Anova Culinary Precision Cooker Review

Anova Culinary Precision Cooker
  • Price5.0
  • Design4.9
  • Quality5.0
  • Performance4.9
  • Longevity4.9

The Anova culinary precision cooker review gives you the convenience to cook at home. It’s one of the best cookers for sous vide cooking. It connects to your Smartphone so you can cook from any corner of the house.

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4.9Overall Score

Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 04:07 am

The Anova culinary precision cooker review gives you the convenience to cook at home.

It’s one of the best cookers for sous vide cooking. It connects to your Smartphone so you can cook from any corner of the house.

Evenly cooking is another great feature of this cooker. Despite the type of food you want to cook, this cooker will deliver quality results.

You only attach the cooker to a water-filled pot, place your sealed food bag into the water and clip it to the pot.

Set the time, temperature and then start the button.

It heats and circulates the water to a suitable temperature preventing overheating and also overcooking.

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you will spend less time in the kitchen.

The app notifies you when the food is ready for predictable serving.

In the Anova culinary precision cooker review, we shall cover all the features, pros, and the cons of this machine.

You can check it to determine why the unit is a great purchase.

Features of Anova Culinary Precision Cooker


Innovative cooking technology

The Anova Cooker heats and circulates water to cook the food. This heat circulates evenly thus making you food cook edge to edge.

Its precise temperature gives you the exact quality of the food.

When cooking, your food does not come into to conduct with the water which might spoil it.

You can finish your cooking by grilling, searing or broiling to achieve a pleasing look and a crispy layer.


Easy to use

You don’t need any training to use this cooker because It’s very easy to use.

Simply attach the Precision Cooker to any pot filled with clean water.

Set the time and the temperature manually or through the Anova Culinary App.

Place your food in a well-secured bag and drop it slowly into the water and then clasp it to any side of the pot.

Once you are done, start the button either manually or through the Smartphone Anova Culinary app.

This App will notify you when the food is cooked for and ready for serving.


Bluetooth Connectivity

This device gives you the power to enjoy cooking from any corner of your house.

You can control the cooker by starting, stopping or tracking cooking from your Smartphone.

This feature gives you the freedom of not being tied to your kitchen for long.

You can share your favorable recipes through the mobile app.


Quality Cooking

The sous vide cooking method offers restaurant results. This result is unbelievable with any other cooking method.

You only need to set up the cooking apparatus and food.

Your food will be cooked evenly without overheating.

The cooker gives varying temperature degrees which creates standard moisture retention, and maximum tenderness to your food.

This cooking method is mostly used by professional chefs in the restaurants.


Programmable Features

This cooker is well programmed with adjustable settings such as time and temperature.

The settings are manually and well clear for viewing.

The setting gives you the ability to control your cook thus preventing overheating.

The time and temperature settings can be done either manually on the device or through the app.

The setting mode on the device is vivid and clear for viewing.


Things to consider

  • Your budget is a vital consideration when making a selection
  • The desired convenience of sous vide cooking
  • Programmable features of the cooker – the temperature and time are programmable
  • The type of pot that you intend to use – this unit can work with any pot



  • It’s easy to use
  • Doesn’t overcook your food
  • Precise temperature and time settings
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy cooking



  • It’s a slow cooking method
  • It’s relatively expensive


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use a zip lock bag?

Ans: Definitely, you can use the zip bag by immersing it slowly in water.


Q: Is it safe to leave the cooker cooking with no supervision?

Ans: It’s quite safe to leave the cooker all day if only you don’t place it on a wooden surface.


Q: What are the dimensions of the cooker?

Ans: The cooker measures about 14.8 inches by 2.8 inches by 2.8 inches.


Q: Does this item produce any noise?

Ans: This machine does not produce any noise when cooking.


Final Verdict

The Anova Precision Cooker is an amazing item that is easier to use at home.

You only need to attach the cooker to any pot filled with water, drop your food slowly and start the button.

The time setting and temperature makes your food not to overcook.

The heat circulates the water in the pot resulting to uniformly cooking.

Also, the moisture retained gives your food maximum tenderness with no worry or either overheating or overcooking.

This SOUS vide method is mostly used by professional chefs in the restaurants in order to bring suitable results.

With the help of the Bluetooth connectivity, you can start, stop or monitor you cooking via your Smartphone device.

So you won’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Its settings are very easy to set. The cooker does not compromise your food.

The cooker is very flexible and easy to use since you only do everything systematically.

You do n’t need to rush your food which gets cooked uniformly. Cooking different types of food at a given time is easy.

You can consider getting the Anova Precision Cooker because it gives the required results for your favorite foods which you will definitely enjoy with your family.