MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator Review

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The MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator is a kitchen appliance that is well-designed to serve all your drying needs. You will enjoy the art of dehydrating foods at home. The popularity of this item is due to its ability to deliver healthy and tastier foods.

This unit is equipped with a 400w rear- mounted fan for evenly drying and consistent airflow circulation to promote uniform drying without overheating. You won’t have to rotate the trays during the drying process.

This food dehydrator comes along with six stainless removable and adjusted racks, six mesh sheet, three nonstick sheets and one set oven mitts. These removable and adjustable racks give enough space for you to dry varieties of food at a time.

Also, the sheet mesh helps you dry smaller foods like herbs and spices. The MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator has adjustable settings including the temperature and timer for quality results.

It has overheating safety protection that retains the food nutrients and vitamins. Its clear cover helps you monitor the drying processing in the dehydration chamber.

MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator


Features of MAGIC MILL PRO Food Dehydrator

Large dehydrating space

This item has six spacious, adjustable racks which hold enough for every drying project. It also comes with 6 plastic fine mesh trays which are BPA free, 13 nonstick and 1set oven mitts to accommodate a wide variety of fruits or vegetable.

You can also use fewer racks when drying small volumes of food, also when a large space is needed for dehydration. This is because the racks are removable and adjustable.

Healthy cooking

Due to its even drying, all the fat is lowered which reduces the risk of heart diseases. Also, the evenly drying is done edge to edge and eliminates the need to rotate the racks.

The heat and the airflow are uniformly distributed in the system preventing overheating. This gadget gives well-dried food which can also be used in the future without spoilage.

Another aspect that promotes healthy cooking is the fact that plastic material is BPA free. Be sure to enjoy the healthiest food without any additives.

Digital adjustable settings

This unit has a digital thermostat and time that helps you choose or adjust your precise temperature and time for excellent results. The automatic temperature and timer go off when the drying food is ready and ensures that foods are dehydrated at their optimal temperature and crispiness.

Temperature ranges from 95⁰F to 158⁰F while the timer can last up to 19.5 hours drying time. The settings are well displayed on the screen for easy and clear viewing.


This dehydrator machine is well designed to perfectly dry your fruit rolls, vegetable, herbs, spices and also meat jerky. The dried food is very delicious and enjoyable, last long and retain their taste. It’s a perfect way for food preservation without additives or preservatives.

Things to consider

  • Safety of the dehydrator – this unit has an overheating safety protection
  • Consider the capacity that the dehydrator can hold at a time – Magic Mill has a large food holding capacity
  • You might want to check the automatic shut off settings
  • Consider the design and convenient of use – this unit comes with removable and adjustable racks


  • Has a large volume of drying food at a time
  • The removable racks are simple and quick to clean
  • Placing food and herbs in the racks is easy
  • It’s a highly durable dehydrator
  • Soft and quiet when in operation


  • If you have a fixed budget, it won’t be a good choice
  • Not ideal for smaller kitchens

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this food dehydrator have any fruit roll-up sheets?

Yes, the 3 pieces leather sheets can be used to make fruit rolls.

  • Does this gadget turn off automatically?

Yes, the preset settings turn off automatically when the drying process is over.

  • What are the dimensions of this food dehydrator system?

This unit measure 19 inches by 15 inches by 13.5 inches.

  • Are the sheets BPA free plastic?

Yes, these plastic sheets are BPA free making the unit healthy to use.

Concluding Thoughts

Dehydrate your foods by washing and slicing in the same size, shape, and thickness. You only place the slices on the racks and set your desired temp and time. Once the food is ready, the auto setting modes switch off. This kitchen appliance has a drip tray that collects any residue from the drying process.

Its rear-mounted fan distributes heat uniformly and effectively. It’s a 600-watt machine that ensures consistent airflow and promotes even drying without overheating.

This gadget has a see-through cover that helps you monitor the dehydrating process. You may want to choose this kitchen gadget for its unbeatable performance and the ability to hold a large capacity of food at a time.

The racks are also adjustable thus giving you enough space to dry large slices of food or fruit rolls. It’s also very easy to clean the plastic racks because they are removable. This item is beneficial for your lifestyle.


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