The Top 5 Best Moissanite Tester Of 2023 (Best in Quality)

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Moissanite is one of the decent-looking jewelry out there which can substitute the diamond for an engagement ring, because of their similar looks and few properties. Moissanite is not a ‘fake’ for diamond, it has its own value in the market.

Thus, one should be aware of their authenticity too. White zircon and some other stones are also known to be used as fake for moissanite.

Also, moissanite and diamond look so much alike that they also need to be differentiated. You will need a good tester for this job. That is why you are being provided with a guide and top list of moissanite testers in this article.

Top 5 Best Moissanite Tester of 2022

Here is the list of best moissanite testers out there in the market currently, along with a short description about the products:

Best Moissanite Tester

Presidium Adamas Diamond and Moissanite Tester

Key Features

  • Built-in memory chip
  • LED Display
  • 3 x AAA battery required
  • Interchangeable probe

This diamond and moissanite tester has an interchangeable probe tip that allows you to replace any worn-out or damaged probe tip. It eradicates any equipment downtime at could have happened.

The Presidium Adamas Diamond and Moissanite tester can detect colorless diamonds and moissanite. This tester has the accurate testing ability for as small as 0.2 carats. It comes with a bright LED display, which automatically turns off if stays inactive for over 2 minutes.

The tester includes a built-in memory chip that can store up to 500 test records from previous work. The thermoelectric probe tip is retractable that can put good pressure between the gem and the probe; if the probe is damaged it can be easily replaced.


  • Easy to use
  • Replaceable probe
  • Stylish design


  • Does not give accurate readings when differentiating between diamond and moissanite

Why I Picked This Product?

This Diamond and Moissanite tester have an ergonomic design, the tip is chrome-brushed, and the grip is not only easy but also comfortable to handle. It needs 3 x AAA alkaline batteries and comes with an adapter and USB cable.




Gemoro Testerossa Diamond, Moissanite & White Sapphire Tester


Key Features

  • Have UV fluorescence detection
  • NiMH battery
  • LED stone illumination
  • Micro USB Power Port

GEMORO is a very famous manufacturer for making superior testers for the jewelry industry. They are specialized in testing diamond moissanite and white sapphire. The GEMORO tester is very good for fraud protection.

This tester has one of the most innovative designs. It has this LED light that illuminates while testing a stone. If the probe tip is in contact with a diamond, it glows green.

The glowing bar will show a blue color, if the probe tip is in touch with a moissanite. If it detects white sapphire, it glows pink, and red for metal detection.

This GEMORO TESTORA has UV-F1 moissanite identification technology, helping you to detect a wide range of electrically conductive moissanite. It was also designed with a voice alert for 9 languages, or ringtone if someone prefers that.

The tester will run with NiMH batteries or AAA alkaline batteries and be powered from a Micro USB cord for a multi-voltage of 100V-240V. The charging station is ULTRA DOCK 3, AC adaptor will be given with the power port. The carrying case with which it comes with is fully Carbon-fiber.


  • 10 year warranty for the probe tip
  • Enhanced technology for low conductivity
  • Retractable probe tip
  • Enhanced durability


  • The battery door is loose

Why I Picked This Product?

It was built strong to even resist impact if dropped accidentally. This tester also has a battery preserving function which allows it to turn off automatically by itself if you happen to keep its power on by mistake.

The size of this tester is small, which makes it very easy to handle. Do not underestimate its ability because of its size, it is pretty easy to hold when testing. It has finger grip pads on both sides, so you can hold them with comfort. You won’t even have to worry about peeking to know results because of its small size, the LED illumination will let you know.



Presidium Multi Tester for Testing Diamonds, Moissanites and Diamond Simulants


Key Features

  • 180 degree multi-viewing LED
  • Anti-slip grip
  • A retractable probe tip

The Presidium Multi Tester III is quite reliable when it comes to verifying the authenticity of diamonds and moissanite. It can also be used on other stones like colorless sapphire, spinel, or cubic zirconia, and etc.

The ergonomic design allows it to be handled more easily. The carrying case that comes with it, makes it even more portable. The handle is made very well with a rubber grip which does not let it fall off your hands that easily.

The retractable probe tip that comes along with this tester has the ability to test diamonds that are as small as 0.02ct. This is one of the thinnest probe tips out there in the industry that allows testing stones as small as this.

This tester has a LED display that has a 180-degree multi-viewing option in it. No matter which hand you use, it will provide you good readability. This fine tool is a good package if you ask me. It can test both colorless diamond and moissanite, with this single tool!


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Good grip
  • Both colorless diamond and moissanite can be tested in one instrument


  • It sometimes jumbles up the results, as it has the ability to figure out multiple stones; the system makes it complicated sometimes

Why I Picked This Product?

One thing to like about this tester is that it can detect metals, simulants, moissanite, and colorless diamonds. The metal buzzer will let you know whether the probe tip is in contact with the stone, making it convenient for you to avoid faulty results. It functions very well with enhanced accuracy and consistency. I would recommend this tester for its accuracy with small stones.




TEKCOPLUS High Accuracy Professional Diamond Moissanite Tester


Key Features

  • Built-in sound detector
  • Comes with a metal detector
  • Probe warm up takes 25 seconds
  • Can be used for 2 hours continuously

This tester comes with an English manual for user and a carrying case along with a factory package. It can be used in different sizes of stones and very easy to use, because of the adjusted LED bar graph which makes it easier for the user.

This tester will run on AAA batteries and NiMH batteries. AC power adaptor can also be used on this tester.

The Professional 2pt Jewel Stone Combo Gem is equipped with a low battery detector and an elastic probe tip, which is very helpful to test on stones as small as 2 pt.

The finish comes with rubber paint, which not only makes it look good but also serves as a little bit of protection for the machine. The working voltage for this tester is DC 4.5V.


  • Can distinguish both diamonds and moissanite
  • Will indicate genuine diamond or if fake
  • Can be used on small stones
  • Easy to use


  • Cannot detect gold
  • Probe tip takes time to warm up

Why I Picked This Product?

Well, this tester is pretty decent when it comes to testing small stones. It was designed to distinguish diamond and moissanite, doing the job very quickly testing against other fake stones too. Things are easier with this tester for how long the battery is going to last when you are working on something.



GemOro Ultratester 3+ Diamond, Moissanite & White Sapphire Tester


Key Features

  • Detects a range of moissanite
  • 10 second warm-up time
  • LED light bar
  • Probe tip warranty for 2 years
  • Made in USA

GEMORO is one of the top manufacturers of gemstone testers. Their superior instruments are renowned worldwide jewelry industry.

This Ultratester 3+ model has a sleek ergonomic design that is very comfortable to use, and the size is very decent that resides in your hands perfectly.


  • Comes with a ballistic nylon carrying case
  • Auto-off function preserves battery life
  • Can detect a wide range of moissanite
  • Even detects super-low electrically conductive moissanite


  • The small wire tip gets bent easily

Why I Picked This Product?

This tester not only detects moissanite, but can also test diamond, and white sapphire. This tester runs on AAA rechargeable NiHM battery or can be powered by micro-USB. They can be substituted with AAA alkaline batteries if the user wishes, which makes it really convenient.




How to Choose the Best Moissanite Tester

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Moissanite Tester?

For a jeweler, a moissanite tester is a very important tool to go by for their field of profession. Even if you are not a jeweler you may want to have a moissanite tester if the use of that particular tool arises very frequently.

Using a moissanite tester is one of the most efficient ways of testing moissanite or determining its authenticity. To know which moissanite tester will suit best for you, first, you should know how a moissanite tester works.

It can differentiate between a diamond and moissanite. Diamond and moissanite look so much alike, that people find it hard to distinguish between them.

When there is such a situation where you need to confirm whether the gem you have is a diamond or moissanite, then that is exactly what you find out with a moissanite tester.

The tester confirms that a stone is a moissanite by conducting electricity through it. Moissanite is electrically conductive. You hold it in a manner that you are in touch with the tester’s metal plate while the probe tip is in touch with the gem.

If the electricity travels through your fingers all the way from your body to the fingers of your other hand and then passes through the stone to the tester, then it proves that the stone you are holding is indeed moissanite.


How Do You Make the Choice for a Moissanite Tester?

Even if you are not a professional in the jewelry testing field, you deserve nonetheless the best product as your moissanite tester. Here is a well-researched comprehensive guide for moissanite tester that will tell you what are the factors you should set eyes on before you a moissanite tester for yourself.

  • Brand

Just like any other product, there are well-known brands that are market leaders when it comes to moissanite testers. There are many popular brands out there who produce excellent models with good performance from a professional view. The name of such brands in the market currently is Presidium and Gemoro. They make quite a good number of different types of models for moissanite testers.

  • Price

Price for moissanite tester varies among their range of models. Some models are moderately expensive, and some are affordable in a sense if you are looking for a somewhat low-budget moissanite tester. There is a range of price points according to the numerous models out there in the market.

  • Reviews

Gathering reviews before you buy a product is definitely necessary! It tells you a lot from the experience of owners, who have used that particular product previously. Their words are not written on stones, but it certainly gives you a little bit of insider on what to expect and whatnot.

You can have shared experience from the usage that, what benefits you can have from a particular product or what owning and using it feels like. This is a good opportunity to assess whether you should avoid a brand or a certain model.

Paying attention to review from others will give you information about what people like most about a product or its features and what annoys them. This is based on a real-life experience that you are going to look into.

But also keep in mind that, not everybody’s choice or needs are going to match with yours; so do not just come to conclusion because one individual said so. The idea is to get a gist about the product based on the majority number of mutual opinions.


Features You Should Look for in a Moissanite Tester

While the factors above mentioned are important, there are features that you should look for in a moissanite tester when you decide to buy one. You should invest your money in products that fit your needs. Take these features into consideration and evaluate them properly-

  • Easy to Use

If you are not a professional yourself, then of course you want a model that is very easy to use for beginners and not that complicated to understand or set up.

The general concept of using a moissanite tester is simple. It is to turn on the power switch of the tester and bring on the probe tip in contact with the gemstone you are going to test.

The gadget should be quick to use and easy to understand the reading or light signals. Whether it is the visible or audio indicators, instruction on them should be clear. The tester should be effective so there won’t be any confusion using it.

It should be portable, which makes it a lot easier to use and eliminates the hassle of a complicated setup. The main goal for a novice is to find a model which is easy to analyze with minimum knowledge.

  • Quality

The main reason why you are getting a moissanite tester in the first place is because of detecting the authenticity of gemstones, and there should be no comprising on the quality of the tester when doing so.

You do not want to waste your money on fake gems, so you should be investing in a machine that helps you do so. A highly durable tester has its price. The unit you should have well built if you want it to be durable.

Invest in a tester that brings protection during the transit of its purchase, such as a protective probe and a portable case that will secure the tester when you are carrying it. It also shows the dedication of manufacturers to providing quality products.

  • Battery

If your priority is portability, then a battery powered tester is an excellent option for you. It is easier to carry around with the batteries inside them, instead of looking for a power port when you want to use it. Some people prefer this feature for portability.

You can also prefer a power adaptor source for this if you like. Charging it with a USB cable whenever you are not using is a very good option too. A moissanite tester that runs on rechargeable batteries is a very good option to consider.

  • Accuracy

You need a moissanite tester that will deliver you accurate and reliable results. This is a very important feature for a moissanite tester, otherwise, there is no point in getting a moissanite tester if it gives you false results.

A moissanite tester will tell you whether a stone that you are confused if it is a diamond or moissanite by running an electrical conductivity test on the gem.

You need a tester that will do this job as accurately as possible, or you might be undermining the real value of a stone or have a fake stone as moissanite.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Moissanite Testers

Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ section, I have tried to answer the common questions asked by the customers about Moissanite, Moissanite testers etc., So let’s check out the FAQs:

Do Diamond Testers Work on Moissanite?

A diamond tester will test as positive, even for moissanite. In other words, a diamond tester read both diamond and moissanite as diamond as result.

This is because a diamond tester runs a thermal conductivity test on a gem to authenticate whether the gem is a diamond or not, and moissanite happens to share this same property as diamond; so, they read them as diamond.

Can You Test Moissanite?

Use a moissanite tester if you want to test moissanite. It is one of the most convenient ways to test moissanite. The moissanite tester will run an electrical conductivity test on the gem to know if it is moissanite or not because moissanite is electrically conductive. The result is based upon how well the gem conduct electricity.

Are Moissanite Testers Accurate?

Using a moissanite tester to see the authenticity of a gem is one of the most convenient ways for testing. Moissanite testers are mostly accurate, as they compare the performance of electrical conductivity with a diamond. But there are exceptions.

There are two types of rare diamonds that can also conduct electricity almost as well as moissanite. They are the Type II diamond and the ‘Black Diamond’.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond?

There are many ways to tell the difference between a diamond and moissanite. Even if moissanite is the most identical stone to a diamond, there are many features between them that differentiate. Such features as that are the way they sparkle, and their refractivity.

There are also many conventional ways to test a stone to see if it is a diamond or moissanite. Flashing a ray of light above its base to see how they reflect.

If it gives out rainbow-colored lights then it is probably moissanite, if it gives clean white light then it is a diamond. Moissanite sparkles twice as much as diamonds sometimes.

Does Moissanite Get Cloudy?

Moissanite do not change its color easily, even if it is being used over time. Moissanite cannot become cloudy suddenly. Only if oil and dirt build up on the surface of the stone over time, then it can affect the look of that stone.

This happens because oil and dirt block the light and prevent them to shine through the stone. This is something that can make them look cloudy.

Does Moissanite Lose Its Sparkle?

Moissanite does not lose its sparkle very easily. They are known to have their clarity and color intact for years. They take a very long time for their sparkle to degrade in any way. Having dirt and grime inhibiting on a moissanite ring for a long time may be the only reason for their sparkle to diminish until they are cleaned.

Does Moissanite Look Fake?

Moissanite is the only stone that is as close as a diamond to be its perfect replica. Yes, moissanite maybe half the price of a diamond in monetary value, but they are the perfect alternative for a diamond and definitely worth something.

Average people cannot distinguish between a diamond and moissanite with just naked eyes. You will need to have expertise and experience with stones to tell moissanite just by looking at them. They are lab-grown and cannot be found naturally occurring on earth that can be set on jewelry.

Many people use moissanite as a substitute for diamonds, and they are still undetectable to regular eyes. The major difference between a moissanite and diamonds is how they sparkle. It is safe to say that moissanite sparkle even more than diamond.

Can You Wear Moissanite in the Shower?

Water cannot directly harm your moissanite. It is not the water itself that can harm your moissanite, but the chemical components in the water may affect the gemstone in various ways.

They could be minor and temporary impacts, but highly dissolved minerals can leave hard spots from water that may dull the sparkle of the stone and may be fixed by cleaning.

Moissanite is very durable and resistant to scratch, so it is also important to know how many adverse effects can water have on it. There is always the chance that you may jump on the pool, while wearing moissanite jewelry or get soaked on the beach, took a shower wearing it, or maybe be caught in a rainstorm.

This means there is always the chance that your moissanite jewelry might come into contact with water, so it has minimum resistance to lasting against it occasionally.

Water may be solvent for materials in the very long term, but that does not mean it will damage your moissanite immediately. Your gemstone might get damaged because of hard water, but it is a very rare occurrence and likely to happen if it’s kept like that for a long time.

Can You Wear Moissanite Every Day?

Moissanite pieces of jewelry are pretty durable if you ask me, after all, they are the second hardest stone to diamond among all the gems out there.

Moissanite gemstones are 9.25 Moh on the scale of hardness, which means they are very much suitable for wearing every day and very unlikely to perish.

Will Moissanite Last Forever?

Moissanites are very strong and long-lasting gemstones. You might be able to carry moissanite for your entire life, and it is likely to last without damaging its appearance. Moissanite rings will last for a very long time on settings made from a high-quality metal such as platinum or gold.

Does Moissanite Have Resale Value?

Moissanite is much cheaper than a diamond. They do not have much resell value because they are less expensive. They are not likely to increase in value any sooner. Reselling moissanite is at a substantial loss if resold right after purchase.

Can Moissanite Cut Glass?

Moissanite is the second hardest stone known to man after diamond. They have 9.25 Moh rating on the scale of hardness. That being said, of course, they can cut glass.

Glass has a rating of 5.5 Moh on a scale of hardness, and diamond is 10 Moh rating on the scale of hardness. These ratings clearly show that you can scratch, or cut glass with moissanite and diamond easily.

What Is the Most Diamond-Like Moissanite?

Round cut moissanite resembles most with a diamond. The round cut moissanite looks close to a diamond because of the way it interacts with the light, the almost same way it does with a diamond. The proportion of the facets of round-cut moissanite matches that of a diamond.

Round moissanite has properties that match the standard proportions of a diamond. Such specificness is replicated in the round-cut moissanite. There is no ideal or fancy cut grade for diamonds, the cushion cut itself has 10 different variations in their cuts.

What Is the Best Cut for Moissanite?

Round cuts are considered to be the most popular cuts among the moissanite because they sparkle the most. The Round cuts have 58 facets carefully angled cut to reflect light through the top of the stone surface. These facets are angled in a fashion where it does not allow the light to escape from the bottom or sides. They bring fire and brilliance to your stone.

Which Brand of Moissanite Is Best?

Unlike diamonds, moissanites are lab-grown gems. They were synthesized in labs to look like diamonds and sparkle even more. They do not occur naturally on earth. Their origin was first found on a meteorite from space, crashed in Arizona. So different companies produce them. Here are some well-known brands for moissanite-

  • Charles and Colvard
  • Forever One
  • Lux Moissanite
  • NEO Moissanite
  • Harro Gem Premium Moissanite

How Can You Tell Good Quality Moissanite?

A good quality moissanite is mostly considered by its cut. It kind of depends on how it reacts with the light, passing through the stone and returning. Moissanite is considered to be of good quality judging on its dispersion level, the way they give brilliance like an immense fire.

Can I Pass Off My Moissanite as a Diamond?

There are some moissanite rings that can be passed off as a diamond sometimes. The two stones are different, but moissanite does not look fake. This is what gives it an edge over inexperienced eyes. Most people won’t even be aware that it is moissanite, not a diamond until they run tests on it.

A professional will be able to tell the difference between a moissanite and diamond if he/she looks thoroughly or run some conventional tests on it, otherwise, it can be passed as a diamond very easily to naked eyes who have no idea about stones.

Do Forever One Moissanite Look Like Diamonds?

Forever One Moissanite is a very clear and sparkly gemstone, which looks almost like a diamond. They were discovered by Dr. Ferdinand Henri Moissan from a meteor crater. They are very durable and almost like diamonds visibly, but that does not make them fake for diamonds.

Is Moissanite Fire a Natural Gemstone?

Moissanite is a lab-grown synthesized gemstone, that is made artificially. They give off a fire-colored sparkle, but that is not the only color they give off. They have much more variation. A diamond is a pure carbon, where moissanite is carbon silicate.

Can Moissanite Be Found in Nature?

Moissanite was first found in a meteor crater that came from outside space. They do not occur naturally on earth. They are lab made and prepared to be set into jewelries that way. It first originated from the upper mantle rock of meteorites in Arizona, and their natural form is rare.


My Top Picks

As you have gone through this article to have a grasp about moissanite and moissanite testers in the market, you have figured out a thing or two by now. If there is anything you did not get, you can go through the article again.

As for the Moissanite tester, my top pick is the Presidium Multi Tester III. It can test for a small stone that is as small as 0.02ct. They have very well functioned for their usability. It gives you almost accurate testing with the gems.

Presidium is a very famous manufacturer for testers in the jewelry industry and this is one of their best product among all the other models they manufactured.

This model is very simple and easy to use. The display is very clear and it takes very little time to wait in between testing, which is a much needed feature.

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