it.

Take your jewelry pliers and open the gap wide open.  Rub the interior on the testing stone surface, and leave a mark on it. Leave a drop of 14 karat acid onto the scratch mark.

If the cut bubbles with deep green bubble, then it is a copper or some other metal plated gold.

If there are some green bubbles after 10 seconds, then it is probably a 9-karat gold.

However if after 10 seconds the cut transforms brown, and green bubbles are absent, then the item is 10 karat gold.

Knowing the purity of gold is extremely crucial and you need to ensure you don’t undervalue or overvalue the gold content in it.

So to properly evaluate and quantify the fineness and differentiate between fake and real, you must internalize these methods and learn how to test gold-filled metal and how to test the authenticity of gold.

Soy Milk: Nutrition, Benefits, Safety and How it Compares With Other Milks

Milk is counted as a whole meal in itself due to the existence of numerous health benefits. We all have a childhood memory while our mother always forced us to gulp a full glass of milk daily instead of drinking unhealthy juices or eating junk foods! After growing up and knowing all the pieces of benefit, now we can realize why our parents always pushed us for gulping at least a cup of warm milk!

By the way, time to cut to the chase. We’ll not talk about the most-popular cow milk, as you’ve already a better knowledge about this type of milk. Basically, we’re going to discuss soy milk nutrition, benefits, safety, and comparison with other milk.


What is Soy Milk?

Soymilk (aka soy milk) is a type of non-dairy beverage that mostly consumed as an alternative to milk. Basically, it is plant-based milk produced by grinding and soaking the soybean in a proper way. To read more about soy milk you can check here.


Why Choosing Soy Milk Instead of Dairy Milk?

There are a couple of reasons why you should  m instead of dairy milk. At first, a few people actually don’t prefer the taste of dairy milk, don’t get me wrong!

Many people claim that they can’t like the smell of dairy milk that it offers, that’s why they always try to avoid drinking milk and lose the opportunity of getting several health benefits! The soymilk, on the other side, provides the least smell. That’s why people can’t even make any objections regarding the odor of soymilk.

Furthermore, dairy milk contains high calories as well as high carbs. Hence, if you’re trying to fat loss, then drinking soy milk will be the best idea instead of drinking dairy milk. Because soy milk includes fewer calories and carbs as well.

Soy Milk Nutrition

Soy Milk Nutrition:

Indeed, there is a variety of soy milk out there in the market. So, the amount of sugar and calories could be different. To know the nutrient facts, make sure to check out the label on the pack.

For providing the nutrient facts, we take around a cup of organic unsweetened soy milk:


Calories Fat Sugar Carbohydrates Saturated fat Proteins Fiber
80 Grams 4 Grams 1 Gram 3 Grams 0.5 Grams 7 Grams 2 Grams

Moreover, it includes a high amount of potassium, Vitamin-A, D, B-12, and calcium. Another healthy fact is, it provides less saturated fat, which is a plus! Things to be noted, it is rich in proteins, light in sugar, and offers an adequate amount of calories, which is healthy and ideal for all.


Soy Milk Health Benefits:

If you consume a cup of soy milk daily, then definitely, you will get these health benefits including:

Soy Milk Health Benefits

  • Aids Bone Health

For better structure and function, calcium has no alternatives. It is a ‘MUST’ to make healthy bone as well as teeth. For adults, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium differs based on sex and age.

However, the usual rate is between 1000 mg to 1300 mg (This is for those who are not pregnant). The best thing is, a cup of soy milk serving is able to provide half of the recommended amount of calcium that your body needs!


  • Supports Heart Health

Research shows that soy milk is the best choice for those who are suffering from heart disease, as it takes on the least amount of saturated fat. For instance, there is not a single chance of raising cholesterol by gulping soy milk!


  • Ideal for Fat Loss

As we’ve mentioned earlier, soy milk is far better than dairy milk when it comes to losing some fat. Because soy milk contains only a few amounts of calories that are perfect for an average-person and best for one who wants to cut some fat.


  • Minimize Menopausal Symptoms

Barbara Schmidt, RDN, a nutrition lifestyle program specialist at Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut says, “Regular soy milk consumption can reduce the chance of menopausal symptoms.” Moreover, it minimizes the risk of cancer, as she says.


Soy Milk Safety: Is Soy Milk Good or Bad for Your Health?

Soy Milk Safety

Is it Causes Breast Cancer?

Nowadays, most people are living with a myth, which is the soy can increase the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer). As it is most risky for a breast cancer survivor, so they all want to avoid this beneficial food!

Sooth to say, soy food can be the best choice for those who are trying to add a diet for decreasing the risk of cancer, of course!


How Much Soymilk is counted as Safe for Drinking Daily?

No problem, you can have an adequate amount of soy milk without facing any type of health issues, as it is better for health! So, it proves that you can drink one or two servings every day with ease.

For instance, if you are going to have a cup of soy milk in the morning, you can still include a stir-fry of tofu for dinner, there is no harm at all! According to the study of AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research), you can take up to 3 servings per day without facing any health issues!


Who Should Ignore Soy Milk?

Already we have got enough benefits, now it is time to know who should avoid soy or soy milk. The answer is quite easy, the one who is allergic to soy should avoid this thing. According to the AICR, you can have soy milk with ease during the pregnancy period. Similarly, for those who have breast cancer, they can also have a certain amount of soy milk for sure.


How to Choose the Best Soy Milk?

After knowing all the advantages, it is necessary to have knowledge about the best one, as the market has loaded with a ton of different choices. For instance, we suggest you pick out the one that is unsweetened.

Because the sweetened version is not much healthier indeed. Furthermore, it mostly contains around 4-6 grams of sugar in one serving. However, if you want soy milk with a little flavor mixture, then you can purchase the unsweetened vanilla version.

Expert prefers to choose an organic one for those who are tight on cash.

Around the entire market, almost every soymilk is fortified. As a result, you don’t have to burn the midnight oil to get the best one in your hand!


Soy Milk Vs Other Milk:

Soy Milk Vs Other Milk

If you’re going to compare soy milk with all plant milk, then hands down, soy milk is the clear winner that we can say aloud! Even it is almost the same as the low-fat cow’s milk when it comes to the nutrient fact.

Soy milk is rich in protein, contains nine essential amino acids, a certain amount of carbs and fibers, and the least amount of fat as well as saturated fat.

Though traditional almond milk is good for health, however, it carries less amount of calories and protein, which is the downside of it. Oat milk and rice milk are also popular, but they can’t provide equal benefits as soy milk.

Rice and oat milk can offer only 1 gram of protein per cup. And lastly, the coconut milk contains a higher amount of saturated fat (3.5 grams per cup), but unable to offer protein. Still, you need any explanation about which one is the best, we hope not!



Now, we’re going to answer a few questions regarding soy milk:


Question-1: How long does soy milk last for?

Answer: It depends on the brands that you are using. A few needs refrigerate, others may not. However, always try to keep the milk into a dry, cool space. Open the pack while you actually need it. After opening, it will last around 8-10 days approximately.


Question-2: Is soy milk considered as a healthy alternative?

Answer: Of course, even it is one of the best choices for a non-veg, cancer survivor, and obese. Just make sure to purchase it from the right dealer to get the best one.


Question-3: Does soy milk contains calcium naturally?

Answer: If you buy soy milk from the marketplace, then definitely you can get the one that contains an adequate amount of calcium. On the contrary, for those who are making homemade soy milk can’t get calcium indeed.


Question-4: Is soy milk good for men?

Answer: Why not! In fact, research proves that the consumption of soy isoflavones can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. As you can see, it is just not good, it is the best ever!


Question-5: For purchasing soy milk from the market, which brand will you prefer?

Answer: Indeed, the market has a lot of different options, for this reason, you may get confused about the purchase. Well, set your worries aside, as we’re going to provide our top pick regarding soy milk brand, it is the “Silk.” It is one of the recognizable names in the soy milk making industry. So definitely, you can rely on it!



So, the guide regarding soy milk nutrition, benefits, safety, and comparison with other milk was quite informative, hopefully. We have elaborated on everything to let you know about soy milk deeply. Considering the benefits, you should add at least a glass of soy milk into your regular diet plan to make yourself strong and healthy!

Preparing For A Camping Trip, Packing The Essentials

Camping trip with family and friends are always exciting. And with the summer season on its full vogue, you might be planning one with your companions.

But, do you know exactly what things you must pack with you? More so, even if you do, how do you know that the gears you are packing are right for you?

Surely, a camping trip is no fun if you can’t enjoy the time and rather be engaged in fighting for your survival in the wilderness. And to be able to enjoy your trip you need to pack the best camping gear only.

Well, we also understand that finding the right gear can be both annoying and tiring at times. Therefore, we would like to suggest some tips to help you find the essentials that will keep the fun going on during your trip.


Preparing for the Campsite

The first and most important part of your camping trip is the campsite. You’ll need a shelter, a bed, and a fire to protect against the weather and the wildlings.

Essentially, when choosing a tent you must think of the weather conditions and the size of your tent. You’d want your tent to be waterproof if you suspect rain during your trip.

Likewise, you must also include sleeping bags, mattresses, and if needed, a pillow. When choosing your sleeping bag, consider the temperature rating of the bag.

You should try to buy a sleeping bag which rates about 5-degrees below the temperature you expect during the night.

Apart from this, if you can build a fire, you’re already in luck. But, if you lack the skills you must keep a fire starter kit handy along with a portable camping stove. Besides, you wouldn’t want to spend your nights in the dark.

Use this link, to find a portable power source for your camp. Once you have all the necessary camping gears on your checklist, it’s time to proceed to the tools that you may need.

Camping Trip

Tools for any Necessary Repairs

When you reach your campsite, you’ll soon realize that you need some tools. These may include a knife, a multitool, a hammer, and a shovel.

A knife can prove to be the ultimate tool for your camping trip. You can cut and chop your meals, get rid of any bushes and branches, and even protect yourself if needed.

Multitool can help you make any repairs if something goes wrong. For instance, you can try to access and repair your broken GPS with a multitool.

Similarly, a shovel and a hammer can help you prepare your campsite a lot easier. You can use the shovel to clear and level the ground before pitching your tent.

Likewise, the hammer can help push the pegs into the ground, break the tinder wood, and even crack open any nuts for tasty treats.


Camp Kitchen Should be Functional

Since the treats are already on the menu, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the cooking part during your camping trip. While you can’t bring a complete kitchen to your campsite, you can surely bring the essentials along.

For instance, a cooking pan, a portable stove, a camping mug and plate, and a spork can be a great help with your kitchen.

Notably, you must bring your food (if possible the items that need no preservation or refrigeration) to your campsite, unless you want to make a hunt.

When buying the kitchen essentials, make sure you pick reusable utensils and also the ones that are compact and portable. Doing so would reduce your luggage and make it easier for you to carry it to the campsite.


Don’t Forget your Clothing & Footwear

Lastly, the only thing that will ensure you survive through the night and also enjoy your trip is your clothing. Keep an extra pair of socks if not anything else.

Socks can help keep you warm and avoid any diseases to your feet due to extreme fatigue. Apart from this, you should keep extra layers, pack an extra warm jacket, a clean pair of shorts and trousers.

The clothing should essentially be comfortable to facilitate vigorous activities which are common during camping trips.

Moreover, the type of footwear can also decide the fun-meter rating of your trip. Imagine if you wear your regular canvas shoes on your camping trip to the north, firstly, you’ll start feeling numbness in your feet, due to the lack of weather protection.

Next, the canvas shoes are no match for rugged terrains and may very soon give up. You may find the sole cracking or separate from the shoe.

You surely don’t want that. So, pack a good pair of trekking boots with you whether you’re going to the mountains or camping in the lowlands.

Few Extras to Enhance the Fun During Camping Trip

A few Extras to Enhance the Fun

Since a camping trip is synonymous with a vacation, you might want to keep some extras with you. For instance, you might want to bring your guitar to the campsite to enjoy soothing music at night.

Or you may wish to enjoy a barbeque in the middle of the jungle. You can bring along a portable firewood barbeque.

Similarly, there are a few extra items that can make your camping experience more fun. A portable camping chair, a Hammock, sunshades, camping tables, and a portable water pool.

All of these items are pretty cool, particularly if you’re camping close to your vehicle and can easily load and unload the stuff.

This would help you carry more stuff with you on your camping trip while saving you from unnecessary baggage and loads on your shoulders.

When you’re heading out for a camping trip ensuring the safety for everyone must be your priority. But, it should not hinder the excitement of the trip. So, pick your camping gear wisely and make sure that they are portable and meet the quality standards.

A low-quality product may risk your life rather than making it easier. It is only after you prepare cautiously that you can expect your camping trip to be a memorable experience.

The Role of Vegetables in Treatment Of Depression And Anxiety

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Role of Vegetables To Treat Depression And Anxiety

People who live a healthy and stress-free life know how to take care of their mental and physical health. They maintain a healthy lifestyle by improving their diet as well. They try to make organic fruits and vegetables an important part of their diet.


How to improve mental illnesses naturally without any treatment or medication

Contrary to the general perception, it isn’t too hard to improve your emotional health. By making some simple changes in your current lifestyle, you can improve your mental health without having to take any form of medication or add treatment.


Psychological effects of poor eating habits and behaviors

There are different eating habits and behaviors, like obesity, drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, and poor food choices that can negatively affect your mental and emotional health.


How to control symptoms of stress and anxiety

Apart from making you physically weak, by following an unhealthy diet, you can develop various mental health disorders. To improve your mental health, you need to avoid those things that can elevate your stress or anxiety levels.

At times, a person won’t be suffering from a mental health problem. However, he may be feeling low or his body might not be functioning properly.


Depression symptoms and warning signs

In case you are feeling low, then you may be lacking optimism, feelings of happiness, self-esteem, confidence and strong relationships with family and friends. Without mental wellness, you can suffer from unhealthy lifestyles, poor social life, self-esteem issues, etc.


What does research suggest about nutrition and emotional health?

In a recent study conducted in England, the health behaviors of 14,000 individuals were studied. The main purpose was to see how various lifestyle and dietary choices affected their emotional health.

The results were made based on the participant’s weight, daily diet, emotional health, fitness levels, smoking or alcohol consumption.

In the study, the following revelations about the participants were made:

People suffering from poor mental health were mostly obese and chain smokers. They had very less use of vegetables in their diet than those were not suffering from any severe mental health problems. People who had no mental problems were those who never smoke and had high levels of vegetable intake.

Numerous researches indicate that only less than 20% of adults in the US are those who don’t suffer from any mental illnesses.

Moreover, more than 25% of Americans suffer from depression. Unfortunately, people who are suffering from various mental illnesses cannot enjoy their lives to the fullest and live a healthy and stress-free life.


Try to make fresh fruits and vegetables a part of your daily diet

Although, the research clearly shows a strong connection between emotional health and consumption of vegetables. However, it does not necessarily mean that consuming less vegetables can trigger various mental illnesses. Still, there is nothing bad about including fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.


Incorporate all colors of vegetables into your daily diet

Try to incorporate all colors of vegetables into your daily diet. Also, try to include different varieties of fresh produce grown in the region where you live.


Make sure to not overcook your veggies

There are numerous ways to cook your veggies. However, make sure to not overcook your veggies as you may lose all of its essential nutrients.

Healthy methods of cooking vegetables

Healthy methods of cooking vegetables

Some healthy ways to cook vegetables include

  • Grilling
  • Stir-frying
  • Baking, sautéing
  • Stewing
  • Baking
  • Steaming

People who follow a diet that consists of organic fruit, nuts, vegetables, whole grain, seafood, olive oil have been reported to have better mental health.

People who consume high levels of alcohol, processed meat with low consumption of fresh produce are more prone to suffer from depression.

When you make vegetables a part of your everyday diet, you feel less bloated and lethargic. Moreover, vegetables improve your digestive system as they are high in fiber.

Vegetables contain all the essential nutrients that are needed to boost your immunity. Fresh vegetable salads are great for losing weight as they have low levels of fat and keep you full for a longer period.



A well-balanced diet is crucial for your mental health and well being. The dietary choices we make have a direct impact on our mental and physical health.

Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet helps people control their body weight and prevent various diseases including heart ailments.

Food has different effects on our mood and emotional health. People who maintain a healthy diet are also at a lower risk of chronic illnesses.

Tips For Moms To Gain A Healthy Weight

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Effective Tips For Moms To Gain A Healthy Weight

It’s necessary for moms to be healthy and active to perform their day to day acts because it’s important for moms to do several tasks for their children. And to do those tasks one should be best in their health.

They need to take proper diets to be healthy. As well as they should add medicines in their regular diets like the medicines of Vitamins D, E, C, etc. as well as calcium capsules or supplements to perform actively.


Moms should intake more amount of Calories than the actual body demands

The women must intake more amount of calories than are burnt by them. Even they should calculate the amount of intake of calories and the amount of utilizing them.

If moms are more towards to gain weight then they should intake 300-500 more calories regularly compared with the amount you are burning. And for the fast gaining of weight, the intake should increase from 500 to 1000 calories or above to maintain yourself.


Intake of Proteins should be more in the diet of moms to be healthy

To gain health one should intake protein must in their diets because body muscles are made of proteins and besides them, the other body calories are considered as fats. Taking proteins intakes can fight for the benefits of the body by all means.

It’s in the mom’s plan to gain weight then they should ai to have 0.7 to 1 grams of proteins as per the pound of body weight. So, by eating more proteins will help to gain muscle rather than the fats.


Good for moms to take spicy food full of energy

If the food is spicy and tastier then the intake of it will be automatically more. Such foods cooked at home are more processed and well-cooked as compare to junk foods.  It’s always beneficial to eat food having more amount of energy and calories comparing to the weight of the body.

Such energy-filled foods are almonds, peanuts, dates, raisins, brown rice, fruits, fats and oils like virgin olive oil, dairy products like yogurt, cheese, milk, and cream, etc.,

In meat products, the fattier cuts of chicken, beef, and lamb are beneficial to eat. Dark chocolates, peanut butter, coconut milk, granola, and avocados are also considered as eating items full of energy.

Moms who want to be healthy should eat fewer vegetables to leave space in the tummy to add up other products full of calories. Avoid eating fruits that require too much chewing efforts like bananas. Try to make your food spicy to make it more edible and tasty to eat.

Tips For Moms

Do exercise to increase your body strength

Try to make exercise part of your daily life. By doing exercises you can stretch the body which will make you more active and participative.

The exercises burn the calories which is really helpful for the muscles to be active either then to be the part of fats.

  • By taking up weights one can increase the weight carrying passage by time and doing cardio exercises one can improve their fitness.


  • To drink a lot of water, one can have clear skin, thin blood. But try to drink water after a meal.


  • Eat canapés either before bed or at several times to maintain your energy level.


  • It’s good for oneself to eat on a bigger plate to intake more rather than to use small ones because the one who takes the small size of the plate to eat automatically eats less than the one with the bigger plate.


  • Try to add cream in your coffee and desserts to increase weight. Even one should add cream in the breakfasts to have a healthy intake.


  • Moms should sleep calmly, and for a long time to have a peaceful mindset.


  • By drinking milk, one can have the best form of proteins and calories in one go that could be beneficial for strengthening the bones even, because mom’s bones weaken as compare to the others because of their pregnancy periods.


  • Favor the proteins more than the vegetables.


  • Indeed, moms are always working ladies who are busy 24/7, but out of these busy schedules, Moms should settle their own time, even an hour for themselves to work and focus on their selves. Such “me time” gives them the feeling of ownership and trust in them.


  • Moms should always eat healthy breakfast, Try to have double the amount of breakfast yourself then you are offering to your kids.


  • Research proved that people who used to make healthy breakfasts in the morning always feel pleasured and gratified regarding daily activities.


  • Find out ways of exercises in which you can involve your kids too. Because spending time and playing with kids also helps you to be healthy because it gives pleasure to mind leading to physical health.


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How Can You Measure The Size Of Your Children At Home?

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Parents always love to see their children grow up. They always support their development. To stimulate the growth of children who are young, parents desire to bring diversified toys and things.

Now the question is which toy can actually stimulate growth maintaining complete safety? Then you start to find think about the best balance bike for toddlers.

The young child always wants a bicycle, and it is their priority. As a balance bike came as an alternative to the bicycle, parents want the best balance bike of the market which will ensure safety. Safety features of the balance bike turned so many parents to come out of the thoughts that cycling is risky.

Safety and convenient features of a balance bike made the parents fall in love with along the children. Measurement is a vital part of the balance bike.

However, it is a confusing matter for many parents to figure out the appropriate measurement of their young children in their favorite balance bike.

There is a method to do this measurement. If you go through the content, you will get to know the method to solve this problem.

So many things are there to consider before purchasing the best balance bike for toddlers. Bringing a wrong balance bike is not just a waste of money but can be unsafe for the child.

Parents face the problem that they can not guess the size of their kids to figure out which balance bike they should purchase.

A bigger balance bike will be tough to be handled by a kid. At the same time, a smaller balance bike will be hard and inconvenient while riding.

If parents can figure it out that the size is not appropriate, I will suggest them not to use to balance bike. It may cause some unexpected injuries to the child and can be unsafe.


Size of balance bike

You will find different balance bikes on the market with different designs and sizes for children. When it comes to the balance bike, there is no standard size. But there are ways to find the exact size of he balance bike that will fit your children.

The best way to find the measurement is to read the content properly. If you go through all the contents, you will know which balance bike will be perfect to fit your kid.

Along with measurement, color is also an important factor. There are different colors. Find which one best suits your toddler.


Measure the inseam of the child

Some parents think that height is the most important measurement to buy a balance bike. This idea is not perfect. If you are willing to get the perfect size best balance bike for toddlers, then you must pay attention to the weight.

Weight matters a lot. Not all the balance bikes are strong enough to carry. If you go through all my reviews on the best balance bike for toddlers, then you will know that each and every balance bike is made for a targeted age group.

Some balance bike only targets the kids who are below two years old. Some balance bike focuses on the kid above two years old. It is you to find out which balance bike is offering what.

I said above that height is not the only factor you should focus on. But when it comes to measurement, then the height is one of the most important factors.

You must take it seriously, but you should not pay all your attention to it. Measuring the inseam of a child can be an ideal method among all the measurement techniques.

I found parents use the tape to measure the height of a kid. When you try to do that you will find is tough as the children are so active.

So your measurement will not be appropriate. But I can tell you a trick that you can apply for measuring your kid’s height with tape.

You will put a book in the middle of our kid’s legs. He will start to play with it. This trick will play as the saddle for parents. You can then take the measurement without that much complication. If you follow the following size chart:

Size Chart

You will put a book in the middle of our kid’s legs. He will start to play with it. This trick will play as the saddle for parents. You can then take the measurement without that much complication. If you follow the trick, you will get the best possible way.

Another trick is parents can take to make this process available. Find a pant that you fit your kid best. From this pant, you can actually measure the size of your children. By doing this, you will eventually know what size of balance bike you need.

The correct size for inseam

When you are done with the measurement of the inseam, then you will easily take the decision of buying the best balance bike you need.

  • Children from 2 to 4 years old: 14 – 17 inches in the bike that has 12 inches wheels
  • Children ages 8-12: 18 – 22 inches in the bike that has 16 inches wheels
  • Children ages 6-9: 20 – 24 inches in the bike that has 18 inches wheels
  • Children ages above 9: 24 – 28 inches in the bike that has 24 inches wheels

Weight is also an important matter while purchasing a balance bike. Parents must avoid the balance bikes which are too heavy or too light.

But you should prefer bikes which are easy too carry. It will be helpful for your kids to move the bike easily. The weight of the bike is given with the product. So you can take decision-based on weight before purchasing the bike. Options are available for you.


Things to remember when measuring the inseam

I have already discussed how to take the measurement of inseam properly. But there may be some confusion among parents on how to do the measurement.

It is important as all parents want the best balance bike for their kids. Here I am going to give some tips which can be helpful for you-

Bike with suitable height: You must purchase a bike that has the height of not more than the inseam you measured. This can be a healthy adjustment for your kids.

Balance bike with adjustable height will be a great choice. Measuring the seat: Seat is also an important factor. All best balance bikes are built with seats that are adjustable. I will request to avoid the seats which are not adjustable.

If you can have proper management, then it will be comfortable for your kid. But do not worry too much. All the quality balance bikes are adjustable.

If you buy one balance bike from Amazon and find that it does not fit your kid, then you can easily order another one by changing the previous one. Just do not be stressed on measurement.

These bike companies understand how to keep parents out of worry.

What Seat Height Is Comfortable For A Balance Bike?

Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 03:45 am

Balancing bikes have become so popular among both kids and parents nowadays. Parents finally have got something that will help them not to worry while their kids are riding a balance bike.

For this reason, parents are trying to find the best balance bike in the market. As the demand is raising, giant companies are also coming up with great technologies to create the best balance bike.

Now many parents ask me a question “ How can I determine if a balancing bike is right for my kid?”

As I have experience of buying a balancing bike, they rely on me when it comes to finding the best balance bike of the market. I always love to give suggestions to parents on how they can buy a great balancing bike.

When kids start to ride a quality balance bike I suggested, It makes me feel really good. There are some important things to consider while purchasing a balancing bike. But there is the solution to every problem.

There may be a lot of questions in your mind. Last afternoon, a mother from my neighborhood asked me What Seat Height will be appropriate for a balancing bike?

I have the answer to this question. But to jump to the answer, take a look at how proper balancing looks like.


What makes a balancing bike different from a tricycle?

A balancing bike is different from a tricycle in many ways. A simple but attractive framework with so many attributes made a balancing bike popular among kids.

A tricycle is a completely different type of instrument. It does not give your kid the experience of a real bicycle.

A tricycle can not do that. Your kid starts to learn how to keep balance when they ride on a balancing bike. But a tricycle can never teach balancing.

It kills the interest of learning how to keep balance. Children find it challenging to shift to a real bike with two wheels when they are habituated to ride a tricycle.

A balancing bike generates confidence among the kids when they start to keep balancing. But riding a tricycle is like a toy that does not teach in anything. That is why a balancing bike is important.


What seat height is best for a balancing bike?

Seat height is important. Without adjusting the seat appropriately, your kid will never feel comfortable. If your child does not feel comfortable, he will not get any fun riding a balancing bike.

Soon he will lose interest to ride a bike. For this reason, you must make the ride comfortable. You must know how to adjust the seat properly.

Best balance bikes offer you the adjustable seat. You can adjust the seat height anytime you want. If you want to adjust the seat of a balancing bike make sure feet of your child touch the ground without stress. The child must be on the seat without dropping too far into the ground.

If knees are not bent properly, your child will not feel comfortable. Remember all you are doing to make the ride comfortable. Probably this is the first time your child is experiencing a ride using a balancing bike.

Do not let this make your kid scare. Do not push your child too much. Let your kid be familiar with the early rider bike first. Then focus the rest of the thing.

Another way to adjust the seat height is by measuring the inside a leg length of your kid. Minimum 3 cm less than the inside length of the leg is scientifically proven.

Try this measurement with your balancing bike. But your kid does not feel comfortable with this measurement then do not do it. All it matter is your child’s comfortability.

Make sure after adjusting the seat height, your child can walk touching the ground with the bike. After you confirm that your child can walk comfortably, then make him run with the balancing bike.

If he can make it, then you have done it correctly. Everything is set. But if he can not make it, then continue testing and do not let our kid start with his balancing bike before you make t comfortable for him.

Seat Height

How do you adjust the seat height on a balancing bike?

You will find two types of balancing the bike in the market. One is a metal balance bike, and another is a wooden balance bike. Recently Ybike Balance Bike has brought plastic made balance bike in the market.

  • Wooden balance bikes
  • Usually, have three different adjustable positions.

First, you have to remove the bolts, then you have to adjust the seat, and then again you have to reattach the bolt. This is the way adjustment happens with the balancing bike.
There is another variant on the balancing bike, where the seat is placed on a rail.


What are the different types of seats available in a balancing bike?

From eleven inches to the ground to nineteen inches to the ground is the wide range seats on a balancing bike can come.

Now you may think that do you need to adjust the handlebar or not? Let me explain. If you figure it out that seat height is already comfortable, and you do not need to adjust the height, then you do not have to adjust anything at all.

But once you adjust the seat height the way I explained, then you must adjust the handlebar. Do not forget to do it. If you adjust one part, but the rest remain unadjusted, then the whole effort will be useless.

If you buy a wooden balance bike, you may get a fixed handlebars. Most of the metal balancing bike has an adjustable handlebar. It is already adjusted in the best possible position.

Recheck that you are buying a balance bike concentrating on the age of your kid. It makes life easy.