Hamilton Beach 78213 NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer Review

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The Hamilton Beach 78213 offers you the convenience of preserving foods at home. You can use this vacuum sealer to preserve fresh foods or leftovers. Getting this machine is the first step towards saving money. You can purchase foods in bulk the seal and freeze for later use.

Some of the foods that you can vacuum seal with this system include cheese, fruits, meats, and vegetables. With a fast sealing mechanism, you will seal many bags with no time and place them in the freezer.

When planning for camping, road trips or hiking, you can also use this machine to prepare your foods. You will appreciate the versatile controls that allow you to seal all food types.

The controls also allow for custom sealing making sure you get the desired results. In this Hamilton Beach 78213 Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer Review, we shall cover all the features, pros and cons of this machine.

Hamilton Beach 78213 NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer


Features of Hamilton Beach 78213 NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer

Keeps food fresh

The ability to keep your foods fresh for long saves you money. With this vacuum sealer, you can preserve your foods for long and save money. Safely seal leftovers for later eating. If you can’t finish that bag of crisp or French fries, you can seal and enjoy later.

You can also buy fruits, vegetables and other items during harvest time, seal and enjoy later. If you follow this practice, you will save money on the long-term as this one of the best vacuum sealer for long term food storage.

Easy bag alignment

The design of this vacuum sealer allows for easy bag alignment. Simply grab the bag that you want to seal and align it for sealing effortlessly. It has an extra-wide vacuum chamber that locks air out while keeping freshness in.

Since air is locked out, food damaging agents such as bacteria won’t enter your foods. This feature allows the food to stay fresh for long. Flavors and taste of your food will also be preserved for long since air won’t enter the bag or container.

Prevents freezer burn

You may realize that food stored in the refrigerator tends to get freezer burn after some time. Fresh foods mostly fruits and vegetables get freezer burn when stored for long. This sealer allows you to vacuum seal foods preventing freezer burn. It is a sure way to enjoy fresh foods each time.

Versatile controls

It features versatile controls allowing for custom sealing. You will vacuum and seal for traditional sealing. You can also seal only for creating bags from rolls. These versatile controls make your food preservation simple.

Vacuum only for delicate food and keep them fresh for long. The normal seal is meant for dry foods. If you want to seal most foods, you will appreciate the extended seal.

Starter set included

The Hamilton Beach 78213 comes with a starter kit so you can start sealing immediately. It consists of two 11 inches by 20 feet heat-seal roll and 4 gallon-size bags. Six quart-size heat-seal bags are also included with this vacuum sealer.

Highly affordable

You will get this ergonomic vacuum sealer without breaking the bank. It’s highly affordable, yet it doesn’t compromise the quality of your sealing. It comes with an elegant gray finish that appears great in your kitchen.

Compact and lightweight

A compact and lightweight design make this vacuum sealer great for home use. You will appreciate that you can easily move it to different positions in the kitchen or outdoors with ease.

This design also allows this unit to be used on the counter without displacing other appliances. Storing this unit is also simple since it has a small footprint.

Things to consider

  • Your budget might be a key consideration when considering this vacuum sealer
  • A starter kit to test how the gadget operates
  • Ease of sealing various bags and containers
  • Use with dry and delicate foods


  • Effortless bag alignment with wide vacuum chamber
  • Locks air out to prevent food damage
  • Prevents freezer burn
  • Can be applied to vacuum seal non-food items
  • Highly affordable for those on tight budgets


  • Doesn’t come with a hose attachment
  • Delivers best results only when used with Hamilton beach bags

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this item come with a clear plastic hose for use with food canister?

No, this unit doesn’t have an attachment.

  • Will this vacuum sealer operate at 220v power supply?

It’s designed to work with 110v, so it won’t operate at 220v.

  • Can I use bags of different sizes with this vacuum sealer?

Yes! All bag sizes that into the machine can be used. If you use large bags, they won’t seal properly.

  • Can this gadget be used to vacuum seal non-food items?

Absolutely. You can use it to vacuum seal non-food items and keep them away from dust or damage.


Final Verdict

The features that make it a great purchase include easy bag alignment, ability to prevent freezer burn, fast sealing, and ease of use. It’s even affordable making it a good choice for those who want a cheap food sealing solution.

However, it doesn’t come with a hose attachment and delivers excellent results when used with Hamilton beach bags. Despite these weaknesses, this vacuum sealer system is a great choice and worth the value of your money.

You can get it today to vacuum seal, preserve foods and save money.


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