Best Ways and Tips to Use and Clean A Swamp Cooler – Effective Guide

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The nice summer season may sometimes get uncomfortable because of high temperatures. This makes most houses stuffy because of the dry air thus making your house unbearable. Purchasing a swamp cooler can help solve this problem. Through evaporation, moisture is absorbed by dry air.

Best Ways and Tips to Use and Clean A Swamp Cooler

If there is a continuous evaporation of water into the air that is dry, the heat is also brought down hence lowering the temperature within your house. A swamp cooler works by taking in dry air, evaporate water into the dry air, and finally bring out cool air that is circulated in the house.

How To Use and Clean A Swamp Cooler

Swamp cooler Vs Traditional AC

There is a fan inside the swamp cooler that draws dry air from outside. It also has absorption pads that absorb water. Best swamp cooler pads work to cool down the air. It only costs you little money to settle bills for water and the fan. A swamp cooler is pocket friendly because just a few containers of water are enough.

The bottlenecks fusing a swamp cooler is that your window will be kept open to prevent temperature and humidity from rising within your room. Another disadvantage is that the cooler might be too noisy. It is important to make the right choice once you go to buy one. Lastly, there are those which do not do proper circulation of air within the whole house.

On the other hand, an air conditioner normally cools the air by making a compression on Freon gas. It turns this gas into a cool and dehumidified liquid. This is the temperature you need for circulation within your house. Since money can sometimes be hard to get, most people opt to buy coolers instead of air conditioners. It is wise to seek advice from retailers who will recommend either of them.

Swamp cooler works best in the low humidity, is it true?

Since they add molecules of water in the air, they are supposed to be used in places where humidity is low. This means that the air within your environment should be as dry as possible. This is because moisture is easily absorbed by dry air through the process of evaporation.

Heat is then given up by dry air hence moisture cools your room. This moisture also makes your room humid protecting you from the harsh summer heat. If humidity your environment is 70 percent or thereabout, your swamp cooler will work well although they can still work well where there is a higher level of humidity that this.


Step by step instructions to using a swamp cooler

Step by step instructions to using a swamp cooler

Find the location of its control

The control looks like a panel although variations could be many. However, the two types are manual and thermostat controllers.

Switch on the pump

Before you switch on the fan, the pump should be on to make the pads wet. Later, switch on the fan which then helps in the circulation of air. Your fan will either work on high or low speed depending on how you want it.

Digital coolers with thermostats are good because the fan and pump can be switched on simultaneously. Remember to set a threshold of temperature. This will be an automatic process since the cooler will turn on when temperatures of your house rise.

Your window should be open once your cooler is running

It enables the hot air to pushed towards the window as cool air passes in the duct and directed to your room. This is directly opposite of what happens when you are using air conditioning which is refrigerated where you can just shut the doors and windows.


Step by step instructions to installing a swamp cooler in a wall

  • Have your wall well prepared.
  • Hangers should be mounted. These will support it. Have the brackets assembled according to the instructions given. For further support, build a windowsill.
  • Through the window, have the cooler placed in the wall.
  • Ensure the waterline is well installed. This will run water into your swamp cooler.
  • You need a cut-off valve to drain water. Fix a hose to the cooler to channel overflowing water to your yard.
  • On the front side of the swamp cooler, fix the vent.
  • You can now run the cooler as you enjoy the cool air.



Swamp Cooler Using Guide Faqs

Question: How does a swamp cooler work? 

It uses moisture to cool the air. It is also referred to as an evaporative air conditioner. Warm air from the outside environment passes through the wet evaporative cooler pads for effective cooling. Through its vent, a motor blows cool air into your room.

Question: How long should I run the pump on my swamp cooler?

As long as you have enough water, you may run the pump. Running it without enough water will only cause it to burn out. Most people prefer evaporative coolers which can run without water but they don’t blow truly cool air.

Question: How often should you clean your swamp cooler? 

In a year, clean it in three phases of there is heavy use. The first phase should be spring then another in the middle and lastly at the end of the year. Do thorough cleaning while refilling the reservoir with fresh water.

Question: How to winterize a swamp cooler?

  • The power supply should be cut off first.
  • Close the valve at the water supply.
  • Drain your swamp cooler.
  • Ensure the pads for cooling are changed.
  • Install the cover of your swamp cooler.

Question: How to make a swamp cooler colder?

Step 1: Look for a shady place to position your cooler or get a tent to block the sun. That cool breeze ensures cold air is steadily supplied to your home.

Step 2: From your cooler, open your window in the opposite section of your house. You will realize a cool breeze from the opening.

Step 3: The cooling pads should be checked to see whether they are dirty because this will reduce the efficiency of the cooler. Replace the pads if they are faulty.

Step 4: Ensure that your cooler is filled with water to the required level. You may want to increase the flow of water to fill it.

Step 5: The water pump is switched on for about 10 minutes. This will ensure proper saturation of the pads. You may then turn on the fan. Instead of gradual cooling, the system cools immediately after ensuring that the pads are wet.

Question: How to remove calcium deposits from swamp cooler? 

Using hard water means that mineral deposits could be in the tank. Ordinary soap will not remove all of them. If you fail to scrub all the deposits successfully, the deposits could many. You need to pour vinegar into the tank and wait for soaking to take place. After an hour or so, scrub them all and the tank will be sparkling clean.

Question: How to turn on a swamp cooler?

The pump should be turned on first before the fan. This will ensure that the cooling pads are wet. If your cooler is manually controlled, the pump is to be turned on for about five minutes. This ensures that the pads are completely wet.

Question: How much does a swamp cooler cost?

A swamp cooler will averagely require $2435 to install. The range of costs is between $1410-$3473. An expert who fixes it will charge you not less than $70 per hour. The unit ranges from $40-$2300. This means that if your house is bigger, you need to dig deeper into your pocket.

Question: How much water does a swamp cooler use?

This cooling device needs a steady supply of water. This is because evaporation takes place thus a replacement is needed. Mostly 3-15 gallons per hour are recommended. This is close to 11-57 liters an hour. The average is 7-11 gallons or 26.5-40 liters each hour.


Final word

The purpose of a swamp cooler is to make the environment cool and bearable especially hot weather and climate. Your children need this because they may fall sick in such extreme temperatures.

I recommend that every home acquires a swamp cooler. If installation is a problem, ask for professional assistance from the dealers. So, enjoy that cool ambiance from your swamp cooler, won’t you?


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