Philips HD9230/26 Digital Air Fryer Review

Philips HD9230/26 Digital Air Fryer Review

Philips hd9230/26 digital air fryer
  • Price 9.0
  • Design 8.2
  • Quality 8.1
  • Performence 8.6
  • Longevity9.0

With the Philips hd9230/26 digital air fryer, you are just some minutes away from enjoying healthier meals. 

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8.6Overall Score
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Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 03:55 am

There are many methods of frying foods, but none surpasses air frying.

If you want to start air frying your foods, you can consider the Philips hd9230/26 digital air fryer as one of the most preferred machines.

This air fryer uses less oil, is fast and lets cook virtually all foods with much ease.

Unlike some other models, this unit delivers what it promises. Gordon Ramsay has endorsed it as the best air fryer for home use.

You can be sure Ramsay endorsed it since it delivers quality results in all foods.

When you choose this model, you will get exclusive access to Gordon Ramsay designed recipes.

These recipes will get you started and improve your cooking immediately.

To get access to all these features, you will have to pay more.

It’s expensive, but you will be paying for healthier cooking and quality design.


Features of Philips HD9230/26 Digital Air Fryer


Healthy cooking alternative

One of the selling points of this fryer is the “air is the new oil.”

When you see this phrase, you will start wondering what the unit can offer.

It’s designed to offer a healthier cooking solution whereby you will use less fat.

This Philips Fryer has been designed to use up to 75% less oil. Since it uses less oil, most of the frying will involve air.

This aspect is an assurance that you will use less oil and also consume less oil in your foods.

If you want a healthy diet to help you keep fit, this model is a good choice.


Cook faster

When you are in a hurry, you require a fast cooking solution.

Whether you want to bake, grill, fry or roast your food fast, this unit will serve your needs.

It offers a fast cooking alternative to oven and other conventional methods.

You will appreciate that it eliminates the waiting time. Once the system is set, place your food in the cooking chamber for fast cooking.

It reduces the time of heating pre-packaged foods by nearly half.

You can also start enjoying your French fries in less than 25 minutes.

If your oven is becoming too slow, you might want to consider this air fryer.


Produces Quality results in every food

This air fryer boast of producing quality results in virtually all foods that you cook at home.

Foods come with a lightly crunchy exterior that you can’t achieve with an oven.

The interior of your foods will be tastier and have the right texture, just the way you like it.

Even when you use this unit for shrimp, it will still deliver your desirable results.

Grab the Philips hd9230/26 digital air fryer and enjoy more delicious foods without paying more.


Fast clean-up

Some air fryers are simple to use, deliver good results for different foods but are a pain to clean.

This cooking machine is fast to clean.

You will not have a hard time after frying your foods. The pan is dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.

You can wipe the exterior of this fryer with a damp cloth or towel.

After cleaning, the exterior will be looking as good as new.

It’s advisable to clean the pan (cooking chamber) after every use to ensure the taste of your foods is consistent.


Things to consider

  • When deciding to select this air fryer, you should consider your budget
  • You can also decide whether you want a new or refurbished air fryer
  • Although the colors are a minor consideration, you can choose white or black
  • The amount of fat your want use – this model uses 75% less, there are other models that use 70% less



  • Allows you to cook with 75% less oil
  • Offers a quick frying alternative
  • Cooks food evenly for quality results
  • Comes with Gordon Ramsay designed recipes



  • It’s pretty expensive and not ideal if you have a tight budget
  • Plastic material might break limiting its durability


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use this item to fry chicken or catfish? Should I use flour coating?

Yes, you can use it for chicken or catfish, and it will come out perfectly. You don’t have to use flour.


How long is the cord of this unit?

It measures about 28 inches long from the items to the base of the plug. Storage of the cord isn’t a pain.


Can I use this fryer for vegetables with batter mixer?

No, you cannot fry wet batter. This fryer is best for foods like chicken filets, breaded fish, and such foods.


Is this appliance worth the price?

Yes, it’s worth the price especially that it reduces fat use by 75%.


Final Verdict  

Philips hd9230/26 digital air fryer gives you the ability to cook with less fat and still get good results.

You will instantly improve the diet of your family especially if you have a small family.

It’s meant to serve 1- 3 persons. If you aren’t sure what to start cooking with this appliance, don’t worry.

It comes with Gordon Ramsay designed recipes to guide your cooking.

After using these recipes for some time, you can even design your own.

This fryer is a great purchase, and it’s worth the price.

It doesn’t boast of the ability to use less fat only.

It’s also fast, lightweight has a unique starfish design, and is durable.




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