Top Ten Best Golf Cart Tires Review In Brief for 2021

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2021 at 06:41 am

Undoubtedly, golf is a fantastic outdoor sporting form.

But I can bet, you need the right accessories to master this game. Marching across the green is not always possible.

You need a golf cart and the best golf cart tires.

Is there any particular issue with the best size wheels and tires for a golf cart?

Of course, this is a vital issue to consider. Surely, you can drive any of the golf carts. But if the tires are not perfect, it may cause you to delay in the process. The best tires for golf carts run in different types of terrains.

In this post, we have reviewed ten of the best golf cart tires for your convenience.

Our Top Ten Selections


LSI Elite Four Golf Cart Tires & Rims

Key features
  • Tear-resistant
  • Durable
  • 5mm tread depth


For a consistent carrying, the LSI Elite Four Golf Cart Tires & Rims is the best choice of professional golfers. This is a tear-resistant tire and durable. The maximum capacity of these tires is around 815 pounds.

You can also have static and high motion grip and control during your ride. If you want a lifetime fun, the tires are the best.


  • Four-ply toughness
  •  Maximum carrying capacity
  • Steel wheels
  • Fits most modern carts


  • Less performing than advertised
  • May wear easily


Why we picked the product?

Most of the cases, the golf cart tires cannot hold a considerable amount of weight. But you will get the difference in this brand. Durable steels make the wheels that fit in most of the golf carts available.

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Antego Tire & Wheel’s set of 4 Golf Cart tires

Key features
  • A complete set
  • Easy assembly
  • Fits different types of carts


If you need a versatile application from your cart tires, you must select Antego Tire & Wheel’s set of 4 Golf Cart tires. This is a set of four tires and easy to assemble in your cart. They are designed to carry heavy loads.

In line with a golf cart, you can assemble them in some other utility vehicles and even lawn mowers. The tread pattern is non-directional.


  • DOT rated
  • Not damages the turf
  • Non-directional tread
  • Fits many utility vehicles


  • The price is a bit higher
  • May need to install a spacer


Why we picked the product?

Size matters most for golf cart tires. They are available in the perfect size that can fit the mainstream golf carts and other similar vehicles.

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GTX OEM Golf Cart Wheels and Golf Cart Tires Combo

Key features
  • Four white steel wheels
  • DOT approved
  • Fits mainstream carts


Fitting the cart tires in the carts is trouble. Many of the tires do not fit correctly. But this GTX OEM Golf Cart Wheels and Golf Cart Tires Combo is an exception. It fits with several types of golf carts.

At the same time, the tires are DOT approved and safe to the turf. So, you can ride your cart comfortably.


  • Easy assembly
  • Turf and pavement safe
  • Wheel mounting
  • Aired tire


  • Less durable
  • May wear out


Why we picked the product?

It’s a complete set of sturdy golf cart tires. You can assemble the tires to most of the conventional golf carts. Their overall performance is standard.

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Matte Black Wheels for Golf Cart

Key features
  • Tubeless tires
  • Directional tread
  • Attractive design


The key benefit of tubeless tires is that they do not leak. You will have a particular advantage with these Matte Black Wheels for Golf Cart tires.

On the other part, they have a directional pattern for better movement. For the unique design, the tires can run on a different surface.

Low noise is another feature of the tires. In the end, you have a pleasant riding experience all the time.


  • Woven tread
  • Suitable for all weather
  • Lower noise level
  • Durable performance


  • Not for highways
  • The tire may come out of the rim


Why we picked this product?

The critical reason for selection is that the tires perform better than ordinary tires. With solid rubber construction, you can expect a durable performance. They do not create any noise and also have a smarter look.

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Key features
  • Accurate tires
  • 10 inches
  • High performance


When you need some aggressive performance in the golf ground, you need a stable tire for the golf cart. The VAMPIRE Machined/Black GOLF CART WHEELS will offer the best performance. They are DOT approved.

For some tough performance, rely on them without a second thought. The 4-ply wheels are sturdy and run on various terrains.


  • Sturdy performance
  • Turf safe
  • 18-inches tire height
  • Fits various carts and UTVs


  • Tires may go flat
  • Assembly is a bit complex


Why we picked this product?

When you need a reliable performance from golf cart tires, have them. Alongside a golf cart, you have options to use them on your UTV or Trailer hub. They are DOT approved as well.

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ARISUN 205/50-10 Golf Cart Tires

Key features
  • Smooth riding
  • Durable performance
  • DOT approved


When you need a smooth ride on the golf ground, the ARISUN 205/50-10 Golf Cart Tires can ensure it. The tires provide consistent performance in both dry and wet terrains. They are turf safe and fits most of the conventional golf carts.

The overall outlook is smart, and they maintain a low profile. With an 18-inch diameter, this tire is great for pavement too.


  • DOT approved
  • Fits 10-inch golf cart wheels
  • Suitable for turf
  • Consistent performance


  • A bit noisy
  • No other visible cons found


Why we picked this product?

If you minus the noise, this is an excellent tire for everyday use. The tires are 18 inches in diameter and run over all types of terrains. Do not worry about the fitting, and they fit almost all kinds of golf carts.

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Vampire SS Gloss Black and Machined DOT Golf Cart Tire

Key features
  • Ready to use
  • Four valve system
  • Fits any golf cart


To have a smooth riding on the uneven parts of the golf ground, you must have Vampire SS Gloss Black and Machined DOT Golf Cart Tire. They are easy to assemble. Being a complete set, you have fewer hassles in assembly.

With the multi-spoke style, the tires enhance the outlook of the golf cart. You can select the lug nuts comfortably as they use the standard ones.


  • Easy mounting
  • Fits various types of carts
  • Standard functionality
  • Sturdy performance


  • No visible cons available


Why we picked this product?

With the best performance on different terrains, these tires have won the hearts of millions. The tires are usable at various types of golf carts. Price is also reasonable, comparing the extraordinary features.

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Golf Cart and Tractor Replacement Tire Assembly

Key features
  • Tubeless tire
  • Turf compatible
  • 4-bolt hub


When you are seeking a pneumatic tire, this Golf Cart and Tractor Replacement Tire Assembly could be the best choice.

The tubeless tire is the right one for an everyday ride in the golf ground. The tires also come with four rims – you need no additional buy.

The outside diameter of the tire is 18.5 inches. Consequently, you can assemble the tire with the most common types of golf carts.


  • Turf-friendly
  • Four holes
  • 815-pound load capacity
  • Simple assembly


  • Price is a bit higher
  • No other cons available


Why we picked the tire?

Many of the golfers need to move across the golf ground with heavy loads. Not all the golf cart tires can bear the loads. This particular tire can bear up to 815 pounds of loads. Assembly is also simple in this tire.

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EZGO 28757G01 18-Inch Golf Cart Tire

Key features
  • Saw-tooth tread
  • Runs on surfaces
  • Appealing look


Alongside the best performance, you also need additional features. With an attractive look, EZGO 28757G01 18-Inch Golf Cart Tire runs over various types of surfaces, including concrete and asphalt. The tire is 18 inches with saw-tooth tread to dominate on the ground.

If you need reliability, high standards, this is a perfect one. Customization of your golf cart with the tire is not a big deal.


  • Fits modern carts
  • Superior performance
  • Rim covering wheel
  • Performs on a hard surface


  • Assembly is complex
  • No more cons


Why we picked the product

With the saw-tooth tread, the tires can run on a wide variety of surfaces. Simultaneously, it fits on all types of contemporary golf carts. Reliability is the prime feature and it needs less maintenance as well

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Greenball Golf Cart Tire

Key features
  • Standard size
  • No lift needed
  • Mounts on an 8-inch rim


Fitting with most of the cart varieties is the most impressive feature of this tire. They are able to run through surfaces. You can mount the tire on rim right after unpacking it. Mounting is also hassle-free.

The patter is 4 X4. It allows you to enjoy the freedom of simple installation. You need no lift too.


  • Comfortable ride every time
  • Easy mounting
  • Impressive outlook
  • Suitable for various surfaces


  • Lasts less on asphalt
  • No other cons visible


Why we selected this product?

If you need a satisfying golf cart ride during your competitions, take this one. The tire is smart and runs on terrains smoothly. Also, it is easy to mount, and you need fewer hassles to replace or change the tire.

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What to look for when buying best golf cart tires

What to look for when buying best golf cart tires

Getting the right types of tires need some considerations. Yes, you will never love to change the tire of your cart in the middle of the golf competition. And it is also troublesome to move with a flat tire in the golf ground.

So, you need something unique, durable, and striking in outlook. In this party, we will discuss the ways to get the best size wheels and tires for a golf cart.

Follow the tips below.


  • Tire construction

This is the very first issue to consider. If the tires are not up to the mark, you cannot expect better performance. Experts recommend to use tires from rubber. There are several benefits of using rubber tires.

First of all, they never turn flat. You need no air pumper to inflate the tire. At the same time, they do not leak. Instead, they last for a long time. Therefore, you need to select the rubber ones than the air-filled ones.


  • Versatility

On the other part, the tires should also be versatile. They must be applied to different types of vehicles. There are some tires that you can use for the golf carts only. But there are some other tires too which you can use for your lawn mower or other smaller vehicles.

Hence, if the tires are versatile, you have several benefits. Many of the manufacturers have started producing versatile tires so that you can use them for other purposes. This is an economical way too.


  • Easy assembly

If the tire is not easy to assemble, you may not enjoy the ride. If you always need to remain worried about the assembly of your tire, you cannot focus on the competition. In fact, you lack the time on a golf ground to ponder over your golf cart. It should be tiptop all the time.

When the assembly is more accessible, your worries vanish. Focusing on the swing, striking, and analyzing the competitors become simple. Thus, you should always seek the easy assembly of the tire.


Frequently Asked Questions

Golf Cart Tires Faq

  • Who makes the best golf cart tires?

There is some golf cart tire making companies available. Among them, the most notable ones include – LSI Elite, VAMPIRE, ARISUN, GTX OEM, RHOX (Red Hawk), Duro, Kenda, Achieva, Innova, and Carlisle. They are famous brands and literally provide optimum performance.


  • What is the best 36-volt motor for golf cart with big tires and hills?

EZGO Motor is the best one so far for a golf cart. It fits in almost all the carts. And its torque is standard that adds additional speed to your cart.

At the same time, the motor is easy to install and protected with steel and copper. The diameter is 6.7 inches and thus fits everywhere.


  • Who makes the best golf cart tires?

There are several golf cart manufacturers available. Some of the most famous include Greenball, EZGO, LSI Elite, Anetgo. The tires or golf carts are special. They last for a long time. Even, you can use the tires on various surfaces.


  • What best load range for the street on golf cart tires?

Generally, a golf tire can bear the pressure of up to 25 PSI (pounds per square inch). However, the range may vary based on tire size and shape.

The minimal pressure range is 15 pounds. If the tire does not have this PSI, you need to select an alternative. In fact, you surely will unwelcome the incident of flat tire amid a competition.


  • Do the tires come with a warranty?

Yes, most of the tires come with a warranty. But some of the manufacturers do not provide the warranty. So, when you plan to purchase a tire, you should check this particular factor.


  • What is the tire size?

For the majority of the cases, professional golfers use the following tire size for their golf carts-

  1. 18 inches (L) X 8 inches (W)
  2. 20.5 inches X 8 inches
  3. 17 inches X 8 inches
  4. 18.5 inches X 8.5 inches
  5. 20.5 inches X 8.5 inches


  • Does the tire come with wheels/rims?

Well, no tires come with wheels or rims. The rims are attached to the golf carts. Assemble the tires with the wheels or rims. And the process is simple too. It takes less time, but you have to use screwdrivers and other tools.


  • Can the tires be used off the road?

Surely, you can use the tires off the road. But in that case, the tire needs to be sturdy. At the same time, the manufacturer should also announce the matter.

Without the official declaration, you cannot drive your cart on the street. In this case, you may experience wear and tear of your tires.


  • What makes a great golf cart tire?

The golf cart tire needs to have a stable performance. It should also be durable and capable of running on different terrains.


  • How long do brand new golf cart tires last?

Generally, a golf cart tire lasts for two to three years. But if you want to increase the longevity of your golf cart tire, you need to follow some precautions. At the same time, you need to check the tire quality, ply, and load capacity.


Last words

You are now aware of the best golf cart tires. We have reviewed the tires in an unbiased manner. Grab the best tires for the golf cart that suits you best.


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