VacMaster VP112 – Guide and Review – Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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Do you want a best commercial vacuum sealer to seal soups and other liquid foods?

You will realize that most vacuum sealers are only designed to seal solid foods. The VacMaster VP112 is designed to do what other vacuum sealers are unable to do. It will allow you to package liquids and liquid-rich foods.

This vacuum sealer will solve the problem of sealing soup, stews, and other foods that contain liquids. Apart from such foods, you can also use it for packaging meat, vegetables, fish and more.

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Even with these functionalities, this machine is portable for the ease of use in your kitchen. With an adjustable vacuum time, you have the chance to determine how much air will be left in the bag.

You will, however, realize that this machine is costly. It’s not like your typical vacuum sealer. Check the VacMaster VP112 – Guide and Review below.

VacMaster VP112 Review


Features of VacMaster VP112

Vacuum packages liquid foods

This vacuum sealer is designed to eliminate the problem that you have been experiencing with other models. It uses a unique technology to allow you to package soup, stew, and marinades.

You will appreciate that you can preserve these foods for longer without the worry of getting spoiled. The best aspect of this unit is that it doesn’t suction liquid foods during the packaging.

Great for fresh and dry foods

If you want to package your bush meat or dried vegetables, this unit will come in handy. It features excellent technology that allows you to preserve fresh and dry foods. You will preserve your foods for longer and enjoy it when it’s still fresh.

When you are ready, simply cut your meat into small pieces, place in bags and vacuum seal it. You can be innovative and use this unit to preserve non-food items when preparing for camping, hiking or road trips.

You are sure that your ornaments, socks and other small items will be free from dust and air that might oxidize some of the items.

Helps you to save money

If you want to save money, the VacMaster VP112 is a good choice. You can purchase foods in bulk, package and use at a later date. This way you can purchase foods during harvest time when it’s cheap. You can also use this vacuum sealer to eliminate waste at home.

In the case of bulk cooking, you can package leftovers for eating at a later date. You will appreciate how this unit helps you to save money at home. Simply eliminate waste of bulk quantities of foods! The aroma and taste of your food are also preserved.

Set vacuum time

With this unit, you have the option of controlling the amount of air that you want in the bag. Simply adjust the time that the vacuum pump operates before your bag is sealed.

A stop button lets you interrupt the vacuum cycle. After interrupting the vacuuming process, the sealing process starts immediately. Avoid using the “stop” button by just setting the vacuum time.

Things to consider

  • You may first want to check your budget – this model is a relatively expensive
  • What you want to vacuum seal
  • Portability – this machine is heavy, but it is portable
  • The programmability of the gadget – this model allows you to set the vacuuming time


  • Great for sealing liquid foods such as soups, stew, and marinades
  • Helps you preserve fresh and dried foods for long
  • Allows control over the air that is left in the bag
  • Preserves the fresh of your food as well as the flavor


  • Pretty expensive and not a choice for those with a limited budget
  • It’s a large machine weigh about 40 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I vacuum seal hot foods with this item?

Yes, you can use this sealer for hot foods. But it’s a good practice to let the food cool first or even freeze it for quick, simple packaging.

  • How long do the bags keep oxygen out? I want to vacuum seal dehydrated foods.

The seal created prevents oxygen from entering the bag entirely. The shelf life of your dehydrated foods will greatly depend on the water and fat content.

  • Can you use the accessory hose from FoodSaver with this machine for canisters?

No, the latest model can’t be used with an accessory hose unless you innovate a method of using it.

  • How many bags does this machine come with?

You will get about 30 bags of different sizes.

Final Verdict

VacMaster VP112 specifically designed to eliminate the problem created by other sealers! That of sealing liquids without suctioning it. This best commercial vacuum sealer is a great selection if you want a machine that will help you to save.

You can vacuum seal bulky foods for later eating which will save you time and money. One of the notable features of this vacuum sealer is the stop button that allows you to terminate vacuuming and start the sealing process.

Get this machine and improve your food preservation techniques.



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