Top 11 Best Balance Bike for Kids Reviews 2023

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Buying a balancing bike for your kids will be a great experience. Memories of riding a balancing bike will be kept fresh forever. It is not only to have fun but also to learn to balance. The best balance bike is the best instrument to start learning how to keep balance.

An early rider balance bike also helps your kid to learn how to ride a balance bike by being social while your kid starts to mix with other kids for a similar reason. Though there are so many positive factors of riding a balance bike, parents often conscious of safety.

They feel in the back of their mind if their kids fall from balancing bike then they may get hurt. But I am assuring you that this is a worry of the past. The best balance bike in the market nowadays is smart. Big brands are using advanced technologies to come up with zero risk balancing bikes for kids.

Minimizing risk and ensuring safety has become a priority for any company. They are coming up with the latest innovation to deal with risk. Some parents do not buy the best balance bike just because they feel some sort of fear. To eliminate this fear balancing bike companies are working hurt.

If you are going to purchase a balance bike for two years, old kid, then you must check the handle brake is attached. A handle brake enhances safety and security.

Top 11 Best Balance Bike for Kids Reviews

Top 11 Best Balance Bike for Kids Reviews 2022

Some kids feel good using handle breaks. But some kids hate using hand brakes. You have to figure it out which will be appropriate for your kid. Handle Brakes can be adjustable. If you buy the best balance bike  for kids where a hand brake is attached, then you must find that hand brake is adjustable.

You must know how to adjust the handle brake in the appropriate manner. Though you will find how to adjust hand brake in the manual provided with the balancing bike, I am going to talk a little bit about the matter.

Strider 12 No-Pedal Balance Bike

Strider 12 No-Pedal Balance Bike

This is a very interesting bike which is invented by Ryan McFarland, and its birthplace is the U.S Smallest of the toddlers can even ride this bike. The attractive metallic body of this bike can be ridden from an 18 months old toddler to 5 years old babies. As you know balance bike has no pedals.

Without any training wheels, this bike helps a kid to practice balancing. The company used all the latest technology to make it comfortable to ride for the kids. Strider, One of the best balance bike companies, has been so successful to reach the quality and comfortable bikes for the babies.

Strider company has it’s own well-customized website. You may get confused as there are so many balance bikes on a website. You better buy the recommended one from reviews. Three types of Strider 12 bikes have been famous among parents and loved by kids.

Price varies from $80.00 to $170.00. I would say they got quality to offer that price. Strider balance bike has so many strengths in its business. It doesn’t matter you buy a low priced bike or a high priced one; you do not have to worry about its quality.

It is built to maintain all the safety measures. One of the most interesting facts of Strider’s balance bike is that it got a variety of attractive colors that attracts the babies most.

When a baby looks at Strider bikes sitting on the lap of its parents, these colors make parents press the buy button. You can choose your favorite one from at least seven colors. You should always consider a light bike for your child and think as Strider is made of metal it will be so heavy. But it’s not true. It is so light as 2.4 kg.

You can even change the seat height.  You can change the seat height from 28-41cm.  Strider suggests a maximum of 27 kg of weight put on it, but it can be a little bit higher. A Strider balance bike is different from a first bike.  You will be amazed to know that this early rider balance bike does not have any brakes.

Though it can be a little bit uncomfortable for some people I would suggest not to worry.  The technology and the frameworks Strider uses help to get your best balance bikes. From my point of view, I find Strider balance bikes quite perfect. If I consider the drawbacks, It actually varies. Some parents find a wooden balance bike safer than a strider balance bike.

If you go through the other reviews of the best balance bike, it will be easier for you to make a decision. The comfortability of your kid is what it matters.




YBIKE Best Balance Bike

YBIKE Best Balance Bike

If you are looking for plastic made balance bike, then you can go for YBIKE. The main difference between other bikes is that YBIKE is completely made of plastic. The full plastic body with attractive colors seems attractive to many parents. Kids also find them comfortable. At the very first look at the price tag, parents find YBIKE quite fascinating.

As these balance bikes are made of plastic instead of metal or wood, you will find them at a cheap rate. These bikes are built targeting the people for whom it is tough to spend enough on balancing bike.

As you know every cheap product got some sort of disadvantages. In my research, I came up with two major problems of the plastic made toddler balance bikes. As I said before YBIKE is completely made of plastic. Even the wheels it got are also made of hard plastic. It is absolutely fine to ride this early rider bike in a smooth dry place.

When a situation demands to ride it on a muddy or rainy place, it makes difficulties for a kid.  Sometimes YBIKE becomes slippery which can be risky. Though YBIKE is made of plastic, it got different colors that make it desirable.  But plastic can not replace metal or wood. YBIKE lacks that luxurious look.

Many companies are competing to come up with the best balance bikes. One of the main key points is to make it more and more comfortable. As an early rider balance bike, the child must find it comfortable. If they do not find it comfortable, then what is the purpose of bringing a toddler balance bike at your home.

An uncomfortable toddler bike will remain unused and end up being trash in your storeroom. One of the main key points is to make it more and more comfortable. As an early rider balance bike, the child must find it comfortable. If they do not find it comfortable, then what is the purpose of bringing a toddler balance bike at your home.

An uncomfortable toddler bike will remain unused and end up being trash in your storeroom. Plastic made YBIKE can be uncomfortable for a kid. YBIKE could not provide the best balance bike regarding comfortability. The seats are not that comfortable to stay for a long period of time. It can be a reason for back pain as well.

The seats of  YBIKE is uncomfortable as it can not be customized. Most of the quality balancing bike offered by companies provide a customized seat. Parents find it harder when they cannot customize the seats as a reason for a fixed plastic body. YBIKE offers four colors.

You can choose any one of them. YBIKE targets kids from 2-4 years old. As I said before, YBIKE  is cheaper than most other toddler balance bikes out there in the market. You will find a balance bike in between $55-$60.

If you want my advice, then I will suggest you to avoid purchasing this balance bike. You can get more comfortable, well-customized bikes for your kid just adding an extra $30. Undoubtedly YBIKE is the cheapest toddler bike you can probably get. But safety  and comfortability of your kid is far more important than saving  30$  or 40$




Kinderfeets Green Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets Green Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike

As the demand for early rider balance bike is increasing day by day, companies are coming up with more and more innovative products. It is getting tougher for companies to survive without being innovative. Kinderfeets Green Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike is a result of this innovation.

Kinderfeets Wooden Bike is considered as one of the most innovative and best balance bike on this planet. Companies put too much innovation into this toddler balance bike. There are so many reasons to buy this early rider balance bike.

I have discussed two types of bikes above. One is made of metal and the other one is made of plastic. But now I am going to review one of my favorite balancing bike which is made of wood. One of the interesting facts about this bike is that they are so light.

Metal bikes are heavier than wooden bikes. Wood makes them look good too. Being light and good looking, Kinderfeets green chalkboard bikes are considered to be the best balance bike to a large group of parents.

Another benefit  I must mention is the environmental factor. Plastic is not environment-friendly and at the same time turns out to be unhealthy for children. But this wooden balance bike I just mentioned above is 100% environment-friendly. I can also assure you that this wooden bike will help you to keep your child healthy.

As you know, every good thing has something negative. But trust me, I didn’t find a single one to mention any negative criteria of this bike regarding user-friendliness and comfort.  It seems like perfect! What do you say?

This wooden balance bike also targets mostly children of age between 2-4 years old. You may raise a question that how comfortable a wooden bike can be. I have bought this wooden balance bike for my nephew last year. Trust me, the way they built this product considering the comfortability of the children is simply amazing. It is sometimes tough to get my nephew out from that toddler balance bike.

A very slight problem you may face is what I am going to discuss. Wood is sensitive to water. On rainy days or snow, outdoor use may harm, and it may reduce long-term usability. The price of the Kinderfeets  Wooden Balance Bike is more than $100.

If you consider the stylish wooden frame body structure, user-friendliness, comfort, and safety, that price seems legitimate. I will not mind paying an extra  $100 if I can get the best balance bike for my kid and it makes her smile. What do you think?




Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike

Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike

If you got the youngest toddler at your home and planning to buy the best toddler bike, then you better think about  Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike. Bunzi is the company that targets the market of the youngest rider.

When I was doing my research to come up with an informative, helpful review, I found it fascinating that Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike is only targeting the child who ages 1-2 years. Now I should know you some of the benefits that this bike has. You can convert this bike into 2 or 3 wheelers. How you can do that? By using these training wheels.

But the case is not like that .you can simply do that by taking the seat off. There are two separate frames attached to the seat. You can simply separate it by 180 degrees. The moment you do that, you can convert it t a two-wheeler bike. The seat of this specialized balance bike can be customized.

You can configure the seat height according to your needs. You can increase or decrease the seat height to make it more comfortable for your kids. Now I am going to share an interesting fact about the bike. You will get an 8.6 inches bike of seat height when you want the bike as a three-wheeled bike.

But when you covert the bike into a two-wheel one, seat height will increase, and it will be 9.8 inches. That means when your toddler turns into a baby; he can also use the bike. This is amazing, right? Indeed. This feature makes this bike one of the best balance bikes.

One thing you must consider before purchasing a kid’s balance bike is that many companies come up with many offers. Some offer you a bike at a cheaper price but the price of the accessories is higher. You are bound to buy the accessories from the same companies to exact match.

If you are going to buy this bike I will suggest you spend at least $120 so that it lasts long and you do not have to worry much about the accessories, their availabilities, and price. If you ask me to share my personal opinion, I will suggest that you can think about this bike undoubtedly as it is one of the best balance bikes.

But remember the above-mentioned metrics to buy. It is safe to bring this bike at home. If you want your bike to last at least two years or more without changing any parts of destructions then you should spend more than $ 100. If you want it for 6 months with a guarantee then you can go with the $50 dollar one.




Go Glider Kids Balance Bike

Go Glider Kids Balance Bike

Go Glider is one of the most popular balance bikes among kids. It is famous for its great features, longevity and attractive designs. Go Glider targets the market from 18months to 4 years old kids. Specialized features based on age make Go Gilder one of the best balance bikes in the market.

The brake is a very fascinating feature of this bike. Many companies out there in the markets offering specialized balance bike which do not have any brakes. Many of the companies think that there is no need for brakes in a balance bike.

But doing m,y research I found that kids love a bike with brake. They just love brakes for no reason. Yes, for no reason that what a child does. And their parents love brakes for safety issues. Kids can use a brake when it is needed.

The brakes which are used in Go Glider balance bikes are special. They combined updated technology with lucrative design. Brakes used in Go Glider are so soft and a kid’s palms can grip in with comfort.

Another special feature of the Go Glider’s balance bike is its tire. Go Glider used air tire instead of foam or plastic one. Air tire is one of the core features of the best balance bike. Air tires are comfortable and at the same time, it ensures safety.

But sometimes it depends on kids which tire they prefer. Some kids mentioned that they are more comfortable using tires made of foam. If you want air pressurized tire, Go Glider gives you the option of exchanging your previous foam tires with air pressurized tires adding extra 30 bucks.

Go Glider Kids balance bike offers kickstand. Yes, they have a kickstand which is common in balance bikes. Another interesting thing for toddlers that the seat can be customized. You can low the seat height, and you can low the height as low as 11 inches which are good right?

Let’s talk more about the seats. You can do whatever you can do with the seats. You can adjust the seat without even using any kind of tool. Go Glider calls it” quick release seat clamp” which helps you to adjust the seats of your balancing bike.

Now talk about the negative sides of Go Glider. It is made of metal and when it comes close to water, it’s body is susceptible to rust. Design is a very important factor in a kid’s balance bike. Go Gilder balance bikes look good but that classy part is missing. It could have done better. If you compare it to the other balance bikes, you will get to know what exactly I am saying.

In my opinion, Go Glider is a top-class kids’ balance bike. I like the price part of this bike most. It is affordable with so many quality features. It also ensures safety. If you want your kids to have the feeling of gliding in the air, then I will recommend you to buy this one. Trust me, It is absolutely amazing.




Early Rider Lite Balance Bike

Early Rider Lite Balance Bike

If you are looking for a wooden balance bike with quality and longevity then brace yourself cause I am going to review the best balance bike made of wood. In my review list. The price range of early rider lite varies from $145-$160.  A  little bit expensive right? I will explain to you why.

The bike has a carrying capacity of 125 pounds. But the bike itself weighs only 7  pounds. This is something interesting about this balancing bike. Early Rider Lite is suitable for 20 months old child to 5 years old kid.

This is a wooden balance bike we are talking about. But one thing makes it different from the other wooden balance bikes. The wood is used to build this bike is FSC certified. FSC stands for  “Forest Stewardship Council”.

FSC  certified birch wood makes it more credible to buy an environment-friendly quality early rider bike. You might not think twice about the price before purchasing the bike if you have an adequate budget. The harmless product which brings a smile on your kid’s face is what matters most.

You might think that you want to buy the best balance bike for your kid but a wooden balance bike does not long last. One thing I must mention that Early Rider Lite is weather and waterproof.

The wood used in this bike is processed in an environment-friendly way using the latest technology that won’t let weather/water destroy your kid’s favorite balancing bike. Among some other features, the seat is adjustable and flexible. Seat height ranging 11.6-15 inches.  There is a handlebar that is also adjustable.

This handlebar has a laminate riser of 2 inches. You can remove the steering limiter anytime if you want. Tires are made of non-toxic rubber. If I consider the drawbacks of this bike, then I must mention that the price is a little high compared to the other bikes.

The absence of a break can make your kid a little bit uncomfortable. If you are prepared with an adequate budget, I will recommend you not to think twice and waste time reading other reviews. This product is almost perfect I would say.




First Bike Balance Bike

First Bike Balance Bike

The first bike is another popular best balance bike among kids. There are five models available in the market. These five models offer riders options to match their needs and wants. Attractive designs made this bike different from others. High-quality materials are used to build this pretty balance bike. To many, the First bike is the best balance bike in the market.

The frame used on this bike is very flexible and light(8.4 pounds). A safety brake is attached to the bike which makes parents feel safe who do not want to buy a balance bike without a brake. The power of the brake is adjustable.

Bsed on your kid’s age and behavior you can easily manage to adjust brake’s power which will enhance safety. this is an exceptional feature comes with the First bike. A common problem parents face after purchasing some balance bike is that if something goes wrong with the tres, the bike is dead.

The bikes they purchased do not have any options for replacing tires. But just because your tires are dead, that doesn.T mean that you have to throw your kid’s favorite balance bike into thrash. You can easily replace it with replaceable quality tires which the first bike offers.

The first bike gives you the warranty on specific parts of the bike. You will get five years of warranty on a replaceable tire of your early rider bike. Though the price is a little bit high, the first bike ensures quality. You do not have to think twice about quality. It is built in a way that ensures all the safety a gives your kid all the fun.




Kazam Balance Bike

Kazam Balance Bike

Kazam is undoubtedly a popular one. F the few believe you have watched at least a single show of Shark Tank.  The Kazam Balance Bike first appeared on Shark Tank. This bike was funded by sharks. Kazam weights 11.2 pounds. Kazam is a heavy bike and heavier than most of its competitors.

As this balance bike targets 3-6 years old group of the child, then being heavy is not a problem. Kazam got rubber tires. Tires got a smooth tread pattern to make the ride smooth and comfortable. This bike is weatherproof, and it got metal spoke wheels.

Seat height is adjustable. It got an adjustable height between 14-17 inches. The maximum weight capacity of the Kazam balance bike is 75 pounds which is pretty good. The main highlight of the Kazam Balance Bike is the footrest. You can purchase with it or without it, either way, you were comfortable.

The bike comes without a brake, but you can get it with brakes. Kazam is the best balance bike my nephew thinks. He just loves to play with it. Takes it out every single morning. He finds it comfortable, safe and interesting to ride.




The Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels

The Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels

You probably heard of BMX freestyle bikes. Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels is a renowned brand that was the first company that introduced us to BMX freestyle bikes. This bike targets the children group aged between 22 months to 5 years.

If you are thinking of purchasing an early rider balance bike for indoor or inhouse use, hen Haro Z-10 PreWheelz balance bike will be the best choice. The bike is s specialized balance bike which is made for the children who love to play inside a home.

This balance bike best suits n smooth paved surface. Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels is a very light bike with a crankle frame. Foam tires make it more comfortable to use in the smooth surface like the floor. The seat is adjustable.

A great feature of this bike is that it got the instructor to handle it. Parents can easily use this handle to help their baby child to learn how to balance as a beginner.

That’s what a balance bike is all about right?

As a branded & best balance bike, it is a little bit expensive to a bike. One problem with this bike is that tires are fixed and nonreplaceable. There is another version for an advanced kid of this brand. Inconvenience unreplaceable wheels tell you to upgrade to that version of this balance bike.




Diggin Active Skuut Balance Bike

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

If you are looking for an environment-friendly balance bike then this is the right one for you. Yes, This Diggin Active Stunt bike is designed in a way that is completely environment-friendly. You should have heard of birch wood. The bike I am reviewing now is made of 100% birch wood.

Not only that it has smooth finishing using lacquer veneer. Metal and plastic contain many chemicals. While painting, a whole lot of toxic painting materials are used. But this wooden balance bike completely toxin-free as it does.t need any hard painting.

For this environment-friendly non-toxic technology of this bike, many parents consider it the best balance bike. Though environment-friendliness and nontoxic behavior of this bike is the main attraction of this bike, it has other features which you may find interesting.

This bike got the adjustable seat,  and the range is between 13-17 inches. This bike can bear up to 72 pounds. Diggin Active Skuut is made for the child from 2-5 years old. One thing I must mention that Diggin Active Skuut is an award-winning bike of the United States which makes it more special.

Environmentally conscious parents always look for this bike. Though you may find a Skuut at a price below $80, I will recommend you to spend at least  $100. This bike got some drawbacks too. Though this bike is built with all the environment-friendly raw materials,  this bike is no special compared to the other products in the market.

You will find almost the same features as the others got. As the bike is made of birch wood, it is not marine grade ( is vulnerable to weather or water). Wood can be damaged by snow or rain. Washing it is also sensitive.

I think I made you worried about saying too many drawbacks of an award-winning best balance bike. You can buy it without any fear. The problems I mentioned which may occur in the long run. You can use it comfortably for at least 18 months. This wooden balance bike will give your kid a great experience.




Strider ST3 Best Balance Bike

Strider ST3 Best Balance Bike

Strider has been a famous and credible name in the industry of the best balance bike. This bike targets kids from 1 -5 years.  Strider ST3 bike is a bike with quality. The welded steel frame is one of the main features of this bike. The overall weight of this bike is 6 pounds.

Quality tires give the bike more strength. Tires are 12 inches on the inflatable and puncture-free gives come up with a random use guarantee. The bearing of a bike plays an important role in the bike. Strider ST3 got cartridge bearings that are sealed.

The bearings of ST3 is an upgraded version of ST3. The company did noticeable improvements in bearings. Seat plays a very vital part of balance bikes. No matter how improved features a bike offers, if the seat is not comfortable, then you must avoid this kind of early rider bike Strider ST3 offers a very adjustable seat with a minimum height of 11 inches which is pretty cool and comfortable.

You can adjust the seat as high as 16 inches. So you do not have to worry if your toddler turns into a boy. A new improved pattern of tread makes the best balance bike more lucrative. You will find so many add-on accessories or this bike.

Extendible seat post, wider saddles, attached ski, footrest brakes, etc. are add-on accessories. But you will get more. Every bike got some scaled-down features, and Strider ST3 is not an exception. The bike offers a wide range of accessories.

Though many people find it fascinating but at the same time, they find this bike is just not the best option as a kid’s balance bike. This wide range of versatile accessories makes things expensive as the best balance bike.

The design of Strider ST3 is versatile which makes it more attractive to the toddlers and parents. You can choose your one for many colors. This bike is one of the best balance bikes as it offers a great experience to the kids regarding diversified features.




Best Tips for Riding A Balance Bike

When your toddler is two years old, you will feel the need for riding her a balance bike. You will love to make your kid social by riding a balance bike with all the neighboring kids. But before buying a balance bike, you must be aware of certain things.

If you are going two buy a balance bike for your toddler who ages only two, then you must buy a balance bike with a brake. You also have to make sure that early rider balance bike is light. When your kid is at the learning stage, always try to make him feel comfortable.

Create a belief inside your kid that everything is possible. At the learning stage, you will need to carry kids’ balance bikes more than your kids. So make sure you are not bringing a specialized balance bike at home which weights too much.

If you go through the product reviews, then you will get a clear idea of which bike you should buy. There are many balance bikes out there in the markets. Purchase a balance bike which is recommended for first-time learners like your toddler. Do not take the ride seriously. Make it simple and fun for your kids.

Don’t force the child

Your kids may demand a balance bike. You may get your kid an early rider bike, but you must not force her. You better keep the bike in front of your kid. Let her discover it. Try to create curiosity among your kids. Trust me, by forcing you can only create bitter experiences, not wonderful memories.

Real learning comes from curiosity, interest, courage, and enjoyment. This rule is not applicable only for kids’ balance bikes but for almost everything you are dealt with your everyday life with your kid.

You always should drive your kid in a way that she gains interest all by herself. One she gets self-motivated to discover something, and then your work will not be work anymore. It will become just a funny, lovely game.

Learning how to ride a bicycle can be a tough decision when your kids are mature in the world of biking. But a balance bike can fill up the gap very easily. Learning turns into play when you bring a specialized balance bike at home.

When I bought a balance bike, my kid got so excited just after seeing it. My kid didn’t even know what is a balance bike is or how it works. But the way I presented it was actually a wonderful lifetime memory.

Some kids are afraid of riding a bike. One thing is common in each and every kid is that all of them are curious. To make your kid getting interested in anything, you must thing in her way. You have to adapt yourself to their activities to learn how they feel or anything.

You can take some strategies to make your kids interested to learn how to ride a balance bike. Learning anything can be boring but the result is precious. But you have to turn that boring part into a fun part to teach your kid anything. While buying a bike for your kid, you must have it your mind that this bike is not for you but your kid.

What your kids would love if they would buy one for them? This is the question you should ask yourself. While you are purchasing an early rider balance bike for your kid, you must focus on the colors. Kids are highly attracted to visual presentations and colors.

If you bring a high-quality balance bike with a dull color, possibility there you kids won’t ever try to ride this. Some bikes out there look like predators. Never think bout buying one of these.

Always try to buy a simple, well designed, colorful, bright bike for your kids. You may also try some sort of stickers on the bikes which will make your toddler much interested in them.

Encourage the child

If you are a service holder and do not have that much time to ride your kid on balance bike daily, simply take the bike along to daycare. You may think about why this is important. Let me explain. The kid can be scared of anything. Each and everything is new to a toddler. Before making them learn something, you must make it familiar to them.

By putting a balance bike in front of your child, you can make this object familiar to a kid. Your child will eventually start to treat that bike as a friend of him. I will suggest you to bring your kid outside. Make her see the world in its way. Let her watch how other kids ride a balance bike.

This is the way you can create interest among your kid to discover a balance bike and ride it with fun. Encourage them continuously to ride a balance bike. Take your time. You do not need to rush.


Best Tips for Balancing on Bike

Parents want to bring the best balance bike for their kids so that they can have the best experience. Riding a bicycle can be risky for a kid. Balancing a bike is the best alternative that can bring the same experience to a kid without any risk. Balance bike helps kids to learn how to balance.

But balancing on the bike can be a little tricky. It may not be done overnight. Three to four days or even one to two weeks can be taken by a kid to learn to balance. Some active kids find a balance bike fascinating, and they learn it quite a lot of excitement.

This type of kid learns very fast. Some kids find a balance bike weird or fearful. It takes time to get themselves familiar with the balancing bike. After that, they can learn how to balance. Different kids take different periods to learn to balance on a bike.

It is learnable. It is not something a kid cannot learn. Some kids just take a little more time. But the problem is that in the learning period of balancing, some kids get demotivated. They get frustrated when they try continuously but fail to keep balance properly. Then it becomes a real problem. The best balance bike starts to give the worst experience to a kid.

Then what to do?

There are tricks to teach your kid how to keep balance on a bike. And I am just about to teach you that. Before starting to train your kid on how to ride the balance bike, take some time to get himself familiar with the object. Chances are their kids do not know what a balance bike is.

It can be a completely unknown object that he has never seen. Think from the perspective of a child who never experienced a bike before. So it is normal for kids they get a little bit scared of balancing bike.

But never let them feel that it is scary and keeping balance on a bike is something tough. If you can make the training process interesting, then your kid will learn how to operate his best balance bike.

Training with a bike

Many parents have the thought in their minds that why a balance bike does not have extra wheels like a tricycle. If it had a bunch of extra wheels, then their life would be easy. I got the explanation. A balance bike is different than a tricycle.

The tricycle and balance bike are different. If you understand the difference between tricycle and balance bike, then you will get your answer. If the balance bike got some extra wheels, the purpose of the balance bike would not serve. The purpose of purchasing the best balance bike of the market is to have a better experience.

An early rider balance bike is not just a bike to enjoy the ride. This is a great learning tool. Your kids get to know how to ride a bike. A balance bike teaches how to balance; It prepares your kid to ride the real bike. Not only that a balance bike generates confidence among kids.

Now, how you can train your kid to ride a balancing bike? You should start just by showing the bike to your kid. If you notice that your kid gets excited watching the bike in front of him then it’s ok. You can start training.

But If you notice that your kid gets scared watching the balance bike, then it is a problem. You have to work before you start to train your kid. Though this pre-training period is also a part of the training. First, bring your kids often in front of the bike.

Show pictures of a balance bike on the computer, phone or tabs. Show your kid that other kids are riding a balance bike with excitement. Do not do all of this at a moment. Take some time. Take three days to do those jobs.

You will find that your kids will start to play with the bike, and soon his bike will be his best balance bike. A balance bike got so many advantages. A child can learn how to concentrate on something while they try to keep the balance that is one of the great advantages.

You better start to ride your kid on an open grassy field or some smooth surface Avoid rough and tough surface. If your kids fall while learning, they won’t hurt if the surface is smooth and soft. After someday when they will learn how to keep balance, then with one’s best balance bike, the kid can ride anywhere.

A small child under two years old can start riding a balance bike at home on a carpet. Do not allow a kid of that age alone with the bike outside. Be extra careful for the children who are under two years old.

Basics of Bike Balancing

Basic of balancing on a bike is something you should concentrate on. You may have known balance bikes do not have pedals. A child can start learning a balance bike easily. They do not have to fear about pedals. Kids can simply push the bike using their feet.

In Europe, a balance bike has been famous for years. The popularity of balancing bikes spread the United States, Canada, Australia, and some Asian countries. As the popularity of balancing bike is increasing, the demand for it in different countries are also increasing.

Companies like Kazam, Strider, etc. have started to create the best balance bikes. They are using all the updated technology to bring the best product in the market. All you must care if your kid is comfortable with the bike or not. Try to bring the best balance bike in your home and make the learning of balancing your kid a lifetime memory.


Best Tips to Choose the Best Balance Bike For Kids

When you are going to buy the best balance bike for kids the first time in your life, then it is not that simple. You may have searched the web but didn’t get any useful, reliable suggestions.

I was searching for a balance bike for kids in the market for the first time. I end up being frustrated. This is a stressful job to buy a product you do not have any idea. But I am here to make your life easier.

As I experienced all the problems of buying a bike for my kids, I know how to help you. I am going to reveal ten tips which will help you make your purchasing decision.

What have you to do? You simply have to through the article and try to relate the problems which are bothering you in making the very final decision of purchasing a balance bike for kids.

10 Tips On Buying The Balance Bike For Kids

1. The Price of  balance bike for kids

Price is a big factor in purchasing any product. The same goes for the balance bike for kids. You may set a budget before purchasing a balance bike, but I think it is not a good idea. You have to consider many variables before purchasing.

First, try to figure out what you want. Let me clarify. If I ask you what are the qualities you want to find in a balance bike and for how long you want it sustained?

There are many kids balance bike out there who offer a low price. Those companies do not give you any warranty. If you are planning to buy a bike just for a year thinking that you will get a new one at home when your kids grow up a little, then you can go with the cheap bikes.

If you want a sustainable, high-quality bike, for example, the best wooden balance bike, then you have to pay what it worth. As kids bike is a very competitive market, you do not have to worry about being cheated.

No company offers you any unrealistic price. Pricing depends on brands, quality, features, and benefits. I will always suggest you have a budget of at least $100 to buy the first balance bike for your kid.

2. Available Parts

When you are planning to buy the very best balance bike in the market, you must be aware of one thing which I am about to explain. If you have a long-term plan which is more than a year with a bike, then you must ensure if the parts are available in the market or not.

Cause If unfortunately any parts got damaged then you need to change it. If the parts are not offered by the company, then it will be a problem for you. You have to fix it using the parts offered by other companies which won’t suit the bike or you have to replace the bike completely by purchasing a new one. So the availability of parts is an important factor to make the purchasing decision.

3. The frame of the Bike

The frame is called the main body of the bike. The quality and strength of a bike depending on how strong your frame is. No matter which bike you are purchasing, it’s the best wooden balance bike or best metal balance bike; you must ensure your frame is strong.

4.Weather Proof

Make sure you are purchasing a bike that is weather coated. If the bike is not weatherproof, then it may be a problem when it rains or snow. If you go through the reviews of balance bikes of my blog, you will know which bike is weather coated and which isn’t. Though I included the best balance bikes in my reviews, they all are weather coated by default.

5. Brakes are important

Brakes are important for a kids’ balance bike. Though some children are not comfortable with brakes, you have to guess it right whether your kid will appreciate brakes or not.

I will suggest buying a balance bike with brakes for your toddler who is completely inexperienced. You can buy a balance bike without brakes for kids above three years and a half. It will be the best possible suggestion regarding purchasing a balance bike with bakes or without brakes.

6. Simple Design

Do not over complicate things. Keep it simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We are familiar with all these phrases. When you are going to buy something for your kids, simplicity is important.

You will find so many balance bikes in the market which is stylish for you. But remember one thing, this bike you are going to buy is for your kid, not for you. Your kids do not see things in a way you do. The bike looks attractive to you may seem like a predator to your kid. Many parents simply do not get I why their toddlers are afraid of a stylish bike.

The simple answer is that the bike is stylish to you, the same bike may scare your bike. So grab a bike with a simple design. You better buy a bike which looks like a toy more than a bike. This can be an excellent way to make the kids fall in love with this.

Balance Bike For Kids

7. Pick a nice color

A wrong color can destroy all your effort to make your kid happy. This can damage the attraction towards biking. Always try to buy a bike which is simple in design and colorful. You must have an idea which color your toddler likes the most. There are bikes available with colors. Pick a sweet color bike with a simple design.

8. Buy From the Right Place

It is important from where you are purchasing a bike. I will always suggest you to buy from Amazon. This is the best place to get a quality product with a guarantee. If something goes wrong with a balance bike for kids, Amazon will replace it within days. Not only a balance bike, if you feel something went wrong with the delivered product, but Amazon will also replace it if your complaint is legitimate.


What Seat Height Is Comfortable For A Balance Bike?

Balancing bikes have become so popular among both kids and parents nowadays. Parents finally have got something that will help them not to worry while their kids are riding a balance bike.

For this reason, parents are trying to find the best balance bike in the market. As the demand is raising, giant companies are also coming up with great technologies to create the best balance bike.

Now many parents ask me a question “ How can I determine if a balancing bike is right for my kid?”

As I have experience of buying a balancing bike, they rely on me when it comes to finding the best balance bike of the market. I always love to give suggestions to parents on how they can buy a great balancing bike.

When kids start to ride a quality balance bike I suggested, It makes me feel really good. There are some important things to consider while purchasing a balancing bike. But there is the solution to every problem.

There may be a lot of questions in your mind. Last afternoon, a mother from my neighborhood asked me What Seat Height will be appropriate for a balancing bike? I have the answer to this question. But to jump to the answer, take a look at how proper balancing looks like.

Seat Height


What makes a balancing bike different from a tricycle?

A balancing bike is different from a tricycle in many ways. A simple but attractive framework with so many attributes made a balancing bike popular among kids. A tricycle is a completely different type of instrument. It does not give your kid the experience of a real bicycle.

A tricycle can not do that. Your kid starts to learn how to keep balance when they ride on a balancing bike. But a tricycle can never teach balancing. It kills the interest of learning how to keep balance. Children find it challenging to shift to a real bike with two wheels when they are habituated to ride a tricycle.

A balancing bike generates confidence among the kids when they start to keep balancing. But riding a tricycle is like a toy that does not teach in anything. That is why a balancing bike is important.


What seat height is best for a balancing bike?

Seat height is important. Without adjusting the seat appropriately, your kid will never feel comfortable. If your child does not feel comfortable, he will not get any fun riding a balancing bike. Soon he will lose interest to ride a bike. For this reason, you must make the ride comfortable. You must know how to adjust the seat properly.

Best balance bikes offer you the adjustable seat. You can adjust the seat height anytime you want. If you want to adjust the seat of a balancing bike make sure feet of your child touch the ground without stress. The child must be on the seat without dropping too far into the ground.

If knees are not bent properly, your child will not feel comfortable. Remember all you are doing to make the ride comfortable. Probably this is the first time your child is experiencing a ride using a balancing bike.

Do not let this make your kid scare. Do not push your child too much. Let your kid be familiar with the early rider bike first. Then focus the rest of the thing. Another way to adjust the seat height is by measuring the inside a leg length of your kid. Minimum 3 cm less than the inside length of the leg is scientifically proven.

Try this measurement with your balancing bike. But your kid does not feel comfortable with this measurement then do not do it. All it matter is your child’s comfortability. Make sure after adjusting the seat height, your child can walk touching the ground with the bike.

After you confirm that your child can walk comfortably, then make him run with the balancing bike. If he can make it, then you have done it correctly. Everything is set. But if he can not make it, then continue testing and do not let our kid start with his balancing bike before you make t comfortable for him.


How do you adjust the seat height on a balancing bike?

You will find two types of balancing the bike in the market. One is a metal balance bike, and another is a wooden balance bike. Recently Ybike Balance Bike has brought plastic made balance bike in the market.

  • Wooden balance bikes
  • Usually, have three different adjustable positions.

First, you have to remove the bolts, then you have to adjust the seat, and then again you have to reattach the bolt. This is the way adjustment happens with the balancing bike.
There is another variant on the balancing bike, where the seat is placed on a rail.

Seat Height

What are the different types of seats available in a balancing bike?

From eleven inches to the ground to nineteen inches to the ground is the wide range seats on a balancing bike can come.

Now you may think that do you need to adjust the handlebar or not? Let me explain. If you figure it out that seat height is already comfortable, and you do not need to adjust the height, then you do not have to adjust anything at all.

But once you adjust the seat height the way I explained, then you must adjust the handlebar. Do not forget to do it. If you adjust one part, but the rest remain unadjusted, then the whole effort will be useless.

If you buy a wooden balance bike, you may get a fixed handlebars. Most of the metal balancing bike has an adjustable handlebar. It is already adjusted in the best possible position.

Recheck that you are buying a balance bike concentrating on the age of your kid. It makes life easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following F.A.Qs are commonly asked by the people about best balance bikes for kids, lets check them:

Why best balance bike has the handbrake?

If your kid does not enjoy and feels excited riding a balancing bike, then there is no use of bringing one at home. There are so many positive attributes you can get if you have a balancing bike. Your kid will be more confident once he will start riding a bike. All fear will be gone within a very short period.

Though starting to ride a balancing bike is a little tricky and kids fear the initial period. But once kids get familiar to a balancing bike, then riding will be just fun. As at the beginning of riding a balance, the bike is a little fearful, a balance bike company has come up with a solution to face that moment.

In the past balance, the bike didn’t have any hand brake. But now most of the best balance bikes got hand breaks. The reason I that kids feel safe when they can use it using their hands. Children can stop an early rider balance bike using their legs.

But If there is a handle brake, life becomes more easy and safe at the same time. They can control the bike more easily. Kids develop a habit of riding the adult bike. So getting your kid used to a hand brake is really something you should give importance on.

Will a very young child be able to use the handbrake?

How to stop a bike is something a kid of 2.5 years old can learn easily. A balancing bike helps the kid to learn how they can balance. An early rider balance bike helps kids to be more confident.

Once they learn how to use the handle brake, all the fear just goes away. The first thing to learn from a balancing bike is to learn how to keep balance properly. First, teach your kid how he can do that with confidence.

Once your kid gets that confidence, then it will be the appropriate time to teach the functions of handle brake. If you try to teach everything in the beginning, your kids may lose interest and find a balancing bike complicated.

How do you test your child’s first handbrake?

You may think that using a hand brake is very easy, and there is nothing to learn about it. If you are thinking in that way, then you are not hiking from the perspective of a kid. A balancing bike is like an alien to a kid that he never saw before probably.

At the same time, a hand brake and its functions are also something new. So you can not push your kid everything to do all at the same time. You must take one step at a time. It will help your kid to get adjusted from time to time. If you follow this way, your kid will start to enjoy a ride very fast.

After buying a balancing bike make sure your hand brakes work properly. If they work properly, then you focus on the adjustment. Most of the balancing bike got hand breaks attached to the handle that is adjustable. It is you who have to figure out which adjustment of hand brake will sit your kid the best.

How do you adjust your child’s first handbrake?

You need three types of equipment to adjust a hand brake.

  1. Wrench
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Cable puller

Handbrake has a bolt in every balancing bike. You have to loosen it first. But do not take it off completely. It will be helpful for you to modify the reach of the hand brake lever. You will find a bolt close to the handlebar. What you have to do is to adjust the distance. Our child will find it easy to reach. You can tighten the bot using the cable puller.
After doing all the adjustments test if everything is ok or not. Let your kid sit on the bike and again recheck. If you find that your child is not feeling comfortable, then it is time to readjust. Your previous adjustment is not done properly.

Continue the adjustment until you find that your kids feel comfortable and safe. Once our kid learns how to ride a balance bike, all your effort must be given to ensure the ride of a balancing bike will be safe and comfortable.


Final Verdict

I have tried to come up with the best balance bikes with the necessary information to you. This information will help you to narrow down your choice from a scattered market. I discussed important features and benefits of the top 11 balance bike in the market available. At the same time, I focused on the things which you should consider before purchasing your one.

There are so many best balance bikes out there. I hope my informative discussion will help you to make the right decision. I wrote about the features and benefits of the paragraph. If you simply skim it, you will find that you started to consider many things that you have never prioritized before.  Best of luck with your purchase. I hope you get the best balance bike you wanted.

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