Five Quick Tips For Vacuum Sealer

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Do you use a best vacuum sealer for freezing food or preserve food? These are five quick tips you should know about this machine.

Do not overfill the seal bag

You should consider the bag sealing method since it is very important in food preservation. I bet most of us don’t care provided the bag if filled. You should always leave some inches at the open end of the bag. Most vacuum sealer experts, advise that you should leave about three inches of the empty bag to facilitate proper sealing.

Also, if you intend to reuse the seal bags, you should leave a generous amount of space. Ideally, if you leave at least 5 inches, you can reuse the bag about 2-3 times. Hence, you will save money. Note that overfilling bags hinders the machine from sucking out all air.

Five Quick Tips For Vacuum Sealer

Use the recommended seal bags

Make sure you use only the recommended bags for a particular vacuum sealer. Avoid reusing bags more than twice because they may p wrinkles. Most vacuum sealer manufacturers recommend using their bags to ensure perfect and efficient sealing.

Some machines may offer terrible results if you use bags of a different brand. However, you can use any bag if you are sure it will offer excellent results. You can check on the sealer manufacturer’s website for the recommended bags. Also, some sealers come with a starter kit just as a way of informing you the recommended vacuum pouches.

In case of wrong sealing, don’t open the bag

At times, your sealer may not seal the bag properly. In such a case, you shouldn’t open the sealed bag to change it. Instead, reseal it one-inch below the previous sealing. Opening the sealed bag and changing it requires a couple of minutes.

Also, you will end up wasting a bag. Moreover, some fragile foods may get crashed or damaged during the process. Food spoilage may also enter your food during the changing process. Follow the tip on bag refilling to avoid such issues.

Prepare non-food items before sealing

If you intent to seal non-food items such as documents or jewelry in plastic bags, you should be very keen. Sharp edges of these items may puncture the bag and cause air to enter inside. This situation can cause rust.

How to seal liquid foods

You should first freeze your food before sealing. A vacuum sealer works by sucking air out of the bag, so it can suck liquids. These liquids can damage your machine or cause metallic parts to rust. Thus, if you want to store liquid foods such as stews or soup, freeze the, first.


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