What Is A Sous Vide Immersion Circulator?

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Sous vide immersion circulator is an electrically powered device that heats water in a container (pot) as it circulates. It helps to keep accurate and precise temperature. The device is used for cooking sous vide foods.

In sous vide, the food is sealed in a plastic bag and put into a water bath. This cooking method is slow since the food is cooked at low temperatures. An immersion circulator prevents cool and hot spots from forming in the water bath by circulating continuously.

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What Is A Sous Vide Immersion Circulator?

Sous Vide Cooking

In sous vide cooking you don’t have to vacuum seal your food. The technique is about bringing your food to a stable temperature and holding it constant for some time. That’s why it is referred to as precision cooking.

Initially, sous vide cooking was popular in high-end restaurants, but in the recent past, it has become popular in the home kitchen. The new trend is due to the availability of affordable countertop sous vide devices.


Sous Vide Cooking Is Simple

First, prepare the food you can prepare any food from a chicken breast to steak to corn on the cob. Then place the food in a zipper-lock or plastic vacuum-sealed bag. Attach or clip your immersion circulator to a container/pot of water and set temperature and time.

Place the sealed bag of food the container and leave it to cook. The circulator continually moves water around the container, ensuring a steady temperature throughout. When your food is ready, you can scorch/sear it, serve it or store it for later eating. This method is simple, convenient and offers professional quality results always.

Sous Vide Cooking

Origin of sous vide cooking

Sous vide cooking was developed by Praulus and Pierre Troisgros when they were developing a new way to cooking foie gras. Praulus started wrapping the liver tightly in plastic to retain its moisture and structure before cooking it in the water bath.

The method was successful, and Praulus started applying it to other proteins. Until 2009 sous vide cooking technique was preserved to high-end restaurants and some casual restaurants.

Its capability to offer consistently cooked proteins is valuable for restaurant kitchens. Also, it opens doors for creative experiments. In 2009, sous vide supreme launched a countertop sous vide water bath for use in home kitchens.

From then, more companies have emerged all producing quality sous vide devices. Although some evangelist was initially opposed to sous vide cooking, it has become accepted widely in America.

There are more additions in sous vide devices that make it even better. Some of these include smartphone apps and precise temperature control. The app sends cooking notifications to your smartphone and alerts you when the cooking is done.


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