Ivation Vacuum Sealer VSP180 Review

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Improve your food preservation and cooking with the Ivation Vacuum Sealer VSP180. This unit is meant for those who want an affordable, quality vacuum sealer solution.

Despite its affordability, this vacuum sealer delivers real results. It’s meant to prevent food damaging agents from entering your food. You can also use this best sous vide vacuum sealer for SOUS VIDE cooking.

With an elegant black finish and the well-displayed operation button, you will find this machine simple to use. All keen cooks will want to have this portable vacuum sealer from the kitchen.

Apart from keeping your food fresh for 5 times longer, it also preserves the flavor. After storing your food for long, it will still have your desired aroma and taste.

When it comes to food preservation, you should be very careful. We present the Ivation Vacuum Sealer VSP180 review to help you understand this machine better. In this review, we shall cover some of the weaknesses of this machine.

Ivation Vacuum Sealer VSP180


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Features of Ivation Vacuum Sealer VSP180

Keeps food from damaging agents

This vacuum sealer suctions all air out of the storage bags and seals the opening shut. No moisture and oxygen that is allowed to enter your food.

So food damaging agents such as mold, microbes, insects and mildew are prevented from entering the food pouch. Once you seal the food, it won’t get damaged. You will remove it at a later date and enjoy it will it’s still fresh.

Great for all kinds of foods

Regardless of the kind of food that you might want to preserve, this unit will serve you. It preserves the freshness and flavor of your food 5 times longer than conventional preservation methods.

You can use it for vegetables and fruits. This unit prevents freezer burns on frozen vegetables and fruits. Your stored food will be free from nasty bacteria and bugs.

Ideal for SOUS VIDE cooking

Are you a fan of SOUS vide cooking?

Then you know this method of cooking requires airtight sealing. This vacuum sealing system has been recommended for sous vide cooking. In sous vide cooking, the vacuum-sealed food item is immersed in the water bath.

The water bath is heated to the food’s final serving temperature. Since this sealer bars moisture loss, the sealed food can be heated in the bath for hours without the risk of overcooking or parching.

Accommodates extra wide bags

You can use this vacuum sealer with a range of bags. It has become a popular domestic machine since it holds extra wide bags. This unit can accommodate 12-inch wide rolls and bags.

Those who want to seal larger items will appreciate this feature. When you purchase this item, it comes with a starter kit allowing you to start sealing immediately.

The kit includes 5 gallon bags and 5 quart bags. In case you want to use other accessories, it comes with a built-in port for optional accessories.

Simple operation

If your current sealing system is hard to use, you should consider a replacement. Having an easy to use vacuum sealer gives you a peace of mind every time you want to seal your food items.

This vacuum sealer features one-touch operation. With a touch of a button, you will start sealing your food. Ease of use is also ensured by the lightweight and compact design.

Great for delicate foods

At times you want to preserve delicate foods such as ripe fruits and vegetables. This vacuum sealing system is ideal for sealing these delicate foods.

It has dry and moist food settings for the convenience of use. The gentle setting helps you to prevent crushing dry or delicate foods.

Things to consider

  • What you want to vacuum seal – this machine is perfect for sealing food items and fruits, and sous vide cooking
  • The size and type bags you will be sealing – the Ivation VSP180 can seal quart and gallon bags
  • Ease of operation and convenience of sealing your bags
  • Durability of the machine and availability of manufacturer’s warranty


  • Suctions all the air out of the storage pouch
  • Preserves the freshness of your foods
  • Prevents freezer burns on fruits and vegetables
  • Lightweight and compact for convenient use
  • Easy one-touch operation


  • It’s pretty noisy during operation
  • Only meant for domestic use
  • It doesn’t come with a built-in paper cutter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this vacuum sealer have an auxiliary port to seal Mason jar?

It has a built-in port for use with optional accessories.

  • Can I use FoodSaver bags with this unit?

Yes. You can use these bags with no problem, but ensure the bags are 12-inch or shorter.

  • Does this unit have an integrated cutter to cut the sealed food bags?

No. it does not have a cutter.

  • Is this unit designed to work with 110v or 220v?

It works with 110v which is the standard household electric current.

  • How long will the item it take to vacuum seal one edge when using this item?

It might take about two minutes to seal a single bag.


Final Verdict

Those who want to preserve dry or delicate foods including fruits and vegetables will find this unit very useful. If you love SOUS vide cooking, you should still consider this vacuum sealer.

It’s very affordable, compact and lightweight which enhances the convenience of use at home. However, this machine has some shortcomings.

It doesn’t come with a paper cutter and might be noisy when in operation. These downsides don’t outweigh the benefits of having this item at home. So it is a great purchase.


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