Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

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Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator has an adjustable temperature calibration for easy setting. An easy- to use touchscreen display allows you to view all your settings.

You will appreciate its stainless steel parts that making ease to clean, prevent reaction with water while prolonging its useful life. When you want to clean, the unit will disassemble easily, and it’s even dishwasher safe.

This kitchen gadget is sleek, small with a vertical shape that saves enough space for cooking varieties of food at a time. The circulator is simply clamped on any side of water-filled pot; you then clip your sealed food bag on any side of the water slowly, set the suitable temperature and time for quality results.

Start the button and wait for your food to be ready for serving. The item has a switch off once the food is ready. It makes you spend less time tied to your kitchen and spend a lot of your with the loved ones.

Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator


Things To Consider

  • The pumping mechanism of the cooker – this model has a 360 directional pump for circulation
  • Adjustable-temperature calibrations and temperature
  • Consider the ease of use, dissembling, and washing


  • The cooker is easy to use and can be clamped to any pot or container
  • It’s simple and quick to clean since its dishwasher safe
  • Small footprint and sleek design ensures you maximize cooking space


  • May not deliver great results when used with large containers
  • Not ideal if you want to serve food fast



Easy to use

It’s designed with ease of use in mind making it perfect for beginners and professional cooks. When you want to sous vide cook, attach it to any side of a water-filled container or pot. Next, place your food into a sealed or ziplock food bag and slowly drop it into the water.

Allow the air bubbles to escape. Set your desired time and temperature to promote precise cooking. Finally, press the start the button and relax. Once your food is ready, the item will auto switch off.

Touch-screen display

This item features a touch-screen display allowing you to set time and temperature effortlessly. It gives the precise temperature for your cooking which prevents overcooking. The touch-screen has light for clear and vivid viewing even when there is insufficient lighting.

User-Adjustable temperature calibration

Manually-adjustable temperature gives you total control of the cooking. The cooker lets you decide which temperature and at what time you want your food to cook. The temperature heats and circulates the heat evenly to your cooking food.

This makes your food to cook from edge to edge. The timer is 99 hours adjustable with an auto shut off. Its adjustable temperature ranges from 25⁰c to 99⁰c.

Easy disassembly for cleaning

This model of Anova Circulator is very easy to disassemble for easy and thorough cleaning. It’s also dishwasher safe and eliminates the pain of cleaning. You are sure to get healthy meals each time.

360-degree directional pump

It comes with a 360-degree directional pump for a quality circulation. This feature gives this gadget the ability to heat the water effectively. The final results will be an evenly cooked meal thanks to this pump. Unlike other models, this immersion circulator doesn’t compromise the quality of your cooking.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Does the item clamp on any container or pot, and still give quality results?

Yes, this Sous vide cooker can work with any container or pot and give you the required results.

  • What are the dimensions of this cooker?

This circulator measures 15.5 inches by 2.8 inches by 2.8 inches.

  • Can I use this immersion circulator cooker to heat up liquids such as milk?

No, this sous vide cooker is designed specifically to be used with water only, and you can’t heat up other liquids like milk. Avoid using it with other liquids other than water since it may get damaged.

  • Can this Anova Sous cooker circulate the water heat evenly?

Yes, this item circulates heat evenly in the entire pot or container giving the precise temperature for food.


Concluding Thought

The Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator cooker is one of the best items for sous vide cooking your food at home. You will spend less time tied in the kitchen since you leave it to cook on its own. It cooks all your favorite food in their own juices to a precise temperature with no need for additives.

It gives a great result of texture and taste, every time you cook your food. Why is it a great purchase? It’s very easy to use. Also, it heats and circulates the heat uniformly eliminating the worry of overheating for your food.

It also gives you excellent results for a delicious and enjoyable dish. You can finish your cooking by grilling, frying or searing your food to get the best crispy. This Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator cooker is a stainless steel item that doesn’t rust when it comes to conducting with water.

Its touch-screen display readouts are very clear and easy to set. You can consider this immersion circulator cooker due to its versatility and affordability.


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