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Develop speed, strength and confidence, whether you’re on the court with a team or practicing your dribble, lay-ups and shots alone.

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What’s in it for your child?

  • Fitness: basketball helps develop speed and aerobic fitness
  • Agility: when played in a team, basketball involves dodging, feinting and darting around
  • Team sports help kids develop a sense of sportsmanship and learn to work as part of a team


Get started

  • Learn to dribble: grab a ball, find a hard surface, and bounce the ball against the ground, touching it only with the pads of the fingers
  • Develop your ball-handling skills: experiment with dribbling over distances and with increased speed; try passing overhand and from the chest


Tips and tricks

  • Shoot! It takes time to get good at scoring, but practice makes perfect — encourage your child to take shots from a range of different position on the court
  • Basketball is a non-contact sport with one very strict rule: players cannot carry the ball, they must dribble it at all times


Terms to know

  • Lay-up: this is the name for the move where a player runs and dribbles up to the basked, then leaps in the air to shoot
  • Block: in team play, when a player from one team prevents an opposing player from shooting or passing… without touching that player
  • Swish: when a player makes a basket without touching the rim — ‘swish’ is the sound this makes


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