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One way or the other, we all struggle to strike a balance between meeting our daily food cravings and living a healthy lifestyle. We are pretty much aware that the stuff in the cartons from the commercial stores isn’t always good news.

The more natural we eat and drink the better it is in regard to healthy living. This is why over the years, millions of individuals are cutting their expenditure on commercial foods and opting for natural ways of enjoying the same.

A perfect example is the best soy milk maker that allows you to control what goes into the cup. These handy kitchen appliances have been evolving over the years. Today, there is so much that one can do with these compact countertop beauties apart from making soy milk.

No more loading your system with additives, sweeteners and other potentially harmful preservatives. Additionally, you can use a soy milk machine to prepare baby food, porridge or make milk from nuts, milkshakes, juices and much more. Soy milk making machine is ideal for Housewives, Babysitters, Full-time or part-time chefs.

Selecting the best soy milk machines out of a thousand out there is not as simple as you may think. There are several criteria put in place to determine the models that do what they claim to do. However, to take away the stress, we have compiled a list of the 10 best soy milk machines.

What are the Best Soy Milk Makers?

Actually, it is not easy to decide which one is the best soy milk maker in the market. Because, almost all the soy milk maker manufacturers use the same technology. Our expert team came to a decision after hours of research to select the following Top 10 best soymilk maker machine.

In our research, we talked the industry experts and analyzed the customer reviews of Amazon, Walmart, E-bay, Best Buy and other reputed online shop. Also, to get the prefect data we carefully analyzed the manufacturer’s website besides Amazon. Here is the list of the top 10 best soy milk maker reviews that you can take a quick look at for your convenience:

Best Overall: SoyaJoy G4+

“1.7 liters capacity; bottom heating technology; five automatic functions for fully cooked milk/soup/raw non-dairy milks from soy beans, grains and nuts; easy cleaning; boil-over sensor; raw function; temperature sensor; water level marks; cutting-edge grinding”

Best for Automatic Operation: Joyoung CTS-2038

“1.7 liters capacity; computer controlled; automatically preheat; no internal filter to clean; easy cleaning; suitable for 5-6 people; 110 volt compatible”

Best for Under 100 Dollars: Tribest SB-132 Soyabella

“1.3 liters capacity; electric milk maker; patented blades; temperature control; easy to clean; live tribest life; includes a tofu press; 200 watt”

Best for Functionality and Large Capacity: Idavee Brand – PrestoPure IAE15

“1.9 liters capacity; 7 functions; make milk, porridge, oatmeal, pureed soup, juice and more; perfect for nut milk such as almond, cashew, macadamias, brazil nuts, hazelnut, pecan, and pistachio; dual layer stainless steel body; filterless grinding; easy cleaning; 1-year replace guarantee; recipes book”

Best for Small Family: JOYOUNG DJ06M-DS920SG Mini Automatic

“400~600ml capacity; 6 functions; easy wash; suitable for 1-2 people; voltage 120v; double-layer; food-grade stainless steel”

Best for Budget: Tayama DJ-15C

“1.1 – 1.5 liters capacity; 120v/60hz 850w; 4 options for soymilk,rice/bean paste,fruit/veggie drinks,pureed soup; a measuring cup, a strainer and cleaning pad included; easy to clean and use; anti-overflow protection; micro-computer control; automatic operation”

Best for Design: Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG

“900-1300ml capacity; fully automatic home kitchen appliance; contemporarily styled; micro-computer control; totally automatic operation; grinding technology; water diversion technology; food-grade stainless steel; six intelligent protection functions; one year warranty; free bonus pack- tofu coagulant for 50 uses”

Best for Multifunction: JOYOUNG DJ13M-D08SG

“1.3 liters capacity; automatic one touch operation; full service grade stainless steel ; six intelligent protection functions for safe operation; non heating tube; easy to clean; 120v compatible; micro-computer control; water diversion technology with raphael meshwork”

Best for Family Of 2-5 Persons: Midea HCV1W

“1.3 liters capacity; unmatched functionality; safe materials; modern design; perfect for a family of 2-5 persons; free tofu box; highest safety standard; ul certified; made by midea exclusively for green living”

Best for Amateurs: Gourmet BT2018

“1.3-1.5 liters capacity; preset cooking programs; very easy to use; self cleaning function; this machine also makes fresh juice from vegetables and fruit; voltage – 110-120v/60hz”

Best Soy Milk Maker Machines – Comparison Chart

This best soymilk maker machine comparison chart offers you the clear overview of the top 10 best rated soy milk maker machine that we have reviewed for Housewives, Babysitters and Full-time or part-time chefs . We hope, this comparison table can help you to check the key features among them. Okay, let’s check the chart:

Best Soy Milk Maker MachinesIt's Best ForIt's CapacityIt's Weight
SoyaJoy G4+
Best Overall1.7 liters6 pounds
Joyoung CTS-2038Best For Automatic Operation1.7 liters4.62 pounds
Tribest SB-132 SoyabellaBest For Under 100 Dollars1.3 liters6.5 pounds
Presto Pure IAE15Best For Functionality and Large Capacity1.9 liters6 pounds
JOYOUNG DJ06M-DS920SGBest For Small Familiy400~600ml5.69 pounds
Tayama DJ-15CBest For Budget1.1 - 1.5 liters5.34 pounds
Joyoung DJ13U-D81SGBest For Design900-1300ml6 pounds
JOYOUNG DJ13M-D08SGBest For Multifunction1.3 liters7.45 pounds
Midea HCV1WBest For Family Of 2-5 Persons1.3 liters6 pounds
Gourmet BT2018Best For Amateurs1.3-1.5 liters7.93 pounds

Best Soy Milk Maker

The 10 Best Soy Milk Maker On the Market 2022

Read through the reviews and settle on your best pick. Always remember your pick is not everyone’s’ pick. In this guide, we are going to explore much information in regard to these machines. Keep reading as this is just the beginning.

Best Overall: SoyaJoy G4+

Best Overall: SoyaJoy G4+


Key Features

  • Several sensors for controlled grinding and user safety
  • Durable
  • Quality stainless construction
  • Exclusive heating technology

Product Details

SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk Maker is the model that takes the gold home kicking its former popular brand G3 out of the competition. This unit features a number of improvements including the bigger 1.7-liter capacity and the high-end bottom heating technology. All-round stainless construction achieves exclusive grinding and cooking and prevents chemicals from leaching into your food as well.

I guess the health-conscious individuals become happy with this! Waking up in the morning and kick-start your day with raw vegan milk, porridge or fully-cooked milk. Using the SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk Maker is a breeze. It is a one-button machine.

Plus, it has 5 automatic functions that allow the user to customize the machine to his or her perfection. If being anywhere near the dishwasher isn’t your thing, then this model is the ideal choice.  It is a 4th generation filter-less model that makes cleaning a breeze.

To add to that, it has one of the best grinding technology the reason high milk yield becomes the always-end-results. Whether a beginner or a pro, you won’t have to worry about the SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk machine. It has advanced temperature and water level sensors for easy usability.

Solid-state power controls achieve superior performance and add to already existing longevity. Overall, this unit is one of the great pioneers that has revolutionized the soy milk industry since 1990.

If you are looking for a high-end machine that features full functionality, this is it, look elsewhere no more.

Best for Automatic Operation: Joyoung CTS-2038

Best For Automatic Operation: Joyoung CTS-2038



Key Features

  • Easy cleanup due to lack of filter
  • Button-touch operation
  • Computer-controlled model
  • Ultra-fine grinding technology for optimal nutrient yield

Product Details

The Joyoung CTS-2038 is a computer-controlled soymilk machine that will set ready a cup of delicious hot soy milk in a couple of minutes.  With a touch of a button, this unit automatically cooks, grinds, and preheats from the start to the finish.

In as little as 25 minutes, you will be enjoying healthy fresh soymilk. Ultra-fine ground technology results in thicker, smoother and more nutritious milk.  To enhance absorption and emulsify soymilk, this unit has the “Boil it and Soft Heating for Sweetness” feature.

At a capacity of 1/7 liters, this machine is ideal for 3-6 people. Cleaning is the easiest because this unit lacks an internal filter. In addition, Joyoung CTS-2038 boasts of the “Water Diversion Technology” and 6 Intelligent Protection Functions guaranteeing you a safe and reliable operation.

Versatility is also incorporated into this model. You can use this soymilk maker to extract milk from soybeans, mung beans, almonds, corn, and beans.

For optimal results, it is always advisable to use soaked beans but you can use dry beans as well. Grab this machine and reduce heart disease risk among other health complications. You will definitely be saving some bucks while enjoying  delicious and all-natural fresh soymilk.

I highly recommend the Joyoung CTS-2038 to anyone that is health-conscious. It is an awesome purchase!

Best for Under 100 Dollars: Tribest SB-132 Soyabella

Best For Under 100 Dollars: Tribest SB-132 Soyabella


Key Features

  • Concealed heating elements for peace of mind during usage
  • Can be used as a coffee grinder
  • Takes as little as 15 minutes to prepare soy milk
  • Easy to clean

Product Details

You do not have to squeeze a bag full of nuts or burden yourself with the store-bought non-dairy milk when the Tribest Soyabella exists. After all, who wants that mess around the kitchen when there is a great alternative that reduces everything to zero work?

This unit is incredibly fast taking as little as 15 minutes to make soy milk, raw almond milk, cashew milk and much more.  What I love most about this machine is that the 10V Soyabella over stretches its capability and goes beyond soy milk.

You can easily turn it from being a soy milk machine to a coffee grinder. Well, perhaps you are wondering how you are going to achieve that!  It is pretty simple, you just use the included accessories and the rest of the story is a snap.

Additionally, the heating elements are well concealed to guarantee safe operation and make clean up a breeze. Controlled heating cycles ensure you get the perfect batch of milk.  I personally recommend this model, it is worth the price.

Best for Functionality and Large Capacity: Idavee Brand – PrestoPure IAE15

Best For Functionality and Large Capacity: Idavee Brand - PrestoPure IAE15


Key Features

  • Filter-less design for easy cleanup
  • High capacity
  • Highly versatile
  • Features 7 functionalities in one machine
  • Dual stainless steel layer for even heating

Product Details

Featuring 7 functions in one machine and one of the largest capacity, the 1.9liter Presto will make milk, pureed soup, oatmeal, porridge and more within 30 minutes.  It is a machine of its own kind, one that knows how to do its work.

You no longer have to worry about taking preservatives, additives and too much sugar. Simply enjoy making yourself a great tasting batch of milk anytime.

Even though this machine is ideal for cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnut, pistachio, macadamias, and almond milk, you can extend its potential further by trying out quinoa, sunflower, sesame, hemp or even flaxseed.

It is also equipped with a dual-layer of stainless steel. Bottom heating is even, so you get the fresh soy milk that tastes just like milk. Being filter-less means cleaning the unit is easier than ever.

Overall, this is a comforting household appliance that deserves a place on your countertop. Avoiding spending several bucks on non-dairy milk and save yourself the risk of taking milk full of additives and preservatives. Better soy milk for better health!

Best for Small Family: JOYOUNG DJ06M-DS920SG Mini Automatic

Best For Small Familiy: JOYOUNG DJ06M-DS920SG Mini Automatic


Key Features

  • Features heatproof double-layer technology
  • Takes less time to make milk
  • Easy to use
  • Clean up is quick and easy
  • Programmable one-touch machine

Product Details

The JOYOUNG DJ06M-DS920SG is the way to go when you want to make the most out of a soy milk machine. It features several improvements and is loaded with robust features for user convenience and high milk yield.

You can prepare as many types of soy milk as possible. Whether multi-grain milk, paste, raw almond milk, fruit juice or almond milk, this machine will handle anything that comes along its way. You will definitely appreciate the Ultra-fine grinding function with multi-function ability which can grind soy milk, Dry/soaked beans, Grains, Rice Porridge, Juice ect.

No more worries in regard to BPA and other chemicals that may leach into your milk. It also, LED progress display shows the whole cooking steps of this mini automatic soy milk machine. The most prominent feature about the JOYOUNG DJ06M-DS920SG is that it features heat proof double layers for even cooking and optimal attainment of temperatures.

Given that this high-end model has the ETL and CETL listings, you are guaranteed safety and peace of mind when using this machine.  It has a capacity of 600ML and rated power 750W which is perfect for 1-2 person, it utilizes the one-touch automatic programming technology meaning, with a button-touch, your milk will be ready in as few as 18-25 minutes.

If you are looking for a soy milk maker that utilizes the best grinding technology for the perfect milk, look no further. Its food-grade stainless steel head and lower cover make it the ultimate choice when you want to whip the perfect batch of milk.

I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for a reliable and functional high-end soy milk making machine.

Best for Budget: Tayama DJ-15C

Tayama DJ-15C


Key Features

  • Features 4 soymilk options
  • Efficient 3D heating system
  • Button-push operation
  • Lacks filter making clean-up easy

Product Details

The Tayama soy milk maker is another incredible unit that will let you kick-start your day in style after enjoying a delicious batch of milk.  Unlike its previous models, it is equipped with advanced features for exclusive grinding and high milk yield.  It utilizes 3D heating system achieving even cooking.

One robust feature worth mentioning is the total automatic operation. This means there is no filter to interact with making clean up a snap. Struggling with a clogged filter can be a great turn-off.

There are four soy milk options – Rice/Bean paste, pureed soup, fruit/veggie drinks, and dry & soaked beans. 15L capacity is enough unless you are a soymilk fanatic or plan to use the machine for commercial purposes.

This is a great home kitchen appliance that lets you enjoy the ease of making fruit/veggie drinks and pureed soup. Unlike the traditional models, this is a one-touch unit. With the touch of a button, you enjoy fresh soy milk in as little as 20 minutes.

DJ-15C soy milk machine also comes with a cleaning pad, strainer, and a measuring cup. Additionally, there is a manual with a number of recipes to help you get started.  Want to enjoy the ease of making soy milk at home? Try this machine and feel the difference!

Best for Design: Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG

Official Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG Automatic Soy Milk Maker


Key Features

  • One-touch machine
  • Easy to clean
  • Features food-grade stainless steel construction
  • Double thickness technology results in thick sticky soy milk
  • Comes with a free bonus pack

Product Details

Designed and engineered by the Joyoung, the only authorized retailer on Amazon, this unit features several prominent features for high-end soy milk preparation.

If you are looking for an efficient model that will go beyond your expectations, going for Official Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG automatic soymilk maker is the best decision. Full food-grade stainless steel interior keeps your food free from chemicals.

More amazing is the double thickness technology that achieves thick soy milk. Additionally, the LED status indicator gives you a worry-free cooking experience.

You do not have to stare at your machine as if watching a movie. Being a high-end flagship model, this machine lets you know what is cooking under the covers. This unit requires an input voltage of 120V.

Make thick soy milk, soups, nut milk, juices and other tasty treats for your family using the Joyoung. After being done, you won’t have a hard time cleaning a whole gigantic unit in the dishwasher. Cleaning this machine is a breeze.

In addition, having the Joyoung on your countertop means getting the free bonus pack that consists of a NON-GMO Soybean sample of 0.3lb and a special discount voucher. Other incredible features include automatic preheat function, cook, and grind. At the touch of a button, you will enjoy sticky soy milk within 20 minutes.

Note: This soy milk Maker Machine is currently Out of Stock on

Best for Multifunction: JOYOUNG DJ13M-D08SG

Best Soy Milk Maker For Multifunction - JOYOUNG DJ13M-D08SG


Key Features

  • Food-grade stainless steel construction for safety
  • Ultra-fine grinding technology for more smoother milk
  • 3D heating system
  • Easy cleanup due to lack of a filter
  • Free bonus pack

Product Details

The Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG is another incredible machine that will extract as much milk as possible from the beans. It is an easy-to-clean automatic soy milk machine that will make you a cup of flavoring hot soy milk at the comfort of your home.

The interior is made of quality full food-grade stainless steel to keep your food free from any leached chemicals. You definitely don’t want to get rid of store milk and use a machine that increases cancer risks.

Fully loaded with robust features this unit will surely rock your soy milk preparation experience. It is easy to clean given that it is a filter-less model and also takes less of your cabinet space.

I personally love thicker soymilk and that is exactly what this machine delivers with its double thickness technology.  Other modern features that push the Joyoung automatic machine up the ranks include a new line of a cup design, 3D heating system, Blue LED display and the LED status indicator.

Using this machine is not only a breeze but an enjoyable experience. Smart alerts guarantee safe and reliable usage.  Additionally, a free bonus pack consisting of a special voucher and a soybean sample of 0.3lb is included. If you want to enjoy a hot delicious cup of soy milk, the Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG is an ideal choice.

Note: This soy milk Maker Machine is currently Out of Stock on

Best for Family of 2-5 Persons: Midea HCV1W

Midea HCV1W


Key Features

  • Multipurpose machine
  • Easy to use
  • Features several controls, beeps, and sensors for user convenience
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • It takes about 25-30 minutes for the cooking to be done
  • Superior performance
  • Durable
  • Quiet Operation

Product Details

The Media Automatic machine is simply the best out of the best. It features unmatched functionality and will definitely go beyond your expectations. The 5 functions in one machine are perfect for raw vegan milk, juices, Tofu, and fully cooked hot milk.

If you love making delicious porridge and baby foods, here we go! Quality stainless steel is used in the construction of the inner chambers and mixers for ultimate cooking and grinding.  Don’t bother about chemicals leaching into your food. The beautiful modern design will attract any eye, whether you are a beginner or a soy milk lover. I personally love the way this unit settles on the countertop.

Taking a glance at the unit gives you that dignified feel that can only be achieved by a 4th generation filter-less soy milk maker.  Additionally, this product features patented grinding technology, the reason high milk yield will always be the end result.

This machine will meet the needs of any family of 2-5 persons with its 1.3liter capacity. Other robust features that give this unit its superiority in regard to performance include solid-state power controls, advanced temp, and water level sensors.

The filter-less design makes cleaning pretty simple and quick. MEDIA automatic soy milk maker is also UL certified guaranteeing safety, durability, and reliability among its users. A free Tofu Box is included in the product. For unmatched functionality, this unit is highly recommendable.

Note: This soy milk Maker Machine is currently Out of Stock on

Best for Amateurs: Gourmet BT2018

Gourmet BT2018 - Best Soy Milk Maker for Amateurs



Key Features

  • Features self-cleaning mechanism
  • Button-touch operation
  • Easy to use
  • Can make soymilk and juice
  • Takes as little as 15 minutes to make soy milk

Product Details

The Gourmet Automatic soy milk making machine is another efficient model. One prominent capability of this machine is that you can use it to make homemade soy milk and as well extract juice from vegetables.

With all parts made of stainless steel, your health is not put at risk. It is easy to use. More amazing is the fact that you do not have to clean this unit. It is integrated with the “Self-cleaning” mechanism.

Designed with a capacity of 1.3-1.5 liters, it is an ideal model for those with a small-sized family of 3-4. To enjoy your hot soy milk, you simply use the preset cooking programs and make homemade soy milk, rice congee, rice porridge, pasta, soup or kick-start the day in style with some vegetable juice.

It takes as little as 15 minutes to prepare a quick-serve. Additionally, it features a button-push operation.

Looking for a reliable soy milk machine that whips the perfect batch of milk and, thereafter, cleans itself? Well, I wouldn’t recommend anything better than the Gourmet Automatic soy milk maker.

Note: This soy milk Maker Machine is currently Out of Stock on

Buyer Guide: How to Choose The Best Soy Milk Maker for Housewives

Apart from the price and perhaps the model, there are other factors that one may consider before buying a soya milk machine.  The plain reality is that getting a quality soy milk making machine isn’t a straightforward process as many may think, it requires carefulness and user discretion.  Here are some of the top factors you want to check before cashing anything over the counter:

Actual Capacity

This simply refers to the amount of soy milk that a machine is capable of producing. It is a very important consideration given that some people may only remember they own a soy milk machine during the weekend while to others, it is their daily business.

If you intend to buy a soy milk maker that will serve one or two persons, it is advisable to go for a smaller capacity unit.  On the other hand, your family is the size of a baseball team and soy milk is always their thing.  If it is so, go for a higher capacity model. You very well know that running out of soy milk could result in a quarrel or rather a misunderstanding.

Material Used

Depending on your health-conscious level, this may not be a big deal as such. However, machines whose interior is made of plastic poses a risk of leaching harmful substances such as Bisphenol-A into your food.

Commonly known as BPA, this chemical has been known to cause inflammation among other health complications such as cancer, fertility issues, asthma, etc. If you are ready to break the banks where the need may arise, you are safer with units whose interior features food-grade stainless steel lining.

Filter-models Vs Filter less-models

This will basically narrow down to your personal preference. Basically, a filter model comes equipped with a filtering mechanism. You do not have to strain milk out of the soybean pulp, the machine handles the work for you.

The major downside of these models is that they are a thorn in the flesh when it is time to clean up the mess. On the other hand, filterless models are a breeze to clean but leaves you with the work of straining soy milk out of the beans.  Simply weight between the two options and choose what best suits you.


In the process of making soy milk, the machine grinds dry beans. Therefore, some noise is obviously expected. However, depending on the building techniques used, some machines can be turn out to be a hell of a noise. Taking a nap, watching the news or doing any other tasks that require silence may be impossible when such machines are running.

Though this may not seem to be a big deal, you may consider it before buying a machine. Definitely, some soy milk machine models feature a quiet operation than others. With a quiet machine on your countertop, you can always prepare milk in the morning and not wake your kids.

Time Taken

Some machines will take longer to produce soy milk while others are very quick. This will depend on your personal preference and level of usage. It can be very boring waiting for more than 30 minutes when you intend to prepare several liters.  A quicker machine would definitely save you the hassle.

Other Factors

Some of the other factors that you want to look for in a soy milk machine include:

  • Design of the machine
  • Warranty offered
  • Easy of cleaning
  • Price
  • Operational versatility

Frequently Asked Questions

We have found the following questions asked by people when they are searching for best soy milk maker machine. Check out the following F.A.Qs:

What are the best soy milk maker brand?

In our research, we have found the following soy milk maker brand are the best:

  • SoyaJoy
  • Tribest
  • Joyoung
  • Idavee
  • Tayama
  • Gourmet
  • Simple Living Products

How long does it take to make a cup of soy milk?

This will depend on the grinding, heating and cooking speed of the machine. Some machines can be incredibly fast or too slow. On average most machines take between 15-30 minutes.

Why is it advisable to own a soy milk maker rather than buy non-dairy milk from the store?

A soymilk allows you to decide what goes into your cup. You have full control over the ingredients, level of sugar, and even the final flavors. You also avoid the intake of unhealthy additives, preservatives, sweeteners and high levels of sugar.

Apart from making soy milk, what else can one prepare using a soy milk maker?

You can use the machine to extract milk from various nuts (nut milk), rice, grains, and other dry foods. On the other hand, you can comfortably make hot delicious porridge and rice paste.

It’s been over 20 minutes and my machine still indicates that cooking is ongoing. What could be the problem?

Answer: The time taken to cook milk till it is ready depends on the cooking temperatures. The lesser time it takes to reach higher cooking temperatures, the sooner your soymilk or porridge gets ready.

Should I always soak my beans? Is it a must?

It is not a must to soak your beans. However, soaked beans release more nutrients and help break down the Soy Trypsin Inhibitor Activity.

Is it okay to wash my soymilk maker in the dishwasher?

As long as the parts that come into contact with water are dishwasher safe, you can go ahead. However, note that the head is not dishwasher safe.

Final Verdict

A soy milk maker is a handy easy-to-use machine that brings convenience and healthy living right into your home. Health-conscious individuals pretty understand the health risks associated with preservatives, additives, and sweeteners.

This is why having a safe and reliable soy milk maker makes a whole big difference. You can control the ingredients, flavors and sugar level of your soy milk on your own.  It also, using soy milk maker you can prepare pastes and porridge.

However, with so many soy milk machines out there in the market, getting the best machine isn’t a straightforward process.  To help you make the best value for your bucks, we highly recommend the above models. They are reliable, durable, and safe for healthy soy milk.

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