Preparing For A Camping Trip, Packing The Essentials

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Camping trip with family and friends are always exciting. And with the summer season on its full vogue, you might be planning one with your companions.

But, do you know exactly what things you must pack with you? More so, even if you do, how do you know that the gears you are packing are right for you?

Surely, a camping trip is no fun if you can’t enjoy the time and rather be engaged in fighting for your survival in the wilderness. And to be able to enjoy your trip you need to pack the best camping gear only.

Well, we also understand that finding the right gear can be both annoying and tiring at times.

Therefore, we would like to suggest some tips to help you find the essentials that will keep the fun going on during your trip.

Camping Trip

Preparing for the Campsite

The first and most important part of your camping trip is the campsite. You’ll need a shelter, a bed, and a fire to protect against the weather and the wildlings. Essentially, when choosing a tent you must think of the weather conditions and the size of your tent. You’d want your tent to be waterproof if you suspect rain during your trip.

Likewise, you must also include sleeping bags, mattresses, and if needed, a pillow. When choosing your sleeping bag, consider the temperature rating of the bag. You should try to buy a sleeping bag which rates about 5-degrees below the temperature you expect during the night.

Apart from this, if you can build a fire, you’re already in luck. But, if you lack the skills you must keep a fire starter kit handy along with a portable camping stove. Besides, you wouldn’t want to spend your nights in the dark.

Use this link, to find a portable power source for your camp. Once you have all the necessary camping gears on your checklist, it’s time to proceed to the tools that you may need.

Camping Trip

Tools for any Necessary Repairs

When you reach your campsite, you’ll soon realize that you need some tools. These may include a knife, a multitool, a hammer, and a shovel. A knife can prove to be the ultimate tool for your camping trip. You can cut and chop your meals, get rid of any bushes and branches, and even protect yourself if needed.

Multitool can help you make any repairs if something goes wrong. For instance, you can try to access and repair your broken GPS with a multitool. Similarly, a shovel and a hammer can help you prepare your campsite a lot easier. You can use the shovel to clear and level the ground before pitching your tent.

Likewise, the hammer can help push the pegs into the ground, break the tinder wood, and even crack open any nuts for tasty treats.


Camp Kitchen Should be Functional

Since the treats are already on the menu, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the cooking part during your camping trip. While you can’t bring a complete kitchen to your campsite, you can surely bring the essentials along. For instance, a cooking pan, a portable stove, a camping mug and plate, and a spork can be a great help with your kitchen.

Notably, you must bring your food (if possible the items that need no preservation or refrigeration) to your campsite, unless you want to make a hunt.

When buying the kitchen essentials, make sure you pick reusable utensils and also the ones that are compact and portable. Doing so would reduce your luggage and make it easier for you to carry it to the campsite.


Don’t Forget your Clothing & Footwear

Lastly, the only thing that will ensure you survive through the night and also enjoy your trip is your clothing. Keep an extra pair of socks if not anything else. Socks can help keep you warm and avoid any diseases to your feet due to extreme fatigue. Apart from this, you should keep extra layers, pack an extra warm jacket, a clean pair of shorts and trousers.

The clothing should essentially be comfortable to facilitate vigorous activities which are common during camping trips. Moreover, the type of footwear can also decide the fun-meter rating of your trip. Imagine if you wear your regular canvas shoes on your camping trip to the north, firstly, you’ll start feeling numbness in your feet, due to the lack of weather protection.

Next, the canvas shoes are no match for rugged terrains and may very soon give up. You may find the sole cracking or separate from the shoe. You surely don’t want that. So, pack a good pair of trekking boots with you whether you’re going to the mountains or camping in the lowlands.

Few Extras to Enhance the Fun During Camping Trip

A few Extras to Enhance the Fun

Since a camping trip is synonymous with a vacation, you might want to keep some extras with you. For instance, you might want to bring your guitar to the campsite to enjoy soothing music at night.

Or you may wish to enjoy a barbeque in the middle of the jungle. You can bring along a portable firewood barbeque. Similarly, there are a few extra items that can make your camping experience more fun. A portable camping chair, a Hammock, sunshades, camping tables, and a portable water pool.

All of these items are pretty cool, particularly if you’re camping close to your vehicle and can easily load and unload the stuff. This would help you carry more stuff with you on your camping trip while saving you from unnecessary baggage and loads on your shoulders.

When you’re heading out for a camping trip ensuring the safety for everyone must be your priority. But, it should not hinder the excitement of the trip. So, pick your camping gear wisely and make sure that they are portable and meet the quality standards.

A low-quality product may risk your life rather than making it easier. It is only after you prepare cautiously that you can expect your camping trip to be a memorable experience.


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