Foodsaver fsfssl4440-000

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A great vacuum sealer allows you to keep your food fresh for long without losing its taste and nutrients. With the Foodsaver fsfssl4440-000, you can purchase food in bulk and portion it for storage or transport.

Also, you can seal leftovers, reseal foods like chips. It is designed to prevent moisture and oxygen from getting into your food. It automatically detects bag and vacuum seal it, so it offers two fast and simple steps to seal your food and save.

With the retractable handheld sealer, you don’t require any additional attachments when sealing containers, canisters and zipper bags.

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Foodsaver fsfssl4440-000


Features and Specifications

Highly Versatile

This vacuum sealer is highly versatile. You can use it with various vacuum pouches such as zipper bags, canisters and containers. Regardless of your sealing needs, this sealer will serve you.

You can use it to seal a variety of foods for preservation. Meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables are some of the foods that can be sealed with this vacuum sealer.

Also, you can use it to seal liquid foods such as soup; however, it is advisable to freeze liquids first to avoid excess overflows.

2-in-1 vacuum sealer

This unit is a two-in-one machine. It has a vacuum sealing function and retractable handheld sealer. The vacuum sealing function creates an airtight environment in bags that prevent moisture and air from getting into your food.

On the other hand, the retractable handheld sealer is ideal for vacuum sealing canisters, containers, zipper bags and more. You will also appreciate the starter kit that comes with this unit.

Quick sealing system 

It has a quick sealing system that allows you to seal more bags in a short time as compared to a manual vacuum sealer. Automatic bag detection saves you the hassle of inserting and fitting the open end of the bag in the sealer.

Automatic vacuum sealing allows quick sealing. Thus, you will seal and preserve your food in two quick and simple steps.


It is a user-friendly vacuum sealer. All the operations are automated for easy operation. You will find it simple to switch between different function. It features a drip tray that collects liquid overflows.

The tray is removable and can be cleaned manually or in the dishwasher. This unit has a black finish, thus, it doesn’t stain. Also, it is simple to clean the entire unit using a piece of cloth.

Large Unit

The Foodsaver fsfssl4440-000 is a large unit that offers exceptional sealing results. It measures 11 inches by 20 inches by 12 inches to suit most commercial kitchens. You can also use it at home for portioning bulk foods. This unit weight about 10 pounds making it a bit heavy.


  • Highly versatile
  • Automatic bag detection and sealing
  • Comes with a starter kit
  • Retractable handheld sealer enables you to seal containers, canisters and more


  • It’s huge and not suitable for home use
  • It is very expensive [/su_box]


Q. Does it include a starter kit?

Ans: Yes, it comes with bags.

Q. Can it fit 50 inches roll bag inside the storage bag?

Ans: No, 50 inches roll doesn’t fit.

Final Thoughts

Vacuum sealers offer effective food preservation as compared to traditional preservation methods. They allow you to keep food fresh for long without cases of freezer burn and damage.

The Foodsaver fsfssl4440-000 is a two-in-one vacuum sealer that allows you to preserve food effectively. It can be used with canisters, containers, zip bags and more. However, it is bulky, expensive and perfect for commercial use.


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