Advantages of a Portable Ice Maker

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Whenever one tries to compare a freezer and a portable ice maker, the first thing to hit your mind, perhaps, is the convenience associated with owning a portable ice maker.

Well, even though a portable ice maker is one great compact appliance that will let you enjoy refreshing cold ice anywhere, there are several other paybacks that these compact units owning this device worth it.

Advantages of a Portable Ice Maker


This is perhaps the major reason why anyone would opt for a portable ice maker. Nobody wants to spend more than an hour waiting for damn cold ice cubes. Time matters! Even the best freezers out there take about 90 minutes to set ready a batch of ice. On the other hand, a portable ice maker takes roughly 30 minutes.

Super-fast models take as little as 15 minutes. That means once this small machine finds a place on your countertop, your visitors or family members won’t be waiting for long. Additionally, you also avoid wasting time washing messy ice trays.


Featuring a small, compact design, these units will be used anywhere as long as there is a power outlet. Additionally, there are lightweight and designed to fit even in the smallest cabinets. They are the ultimate EDC when organizing road trips, family gatherings, parties, and camping or even RVs.

Your celebration is not complete without ice. Before even thinking of serving cocktails and champagne, don’t forget to make plenty of ice batches.

Ease of Use

Modern ice machines come loaded with interactive features such as LCD screen, light indicators, one-touch push buttons, user manual, and more. All these makes working with them a breeze. Using them is pretty simple and easy as learning 1-2-3.

You simply water into the tank, play with a few buttons and wait for your fresh batch of ready of ice. Both children and seniors can comfortably use them given that they are safe.

Minimal Maintenance

Ice makers are equipped with a refreezing technology that reuses the melted ice. This not only makes them easy to use appliances but also minimizes maintenance. Some models are integrated with a side drainage where excess water collects. You will rarely spend any bucks on maintenance technicians.

Makes and Stores a Variety of Ice Shapes

Even though portable ice machines features a compact design, they can surprisingly make a large amount of ice batch of ice. Most models also have a large storage capacity that can accommodate 2-3lbs.

This may not be enough for the entire one-day ice but still an important feature. Additionally, these elegant beauties allow users to choose between small, medium and large ice cube sizes. Whether you love bullet shaped ice or crave for restaurant-quality ice, these machines will let you have your way.

Lacks Drainage System

Older freezer brands require one to invest fully in a drainage floor, expensive drain pump or any other drainage system. Installing these kinds of ice makers must have been breath-taking.

A portable ice maker doesn’t require any of that. Instead of wasting all that water and the melted ice, these compact units instead recycle melted ice eliminating the need for a special drainage system. There is no hassle of hiring a plumber.

Cost Efficient

By making as much or as little ice as you want in the comfort of your house is definitely a cheaper alternative. The cost of going to the nearest ice store and getting back may appear negligible but when accumulated over a long period, it amounts to significant savings. You will also save on time and perform other more important tasks.

Rocks Get-Togethers, Barbecues and Other Parties

When it is summer time and parties come knocking, your bulky refrigerator won’t be of much help when you need to entertain your guests with refreshing cold drinks. What you need is a portable ice maker that will save you the frustration when you run out of ice.

In less than 30 minutes, a reliable ice machine will set ready a full batch of ice. Some of the reasons as to why you will definitely need a portable ice maker and not your home refrigerator include:

  • Your home freezer is filled with other foods.
  • Ice made on small messy ice trays cannot quench the thirst of your guests.
  • A freezer won’t be of any help when guests need ice urgently.

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