FoodSaver Quick Marinator Review

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The canister marinates food in twelve minutes or less instead of several hours or overnight thanks to its vacuum-sealing abilities. It is very convenient for food storage; you can put in the pantry or refrigerator.

You will find FoodSaver Quick Marinator very handy in your home kitchen and a quick alternative to traditional methods. The vacuuming process opens the pores of your food, enabling marinades to thoroughly and quickly penetrate deep into your food. You can use FoodSaver Quick Marinator for marinating poultry, fish, vegetables, tofu and much more. The following details in depth FoodSaver Quick Marinator Review will help you to know more.

FoodSaver Quick Marinator Review



Features of FoodSaver Quick Marinator

  • 2.25-quart size
  • Airtight, stain resistant and odor proof
  • BPA-free container
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Easy to Use

This canister is very simple to use. Simply put food into the canister and secure the lid. Then connect the lid’s detachable hose to a vacuum sealing system. The sealer automatically sucks the air inside the canister creating a stay-fresh, airtight seal. Unlike traditional food storage methods, you will not do much when preserving your food.

Vacuum-sealing lid

This 2-1/4 quart square canister comes with a vacuum-sealing lid that functions with any Foodsaver vacuum sealing machine. You can also use it with other vacuum sealer brands, but is advisable to use the manufacturer recommended machine.

Food-Storage Made Simple

Apart from marinating food faster, this square canister is great for storing food in the pantry or refrigerator. The canister can be used to keep a variety of food items fresh for longer since it seals out moisture and air.

You can use it for storing leftovers, keep your desserts fresh. Also, it is perfect for prolonging the shelf life of cheese, meat, crackers, breads and more.

BPA-Free Material

This food canister is made of long-lasting, BPA-free, polycarbonate plastic. It is both odor proof and stain resistant offering you a chance to store food in healthy, clean condition.

You will appreciate the reliable performance from one food to the next. It has hard sides making it a great option for crush-free storage of delicate food items such as green salads, fresh strawberries.

The transparent sides let you view the contents in just a glance. This canister is simple to clean after use; you can wash it manually or in the dishwasher.


  • Stain resistant and odor proof
  • BPA-free for healthy food storage
  • Marinates food quickly
  • Airtight to prevent air and moisture from entering your food


  • It doesn’t come with a hose.
  • It is a bit small.

Final Verdict

The FoodSaver Quick Marinator is a great purchase if you want to keep your food fresh for long. It offers quick food marinating. This food canister offers reliable performance from one food to another.

It is odor proof and resistant to food stains. You can use it to store virtually all food items even delicate items. You can choose it to save time and money. Last but not least, if you have any questions about this FoodSaver Quick Marinator review, you can post in the comment section.

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