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My Top 10 Selctions of Best Food Storage Containers (Updated 2021)

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2021 at 06:44 am

Food storage containers are ideal for preserving, transporting and storing food items. The best food containers can be used both at home and commercially. They come in different colors, materials and sizes such as square, rectangular or round shapes.

Containers may be exposed to treatments like refrigeration or placed in a microwave to ensure your food stays fresh.

Most food containers are stylish and ergonomic since they can be washed in a dishwasher to ensure high hygiene standards. If you choose the best food storage container, you will find it easy to seal and remove the seal.


Top 10  Best Food Storage Containers


Pyrex Simply Store 10 Piece Glass Food Storage Set


Pyrex Simply Store 10 Piece Glass Food Storage Set

The Pyrex 10-piece food storage set offers you the best way to transport foods for picnics and lunches.

These food containers are perfect for storing leftovers for reheating.

The set includes one 3-cup rectangular, one 6-cup rectangular, one 4-cup rectangular and two 2-cup rounds storing pieces.

Note that all the storing pieces are glass and come with plastic covers to improve the safety of your food.

For more food security, the Pyrex feature seal-tight plastic lids.

These durable food storage containers allow stacking for effective space utilization.

The Pyrex 10 piece glass containers are designed from a non-porous glass material that doesn’t stain, warp or absorb odors.

These beautiful food storage containers can be used in the oven or microwave for reheating.

Also, they can be used in the freezer or refrigerator to ensure the stored food remains as fresh as possible.

These versatile food containers are top-rack dishwasher safe so you won’t have much hassle when cleaning them after removing the stored food.

The lids are BPA-free and hence very safe to store a variety of food materials.

The set comes with a pamphlet with use and safety instructions. Above all, you will enjoy the 2-year warranty when you choose these food storage containers.


Key Features

  • Made of non-porous glass material that won’t stain, warp or absorb odors
  • Glass is preheated in oven, microwave, freezer, and fridge
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • 2-year warranty


  • The set is stain free and doesn’t absorb odors
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Microwave, oven, freezer, and fridge safe
  • The set includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The lids stretch and wrap over time


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Snapware 20 Pieces Tempered Glasslock Storage Containers


Snapware 20 Pieces Tempered Glasslock Storage Containers

The Snapware 20-piece storage containers are ideal for storing and serving various foods.

These food containers are clear so you will easily see the status of the stored food.

They are made of a stainproof glass, thus, they aren’t stained by food spices, coloring, and other additives.

They are designed to remain as clear as new always.

The Snapware 20-piece storage containers feature a space-saving nesting design so you can fit them in the cupboard without displacing other items.

This storage container set comes with 100 percent leakproof and airtight lids so your food will be free from microorganisms that cause food spoilage.

Also, if you store soup or liquid food, it won’t spill during transportation and storage.

You will appreciate these food storage containers since they are freezer and microwave safe to keep your food fresh.

They are shatter-resistant stain-proof and tempered, thus, good for everyday use.

Also, they don’t absorb odors f different foods, so they retain food in its original state. These containers feature four-latch polypropylene lid making them easy to open and close.


Key Feature

  • 100% leakproof and airtight lid
  • Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe
  • Shatter-resistant, stain-proof and tempered
  • Won’t absorb stains and odors
  • Easy to open and close


  • Leakproof lids prevent soup from spilling
  • They are stain-proof
  • Dishwasher washable, hence easy to clean
  • They are 100% airtight


  • The containers may be small for people who require large storage option


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Rubbermaid Premier 28 Pieces Food Storage Set


The Rubbermaid premier 28 pieces are perfect for everyday food storage.

The lids are easy to seal, simply flex and seal the lids lock to keep your food fresh.

You will appreciate the ease of removing the lids. Also, the containers are easy to clean, so you will store food in clean conditions.

They are long-lasting so you will enjoy extended use.

The shatterproof plastic bases are stain-resistant and they don’t absorb odors for a lifetime; they retain their brand new state regardless of the food that you store.

The 28-piece food storage container set is simple to store.

The lids simply snap to the bottom of the container to occupy a small space in your cupboard and fridge.

You will be able to place the containers in an oven or microwave to heat your food before serving.

Also, you can place these food storage containers in the fridge or freezer to retain the fresh nature of your food.

They are dishwasher safe making them safe to store your food.


Key Features

  • Easy to seal and remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable, stain-resistant and shatter-proof
  • Lids snap to the bottom of the container for space-saving
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe


  • They offer a safe and clean means to store food
  • They occupy a small space since the lids snap at the bottom of the containers
  • Your food stays fresh since the containers can be placed in the freezer
  • Easy to seal and remove lids make them ergonomic


  • The lids may break if not well maintained


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Glasslock 18 Pieces Assorted Oven Safe Container Set


The Glasslock 18-piece storage containers offer a flexible way to store and transport your food.

The 18-piece set includes 9 lids and 9 containers of different sizes.

They give you the option to choose the container of your choice when storing your food.

You will be able to enhance the quality of your food by placing the containers in the microwave or freezer.

The containers feature nested design making them stackable for space-saving.

They will fit in your cupboard, freezer, oven, and in other storing mediums easily.

The lids are leak-proof and airtight to make your food safe from food-spoiling microorganisms.

Also, liquid foods won’t leak when stored since the lids are leak-proof. They are clear and transparent making them convenient to identify the content. They also look great in your kitchen.

The Glasslock 18-piece storage containers are made of silica, limestone, silica and other natural components.

Hence, it’s BPA free and recyclable. Thus, the containers don’t contain harmful environmental hormones.

These best food storage containers have been approved by the FDA and recognized as safe for use in the food industry.


Key Features

  • Containers are oven, microwave, freezer, refrigerator and dishwasher safe
  • Airtight and leak-proof
  • BPA free and recyclable
  • Various sizes to meet your storage requirements


  • They feature a nested design for stackability
  • They are designed from natural materials hence recyclable
  • Different sizes to meet your food storage needs
  • The airtight design prevents microorganism from entering your food


  • The containers are delicate since they are made of glass


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Reditainer Deli Food Storage Container With Lid


The Reditainer deli containers are designed to suit different storage needs.

The package includes 40 containers of 8 ounces. Most importantly, these affordable containers are designed for soup storage.

They feature tight-sealing lids that prevent your food from getting cold or losing its flavor.

The Reditainer deli food containers are clear allowing you to see the contents and also the food status.

They feature heavy-gauge polypropylene plastic design making then durable. However, the containers are cup size and ideal for storing small amounts of food.

They are dishwasher safe and thus, reusable. They can be heated in the oven or microwave to heat the food contents.

The deli takeout container features commercial restaurant quality and is ideal for use in commercial and home kitchens. They are retainer brand quality.

These food storage containers stack together when loading with food and when empty so they occupy a small space.


Key Features

  • Package of 40 containers with tight sealing lids
  • Capacity 8 ounces for soup storage
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe, reusable
  • Commercial restaurant quality
  • Retainer brand quality
  • They are clear to expose the contents
  • Commercial restaurant quality
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable
  • Stack together for convenient storage


  • They are only meant for soup storage


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Chefland 3 Compartments Microwave Safe Food Container


The Chefland 3-compartment comes in a pack of 10 to suit various storage needs.

These food containers can fit into a cooler to keep your food fresh within the storage period.

The 3-compartment design is convenient to pack your food for lunch, picnic and other purposes.

The portions are of great sizes; one tray can hold 3 bananas, 2 apples and a handful of grapes.

Another tray can hold a generously sized salad with seeds and dressing or other food portions.

They are leak-proof, so your food is safe when propped vertically inside. When you retrieve it, it is simple to remove the front lid.

Also, the lids raise up allowing you an over-extra scoop on top of your stored food.

These food containers hold nicely in the dishwasher for simple cleaning. They help to keep hot items hot and cold items cold.

The containers are oven and microwave safe and can withstand high temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The total capacity is 8 ounces, 8 ounces, and 16 ounces. They are BPA free and thus, very safe to be used for food storage and transportation.


Key Features

  • 10 pieces rectangular container featuring a clear lid
  • Lids seal tightly to maintain products fresh
  • BPA free and safe
  • Microwave safe and can resist temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Help keep hot food hot and cold food cold
  • Have 3 compartments to hold a generous amount of food
  • Clear lid allows easy inspection of the food
  • Easy to clean for healthy food


  • They may not be fully leak-proof


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Stainless Steel Food Storage Container Set


This set of 5 stainless steel containers is an impressive addition to your kitchen.

These bowls are designed from long-lasting steel and are perfect for mixing sauces and batters, salads, dough and much more.

The 2 packs of 5 pieces of stainless bowls or food containers come with lids.

The entire pack makes a total of 10 containers.

Each bowl has an incredible stick-resistant reflective inner surface that helps to keep hot food hot and cold food cold; this feature also makes the bowls easy to clean.

The lightly brushed exterior gives the bowls non-slip grip ability.

There are five different sizes included. These sizes vary from 4 inches to 7.1 inches so you can choose the right bowl for the job.

The small-sized food containers are perfect for storing soup or liquid foods while the large bowls can be used to store solid and other “heavy” foods.

These versatile stainless steel food storage bowls can be used for serving. Also, they can be placed in the fridge to preserve food.


Key Features

  • 2 packs of 5 pieces
  • Total 10 food containers with lids
  • There are 5 various sizes included varying from 4 inches to 7.1 inches
  • The Each bowl has a stick-resistant reflective inner surface, a lightly brushed exterior allowing the better non-slip grip


  • Can be used as serving bowls and refrigeration storage containers
  • Various sizes offer you the choice to select the perfect food container
  • Features tight lids to keep your food safe
  • Offer better non-slip grip


  • They can’t be used to carry food for lunch and picnic


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Komax Biokips Food Storage Containers


The Komax biokips food containers are clear and hold kitchen staples such as sugar, flour, nuts, snack, fruits, cereal, vegetables and more in the fridge and pantry or on the counter.

They are designed to meet all your baby food storage needs.

You will enjoy the freezer and dishwasher safe ability that makes it easy to store your food.

The Biokips storage containers have incredible lids that are 100% leak and airtight to keep your food fresh.

They also feature a stackable design to help you organize your fridge and pantry.

Don’t worry about chemicals getting into your food since they are 100% BPA free.

They are sturdy and offer a long-lasting food storage solution.

The Biokips is excellently designed for storing liquids and food as well as other items around the house, workshop or office.

You can also use these containers for storing leftovers so you will save money.


Key Features

  • 100% leak proof. Made of BPA-free plastic
  • 4-side locking system
  • Passed hygiene and safe test in the U.S
  • The container can hold a variety of items such as food, sugar, and coffee


  • Offers hygiene and food safety
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Offer leakproof and airtight conditions
  • They are BPA free


  • The containers are somehow smaller, but they are sturdy.


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Popit Little-Big Box Food Plastic Container set

The Popit is a new model of high-quality airtight food storage containers designed to suit your needs.

It is ideal for storing liquids and foods as well as other items in the house.

The leak-proof nature of these containers prevents liquids from spilling.

The freshness of your delicate items such as vegetables or fruits will be greatly enhanced when stored inside this container.

This container set offers a great way to save since you won’t throw leftovers as you used to do.

If you are into geocaching, you can trust the Popit to protect them from elements such as dust or rain.

These containers are 100% BPA safe making them safe for storing food and other stuff.


Key Features

  • Premium quality plastic storage containers
  • BPA free for food safety
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe
  • 100% leak proof
  • Sturdy design


  • They are durable since they feature a sturdy design
  • They keep the fresh nature of your vegetables and fruits
  • Come in various sizes to meet storage needs
  • Help you save since you will be able to store leftovers


  • They may not entirely be microwave safe

Note: This item is currently unavailable on Amazon! You can check back later.

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Anchor Hocking 10 pieces trueseal storage set


The Anchor hocking 10-piece allows you to store and reheat your leftovers, prepped food, salads and other ingredients.

The Trueseal glass food storage container keeps your food fresh since they have a leak-preventing lid for convenient storage and transportation.

The Anchor true seal was featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine in 2009, as the only product with a high score for airtightness in food storage.

The 10 pieces are rounded and thus, offer vast food storage space. The glass lid allows you to inspect the stored food.

It’s a perfect solution to keep bacteria from getting into your food. These glass containers are dishwasher safe. The lid is BPA free, hence, it offers a safe food storage option.


Key Features

  • 10 pieces of round glass storage containers
  • The airtight lid prevents bacteria from entering into your food
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA-free lids
  • Tempered glass for premium durability resists temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Offers quality airtight food storage
  • Has a glass lid for easy food inspection
  • BPA free, hence, safe for food storage
  • Resist high temperatures of up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The lids are not oven safe


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How To Choose A Food Storage Container

3pcs/set Food Storage Container Food Storage Set

Before choosing a particular food storage container, ensure that it can meet your needs. Your choice should be based on the following factors.



Some common storage food containers include; clear (polycarbonate) such containers withstand temperatures of about -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, thus, they are ideal for use with cold food in freezers and refrigeration.

Translucent (polypropylene) containers are Bisphenol-A free and offer an economical food storage options.

These containers resist temperatures of -40 up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

White (polyethylene) food containers are very affordable and ideal for use in temperatures ranging from -40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.



The most common shapes are square and round, with each shape having its benefits and limitations.

Round food containers enhance proper air circulation within the container and quick cooling times.

On the other hand, square food containers maximize storage space.

Also, square storage containers hold more food in a small area, while round containers minimize food waste.



After deciding the shape of your food storage container, it’s time to choose the right size.

There are numerous sizes of food storage containers. Some sizes include 2C and 3C; others range from 1Qt to 22Qt.

The size of your food storage container depends on the food you want to pack or store. Some items include dry ingredients, wet ingredients, sauces, fresh produce, pickles, soups or jams.


Special Features

These include; lids that ensure your food stays in a fresh state until its ready to use.

Measurements/graduations ensure appropriate quantities for those who are in business.

Stackability ensures space-saving when the food containers are in use and when not in use.

If you want to store food for transportation or future use, you need to purchase some food containers.

Also, you need food storage containers to keep your food fresh and safe from bacteria and other food-spoiling microorganisms.

I choose the food storage because they are stylish, easy to seal and to remove the seal, easy to clean and store.

These containers nest inside each other saving on storage space.

All the food storage containers in this review are BPA-free and thus safe to use. You will find them great for various storage purposes.


Concluding Thoughts

If you get the best food storage container, it will allow you to store and transport your food safely.

Also, if you want to save on your expenditure, you can consider purchasing a food storage container that allows you to store leftovers.

The food containers featured in this review are of high-quality and allow you to freeze or reheat your food before serving.

If you want to enjoy these qualities, be free to choose one model from this review. Remember to check the material, capacity, stackability as well as the price.

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