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My Top 10 Seclection of Best Air Fryer (Updated 2020)

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Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 06:18 am

An air fryer is a common appliance all modern kitchens.  It has an intelligent operating mechanism where hot air is utilized in the cooking process.

The specialty and uniqueness of air fryers offer users a healthy alternative for cooking.  Less fat is one of the outstanding benefits of these units.

With the best air fryer, you will get food with is crunchy from the outside but tender on the inside, just the way you love it.

It offers an economical option to prepare food while improving your diet.  Moreover, an air fryer has a sleek, convenient and sophisticated design making it a great addition to your high-end kitchen appliances. 


My Top Ten Selection of Best Air Fryers


Philips hd9220/26 Air Fryer With Rapid Air Technology


Philips hd9220/26 Air Fryer With Rapid Air Technology

The Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer offers a simple option to enjoy a healthier form of your favorite food by frying it with a tablespoon or even less oil. You will also drain excess fat during cooking.

The rapid air technology distributes air around the whole unit and heats up to 390 degrees to make sure all the food is cooked uniformly throughout. Your food becomes tender on the inside and crispy on the outside with less or no oil. 

This air fryer does more than simply fry. You can use it to roast, bake and even grill your food. It gives you many options when entertaining your guests or feeding the family.

Use it to prepare everything from tasty fried chicken to delicious cakes. It holds 1.8 pounds of food at once and a 30-minute timer to offer excellent oil-free cooking.

The components of this air fryer are dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleaning.



  • 390 degrees adjustable temperature control
  • 30-minute timer featuring ready signal and automatic shut-off
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 1.8 pounds cooking basket capacity
  • Includes a cookbook with over 25 recipes


  • Versatile, you can use it to fry, bake, grill or roast your food
  • Has a timer and adjustable temperature 
  • Shuts off automatically 
  • Dishwasher safe for simple cleaning


  • It is large and may not fit on a small kitchen counter.
  • It is heavy and not very portable. 


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Gowise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer


Gowise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

The Gowise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer uses a rapid air circulation mechanism to cook food. Thus, offering a new easy and healthy way to fry different foods.

This air fryer functions by circulating air around your ingredients. It offers you the option of grilling, roasting, baking or frying your favorite foods.

With this air fryer, you can prepare anything from crispy French fries to cakes. It features a removable pan and detachable basket making it easy to remove food from the fryer to serving dishes.

Also, it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. This electric air fryer features temp control from 176-392 degrees Fahrenheit, a 30-minute cooking timer and 8 various cooking preset.

Use it to warm up chips, meat, chicken, shrimp, steak, fish, and cake. This air fryer is safe to use in your kitchen.

It features automatic standby mode, automatic switch off and overheat protection. Additionally, it is ETL certified and meets all standards concerning electromagnetic fields.



  • 2.5 QT capacity
  • 8 cooking presets
  • 30-minutes cooking timer
  • Temperature control from 176-392 degrees Fahrenheit
  • ETL certified


  • An easy and healthy way to fry food
  • Rapid air circulation for even cooking
  • Has 8 coking pre-sets 
  • Automatic shut-off for safety  


  • It has a smaller capacity than Philips Airfryer.
  • It is designed for 110V only.


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Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer


Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer

 The Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer allows you to cook with just a spoon or less oil making it a perfect appliance to prepare healthy meals.

With this air fryer, you can use 70% less oil to cook your favorite foods like hamburgers and fries. All the parts of this fryer are dishwasher-safe for simple cleanup.

It comes with a recipe booklet with over 25 recipes. This air fryer has 1500 watts frying power and a 30-minute timer to cook up to 3.2L of food effectively.

It comes with an adjustable temperature of up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other air fryers in the market, the Cozyna comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Therefore, if you are not satisfied with its operation, you can ask for a refund. It is a multi-purpose fryer that allows you to roast, grill, bake and even fry your food. As you prepare healthy foods, you will also save on the cost of oil.



  • Air fryer technology for healthy foods
  • 1500 watts, 3.2L capacity
  • 25-recipes cookbook
  • 70% less oil
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee



  • A healthy option to frying with oil
  • Multiple uses
  • Uses less oil than a conventional fryer
  • 30-day money-back guarantee



  • The bottom of this fryer is round, hindering effective airflow
  • The bottom cover may constantly fall off if you don’t hold it properly


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Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100b Air Fryer in Black


Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100b Air Fryer in Black

It is time to experience the revolutionary technique to cook your favorite food. The Avalon bay offers a great way to enjoy your favorite foods while leading a healthy lifestyle.

You will no longer fry foods, but air fries them in this mini-conventional oven air fryer. It works just like a convection oven but does it better.

You will eat foods with less fat. The fan technology removes oils and fats from food, by letting it drip through a dripping basket.

Then it airs fry your food and makes it develop a crispy outer cover. The result is fewer calories, less waste, and less guilt. High-speed circulation allows hot air to circulate evenly for effective cooking.

The heat comes in through all directions to ensure the ingredients in the non-stick food basket are heated at once.

A 30-minute timer allows you to customize the setting to prepare your foods the way you want. The automatic turn off and “Ding” noise notify you when your food is ready.



  • Rapid air circulation technology
  • Mesh metal basket helps offer extra crispy results
  • Safety elements: automatic shut off, 30-minute timer
  • Dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning
  • Stainless steel 304 heating element


  • Huge to accommodate large amounts of food
  • The basket has drip holes to remove oils and fats
  • The middle of the pan is a bit raised for even cooking
  • Stainless steel material for durability 


  • It doesn’t come with a cookbook
  • It is bulky


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Vonshef 2.2-Litre Air Fryer 1230w


Let the Vonshef 2.2-litre air fryer you prepare ultra-delicious and extra-healthy meals.  This air fryer allows you to use 80% less fat, so forget cooking your food in a sea of fat, oils and calories.

Unlike conventional fryers, the Vonshef 2.2-litre allows you to prepare unbelievably mouth-watering foods that are tender moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

You will enjoy foods such as desserts, fried chicken and chips without worrying about your waistline. This air fryer features a rapid air circulation mechanism for quick cooking and low energy consumption.

It has a 0-60 minute timer featuring automatic shut off to prevent instances of over-cooking and burning. An adjustable thermostat temp control of between 80-200 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to cook virtually everything.

It has a generous frying capacity that allows you took batches of food at once, thus, saving your time. The cool-touch handle makes it simple to transfer your food from the fryer to serving dishes.

An adjustable thermostat temp control of between 80-200 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to cook virtually everything. It has a generous frying capacity that allows you took batches of food at once, thus, saving your time.

The cool-touch handle makes it simple to transfer your food from the fryer to serving dishes. The cool-touch handle makes it simple to transfer your food from the fryer to serving dishes. 



  • Use 80% less fat than conventional fryers
  • 0-60 minute timer
  • Adjustable thermostat temperature controls between 80-200 degrees
  • Stainless steel design; non-slip feet; cool-touch handle 
  • Measures 35.5cm by 32cm by 32cm
  • 2-year limited warranty



  • Simple to step and use
  • Generous frying capacity
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Easy to clean


  • It has a lower frying power than the Cozyna air fryer.
  • The basket can’t be removed from the handle for baking.


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Gourmia gta2500 Electric Digital Air Fryer


The Gourmia gta2500 features state of the art technology allowing for crispiness and optimal taste while eliminating additional fats during cooking.

You will enjoy the goodness of fried favorites such as fried chicken, egg rolls,  French fries and more without a load of calories and oils.

The unique design of this air fryer works by constantly circulating air to cook your food, instead of depending on oil. The result is a perfectly crisp exterior and moist interior.

The cooking time is reduced by up to 60%. It comes with 11 versatile attachments giving you the power to cook more.

You can steam, grill, roast, fry, and bake your favorite food to your entertain guests or family. This air fryer features a non-stick, removable and an easy to clean interior liner allowing you to cook food in a clean appliance. 



  • Air frying technology
  • Powerful convection current
  • 11 versatile attachments
  • Non-stick interior
  • Easy to clean components


  • Highly versatile 
  • Reduces cooking time by up to 60%
  • The interior liner is easy to wash
  • Continuous hot air circulation offers uniform cooking 


  • It is heavy and thus, not easily portable
  • It is large, so it occupies a large space on the kitchen counter


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Ivation 1500 Watts Multifunction Electric Air Fryer


The Ivation Electric Air Fryer offers you the option to enjoy healthy, grease-free foods. The revolutionary technology of this air fryer utilizes a robust convection fan to distribute hot air which quickly cooks your food to perfection. It is simple to use.

Simply place your ingredients in the machine, set time and temperature and within some minutes you will enjoy mouth-watering healthy food without grease and oil. It features 1500 watts cooking power and keeps a steady temperature during the cooking process.

This fryer uses a smart air circulation system that ensures even air distribution. With every pass, your food is slowly brought closer to its final temperature. It features a slide-out pan and detachable basket for simple dispensing of ready foods. 

A 30-minutes timer and ready alert notify you when your food is ready. It also features an auto-off that prevents your food from overcooking. The unit comes with several popular foods presets. These include fries, meat, snacks, poultry, and baked foods.



  • Revolutionary air technology for healthy frying
  • Intuitive controls; set temperatures up to 392 degrees
  • Innovative air circulation system for even air circulation
  • Automatic shut-off when food is ready
  • Features convenient presets 
  • Removable pan and detachable basket


  • Cooks your favorite foods within minutes
  • Precision temperature ranges control
  • Smart air circulation allows even heating
  • Auto-off prevents your food from overheating


  • It uses 110v and not 220v
  • It is a little bit bigger.  


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Philips hd9230/26 Digital Air Fryer

The Philips hd9230/26 Digital Air Fryer offers a great cooking alternative. It allows you to improve the taste and texture of your favorite foods.

With an exceptional air technology and double layer rack accessory, this air fryer offers perfect cooking results.  The hot air circulates at a high-speed in all directions around your ingredients to ensure even cooking.

A simple digital touchscreen interface allows you to set the time up to 6o minutes and temperature up to 390 degrees. This air fryer comes with a recipe booklet that has over 25 popular recipes.

Thus, you will fry, roast, grill and even bake your favorite foods.  The components of this machine are dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning.

You will be able to remove food odors and debris, promoting a healthy diet. It is an effective and safe machine. The fryer shuts off automatically when the timer reaches the zero mark. This feature prevents overcooking, and a sound indicator notifies you when your cooking is complete.

Additionally, it has cool to touch hand grips and non-slip feet to ensure it stays in place during the cooking process. Cold storage at the bottom of the fryer keeps things organized and tidy.



  • Adjust the temperature up to 390 degrees 
  • 60-minute timer
  • Double layer rack to maximize cooking surface
  • Dishwasher-safe components 
  • Uses 70% less fat
  • Includes a cookbook with over 25 recipes


  • Digital touchscreen interface for simple temperature settings
  • Highly versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe components for simple cleaning
  • High-speed and precision air circulation for uneven cooking


  • It doesn’t hold a lot of food
  • The front handle doesn’t lock in place on the machine


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Philips hd9240/94 Airfryer Avance

With the Philips Avance, you will eat healthier without compromising the texture and taste of your favorite foods.  This air fryer features unique rapid air technology that disperses hot air with precision and speed for faster cooking.

It is a great option to get perfect results while using less oil. A digital touchscreen interface allows you to adjust the temperatures up to 390 degrees. 

This intelligent air fryer features a Smart preset button that enables the machine to remember the settings of your previous foods.

A 60-minutes timer allows customized cooking. This unit has a large capacity basket allowing you to prepare large amounts of foods at a go. The Philips Avance is a versatile machine that can be used to bake, fry, grill, and roast a variety of foods. 



  • Rapid air technology
  • Digital touchscreen interface 
  • Adjustable temperature up to 390 degrees
  • 60-minute time
  • Smart preset button memorizes the settings of your foods


  • Large basket to cook large amounts of food at a go
  • Smart preset button memorizes settings of your favorite foods
  • Digital touchscreen interfaces for simple operation
  • Precise and speed air circulation for uniform cooking


  • It is enormous so large counters space is required
  • It may be a bit challenging to clean


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Lidore 8-Modes Oil-Less Air Fryer


The Lidore 8-modes is an energy-efficient tabletop cooker that leaves your food with no oils and fats.  This oil-less versatile fryer requires no pre-heating.

Also, it allows you to cook food without defrosting it prior. If you want a powerful, energy-efficient and sleek air fryer, this model may be your choice.  It offers 1300 watts of air frying power.

High-Speed hot air circulation allows you to bake, roast, grill, steam, toast and fry all your favorite foods. You can purchase this air fryer as a gift to your loved one.

Also, if you have a limited kitchen space, this unit is a great choice.  Moreover, it is simple to use and clean making it very convenient to use in your kitchen.

It is an 8-modes electric fryer to cook virtually everything.  This fryer provides gentle infrared heat that cooks your food from the inside out. It has a cooking power of 1400 watts.

Hot air circulates at high speed in 360 degrees for even cooking.  It has a capacity of 10L allowing you to cook large amounts of food at once. The unit is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.



  • 8-modes electric fryer; LED control panel
  • 360 degrees all-directional airflow
  • 10 liters capacity cook pot
  • 1400 watts of high-speed cooking
  • Free E-book recipes


  • No defrosting or pre-heating 
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Turbofan for high-speed cooking 
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • There are about 4 recipes in the e-book 
  • The power cord is a may be short if you plan to place the fryer far from the wall outlet


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How to Choose An Air Fryer

With the best air fryer, you will enjoy low fat and calorie foods such as French fries, potato chips, and fried chicken. Conversely, a poorly designed air fryer can really mess your food.  Thus, you should be keen when making a choice. Consider the following. 



Typically, air fryers require between 800-1400 watts. Before you settle on a particular air fryer, ensure your kitchen outlet can support this wattage. 


Capacity and Size

Capacity is a vital aspect that you should consider. Most fryers hold between 1.5-2.5 pounds of food at a time. This capacity is sufficient for most users, but you should choose a unit that suits your specific needs.

Most air fryers have a compact design to fit on your kitchen counter. A few models are bulky but very handy in your kitchen.



Although air fryers have a straightforward design, some have unappealing settings. Nearly all units reach up to 360 degrees and have a timer.

Different consumers have various needs while some require air fryers with high temperatures others love devices with versatile settings.


Additional Features

Most air fryers use small amounts of oil, but some health-conscious users opt for a total oil-free fryer. Multi-purpose air fryers allow you to cook 2 or more types of food at once.

Digital programmable settings, nonstick surfaces, rapid-cook technology and are some other features found in air fryers.


How I Selected The Best Air Fryers


There are numerous air fryers in the market today, so choosing the best model may be a challenge.  I inspected different air fryers from various manufacturers.

Also, I considered market acceptance. I tested several units; obvious this was to my desire of knowing the best models. Finally, I came up with the 10 top air fryers in the market.


Who Needs an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a great kitchen appliance for those who hate big clean-ups after cooking, want to eat healthier, cook food faster and love fried foods. If you are among such people, an air fryer is a perfect device for you. 


Final Verdict

An air fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite foods in a healthy form.  It helps reduce the number of fats and oils used in cooking while making the outer part of your food crispy and the inner part tender.

All the units covered in this review are of top quality and you can rely on them.  The huge deal is to have a pattern when shopping for an air fryer.

First, analyze your needs, the amount of space on your kitchen counter and how frequent you will be using your air fryer. Once you have all the facts and a set budget, evaluate different fryers based on their features.

The important features to consider include wattage, capacity, maximum temperature capability, dishwasher-safe and timer option. 

If you are keen on these factors, you will surely end up with the best air fryer. Compare and contrast the machines in this review and you will get your dream fryer. I hope this guide will help you in making the right choice.

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