The Top 12 Best Ice Maker For Home Kitchens of 2023

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Summertime is around the corner, you are holding the hottest party having invited your best friends. When everything, ranging from cool rock music, food, and the drinks is at its best, you realize you just ran out of ice.

When people are getting along so well and the time for refills finally comes, you may not have much to do. Well, I know that bad feeling when you just realize you are about to disappoint every single person at the party.

That is the moment you realize; your bulky refrigerator won’t be of any use. What you need is the best ice maker. This is a very handy appliance that never misses in modern kitchens. It can be used to make ice and do several other things.

People living in hot climates understand better how a portable ice-maker helps them maintain a steady supply of ice. To them, nothing goes down without requiring the use of ice, whether it is drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juice and much more.

Ice can be put into so many uses. If you are tired of diluted drinks, it is time you become a game-changer by buying an ice maker. It can be used by those that:

  • Love taking chilled down drinks
  • Making smoothies using ice
  • Love iced tea, coffee and more

If you are reading this article, be glad you made your way here. This article will tackle everything you would want to know in regard to ice makers. Expect the best schooling.

Top 12 Best Ice Maker Reviews

The Top 12 Best Ice Maker For Home Kitchens of 2022

Selecting the best ice-making machine may be a challenge especially for beginners. Other than price, there are other factors to be put into consideration.

However, with this guide at your disposal, the hassle of getting the best ice-making machine gets halved. In fact, we have made the work simpler by compiling a list of the 20 best ice-making machines out there. Take your time, go through the list and go for what best suits your needs.

Best for Portable: Edgestar IP210SS1 Ice Maker

edgestar IP210SS1 Ice Maker


  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • Doesn’t require drain
  • Produces ice after a short time
  • Features a classy digital display for easy operation
  • Easy to use controls; one-touch buttons
  • Compact footprint matches any setting

The Edgestar IP210SS1 is an incredible commercial-grade ice-making machine that let’s have a batch of cold refreshing ice in as little as 6 minutes. Simply fill the 1-gallon reservoir and wait for cold fresh ice. Your fine whiskey will be chilled than ever before. Designed with a stainless steel finish, this unit boasts of a classy touch.

Where there is a 115-volt power outlet, this unit will rock your picnic, tailgating, get-together or summer party.  Digital display and the one-touch buttons make using this unit a breeze. With a push of a button, you can relax knowing you will get the best crank of ice.

Standing under 15” high plus the compact design makes this best portable ice maaker perfect for most modern kitchens or bars. Construction is quality. This unit is not made of cheap plastics, it is simply built to last.

Edgestar produces up to 28 pounds of ice per day. Plus, there is an insulated storage compartment that stores 2 pounds of ice. No drain is required. When ice melts, it is collected and reformed back to ice again. If you hate to take your ice in one shape, try the Edgestar IP210SS1, it gives you three ice size options.




Best for Portable: NewAir AI-100R 28 Pounds Icemaker, Red

NewAir AI-100R 28 Pounds Icemaker


  • Compact design fits any décor or kitchen setting
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Automatic shut off when the ice basket is full
  • Tact and fine shape
  • No installation plumber required
  • Perfect size for convenient storage

If you have been loathing buying an ice-making machine, try the NewAir AI-100R Portable Machine. You won’t be disappointed. It is a compact ice-making machine designed to bring ice-making convenience right to your small kitchen or bar.

It is also a great carry in spaces like RVs, boats and more. Get a whole 28 pounds of ice and avoid running to the store for a bag of ice. One of the NewAir portable ice-making machines lands in your kitchen, be sure to enjoy cold refreshed ice every single day.

Plus, you can choose the size of the cubes depending on your needs, whether small, medium or large. You can use the clear LED control panel and adjust the ice-making settings to your own preference.

When the ice basket gets full, this unit automatically shuts off. Another additional bonus is the fact that this unit requires no installation. You just plugin, add clean water and wait for a few minutes for your cold refreshed ice.

If there is a feature that stands out in this unit it is the flawless design. It is a major footprint that signifies consistent and dependable ice production. Planning to go for a camping trip, get this amazing machine and rock your outdoor experience. You will never run out of ice. Unless you need so much ice in a hurry, this unit will do you good.




Best for Portable: Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice machine, Silver

Best Portable Ice Maker


  • One-touch operation
  • Features modern compressor technology
  • Sleek design for the extra addition of décor
  • Makes ice in about 6 minutes
  • Equipped with indicators for guided usage

Enjoy the shortest time of making ice cubes with Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL. An impressive 6 minutes is all it takes to get solid cubes. Featuring a modern refrigeration technology, this unit boasts of exquisite ice making.

From its sleek design, any ice fanatic would for sure tell that this is a performance-oriented unit. A removable tray is included for easy transfer of ice.

Even though this machine comes equipped with a large see-through window, it also features a handy low water level and maximum ice capacity alerts. Not sure when you should press the button? Well, these alerts give you peace of mind.

This machine is one of the easiest to control because of the intuitive icons that let you adjust the settings digitally. All the buttons are ease-push one-touch. Compact in design but amazing in production – 26 pounds of ice per day. Whether holding a bridal shower or a tailgating party, the Ivation icemaker proves to be the ultimate workhorse.

Be sure the glasses will be clicking and every single guest will get satisfied. You may choose between two ice sizes. The 80-ounce reservoir features a low indicator that alerts you when it is time to add more water. Additionally, a flashing snowflake icon also indicates when ice making is on standby.




Best for Portable: Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice machine, White

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice machine, White


  • Doesn’t require a drain
  • Perfect size fits mist countertops
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Saves water and time by recycling water

Enjoy making ice with the Koldfront Ultra-compact ice-making machine. It is a compact unit that complements any decor and fits most kitchen cabinets. It has a storage capacity of 1.5lbs which is perfect for most countertops.

Kindly note than this isn’t a freezer even though it is well insulated. The ultra-compact portable ice-making machine is one smart device loaded with a robust features that enhance ice making. It is brilliantly designed to be among the most compact and lightweight models.

Being portable means you can practically make ice wherever you go. Get up to 26lbs of ice per day with this unit. In less than 10 minutes your ice will be ready. Your summer parties are going to be the best, no more rushing to the stores to buy ice.

The storage bin is well-insulated and can hold 1.5lbs of ice, which is not very little given that this model is compact. Versatility is well expressed in the Koldfront ultra-compact ice-making machine. You can use the simple touch and sensitive controls to adjust between the ice sizes available.

If you are looking for a compact and highly portable ice-making machine for your camping trip, cabins, boats or any other event where you feel ice should be available in plenty, this is the right choice. This unit is great both in design and performance.




Best for Portable: Luma Comfort IM200SS Clear Ice-Maker

Luma Comfort IM200SS Clear Ice-Maker


  • Features a space-saving countertop design
  • Makes restaurant-quality ice
  • Ease set up and use
  • Quality stainless steel finish
  • Luxurious and entertaining in nature

If you are looking for an ice machine that completes personal preference, the Luma Comfort portable ice-maker machine delivers exactly what it says. It is the ultimate entertaining necessity that deserves a place of honor in your kitchen.

Want to make restaurant-quality crystal clear ice, you are at the right place. Featuring a stainless steel finish, the Luma Comfort ice-making machine delivers 28 pounds of ice and adds elegance to your modern kitchen.

Worried about the extra plumbing charges? Well, the good news is that the Luma doesn’t require the help of a licensed plumber. It is a simple plug and plays the ice-making machine. Easy-to-use push-button controls and LED display gives this incredible machine a leg up compared to its competitors. It has a storage capacity of 2.15lbs which is quite amazing.

Whether it is for home use or on the road, this compact and sleek unit has you covered. No disappointments at all! It is a functional, reliable and dependable unit that will make you a cold batch of ice. Additional features of the Luma include full ice and low water indicators. I highly recommend this unit to those that plan to rock their cool summertime parties.




Best for Portable: RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker, Silver

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker


  • The compact design makes it a multipurpose machine
  • Produces ice within 6 minutes
  • Features LED controls for user versatility
  • The perfect machine for summer parties

If you are looking for a compact ice-making machine that lets you customize your ice making cycles, defining every single step, I highly recommend the RCA RIC102 compact ice-making machine. It is no doubt that this unit will fit almost every single countertop. Let the summer parties find you prepared when the time for enjoying well-chilled down drinks finally comes knocking.

Let the RIC102 have a place of honor in your kitchen and you can be pretty sure, ice will always be plenty.

Though compact in design, this machine can make 26lbs of ice per day and let you wait for your fresh batch of ice for as little as 6 minutes. That is incredible given that this machine is portable and very compact in design.

User versatility is impeccable. Designers of this machine must have had the user in mind when manufacturing the RCA RIC102. The electronic controls and the LED indicators make this machine one of the easiest models to use.

It can store up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time and also features a 2.3 Quart reservoir. More amazing is the modern cup whose size can be adjusted for high-end machine functionality. Grab the RCA compact ice-making machine and enjoy ice making at the comfort of your home. You will definitely love the new experience.




Best for Portable: Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH Ice Maker

Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH Ice Maker


  • Smart alerts for precise ice making
  • Takes about 6 minutes only to make ice
  • Capable of producing 26.5 pounds of ice at maximum
  • Professional-grade automatic ice-making machine

The IVA-ICEM25WH is another great ice-making machine from the renowned Ivation Producers. To avoid the disappointment of running out of ice when the summer parties are at their best, you better have the Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH.

Modern compressor refrigeration technology delivers cold and refreshed ice. Whether you love iced tea, coffee or smoothies, this unit has you covered. Its performance-oriented design matches any modern kitchen setting.

Get your batch of ice in as less as six minutes. Plus, you can opt for any of the three selectable ice sizes. The 2.8-liter reservoirs save you the refill hassle. You will also be alerted when it is time to add more water.

In addition, an indicator also informs you when the ice bucket is full. In addition to having easy-to-touch buttons that enhance user versatility, this unit lets you know when you should come to its aid or when a given process comes to halt.

It has an impressive ice storage capacity of 2.2 pounds. With Ivation’s professional-grade ice-making machine in your house, you better pour the drop rather than drive to the nearest gas station or store.

It is wise and economical to do so rather than drive. Another incredible feature is the clear LCD display that makes this unit easy to use. Intuitive icons let you know when it is time to act.

As if that is not enough, the Ivation Auto on/off timer ensures perfection and precision in the entire ice making process. Use the large see-through window and monitor every single process of ice making not forgetting the ice level.

If you are looking for a compact ice-making machine that takes the shortest time to set ready beautifully solid chillers, the Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH is the right choice. Try it out and you will be glad you did!




Best for Portable: Hamilton Beach Portable Ice-maker Review

Hamilton Beach Portable Ice-maker Review


  • Makes ice batch of 9 pieces after 6-8 minutes wait time
  • Comes with a free scoop and user manual
  • Features smart alerts for user convenience
  • Easy to use with the one-touch buttons

Are you tired of fetching several bags of ice from the gas station or nearest store? Well, neither will an ice tray do you any good. If that is your situation, I highly recommend the Hamilton Beach portable ice-maker machine.

It is a perfect machine that you can depend on for years in regard to making cold and fresh ice cubes when summer times come knocking. It is an amazing unit that is capable of yielding up to 25 pounds of ice every single day.

Within 6 to 8 minutes, you get your batch of solid chillers. The high-efficient compressor is integrated into this unit. If you love convenience, precision, and quiet yet excellent operation, then you are in the right place.

The black stylish finish and the stainless steel body matches any décor. This machine is the ultimate appliance for parties, holidays, get-togethers or anywhere else where quick-to-serve ice is needed. You will love its easy-to-touch buttons plus the included icons for digital control.

LED indicators are well incorporated in the model to give you peace of mind. No more guesswork when trying to figure out whether the ice bucket is full and when you should add more water.  Additionally, this unit features a 2.5liter water reservoir. Plus, the ice storage capacity is 2 pounds. I highly recommend this unit to those interested in mastering the ice-making art. It is worth the money.




Best for Portable: Whynter IMC-490SS Portable Ice-Making Machine 49 Pounds

Whynter IMC-490SS Portable Ice-Making Machine 49 Pounds


  • Features a powerful compressor cooling
  • An impressive daily capacity (49 pounds)
  • Large water reservoir
  • Doesn’t require a drain
  • Easy installation
  • Produces ice in a matter of minutes

The Whynter IMC-490SS is a stand-alone ice-making machine that impressively sets ready 49 pounds of ice. I am pretty sure no single restaurant owner would hesitate to go for this model. It surpasses their daily ice needs. Even though it is a bit large, you can comfortably use it in your home, office or in an RV. Expect ice cubes in three different sizes. You can choose between low, medium and high.

It is designed to produce 1” long conical shaped ice cubes in 12 impressive batches. In an average of 10 minutes, you get your ice ready. Equipped with a 5.0 L water capacity means you won’t have to spend the whole day refilling when making a lot of ice.

If you love making a lot of parties, I am pretty sure you will appreciate this feature most. Additionally, this unit can store up to 2.7 lbs. One most impressive feature is the lack of a drain. I love the fact that the water that melts from the ice cubes gets filtered and recycled back to ice again. The interactive control panel and the auto-off feature comes in handy when the ice bin is full. Carrying this unit is much easier because of the ergonomically designed hand 2-side handles.

Both versatility and portability are well incorporated into the Whynter IMC portable ice-making machine. Enjoy the soft-touch buttons while showing off with these elegantly designed stainless steel ice-making machines. It is a premium ice-making machine, worth every single penny.




Best for Countertop: Igloo ICE103 Review

Igloo ICE103 Review


  • LED indicators for accuracy and precision
  • Comes with an over-sized ice basket
  • Makes a batch of ice in 6 minutes
  • Three ice cube sizes
  • Convenient size

Whether a modern kitchen or a bar zone, the Igloo ICE103 ice-making machine fits any setting. It is beautiful and elegantly designed with stainless steel wear. Having it in your kitchen meaning having extra decor. This unit is loaded with prominent features that give you what you want. An oversized ice basket of 2.2lbs lets you enjoy the ultimate ice making experience.

Love ice in different sizes? Well, the Igloo lets you choose between low, medium and large ice sizes. The most amazing part is that you can get your batch of ice within 6 minutes or less. You may not get the restaurant size of ice but be sure this ice-making machine sets ready at least 26lbs of ice per day. That is more than you may need to rock your tailgating, picnic or a get-together party.

It is a portable model that uses compression as its cooling mechanism. Being lightweight means you can carry this unit when taking a vacation or any other trip away from home. All the controls featured in the Igloo are one-touch via the electronic control panel. Handy LED indicators make your operation more interactive and precise. Grab this Best Countertop Ice  Maker for your summer parties and feel the difference. You will love the new experience!




Best for Countertop: Ivation Portable High Capacity Countertop Ice Maker

Best Countertop Ice Maker


  • Exquisite modern compressor technology
  • Sleek elegant design
  • Alerts and controls for monitoring ice making
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Automatic shut-off

The  Ivation Portable High Capacity Countertop Ice Maker  machine is an ideal choice for those that prefer a commercial-grade unit that features top-notch ice making technology.

This unit uses modern compressor technology and is capable of making a batch of ice within 6 minutes. Well, having this machine in your house is much better than running to the nearest store or gas station every single day.

Enjoy making fresh ice stones in the comfort of your home. To use the Ivation ice-making machine, you don’t need any accolades, simply make your drop and press one or two buttons. You will definitely appreciate the sleek performance-oriented design that fits any given interior setting. Y ou can program the machine to produce ice cubes in two sizes.

When the fresh ice bullets are ready, use the removable tray to transfer the ice. Another bonus feature is the large see-through window that allows you to monitor the ice making process and check the ice level from the comfort of your seat. Using this machine is a breeze.

Easy touch buttons make your work much easier. Everything is digitally controlled. I heart the alerts that keep you updated on both cold and hard facts. To give you peace of mind, the unit automatically shuts off when the ice bucket gets full. The fact that the water recycling system uses the ice melts and turns in back to fresh ice makes this machine a superior.

Summer parties are never going to be boring. If you can’t afford to serve your friends with drinks that are any less than perfect, try the Ivation Portable High Capacity Countertop Ice Maker ice-making machine. It is a great one, worth the bucks.



Best for Undercounter: Sunpentown IM-150US

Best Undercounter Ice Maker


  • Features reversible door
  • Suitable for low-capacity users

The Sunpentown ice-making machine is ideal for low capacity usage. If you are looking for a Best Undercounter Ice Maker that can meet or go beyond the restaurant ice capacity, kindly look elsewhere. The unit makes 12 pounds of crescent-shaped ice per day. I am pretty sure that cannot meet the ice demands of some people.

However, Sunpentown has a number of incredible features that make it worth considering the ice-making machine. Having one on your countertop or cabinet isn’t like lacking one. This is a true built-in application machine that fits under most counters. Additionally, the removable bin holds about 6 pounds of ice. The better part is that you won’t need a drain when using this unit.

However, when it comes to the installation, it is advisable to seek the services of a licensed plumber. A reversible door is included so as to allow one to adjust the opening style depending on the storage space. The door is designed in a sleek black & stainless steel adding some decor to your kitchen.




Buyer Guide: How To Choose The Best Ice Maker

Buying an ice-making machine is different from getting an ideal one. You definitely need to scratch your head and carefully make your steps in order to get the best value for your bucks. In the past years, the ice maker has been evolving in design and features.

Today, they are more versatile than ever and make your work pretty easier than you would imagine. To be on the safer side, consider the following factors before buying your ice machine.

Ice Making Capacity

Your home-use demands in regard to the pounds of ice made per day are totally different from those that use their ice-making machines for commercial purposes. You definitely need to consider a number of factors before cashing over the counter. You could look into:

  • Family size
  • Number of customers for the case of commercial use
  • The way and manner in which you plan to use your ice

Energy Efficiency

Arriving home with a cool new ice-making unit only to realize your bills have doubled is obviously a huge turnoff.  To avoid breaking the banks because of the increase in water and energy bills, strictly buy an energy star rated ice maker. Statistics have it that energy star rated products can save up to 15% on power and 23% on water.

Water Filter

This is an optional feature though maybe a must-have to others. The main aim why one would prefer to have a water filter is to ensure the water used is clean. This helps to keep the ice crystal clear and keep away strange tastes. If tasty ice and machine lifespan are your prime concern, consider buying a model with a water filter.

Air-cooled or water-cooled unit

The only difference between the two is the cooling mechanism. There has been a twist in the revolution and progressive development of the two models. Air-cooled ice machines tend to be budget-friendly but are noisy. Buying a water-cooled ice maker would require you to spend more but enjoy a quiet operation as well.

It is surprising that most people preferred water-cooled machines in the past over air-cooled ones but today, the opposite is true. Modern manufacturers have completely gotten rid of water-cooled ice machines. It is claimed that air-cooled machines tend to be more efficient in saving water and energy bills.


Large-sized ice makers have the obvious advantage of making more ice than smaller sized ones. However, there are circumstances where you would prefer a small portable device rather than a whole gigantic unit.

If you are the type that loves camping, taking vacations and organizing outdoor tailgating parties, a small lightweight. On the other hand, you must be careful with the dimensions so that your ice-making machine fits on your countertop.

Ice Needs

This settles to how big you want your ice cubes to be and how they are shaped as well. This is one factor that bothers so many people because of the varying uses into which ice can be put. Ice can be shaped into cubes, flakes, pellets, or crescent. Prefer large-sized ice cubes, invest in a high-capacity machine.

Overflow Protection

Hygiene-conscious individuals won’t miss out on this feature. It is important in protecting the machine. When the basket is overfilled, the machine automatically shuts off. If you opt for a model without this feature, you could be welcomed with an avalanche of ice overflow when you open your ice-making machine.

Reservoir Capacity

This is one of the most important features but will depend on your usage frequency. A large water reservoir will eliminate the number of refills. On the other hand, a smaller reservoir will keep you on toes. You will be adding water after a short while.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial ice-making machine?

This is a machine that is predominantly used in the foodservice industry and exhibits a higher capacity.

What difference exists between water-cooled and air-cooled ice machine?

The difference between the two is simply the cooling mechanism used. You can learn more about the types of condenser cooling

How can I tell or approximate the amount of ice that I need?

This will depend on your ice demand. If for instance, you plan to use your ice-making machine for commercial purposes, your daily ice demand may be higher or low depending on the number of customers.

On the other hand, if you plan to use the unit at home, 30 or fewer pounds of ice might be enough.  Make use of various online tools and helpful tables to determine your daily ice demand

Which size of ice maker do I choose?

Every single appliance somehow requires some storage.  It is, therefore, advisable to but an ice-making machine that fits your countertop, ice storage bin or hotel dispenser.


Advantages of a Portable Ice Maker

Whenever one tries to compare a freezer and a portable ice maker, the first thing to hit your mind, perhaps, is the convenience associated with owning a portable ice maker.

Well, even though a portable ice maker is one great compact appliance that will let you enjoy refreshing cold ice anywhere, there are several other paybacks that these compact units owning this device worth it.

Advantages of a Portable Ice Maker


This is perhaps the major reason why anyone would opt for a portable ice maker. Nobody wants to spend more than an hour waiting for damn cold ice cubes. Time matters! Even the best freezers out there take about 90 minutes to set ready a batch of ice. On the other hand, a portable ice maker takes roughly 30 minutes.

Super-fast models take as little as 15 minutes. That means once this small machine finds a place on your countertop, your visitors or family members won’t be waiting for long. Additionally, you also avoid wasting time washing messy ice trays.


Featuring a small, compact design, these units will be used anywhere as long as there is a power outlet. Additionally, there are lightweight and designed to fit even in the smallest cabinets. They are the ultimate EDC when organizing road trips, family gatherings, parties, and camping or even RVs.

Your celebration is not complete without ice. Before even thinking of serving cocktails and champagne, don’t forget to make plenty of ice batches.

Ease of Use

Modern ice machines come loaded with interactive features such as LCD screen, light indicators, one-touch push buttons, user manual, and more. All these makes working with them a breeze. Using them is pretty simple and easy as learning 1-2-3.

You simply water into the tank, play with a few buttons and wait for your fresh batch of ready of ice. Both children and seniors can comfortably use them given that they are safe.

Minimal Maintenance

Ice makers are equipped with a refreezing technology that reuses the melted ice. This not only makes them easy to use appliances but also minimizes maintenance. Some models are integrated with a side drainage where excess water collects. You will rarely spend any bucks on maintenance technicians.

Makes and Stores a Variety of Ice Shapes

Even though portable ice machines features a compact design, they can surprisingly make a large amount of ice batch of ice. Most models also have a large storage capacity that can accommodate 2-3lbs.

This may not be enough for the entire one-day ice but still an important feature. Additionally, these elegant beauties allow users to choose between small, medium and large ice cube sizes. Whether you love bullet shaped ice or crave for restaurant-quality ice, these machines will let you have your way.

Lacks Drainage System

Older freezer brands require one to invest fully in a drainage floor, expensive drain pump or any other drainage system. Installing these kinds of ice makers must have been breath-taking.

A portable ice maker doesn’t require any of that. Instead of wasting all that water and the melted ice, these compact units instead recycle melted ice eliminating the need for a special drainage system. There is no hassle of hiring a plumber.

Cost Efficient

By making as much or as little ice as you want in the comfort of your house is definitely a cheaper alternative. The cost of going to the nearest ice store and getting back may appear negligible but when accumulated over a long period, it amounts to significant savings. You will also save on time and perform other more important tasks.

Rocks Get-Togethers, Barbecues and Other Parties

When it is summer time and parties come knocking, your bulky refrigerator won’t be of much help when you need to entertain your guests with refreshing cold drinks. What you need is a portable ice maker that will save you the frustration when you run out of ice.

In less than 30 minutes, a reliable ice machine will set ready a full batch of ice. Some of the reasons as to why you will definitely need a portable ice maker and not your home refrigerator include:

  • Other foods are taking all the space of your Home freezer.
  • Ice made on small messy ice trays cannot quench the thirst of your guests.
  • A freezer won’t be of any help when guests need ice urgently.


Best Practices for Ice Maker

A portable ice maker is a great must-have tool for those who love the convenience of making ice at home. However, we sometimes get carried away with the benefits that come with these handy tabletop machines and forget best practices.

Buying a portable ice maker is quite an investment that is worth it. You definitely should do anything within your reach to explore its full potential to the maximum and utilize every single buck spent. Apart from maximizing the lifespan of your machine, taking care of your ice maker has a direct bearing on your overall health. An infectious machine has a high potential of leading to very damaging effects health-wise. Some of the best practices include:

Best Practices for Ice Maker

Tip #1

Clean or rinse the interior of your ice maker before first use. Immediately you take your machine out of the box, rinse the inside or activate the self-cleaning option if there is one. By doing this way, you get rid of the brand new odor and the excrements.

Tip #2

Clean and dry the interior of your ice maker before storing it in an enclosed location. Empty the water reservoir and any other necessary storage compartment before storing your portable ice maker. This is very important in preventing rusting which can be more hazardous.

Tip #3

Before cleaning your ice maker, check the instructions manual and use the recommended cleaners. In most cases, vinegar, lemon, water are non-erosive solutions that are used. When cleaning, ensure to:

  • Clean all areas including the hard-to-reach corners, gaskets, and behind the flaps
  • Use a brush to reach out to every area and get rid of the tough buildup.
  • Wash the tubing thoroughly so as to avoid infections such as Pseudomonas.

Generally, cleaning should be taken seriously. Improper hygiene can lead to serious damaging implications.

Tip #4

Do not overwork your ice maker. When the compressor gets too hot give the machine a rest.

Tip #5

Ensure to store your unit in a dry clean place. Be careful not to leave the unit unplugged when not in use for long period. In case a power surge occurs, there is a high chance of serious damage or even fire outbreak.


Ensure to practice high levels of personal hygiene and avoid contaminations. This is perhaps the most ignored area by most ice maker owners. Ice is regarded as food by FDA and not some mere product that you can handle as you like.

Never assume that ice is self-sufficient thus able to prevent further infections. Viruses can easily find a way into ice and cause foodborne illness. Instead of going through the costly implications of improper hygiene practices, adhere to personal cleanliness and handle your unit with caution. Some of the viral infections that can occur as a result of improper hygiene include Giardia, Norovirus and E. coli.

The following don’ts can help avert contamination:

  • Do not handle the ice maker with unwashed hands.
  • Do not use dirty ice scooping tools.
  • Don’t operate your ice making machine when sick.
  • Don’t use the ice maker if you have a cut hand before being bandaged.


Why You Really Need The Ice Makers

A portable ice maker is one handy appliance whose need you may not see until you have gotten one. Nothing disgusts like being in a situation where you have to run to the store for ice and leave your visitors stranded because they can no longer refill their drinks.

Neither are you ready to fiddle in the kitchen the whole day washing stressful ice trays?

When it is summertime and ice parties are the order of the day, you need a convenient appliance like the portable ice maker. Running to the store to collect bags of ice in the middle of a rocking party is not a pretty good idea.

Why You Really Need The Ice Makers

Well, it not just about rocking your home parties, portable ice makers can make a whole difference in the way you spend your daily breaks in the office or by the pool. Can you picture going to collect a whole bag of ice and dragging the same to the office?

It is undoubtedly awkward and unacceptable. Neither is a cooler a suitable option. What you need is a compact elegant easy-to-use appliance. Small in design yet indispensable accessories. After all, we are living in a modern world when everything needs to make life convenient and enjoyable.

You definitely got other important things to attend to and not struggle with a gigantic freezer. If you do not know how you can make use of a portable ice maker, try ice making when:

In a nutshell, if you regularly use ice or come from a family that loves ice things, a portable ice maker definitely deserves a place of honor in your home. You won’t have any excuse to continue spending bucks on the nearest ice store owner. Enjoy the convenience of making as much or as less ice as you want at the comfort of your home.


Best Tips To Use A Ice Maker

For those of us obsessed with cold ice-chilled drinks and cocktails, portable ice makers are a must-have kitchen appliance. They save you the burden of having to run to the nearest ice store and spending several bucks on too much or inadequate ice.

Owning a compact ice maker, on the other hand, lets you control everything. Other than using your ice maker at home to make ice batches, there are other brilliant ways of making the most out of your worthwhile investment.

Our Expert Guide To Use Ice Making Machine

Great Alternative for those with Limited Freezer Space

Are you feeling your freezer space is not adequate and you just can’t have enough of it?

Well, sometimes ice trays can be very greed in regard to space. They take a significant space and prevents you from putting other things in your freezer. If this is your pain, it is high time you consider buying a portable ice maker. You will say bye to the problem caused by a limited freezer space once and for all.

Gets Rid of Pesky Ice Trays

Pesky trays can be a thorn in the flesh. Refilling them and waiting for more than an hour or so can be boring, especially when you are holding a get-together or a barbecue party? Instead of going through all these hassles, kindly grab a portable ice machine and make ice in as little as 6 minutes.

Break Room

Beverages and refreshments create a pleasant work environment for workers. A portable ice maker plus a water cooler will make a great combination in any office, college, conference area or school.

If a company has a high number of employees, a freezer can turn out to be a big disappointment. However, with an ice maker, workers can never run out of ice. An efficient machine can make 9-10 ice cubes in as little as 10-15 minutes.


What else could one desire more than boating in the deep Blue Oceans or the wide rivers?

After a long month in the busy dusty cities, boating is the ultimate place to belong. However, never make a mistake of forgetting a portable ice maker. No boating experience is complete and fulfilling without ice. When it is time to enjoy the deep flavors of the finest whiskey and champagne, they must be chilled first. If you have several pounds of ice, you could also keep your catch in there to keep it fresh and cool as it awaits summer parties.

RV and Camping

After everything is ready and you are set to go for outdoor RVs or camping, remember to carry your ice maker. Trailers and RVs do not have much freezer space and the only available alternative is a portable ice maker. When packing coffee, wine, bourbon, and milkshakes, remember you will definitely need a batch of ice for your drinks.


Final Verdict

Ice machines are very handy appliances that make a great whole difference when holding any event that requires some batch of ice. Instead of messing around with dripping ice trays, use this compact and convenient unit in making quick-to-serve ice cubes.

Before buying one, remember that getting the most expensive model won’t necessarily imply that you get the best ice machine out there. What is important is for you to evaluate your needs and go for that single model that best suits your needs.

Nevertheless, the above 20 ice-making machines comprise the best units you can get out there. They are compact, easy to use and will take the shortest time to make you a batch of fresh ice. I highly recommend them to anyone that would love to enjoy an icy cold experience at the comfort of their homes, office, restaurant or anywhere else.


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