The Top 10 Best Scooter Helmet for Riders Reviews 2023

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Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” said the former US President John F Kennedy.

Yes, he was right. But to make the ride more comfortable, you need to have some precautions. Safety is the most important issue. Only the best scooter helmet can ensure that.

In fact, a helmet is a shield that secures your head from potential injuries.

So, you need to have the right type of helmet. Amid hundreds of brands, this is really difficult to select the best one. In this post, we have reviewed five of the best helmets. They are standard, have lots of impressive features and affordable.

There are a lot of scooter bikes out there, but the question is how to be sure? It is very usual to get confused with a lot of choices. Each product has some benefits and some limitations as well. If the product benefits meet your requirements, then it is called to be the best product for you. Likely different scooter helmets have different specifications.

Best Scooter Helmet

The Top 10 Best Scooter Helmet for Riders Reviews 2023

The general quality of the Scooter Helmet required size and worn correctly. If it fits in riders, head perfectly then it can prevent almost every head injury resulting from any collision. The market is flooded with coupon codes and offers. But if you check the reviews here, you will get some insights. Following the knowledge, you can easily pick the Best Scooter Helmets and ensure your safety during the bike or scooter ride.

Best for Scooter Riding: Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Best for Scooter Riding: Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


Key features

  • Exceptional shield system
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Padded wind collar

Getting an exceptional level is possible with this specific helmet. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a lightweight product and comes with an impressive aerodynamic shell. Simultaneously, you will enjoy the feature of the Click Release shield system. The ABS composite shell makes the helmet look more appealing.

Many of the users want to personalize their helmets but they lack the feature. In this product, they will have the option of personalization. The shield can also prevent the UV and scratch proof as well. If you drive during foggy weather, it would be of great use.

If you love to drive peacefully, this helmet could be your perfect mate. There is a padded wind collar. The collar reduces the wind and noise from around the streets. Interestingly, you can also maintain your personal hygiene by cleaning the interior.


  • Washable
  • Lightweight polycarbonate
  • Compact size
  • Padded collar


  • Fits too tight
  • Face shield may not close

Why we selected Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet??  

This is a lightweight helmet with durable construction. The click release shield system will help to use the helmet easily. It also provides UV protection to users. The padded collar reduces outside noise while there are integrated speaker pockets as well.


Best for Half Face: Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Best for Half Face: Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet


Key features

  • Various sizes available
  • Stylish protection
  • Comfortable ride

If you are looking to have a stylish helmet with all types of protection, this is the right one. Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is a half helmet and provides the best features with a smart look. The design is technology loaded and this is a lightweight helmet too. The helmet is available in different sizes and fits perfectly.

The design of the helmet is impressive and similar to the rebel warrior skull cap. It is suitable for both men and women. Even the kids can use the small size of the helmet. The helmet has increased strength and ensures the safety of the riders. The sun shield is the other feature the prevents exposure to the sun. Using the quick release strap, you can release the helmet within a second. The product is lightweight as well. It can reduce neck fatigue on long trips.


  • Comfortable
  • Weighs only 2.2 pounds
  • Custom fit
  • World-class protection


  • Fits too tight on head
  • The adjuster is not comfortable

Why we selected Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet? 

This is a fully vented helmet and has an EPS liner for cooling and safety. The sun shield is multi-positioned and protects from sun, rain or bugs. The padded quick release system is another plus for the users. The fit dialer makes it fit perfectly.


Best for Open Face: Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017

Best for Open Face: Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017


Key features

  • Open and close style
  • DOT approved
  • Open face with shield

When you need variety in your helmet, you need this one. Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017 comes with an open and closed condition. You can keep the face open or even closed after your needs. Do not worry about the air circulation. There are ample spaces that will ensure you have smooth airflow even if the helmet shield is closed.

Being DOT approved, you are also free of concerns about safety and security. The helmet can prevent wind when you are taking a speedy ride. In fact, you have complete protection against all the odds while taking a ride.

In this helmet, you also have the option of reducing heat and moisture. Keeping the shield on the place or removing it is also simple. You also will get a scratch-resistant bag with each of the helmets.


  • More protection
  • Reduces heat and moisture
  • Easy shield adjustment
  • Top brow vents


  • The inner liner is uncomfortable
  • It is subject to break

Why we selected Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017?

This helmet comes with a UV clear coated paint. The sculpted top vents ensure proper ventilation. You can also adjust the shield following your needs. No worries about the size. This helmet is available in several sizes.


Best for Open Face Scooter: 1Storm Hjop01abs

Best for Open Face: 1Storm Hjop01abs


Key features

  • Dual visors
  • Smoked + clear lens
  • Well padded

With the standard cushion, this 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is a special product from the manufacturer. It comes with dual visors. The first visor comes with a smoked lens while the outer one is clear. The helmet is lightweight and comes with glossy green color.

The helmet is well-cushioned. The manufacturer has used a durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell for some added advantage. Consequently, the helmet interior is comfortable. In case of a dirty inside, you can wash the helmet as well. The finish is UV protective and the color remains the same for a long time. It also comes with DOT approval.


  • Impressive outlook
  • UV preventive outer shell
  • DOT approved
  • Several sizes available


  • Cheek pads may come off
  • Face shield may come out

Why we selected 1Storm Hjop01abs?

This is a standard helmet and comes with several attractive features. The color is glossy green with some comfortable padding feature. The weight of the helmet is light and made with a thermoplastic alloy shell. Cleaning the helmet is easy too as you can wash it.


Best for Multi Impact: S-ONE Lifer Visor CPSC Scooter Helmet

Best for Multi Impact: S-ONE Lifer Visor CPSC Scooter Helmet


Key features

  • Best fitting
  • EPS Fusion Foam
  • Added safety

When you need the best fitting helmet, S-ONE Lifer Visor CPSC Scooter Helmet is the perfect one. In line with a bike or scooter riding, you can also use the helmet for skateboarding or longboarding. The manufacturing process is smart and it can protect your head from force impacts.

The helmet is certified and five times more protective than ordinary helmets. The soft foam ensures the protection of your head. The design of the helmet is also impressive. This is the combination of safety and style. With the deep fit design, you can easily adjust the helmet following your head size. The overall outlook is elegant and this is affordable too.


  • Strong fitting
  • Luxurious design
  • Impressive outlook
  • Prevents force impact during the ride


  • Size is too small
  • Sizing liners not included

Why we selected S-ONE Lifer Visor CPSC Scooter Helmet?

Many of the riders prefer a helmet that will match their wallet and come with a stunning look. This is a combination of style, comfort, and security. You can adjust the helmet and also have benefits like comfort.


Best for Child: Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

Best for Child: Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet


Razor V17 Scooter helmet is a multi-sport helmet to make the riders head cool. There are 17 vents to make the child’s head cool even though wearing it for a long time. Moreover, to make it secure and the best fit for the head it has some extra pads. Side release buckles to make the best kid scooter helmet for adjusting in their heads.

It follows the correct CPSC standards. CPSC stands the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Around 8 to 14 years old kids use it. Their head’s reasonable size is 22 to 23.5 inches. This helmet is made for a reasonable size. The best scooter helmet must need these qualities.

It is not available in many different sizes. Only the 22 to 23.5 inches range is available. If any 13-year-old girl buys this, then she cannot use it for a long time of course. Moreover, it is only made for scooter riding, bicycling and skateboarding. Except them using it for horse riding will not be an appropriate decision.


Best for Under $50: Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner

Best for Under $50: Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner



This helmet has a unique quality because it has a sweat saver liner. Because of long-time wearing sweating is a very common matter. Because sweating many helmets stink a lot Moreover sometimes due to sweating a lot of us face eye blurring. Here sweat saver helps a lot eliminating the smell and protecting from eye blurring.

The liner has moisture-wicking layers limit sweat drippage an antibacterial treatment which makes the stinking proof. It is available in many different sizes and has a multi-impact design. With the adjustable straps, it fits in your head. Customized logo rivets. It is not used for bicycles. The usage of this product only limits in skating, skateboarding, and scooter riding.


Best for Youth Full Face: Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

Best for Youth Full Face: Razor Full Face Youth Helmet


A full-face helmet gives the rider better security and the extra pads make the helmet more comfortable and secure both. The full-face helmets are very much safe to wear always as it covers up the whole face. Moreover, it also makes the product stylish and gives an athletic look which makes this helmet the best scooter helmet.

Unlike the other full-face helmets, it has 17 vents at the top to keep the head cool while riding. As a result, a long journey is possible with this helmet. Adjustable straps to fit in and it also has spacious eye port for use with goggles. CPSC standardly complies. It is only available in 21.5 to 23 inches. Usually, 8 to 14 years old kids only can use them.


Best for Open Face Motorcycle: Raider Deluxe Helmet

Best for Open Face Motorcycle: Raider Deluxe Helmet


Every rider’s dream is to go on for a long one. While riding phones and other communications may disturb the rider and sometimes stopping by for picking up the phone is painful. The helmet provides acceptance of the communication system. So, no need to push the brake and talk on a phone.

Again long rides become more fun with the music, so it is also possible here. Moreover, rubber beads give the perfect fitting for the head and make them comfortable. The visor gets snapped off and makes the helmet a get a good fashionable look. The weight is very light, and a thermoplastic shell covers it.

The vents make air circulation regular and keep the head cool. Very lightweight but that doesn’t mean it is unsafe. The communication system has its privilege and some disadvantage as well. The system might stop working because of huge pressure or hitting something, but this is not that much severe drawback to getting untracked to this product.


Best for Half Face Motorcycle: VCAN Cruiser

Best for Half Face Motorcycle: VCAN Cruiser


VCAN Cruiser Half Face Motorcycle Helmet is a stylish, safe and comfortable off-road experience. The crash helmet is made of the highest quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell which perfectly matches or even exceeds DOT’s standard.

The interior is designed to be soft and top comfort for any rider. The double D-ring works as making the rider high secure and the adjustable nylon chin strap fits in perfectly. For greater durability the visor is removable, and the pads are washable. It offers 15 different designs. The helmet is available only in 5 various sizes. 23.23 to 23.62 inches is its limitation.

Otherwise, it has a solid flat black design that suits an adamant personality that makes this helmet the best scooter helmet. Graphic Style Skull Assassin Black Neoprene Adjustable 2 in 1 Reversible Full Face Mask Motorcycle Snowboard SkiUnlike others, this helmet has some unique specialty, first of all, its look and then the shape and the way it protects the whole face.

The first thing that might come in my mind that does it allow the nose and mouth ventilation correctly? The answer is yes. Natural breathing is, of course, possible.  Moreover, it doesn’t interfere with your eyesight. Giving the eyesight priority the company made the product very efficient. Colorful steampunk skull tribal print design is the best attraction.

However, if you are going to a “decent party” mobile users will help you to change the appearance of solid black. The lightweight and comfort make it possible to fit even in your pocket. Great item for jungle riding. Covers only face. Only wearing this for riding is not a wise decision for anyone. It is mostly used for other helmets increasing the style and the black personality.


What are the types of Scooter Helmet?

For motorbikes and scooters, there are four helmet models are available. They are

  • Open Face helmets
  • Full Face helmets
  • Flip Up helmets
  • Cross helmets

Open face helmet

Provide good visibility and comfortable for summer days. They are available in various sizes and shapes. They may appear with a visor or may not.

Full Face helmet

As the name suggests, the cover the full face. And they also have better protection as well. Due to aerodynamic design, they are comfortable and quiet during the drive. You will have some extra protection with such helmets.

Flip Up helmet

They are durable and provide more protection than an open face helmet. However, they are relatively heavier. In fact, this is the combination of an open and full face helmet.

Cross helmet

They are light and allows ample breathing space inside. But they do not have any visor and not suitable for regular use.


Buyer Guide: How to Choose the Best Scooter Helmet for Riders

For your safety, while you are on a scooter or bike, you must use a helmet. The helmets always come with the latest features and advantages. But at times, there are helmets with fewer features and do not last long. In these cases, you have to be careful. In this section, you will get a complete idea about how to select a helmet for a scooter. Initially, it may appear weird but you must follow the rules. Or your experience will be bitter when you hit the road.


Remember, one size does not fit all. So, you need to check the size of the helmet. Make sure you have a comfortable feel after wearing the helmet. There should be a smooth breathing facility as well. If you feel suffocated, it points out that you need to change the helmet as the size is not matching your head.

Comfortable Padding

On the other part, comfort is another issue. If the helmet does not come with comfortable padding, you cannot expect to have a pleasant experience. Most of the cases, the pads help to absorb the shock. If there are no pads or not sufficient padding, you may suffer the blow. With the sufficient padding feature, you have all the comfort. Therefore, check properly if the helmet has an improved padding feature.


Simultaneously, there should be a visor with the helmet. A visor helps to prevent any unwanted events. When you ride a bike or scooter, the visor protects your eyes from dust, debris, and from many other particles. But if there is no visor, your eyesight may get affected.

Or, the smaller particles on the air may hit your face. A visor also helps to prevent the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. This is not possible to check the UV rays in bare eyes. But they damage your skin cells seriously. And when you are riding a bike, your face becomes vulnerable to the UV. Therefore, this is also important to check that if there is any visor with the helmet. Experts always recommend getting one that comes with a visor.

Prevent Wind

It may sound weird but you need to check how much the helmet can prevent wind. At times, wind can block many of your regular activities when you are on the ride. But with an effective helmet, you can limit the activities of wind.

Most of the cases, winds block the auditory sense. So, if you want to have a smooth ride, check the features. It is highly important to have all the auditory senses open and free. Or, you may have unwanted accidents as you cannot listen or feel the alarms.


How do you clean and maintain a Scooter Helmet?

To keep the helmet clean and usable, you should follow the tips below:

  • Regular cleaning with mild soap or liquid detergent
  • Wiping with a towel soaked in warm water every day
  • Clean the visor with soft piece of cloth
  • Check the joints and air vents for dirt and dust, clean them accordingly
  • Keep the helmet dry
  • Never add a sticker on the helmet
  • Try bandana to protect helmet liner
  • Never use scrubs to clean the shell
  • Skip petroleum distillate to clean the helmet
  • Never apply glass cleaner to the visor


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best scooter helmets brands?

You can have a notable number of scooter helmet brands. But not all of them are standard and own the necessary features. The helmet experts recommend the following brands as the most prominent ones.

  • Bell Cruiser Riot Adult Helmet
  • 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Scooter Bike
  • MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet Pilot
  • Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017 Open Face Helmet with Shield
  • MMG 203 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet
  • Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet
  • Raider Deluxe Open Face Helmet
  • Core Vintage Open Face Helmet
  • Pro-Tec Full Cut Certified Skate Helmet
  • Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

What is the best helmet for a scooter?

There is no specific rule to be the best helmet. And also the helmet criteria vary in users. So, the one that will meet all your needs perfectly, you can consider that as the best helmet.

What helmet to use for various activities?

You can use helmets for various activities. But you need to select the right one for the right activity. You can use the helmet for baseball to ride your bike. Apply your sense to select the suitable one considering the activity.

Do I need a helmet for a scooter?

Of course, you need a helmet when you ride a scooter. It will keep your head and neck safe from force, wind and other unwanted issues.

Do I have to wear a helmet on an electric scooter?

Sure, you have to wear a helmet even on an electric scooter. The speed is not that much lower and the helmet will ensure safety,

Do half scooter helmets work?

Yes, they work. But the protection is limited. You cannot have all the features in the half scooter helmet.

How do I choose the right helmet?

To choose the right helmet, check the standard features. Make sure the helmet is comfortable, fits you and friendly to your wallet.

Can you wear a bike helmet on a scooter?

Certainly, you can wear your bike helmet on a scooter. There are no issues at all in using a bike helmet while riding a scooter.

Which helmet is best for ladies?

Make sure the helmet for ladies is lightweight, stylish and comfortable. You can have the best helmet if the three features are combined.

Why you should wear a helmet on a scooter?

To ensure your security and safety during a scooter ride, you must wear a helmet. The helmet not only secures you, but it also provides some other additional features.

Do you have to wear a helmet when riding a lime scooter?

Remember, without a helmet, this is always risky to ride a scooter. If you ride a lime scooter, you must wear a helmet.

Are open face helmets dangerous?

To some extent, they cannot ensure the proper safety of the riders. So, you should not use them unless there is an extreme necessity.

How much safer are full face helmets?

Generally, the full face helmets are safe. They cover the face, head, and neck. They are comfortable too and there are no issues with breathing.


Last words

Now, you are aware of the best scooter helmet. This is an essential element that we need to complete a safe scooter ride every time. Therefore, we need to be selective in this case. The reviews above are the reflection of several research and investigations. So, you can get any of the products from above without a second thought.

Wishing you a happy ride!


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