Weston-Pro 2300 Review

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The Weston-Pro 2300 is a renowned Vacuum food sealer in the market. The machine is equipped with a motor that generates 995 watts of power and the panel is see-through.

Meaning you will see as your food items get sealed inside a 15-inch wide bag. But this machine has some minor issues too. This Weston Pro-2300 review will tell you the pros and cons of the machine in detail.

Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer


Features of the Weston Pro-2300


Let’s be honest here, Weston Pro-2300 is not very portable with its weight. It weighs 27 pounds which is too much when you consider other products available in the market. But this thing makes up in supreme fashion.

It beats all the known sealers with its performance. The most amazing thing is, it doesn’t have a cool down period. Use it as much as you want and if you really think of taking it along your next trip, just arrange a bag for it. In the portability section, I would give it 4.5/5.

Functional Aspect 

Weston-Pro 2300 is the best portable vacuum sealer if you are looking for a way to seal bags (and bags only!). It doesn’t seal jars. That is probably the only drawback it has. It seals bags perfectly with its signature large heating bars.

It has auto settings for sealing wet food items. When it comes to using Weston-Pro 2300 vacuum sealer, one hardly needs a manual. Marinating becomes much easier. If you are looking to seal dry foods too, it is very efficient. It doesn’t leak anything.

However, larger bags are required for wet food sealing. The number of “Wasted Bags” is much lower when you compare it to other products. It comes with an easier control panel. Let us shed light on the design in the next section. There are just 3 buttons on the control panel.

One power up the motor and two are there to decide the sealing mode. One button will automate the sealing process, by deciding when the air has been sucked out from the bags. By itself, whereas the other will let you manually seal your food inside the bags.

The Design of the Product 

The Vacuum Sealer is made in Taiwan. The makers have utilized Stainless steel in the construction of this machine. There is a cooling fan and a motor to draw power from. The design enables you to seal away 11 to 13-inch bags incredibly well and fast too.

The Weston-Pro 2300 doesn’t need any cool down period for use thanks to the cooling fan. But you will do well to seal each bag with a time interim of 20 seconds just to extend the life of the product.


  • It has large heating bars
  • It doesn’t need any cooling down time because
  • You can easily seal wet food item


  • It doesn’t seal jars
  • It is not portable for its weight

Concluding Thoughts

There are no real issues to look at here as I found out. Everything is automated. Even the heating bars and the motor are almost maintenance free. When you power the motor on, Weston-Pro 2300 starts the motor providing 28 hg of pressure. The motor stops as soon as sealing is done.

There is the cooling fan to cool down the motor. It runs on full power. One can seal 20 to 25 bags at one stint which is much more than your average sealing systems. With the Vac Mesh bags that Weston uses for sealing, it becomes even easier.

The bags are cheaper than your generic bags. So, it is cost efficient as well.


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