FoodSaver V3460 Review – Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

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Are you thinking of getting a machine to vacuum seal your food?

At the same time, are you looking to save your money?

FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealer you can save your foods for longer and marinate them with super speed. The Vacuum Sealing technology will give you advanced features at a convenient price.

This article is a review of FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealer that will guide you through features, benefits, the ups and downs of the system and other information of the product which will help you choose a best food saver vacuum sealer for yourselves.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V3460 Automatic Sealing System



Features of FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealer

In this FoodSaver V3460 Review, we have discussed the following features:


The product is designed for keeping modern days in mind. You’ll get a black exterior. There are limited buttons and LED indicators in this one. You will find a horizontal strip where all the buttons and LEDs are neatly into position.

The door to the machine is at the front section. At the top, there is a bag role and a cutter. The section where you seal those bags is further down. If you get downwards from there, you’ll find the drip tray designed to prevent the spilling of liquids. A simplistic yet very much modern design from the FoodSaver franchise.

Packages include

The machine comes with a bag roll. With this, you can cut your bags according to your food size. There is a cutter that cuts the rolls according to your food. Besides that, it can adjust to both 8 and 11 inches of bags.

The FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealer comes with a vacuum port as well that seals canisters and jars for your comfort. If you want, you can marinade your foods using FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealer too.

Operating the Machine

This is where it gets easy. The machine is very simple to operate. You can choose between three modes. First of all, you can only seal the food using the “Bag” feature. You can vacuum seal the food with the accessory feature and lastly, you can select to marinade your food to decrease the prep time for dishes.

There is “Automatic Sensing” in this machine. This will allow you to “Vacuum Seal” ONLY. So, if you want to seal your foods normally, insert the bag in a proper place and hit the sealing button quick.

A tip for you guys is to operate the machine with the door open. It quickens the sealing process. You will do great to seal up to three bags in a single go. Give the machine a break of 5 minutes in between as the sealing process takes time.

Warranty And Replacements

FoodSaver did well to cover the Vacuum sealer’s damage through warranty. The warranty is for just one year. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damage from improper use of the equipment.

Though you will find certain 3rd Party dealers giving you two or even 3 years of warranty that is not for damages due to external use. You can get the gasket and the cutters separately for purchase.


The drip tray can be removed from its slot to drain out any liquid overflow that it may have caught and then washed. This component is dishwasher safe but you could clean it by hand also.

The gasket surrounding the vacuum port too can be removed and cleaned to keep it free from debris. To extend the life of the appliance, it is advisable to clean the gasket once every three months and replace it with a new one every year.


    • Space-saving vertical design
    • Fully automatic operation with 2 vacuum speeds
    • Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
    • Convenient roll holder and bag cutter
    • Patented, removable, dishwasher-safe, drip tray
    • The dishwasher safe components mean that cleaning up manually is a thing of the past.


  • You need to purchase FoodSaver compliant sealing bags, as we found that non-branding bags can be difficult to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Vacuum hose come with it or do you have to purchase separately?

Ans: This vacuum sealer does come with the Accessory Hose included.

Q: Can this be used for sous vide?

Ans: Yes it can, the bags from Food Saver are food grade bags.

Q: How many bags come with this item?

Ans: The V3460 comes with 2-gallon size bags, 3-quart size bags, 1 FoodSaver® 11″ Roll.

Q: What is the voltage of this product? Can it work with 220v power?

Ans: 115volts

Q: What is the maximum sealing width of this product? Does it seal up to 15 inches wide?

Ans: Yes it does, I usually use the rolls and make my own bags with them.I think the ones I use are a little over 16 inches wide.


Final Thought

We can honestly say that we’ve never before come across a machine as advanced and well equipped for the budding vacuum sealer user before. All the other parts are separable as well. This is a vacuum sealer which ensures you of quality. It is a great heavy duty product.

However, you cannot seal your foods frequently with this. While this is good for sealing canisters, mason jars, deli and wine bottles. I t is advised that you seal these things infrequently to avoid any type of fatal damage to the equipment.


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