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Juggling is a performance-friendly skill that always impresses, but it’s also a very meditative activity that many kids find very calming.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Juggling helps to develop quick reflexes
  • As juggling is a meditative sort of activity, kids can find it very relaxing
  • Juggling is a very performable skill: mastering it even in its basic form and then sharing it with others can help kids develop self-confidence


Get started

  • Beginners should expect to drop things a lot, so start juggling something that won’t cause any damage should it land on the floor or the juggler: beanbags or soft balls are best
  • The simplest pattern is the three-ball cascade, where the juggler starts with two balls in one hand and one in the other: start by throwing one of the two balls up in an arc, then throw the single ball up before catching the first ball, and continuing with each hand throwing one ball and catching another


Tips and tricks

  • Once your juggler masters the three-ball cascade, move on to a five-ball cascade
  • The shower is a juggling pattern that works for as few as two objects: one hand throws the object up, and the other hand catches the object and passes it back to the first hand
  • The fountain is another pattern that can be used for an even number of objects, as each hand juggles separately — objects are not passed between the hands


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