Best Vacuum Sealer Bags – Reviews and Guides (Updated 2021)

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Vacuum sealershelp to remove air from a package of foods to preserve its freshness. You can buy food in bulk, seal it with a vacuum sealer and preserve to avoid waste.

The best vacuum sealers limit bacterial and reduce oxygen that would otherwise cause fruits, vegetables, liquids and meat to spoil.

Ideally, sealing food protects against freezer burn and dehydration. Also, it saves on storage space since it minimizes the size of packaging. Further, you can use a vacuum sealer bag to marinate meat or even combine food items for ready-made meals.

Top 6 Best Vacuum Sealer Bags 2021

Best Vacuum Sealer Bags

2 Large 8″ x 50′ Vacuum Saver Rolls Commercial Grade Food Sealer Bags

Key Features

  • Can be used with brand clamp style vacuum sealers
  • Vacuum sealing locks in flavor, nutritional value, and freshness to extend food storage time
  • BPA free and FDA approved
  • Can be microwaved and boiled
  • Commercial grade material

The Vacuum Sealer Rolls Bags are versatile and can be used for preserving a variety of foods. They are a commercial grade and can work with all clamp-type vacuum sealer machines. This vacuum bag includes 2 large rolls measuring 8 inches by 50 inches.

When you choose this Commercial Grade Food Sealer Bags, you will have 100 feet of bag material allowing you to create the custom-sized bag and eliminate waste. This vacuum sealer bag seals perfectly locking in freshness, nutritional value and flavor while extending food preservation time.

It allows you to store food in bulk which saves you money and also prevents food spoilage. This vacuum bag features a heavy-duty design that allows you to boil or microwave them to reheat your food before serving. thus, you can improve the quality of your food improving healthy living. It is FDA approved and BPA free thus safe for the storage of a variety of food without transferring harmful chemicals to your food.


  • It helps to improve food quality since the food can be microwaved and boiled
  • Is large enough allowing you to make custom-sized bags
  • Is highly affordable
  • Works with all clamp style vacuum sealers


  • They are not very thick as compared to other vacuum sealer bags




Weston 30-0101-W 8 inches by 12 inches Vacuum-Sealer Food Bags

Key Features

  • Performance and quality-driven products for your home
  • Tested for health and safety
  • 100 vacuum sealer bags keep food items fresh up to five times longer
  • Made of 2-ply, 3-mil nylon
  • For use with an external clamp vacuum sealer and Weston-brand sealers
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Measures 8 inches by 12 inches

The Weston 30-0101-W is perfect for sealing valuable and perishable foods to guard them in storage. The sealer bags weigh 8 inches by 12 inches and the total vacuum roll measures 100 feet count. It’s designed to ensure performance and quality for your home foods. They have been highly tested for health and safety so your food will be safe.

The 100 vacuum food sealer bags keep your food fresh up to five times longer than ordinary sealer bags. You can use them to store food in bulk, hence, save on regular expenditure. This vacuum sealer bag is made of 2-ply, 3-mil nylon and a layer of polyethylene mesh making it sturdy.

The sturdy nature prevents the sealer bag from scratches when used to store dry food. It’s perfect for use with external-clamp sealer and Weston-brand sealers. You  can use this sealer bag in the microwave and freezer; you can thaw it by boiling it in water.


  • It offers health and safe living
  • Keeps food fresh five times longer
  • It is freezer and microwave safe
  • It’s strong to prevent scratches


  • It’s not ideal for storing some liquid foods




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FoodSaver 11 inches Roll, 3pk

Key Features

  • 11 inches by 16 inches rolls
  • The multi-ply material design prevents freezer burn
  • Specifically designed channels hinder moisture and oxygen to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Microwave and simmer safe

The FoodSaver 11 inches Roll, 3pk has the same great features as food saver bags. The rolls measure 11 inches by 16 inches and allow you to make custom-sized bags to suit your needs. If you require large bags for storing raw meat or a small bag for preserving cheese, just roll the bag to make the right size. You can keep both rolls and bags handy for excellent packaging convenience and flexibility.

You can easily seal food saver bags by any FoodSaver vacuum sealer. These roll bags feature a multi-ply design that prevents freezer burn and tear. You can use it to store foods that require low-temperature storage. It’s very effective in food storage.

The channels are specially designed to block moisture and oxygen to reduce air removal. Also, this feature allows it to help the vacuum sealer bag to retain freshness, nutritional value, and taste of food. This food saver roller is BPA free for healthy living. Also, it’s microwave and simmer safe.


  • It allows you to make custom-sized bags
  • It has a multi-ply design that helps prevent freezer burn
  • It’s specifically designed to block moisture and oxygen
  • It helps you improve the quality of food since its microwave and simmer safe


  • They are a bit expensive in comparison to other brands




Vac-Fresh Rolls Embossed 4-mil Vacuum Sealer Bags

Key Features

  • Quantity 2 Vac-Fresh Roll
  • 4-mil heavy-duty vacuum bags
  • Protect food from freezer burn, odor and freezer burn
  • Dishwasher safe and ideal for boiling, freezing and microwaving
  • FDA and BPA safe

The Vac-Fresh Rolls Embossed sealer bags come in 2 rolls measuring 11 inches by 50 feet. They are universal vacuum sealer bags that can be used to store a variety of foods. You can roll the bag to suit your right size according to your storage needs. It features a 4-mil heavy-duty design that makes the bags ready for all food types.

This vacuum sealer features cross venting channels on both sides to maximize air extraction. With this vacuum sealer bag, you will protect your food against spoilage, freezer burn, and odor. Also, you can use this vacuum sealer to prevent your jewelry and silver from tarnishing.

The vacuum seal bags are very safe for food packaging applications.  You will also enjoy microwaving, boiling and freezing your food in this seal bags. Cleaning them will not be much hassle since they are dishwasher safe. The Vac Fresh Rolls bags are made from FDA and BPA free materials.


  • Universal vacuum sealer bags
  • Feature cross venting channels for maximum air extraction
  • Can be used to prevent jewelry and silver from tarnishing
  • FDA and BPA safe


  • They are not very thick as compared to Weston




Seal-A-Meal 11 Inches by 9 Foot Rolls, 2pk

Key Features

  • Two 11 inches by 9 footbag rolls
  • For use with Seal A Meal vacuum food sealer
  • Keeps frozen and refrigerated food fresh longer
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic

The Seal-A-Meal roll helps you to save money, time by keeping your food fresher for longer. The 2 rolls measure 11 inches by 9 foot. The rolls measure about 3 inches by 3 inches by 11 inches. They are compatible with Rival Seal A Meal vacuum food sealer. These bags offer an airtight seal to maintain meats, vegetables or cheese fresher longer.

The bags are designed from a heavy-duty plastic material that delays mold and spoilage in the refrigerator and also prevents freezer burn from destroying stored foods. These bags are designed for your convenience; they allow you to boil safely food on the stove or cook food in a microwave while still in the vacuum seal bag.  On the online store, these roll bags rate 4.3 out of five stars with over 560 customer reviews.


  • Helps to prevent freezer burn
  • Safe to boil or microwave food in the bag
  • Designed with heavy-duty plastic
  • Helps you save time and money


  • They may be difficult to cut




FoodVacBags 100 Quart Size 8 inches by 12 inches Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags

Key Features

  • FoodVacBag can be used with any clamp style vacuum sealer.
  • Heavy-duty bags featuring air-removal channels for maximum freshness
  • BPA free and FDA approved
  • Great for storing food and other collectibles

The FoodVacBags 100 Quart is of very high quality and very affordable. It helps you save money by preserving food. These vacuum sealer bags keeps your food fresh while preventing freezer burn. You can use these vacuum sealer bags with any vacuum sealer machine-like food saver, seal-a-machine and Weston and more. The bags are FDA approved and BPA free for safe food storage.

It can be microwaved, cleaned and re-used and is dishwasher safe. These heavy-duty bags feature embossed air-removal channels to offer maximum freshness.  These vacuum seal bags help to keep the flavor, freshness and nutritional value. They are great for food storage and other collectibles silver, valuable documents, and electronics.


  • It can be used with any clamp style vacuum sealer
  • Offer maximum freshness
  • Can be used for food storing and also other collectibles
  • They are re-usable, thus, a great way to save money


  • These vacuum sealer bags open on the 8 inches side that may not suit large storage requirements




Buying Guide

There are different vacuum sealer bags available on the market today. First, you should choose a vacuum sealer bag that suits your needs. You may be guided by the amount of food you want to store, type of food and other factors such as microwave. The main factors that you want to consider include material, size, effectiveness, health and safe.


There are different materials used to make vacuum sealer bags. Some credible materials include nylon and polyethylene. The material determines if you can place the sealer bag in the microwave or freezer. Generally, heavy-duty materials are great since they offer more airtight conditions and are microwave and freezer safe. 


The size determines the volume of food you can store. Some common sizes include 8 inches by 12 inches and 11 inches by 16 inches. A large vacuum sealer bag is perfect since it allows you to seal more food and thus, save on waste. The size should also be great to save on space in the fridge or countertop.


Different vacuum sealer bags have varying levels of effectiveness. Most sealer bags offer airtight conditions to enhance food preservation. Highly effective vacuum sealer bags are moisture free, airtight and prevent bacteria from entering into the stored food. You should consider a high effective sealer bag to help prevent food spoilage.

Health and Safe

Most vacuum sealer bags are BPA free, and FDA approved making them safe and healthy for home use. They have the ability to preserve nutritional value and taste of food to enhance healthy living.

Ensure to check the safety of a particular vacuum sealer bag before settling on it. Vacuum food sealer bags are a perfect way to keep raw vegetables, fruits and raw meat fresher for longer, extending the enjoyment of the food. Using a vacuum sealer helps you to save money while preventing food damage.

I did extensive research to come up with the six vacuum sealer bags in this review, bet getting the right sealer bag is not as simple as some of us perceive and tested the ability of the FoodSaver 11 inches Roll, 3pk with raw meat and vegetables and it was great.

The other five vacuum sealer bags in this review are also great in preserving food, they are affordable, safe and microwave safe. Also, these vacuum sealer bags are very popular in the market.


Final Verdict

If you desire to save money, you should choose a vacuum sealer bag to preserve your food.  Also, you should save on the sealer bag. If freshness and versatility is your dream, you can choose one of the vacuum sealer bags in this review to preserve your food.

This sealer bags are affordable and offer quality food storage. They allow you to microwave, freeze and boil your food while still in the bag. Also, they are simple to clean since they are dishwasher safe. 

These six bags are the best vacuum sealer bags available on the market today. You can use them with a variety of vacuum sealer machines. Also, you can use some like the FoodVacBags 100 Quart to store jewelry and silver.

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