Top 10 Best Swamp Cooler Pads For 2021 |  Reviews and Buying Guide
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Top 10 Best Swamp Cooler Pads For 2021 | Reviews and Buying Guide

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2021 at 06:41 am

Remember the last summer when you had to bear immense heat for your faulty swamp coolers pads? Intolerable, right?

Surviving low humidity and a mild climate without the best swamp cooler pads is not a child’s play. You are most likely to feel like a fish without water. Hot summer days are so scorching to experience that you can’t go a day without an air conditioner.

Though a good air conditioner tastes no less than heaven, it also pinches your pocket. In that case, there is no better substitute than a swamp cooler, commonly known as an evaporated cooler.

And a swamp cooler without swamp cooler pads is unimaginable!

Best Swamp Cooler Pads Review

For making the scorching heat a tad soothing, we have brought to you some mind-boggling reviews of the best swamp cooler pads you can ever own. We have been through some painstaking research to present you with some top-notch swamp pad coolers.

So let’s proceed!


DIAL MANUFACTURING 3412 Spin Roll Cooler Pads

Crafted with the high-quality aspen fiber, DIAL MANUFACTURING 3412 Spin Roll Cooler Pads is one of the best options you can ever go for. The aspen fiber in it gives the best cooling capacity.

The fiber in it is so friendly that you can cut the swamp pad according to your cooler requirement. It includes some hardware accessories and home improvement products.

It is 36″ X 24′ which a generous dimension to be adjusted with any cooler that you prefer. This Heavy-duty and Long Strand Excelsior Roll work the best in horizontal coolers.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Withstanding
  • Includes hardware accessories
  • Long Strand


  • Fibers may fall out
  • Clogs the cooler

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DIAL MANUFACTURING 3078 Dura Cool is a foamed polyester that provides you with high efficiency. Unlike the mainstream paper pads, you won’t need to purchase a new swamp cooling every year.

This extraordinary evaporated cooler lets your filter the air so that you can enjoy fresh air whenever you desire. The foamed polyester pad is completely non-allergic.

Dial manufacturing has made sure that you can rinse this evaporated pad if you notice any sort of minerals clogging in the pad. This highly efficient piece won’t shred fibers even after years of usage.


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Customizable size
  • Highly efficient
  • Doesn’t shred fibers


  • Less thick
  • Takes time to cool

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MasterCool Rigid Media Pad

MasterCool Rigid Media Pad is another matchless swamp pad that’ll add an extra point to the efficiency of your evaporated cooler. It has been crafted with premium CELdek media.

Installing this beyond-beauty in your existing evaporated cooler is a piece of cake for you. You won’t even require any sort of assistance of helping hand to install MasterCool Rigid Media Pad in your evaporated cooler.

The strong and heavy-duty construction with a multi-layer design will attract you. GREENGUARD Certified by Munters guarantees no harmful emissions are in this cooler swamp pads from MasterCool.


  • Simple installation
  • Heavy-duty
  • Excellent fittings
  • High efficiency


  • Awful odor

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Dial 3438 Mastercool Cooler Pad

This Mastercool pad by Dial is so easy to use that you won’t have to suffer even if it’s your first time. It offers you very high durability and guarantees to withstand longer. Enjoying high air velocity has never been this easier before it came.

The multi-layered design makes it a great piece to buy. Dial 3438 Mastercool Cooler ensures rapid cooling and lets you enjoy your summer days!

This pad is 50% thicker than paper and obstructs water like a beast. The cellulose base of it makes it more unusual and withstanding.


  • Multi-layered
  • Easy-to-install
  • Energy efficient
  • Holds more water


  • Weird smell

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Dial 3437 Mastercool Cooler Pad

Dial 3437 Mastercool Cooler Pad has been constructed with heavy cellulose that makes the pad more durable. This is the best match if you’ve got a single inlet evaporative cooler in your home.

With heavy cellulose construction, enjoying your swamp cooling pads with a lifelong withstand ability is no more your fantasy. Fast wet-out and high air velocity adds a bit more to the features of Dial 3437 Mastercool Cooler Pad

Impregnated with plastic resins and anti-rot agents make sure that the fibers in the pad do not come out while functioning with your evaporated cooler.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Durable
  • For Mastercooler and Aerocool coolers
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Offensive odor

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Dial 3453 Mastercool Cooler Pad

With a dimension of 40″ x 28″ x 12″,Dial 3453 Mastercool Cooler Pad is a rigid media for Mastercool cooler pads.If you are looking for a cooling pad that will go in the long run, this is a good bid!

Enjoying high-velocity air within so easy functioning cooler is no more your fantasy. This product is highly durable for your evaporative coolers!

This highly-durable products is likely to be heavier than paper and holds water to its best.You won’t need to call a mechanic to fix it very often as well!


  • Easy installation
  • Withstanding
  • Heavier than paper
  • 40″ x 28″ x 12″ dimension


  • Unsuitable for many coolers

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DIAL 3074 Dura Cool Pad

DIAL has always been one of the most reliable cooler pad brands to go for and so is DIAL 3074 Dura Cool Pad. Manufactured with highly efficient foamed polyester, this cool pad is a worth it bid!

With an efficiency worth your riches, this Dura cool pad lasts longer than paper. The pad is completely non-allergic and filters the air as fast as it cools. You can rinse it if minerals or dust clogs in it.

As it is absolutely odorless, you won’t make face while using it. It won’t shred fibred as well.


  • Efficient
  • Won’t shred fiberless
  • Non-allergic
  • Odorless


  • Doesn’t cool faster

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DIAL 3080 Dura-Cool Evap Pad

Most of the mainstream cooler pads are not suitable for every category of evaporated coolers. But DIAL 3080 Dura-Cool Evap Pad lets you adjust the size of your swamp cooler pad and use it seemingly.

This amazing cooler pad is completely odorless and non-allergen. So you don’t have to worry about the allergy issues of your little ones. If you think your cooler pad is likely to clog minerals, you can even wash it using the garden hose!

DIAL 3080 Dura-Cool Evap Pad 36″ x 20′ cooler pad is a great option to put your hands on if you’re looking for a budget-friendly one!


  • Adjustable size
  • Odorless
  • Non-allergen
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Not thick

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MasterCool Rigid Media Pad

Made with premium CELdek media, MasterCool 12-inch Rigid Media Pad is a product with pretty great reviews and higher recommendations. You can install this pad in your evaporated cooler within a minute!

This strong and durable media pad has a multi-layer design that makes it more unusual than the random cooling pads. GREENGUARD Certified by Munters ensures that no harmful emissions are present in this pad.

Before developing this 22.88 x 41.25 x 12 inches pad, a top-notch swamp cooling pad within your budget wasn’t easy to get.


  • Easy installation
  • No harmful gas emission
  • Durable manufacture
  • Allergy-proof


  • Exposes you to benzene

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Dial 3436 Replacement Pad for Mastercool MW5500/MRC55W Window Swamp Cooler

Last but not least comes Dial 3436 Replacement Pad for Mastercool MW5500/MRC55W Window Swamp Cooler. This extraordinary swamp cooler pad is a replacement pad for Mastercool cooler. It features pads to replace both sides.

This amazing and rigid evaporative cooler pad renders superior cooling by pulling air through cardboard channels to serve you with the maximum water evaporation.

You barely find any pad as durable and long-lasting like this boon! You can remove this pad very easily for your yearly cleaning and clean it with a machine for extending the life of the pads.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Superior evap cooling
  • Four pads for both sides


  • Not suitable for every cooler

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What to look for when buying best swamp cooler pads

Best Swamp Cooler Pads Buying Guide

A swamp cooler is a substitute for the air cooler since it cleans and cools the air. It’s eco-friendly, healthy, and low in cost. So when you are buying a swamp cooler, do consider the climate of your environment.

As the swamp cooler works with the environment to make air cool, Commonly, this will not be suitable for all types of environments.

Hence, before getting a swamp cooler check that whether the swamp cooler suits your environment or not.


Features to Keep in Mind

 There are some features that you need to consider while getting your hands on any swamp cooler pads. Let’s tell you!


  • Cooler pads: The evaporative cooler pads are one of the fundamental parts of a swamp cooler. The thicker the pad is, the cooler your room will be.


  • Speed: Coolers come with various speed, check the cooler that will give you less noise and speed cooling effect.


  • Control of water level: Consider the cooler that has automatic maintenance of water and pre-set level of water.


  • Dampeners: Make sure that there is a shut off dampener.


What are the best type of swamp cooler pads


Going for the best swamp cooler pad is not a piece of a cake. Yet, this review will definitely make it! Considering your environment you can choose one of the swamp coolers mentioned below-


Aspen swamp cooler pad

This cooler pad will give you the best cooling capacity. Since it has been made from aspen fiber, its water absorbent power is high and it can hold the water for a longer period of time.


Facilities of aspen pad
  • Good water absorbent power
  • Pleasant odor
  • Comes with two sizes; one inch and two-inch.


  • High chance of damage.
  • Needs good care


Blue synthetic cooler pads

This pad is spongy and made from synthetic material. Like aspen cooler, its water absorbent power is not that much good, but it lasts longer than aspen cooler.


  • Long-lasting
  • No odor
  • Fit for any size


  • Have to change the pad every year
  • Pad gets dry soon
  • The air gets hot


Master cool swamp cooler pad

Are you trying for something different? Then this cooler pad is for you. It will give you a high cooling ability with two different sizes.


  • Excellent cooling capacity
  • Good water absorbent power
  • Comes with two sizes; 8 inches, 2 inches


  • Electrical smell
  • Doesn’t work that much for hard water



Swamp Cooler Pads FAQs

Question: How to Clean Swamp Cooler Pads?

There are some steps to follow before cleaning the cooler pads, otherwise, it might get deteriorated. Let’s chronicle some cleaning instructions:

Choose nice weather, go to your roof and make sure you have unplugged the power outlet of the cooler. Remove the cooling pads, then you will see a tube section which needs to be kept in a safe place.

Now, shake the pads and wash them. Place the pads in the place, plugin, and your cooler is ready to cool the room.


Question: How to install new swamp cooler pads?

Don’t worry, It’s not going to be that much tough for you. Remove the mesh, wipe the dirt, and install the pads. That’s it!


Question: How Does a Swamp Cooler Pad Work?

  1. It allows water to pass through
  2. The air makes the air cool and evaporates the water.


Question: What are the best places for your swamp cooler pads? 

If possible, then position the swamp cooler on a dry and shady side of your house. If it’s not possible, then build a tent to block the sun.

Place it in a place, where you can put water into it very easily. Make sure that the opposite side of your house from the swamp cooler has a window.


Question: Which are the swamp cooler pads that work best? 

We can tell about three swamp cooler pads that work the best!

  • Dial Dura cool evaporative pads: These pads are 200 feet roll which is enough for you.
  • Aspen snow cool cooler pad: It contains more evaporative wicking area density.
  • Master cool rigid media pad: If you are looking for the pads that will last longer, then you can choose this one without any doubt!


Question: What are the best swamp cooler pads to use? 

  • Long aspen fibers: They are easier to clean up and will give you a low cost.
  • Damage: choose the cooler pads that don’t get damaged very easily.
  • Odor: Bad smell will finish your day! So consider the odor of you swamp cooler pads before buying.
  • Thickness: The more thick pads you will choose, the better it will be for you.


Question: How often you should replace your swamp cooler pad? 

Ans. You won’t have to replace your cooler pad every year. Treat them like any other filter. Some of the people use it for years and they did find problems after using it for more than four years. Therefore, you don’t have to be panic about your swamp cooler pad replacement.


Question: When should I replace your swamp cooler pad? 

Ans. You don’t need to worry that much about your swamp cooler pad. You will just need to spend time at least twice a year , to put on and remove your jacket, hence check the state of the pads at that time. If it looks dirty or clogged up, then it presumably needs to be replaced.


Question: How to make your swamp cooler colder? 

Some ways of making your cooler colder are given below. Do maintain them seriously!

  • Use your swamp cooler in a dry environment
  • Use portable swamp cooler seasonally
  • Run a Dehumidifier
  • Cultivate a green thumb like cacti, Yucca, peace lily, etc.
  • Prime the pads first
  • Use cold water
  • Skip the ice
  • Clean it most often
  • Wash out the water tank with mild soap.


Question: How much does a swamp cooler air-conditioner last? 

A swamp cooler will last for many years according to your maintenance. In fall, after summer, maintenance should be done to keep it on track.

Turn off the water connection to clean the dirt. Do use mineral waters to prevent the metal from rust.

Then, install a cooler cover which will be the hindrance for the outside air coming inside your home.


Question: Can a swamp cooler cool the entire house? 

Of course! No wonder why they are less likely to pinch your pocket.

For making your entire house cold, you have to follow some certain ways

If you open the window in the opposite direction of your swamp cooler pad, then the cold air will be hovering over your house.

And the water needs to be controlled carefully. Make sure that the area has a low humidity environment.


Wrapping it up!

We believe this resourceful review will assist you to its utmost ability for getting your hands on the best swamp cooler pads.

Such pads are not something very unusual or invisible in the market. But spending your riches on the best of the best isn’t a child’s play.

In this article, we have covered everything you require to know before buying the best swamp cooler pads. Even, we have tried to answer the most basic and essential question related to swamp cooler pads that the purchasers commonly have.

Let us know about your purchasing experience. Humble suggestions are always welcome. Cheers!


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