Foodsaver Professional Vacuum Sealer

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Foodsaver Professional Vacuum Sealer is equipped with an extra-large drip tray that is removable and simple to wash in the dishwasher. This vacuum sealer has quality features to protect your food from moisture and food spoilage agents.

It includes a built-in cutter and roll holder to simplify creating custom-size bags. The unit comes with bag material and accessory hose, just what you want in your vacuum sealing processes. It is a bit heavy-duty machine; it is the best vacuum sealer for home use and also for light commercial use. Thus, it is a great kitchen device for both moms and chefs.

FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer


Features and Specifications of Foodsaver Professional Vacuum Sealer

The followings are some features and specification of Foodsaver Professional Vacuum Sealer that you can look for:

Manual Operation

This unit is manually operated. Although this vacuum sealer may not be as fast as an automatic unit, it offers predictable sealing. Most automatic sealers are programmed to seal the bag after a set time as opposed to manual sealers.

Thus, you can seal more bags with this unit without having to wait. Simply, place your food in the bag. Then insert the open end of the bag in the sealer machine. Finally, proceed to seal your bag.

Customized Sealing

The Foodsaver professional sealer offers customized food sealing. It has a convenient bag cutter and roll holder that allows you to seal food in custom-size bags.

Regardless of your vacuum sealing needs, this sealer will meet your needs. Make sure you use the right bag material if you want to achieve the best results.

Extra-large Drip Tray

It comes with an extra-large drip tray that collects liquid overflows. When sealing foods with high liquid content, be sure that excess fluids will not penetrate into the machine.

This drip tray is easily removable and washable. The manufacturer recommends washing the drip tray in the dishwasher to remove the spilled liquid and odors. It is the best way to make sure you vacuum seal your food with clean tools.

Extra-wide Sealing Strip

Foodsaver Professional Vacuum Sealer features extra-wide sealing strip to create a secure airtight seal. The airtight seal prevents air and moisture from getting into your food.

It prevents food spoilage agents such as molds, bacteria and yeast from thriving in your food. You will be able to enjoy fresh food at a later date. Your food will not lose its original taste, nutrients and flavor.


The Foodsaver professional vacuum sealer is a versatile machine. It is perfect for most preservation jobs in your kitchen. You can use it for preserving meat, fish, veggie, or fruits.

Also, you can reseal foods like chips and cereals in their original package. If you desire to save money, you can use this sealer to seal and store leftovers for eating later.


  • Manual operation for predictable sealing
  • Extra-large and washable drip tray
  • Airtight sealing to prevent food spoilage
  • Convenient roll holder and bag cutter for custom-size sealing


  • It is a bit huge
  • Foodsaver professional vacuum sealer is expensive


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you reseal bags such as potato chips?

       Ans: Yes, you can.

Q. What are the dimensions of this machine?

      Ans: About 25.4 inches by 5.4 inches by 10.3 inches.

Final Verdict

If you want to save money and time, a vacuum sealer is a perfect choice. You can use it to seal food prepared in advance, seal leftovers or portion bulk foods. The Foodsaver professional sealer is a great machine that offers exceptional results.

It is manually operated, can be used for custom packaging and has an extra-large drip tray. Consider this vacuum sealer if you want to save money and time.


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