Gowise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer Review

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The Gowise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer is the newest digital healthy and easy machine for frying foods. It uses rapid air circulation when frying food. You may decide whether to fry, roast or grill your dearest foods.

This digital fryer comes with a safe removable pan, making it easy to cleaning. It’s easy to use since it has a timer for up to 30 Minutes and a temperature controller that ranges from 176⁰F-392⁰F.

This feature gives it different cooking adjustments for Steak, Fish, Cake, Chips, Chicken, Shrimp, and Meat. Its safety measures include auto switch-off, Auto-standby mode and overheat protection.

This Air fryer is ETL certified and meet the specified standards of the electromagnetic appliances. Check the Gowise USA 8-in-1 electric air fryer review for more details about this machine and why it’s a great purchase.

Gowise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

Features of Gowise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

Healthy Cooking

It’s interesting and healthy to use this unit for either frying or grilling. It minimizes the use of fat by about 75% thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It’s well designed to circulate rapid hot air in the entire unit. This enables it to fry or grill the food evenly.

No matter how many varieties of foods you cook, it doesn’t lose its quality. In case the food sticks in the fan you’re allowed to use food spray. The fan gives the exact shape to your food making it delicious and enjoyable.

Programmable Features

This is a well-programmed device that controls the entire cooking process. It allows you to prepare different types of food of varying temperatures while frying or warming-up.

It also gives you different cooking times for different foods on your frying list. The food in the frying chamber cannot overcook due to its automatic switch-off and auto standby mode.

The screen gives you a clear and vivid view of the settings you have selected. This gives you the power to adjust to any settings favorable to your cooking. When the cooking is done, the fryer alerts you.

Highly Versatile

This fryer is a good choice when planning to cook different varieties of foods. It gives you different options of roasting, frying, grilling, steaming or baking your favorite foods.

It also gives you the required comfort by ensuring that you cook the desired food of your choice. No matter how many varieties of foods you cook, it does not change the flavor and aroma.

Also, the food doesn’t lose its quality. All this can be done with a teaspoonful or less of oil.

Simple Use

With this machine, you don’t need to go for a training session to use it. All that you have to do is to place your raw food in the cooking unit then set your time and temperature.

Due to its automatic features, you don’t need to stay there to control the cooking process. Once it’s done, the machine will alert you. The Cool touch Hand-Grip huddle does not overheat making you either shake or serve from the frying fan. The fryer is very easy to clean due to its removable pan and dishwasher safe feature.

Satisfied Recipes

This fryer comes with a well-designed recipe to guide you. This recipe book has different types of favorite foods you may want to cook or fry. Its guidelines are very simple and easy to follow.

Things to consider

  • The ability to use less fat while frying
  • It’s Frying time – this unit is a very fast device
  • Maintenance – its’ easy to use and wash after use.
  • Adaptability – can fry different types of foods.


  • Consumes less power
  • Used for cooking different varieties of food
  • Uniformly frying and fast
  • Fries with less fat
  • Dishwasher safe for fast cleaning
  • Cool touch Hand-Grip for safe serving
  • Adjustable settings


  • Small capacity
  • It may overheat during operation.
  • The plastic screen may be prone to crack.
  • The coating on the basket may get chipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you remove the basket for cleaning?

Simply press the top of black bottom

  • How long does it take to fry food?

It takes 10-20 minutes. And you coat frying food with a little oil.

  • Does the food stick in the pan?

Sometimes the food can stick in the pan, but you can use cooking spray.

  • How much quantity of food does it hold?

It holds a small quantity of food, but it also depends on the type of food you want to fry or warm-up.




Final Verdict

This item gives you a healthy and fast cooking solution. It also circulates hot air rapidly and uniformly throughout the unit. This heats your food evenly, so you will get a quality and delicious meal.

It gives you differently presets of baking, steaming, warming-up, roasting or grilling your food. You will enjoy using the recipes in the book which has very simple and understandable guidelines.

Most people recognize this fryer because it does not compromise the quality of the food. It’s so fast in cooking, and it also distributes heat evenly in the entire unit.

You can set the time and temperature to get the required quality and results of your favorite food with much ease. After use, simply place the pan in the dishwasher for easy, quick and safe cleaning.



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