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Traveling is not always pretty. It hurts too.

The saying is correct to some extent. Traveling hurts most when you do not have the best roof cargo basket. In fact, carrying traveling gadgets and items is not always comfortable.

Without the best cargo basket, this is nearly impossible to carry all the luggage. If you take them inside the vehicle, it will create a space shortage. But moving the bags or cargo on the rooftop is a smart idea.

In this post, I will discuss the best roof rack cargo basket. Finally, it would be a pleasant trip for you.

Why should you rely on us?

Numbers of rooftop baskets are available around. To be honest, you cannot rely on all of those. Some of them are worthless and pieces of junks. They will never provide you with the best experience. And you may fall victim of marketing gibberish.

Before the product selection, I underwent a good number of approaches to figure out the best one. Accordingly, I discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the sellers. I also discussed with the users. They have provided us with feedback. Following their recommendations, I have picked the products.

So, you can rely on us without a second thought.

Best Roof Cargo Basket

Top 5 Best Roof Cargo Basket Reviews of 2022

Well, if you are a traveler by heart, this post is for you. And if you are an inter-city traveler, you may skip it. When you need to carry a couple of luggage for your trip, you cannot take all of them inside the vehicle.

The best rooftop cargo basket can play a vital role here by carrying a part of your belongings. In this post, I have reviewed the five such products. In the end, you will get a general idea about the right product and can select that matches you best.

CURT 18115 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Rooftop BasketCURT 18115 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Rooftop Basket

Key features

  • Universal fitting
  • Wide carrier
  • Durable steel

If you seek a simple and effective solution for your next trip, try CURT 18115 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Rooftop Basket. This is easier to mount on vehicles. Durability is the other feature as it comes with durable steel construction.

Because of lightweight and two pieces, this carrier is easy to assemble. Versatility is the other feature here that adds value in this product. Interestingly, the rooftop carrier remains stable all the time, even on a bumpy trail.

The total space (with the extension) is 16 square feet – that is quite impressive, indeed. So, carrying bulky luggage or items is not a big deal now. You also will have four-inch tall sides to keep your items secured.


  • Universal mounting
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Aerodynamic design to prevent wind damage
  • Four-inch tall sides


  • May rust
  • Installation may take time

Why I picked this product?

Durability is the prime concern for a rooftop carrier. This particular one comes with perfect steel construction. With the universal mounting bracket, this is easy to mount on different types of vehicles. The four-inch sides also protect your luggage on the vehicle roof.



ARKSEN 64″ Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo Basket

ARKSEN 64" Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo Basket

Key features

  • Simple assembly
  • Suitable for long trips
  • 5.5-inch tall side rails

Safety and security of your luggage other products are ensured in this ARKSEN 64″ Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo Basket. This basket takes less time and efforts to assemble on the vehicle roof. The black powder coated finish makes it look gorgeous. Because of the one-inch diameter and 5.5-inch rails, the cargos are on the place.

For the extra-large size, you can carry a large amount of cargos or luggage in the basket. You also can extend the basket up to 23 inches for additional cargo space. Loading and unloading cargo is secure with this product.

Interestingly, this is a universal roof rack and fits most of the vehicles. You will have cross bars and straight bars for the convenience of keeping your valuables safely. Heavy-duty steel construction ensures the durability of the product as well.


  • Fits most vehicles
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Heavy-duty metal bars
  • Extra space


  • Assembly is complex
  • Subject to rust

Why I picked this product?

When you plan for a long trip, you need lots of luggage and cargos. This product is able to handle all the stuff smoothly. And it fits in most of the vehicles. The steel construction is heavy-duty, and thus it lasts long. Wind resistance is another feature to love this basket.



ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

Key features

  • Medium capacity
  • Strong bars
  • Steel construction

For a comfortable trip, you can rely on ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket. It comes with solid construction. Carrying a moderate amount of gears and equipment is convenient now as it reduces drags. Prevention of wind damage is the other aspect that you have here.

Using the universal mounting hardware, installation of the basket is simple. The low profile design makes it look sleek and stunning. ROLA 59504 is corrosion resistant and easy to assemble. If you need more space, you have to add the extension.

Weight capacity of this carrier is up to 130 pounds. The manufacturer provides a five-year limited warranty against this product. If you feel trouble in the installation process, the manufacturer offers an instruction also.


  • Rugged construction
  • Powder coated steel
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Bracket size extension


  • Weak welding
  • Rusts

Why I picked this product?

When you need a perfect basket for your trip, this particular basket can provide a comfy experience. The rough coating prevents the cargos from scratches. The heavy-duty steel construction is another plus. You also have adjustable brackets here in line with bracket size extension feature.



Tyger Auto TG-RK1B902B Roof Mounted Cargo Rack

Tyger Auto TG-RK1B902B Roof Mounted Cargo Rack

Key features

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Two-piece assembly
  • Mounts on different vehicles

If you want your car to stand out among the other in the street, you can have this one. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B902B Roof Mounted Cargo Rack is a durable product with wind fairing. This is rust resistant as well because of the Black E-Coating. It comes with two pieces and thus easy to assemble.

Using cargo nets, you can secure the luggage or cargo on the vehicle top. The frame is sturdy and comes with mounting hardware. You need not buy those additionally. Installation of the cross bars is comfortable and adjusts with the roof rails.

You also will have a moderate warranty for this product. Style and durability are the other features to prefer. It comes with the dimension of 47.25 inches X 36.6 inches X 5.9 inches. This is a perfect match for most of the vehicles.


  • Customizable basket
  • Stylish appearance
  • 1-inch steel frame
  • Rust resistant


  • Needs repainting
  • Makes noise

Why I picked this product?

Alongside the performance, style matters as well. In this particular product, you have a combination. The size and shape are perfect and mounts on all types of vehicles. It arrives with a heavy-duty steel frame with a coating to prevent rusting. Assembly is less time consuming as well.



Apex RB-1512 Black Car Top Roof Rack Carrier Mesh Basket

Apex RB-1512 Black Car Top Roof Rack Carrier Mesh Basket
Key features

  • Holds up to 150 pounds
  • Easy installing brackets
  • Wind resistant

When you want to have some cool features from a rooftop basket, not every product can provide that. Apex RB-1512 Black Car Top Roof Rack Carrier Mesh Basket is a reliable one with some distinctive features.

The basket can carry up to 150 pounds. Also, it fits in most of the vehicles. With the wind fairing feature, you can reduce nose. Resisting the wind will help to prevent the wind damage of your cargo or luggage.

To ensure durability, the manufacturer has used powder coated steel. The attachment of side rails is another advantage while you have U brackets to attach there. Large capacity is the other preferable feature. The basket is 52 inches by 43 inches. So, you can carry a moderate amount of cargos. Also, you have points on the carrier to attach a cargo net for added safety.


  • Durable construction
  • Huge size
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Side rails for cargo safety


  • May rust

Why I picked this product?

For some strong performance, you can rely on this product. It has the option to add cargo net which is missing in other similar baskets. The installation process is simpler. The wind fairing prevents wind damage of your cargo. It can also endure up to 150 pounds.



Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Rooftop Cargo Basket

How to buy the best rooftop cargo basket

To get the best rooftop cargo basket, you need to consider some essential aspects. Many of the people have bitter experience with the baskets. It happens as they do not have the right idea about purchasing the best roof cargo basket. They get some low-grade products, and ultimately the experience becomes irritating. On the other part, if you follow specific criteria before the purchase, you could be the winner. After consultation with the experts, I have made this brief guideline.

Easy mounting

First of all, you need to care about the mounting of the carrier. Sometimes, the carriers are challenging to assemble and mount on the vehicle top. But some of the carriers are easy. So, you need to get the latter one. Make sure you check this feature in prior.

Most of the cases, people struggle in the mounting as the process is a bit critical. Thus, the process needs to be simple for a cargo basket. Adjustment, adding screws, setting the wind fairing feature – all are difficult. Considering all the aspects, you should check the easy mounting option.

Size and shape

At the same time, you have to check the dimension of the carrier. Not all the sizes and shapes are suitable. Some of the products do not have the extension option as well. Experts recommend to get a carrier that is universal in the feature.

The universal carriers are suitable for all types of vehicles. They fit in all the cars and easy to adjust. You must check the capacity too. If the carrier size is smaller, naturally it will not hold a large amount of cargo or luggage.

Rust resistance

Rust is the prime enemy of the roof carriers. They are exposed to sun, rain and other climatic conditions. If there is not a solid coating, this is not possible to prevent rust. They will rust and will have a shorter life. Experts also recommend to check about this particular issue. Make sure the carrier comes with a coating to prevent rust. Powder coating is the most prominent one in this case.


Types of Roof Cargo Basket

There are two basic types of roof cargo baskets.

  1. Heavy-duty cargo basket
  2. Lightweight cargo basket

Heavy-duty cargo baskets are from heavy-duty construction. They are from durable steel. The baskets also have a long rail (minimum four inches) to protect the cargo. Mounting the baskets is simple too. You can use the baskets for carrying a large amount of load or luggage for your trip.

Lightweight cargo baskets are a bit fragile than the heavy-weight ones. They are also from steel but thinner in shape. All the features are almost the same, but you cannot carry a heavy load using such baskets.


How to Install Roof Cargo Basket?

How to Install Roof Cargo Basket

This is a simple process. But you need to follow several steps to install the roof cargo basket. The steps are briefly explained below.

Install the cross bars

The first issue is to install the cross bars on your vehicle. Don’t worry. It’s a simple process. The cross bars come with anti-scratch pads. So, your vehicle top will not be affected. Ensure you attach all the bolts and knobs rightly.

Before the cross bar installation, get the measurement ideally. Check that the installation is not hampering your car door opening or closing. At the same time, you have to crosscheck if the cross bars are lengthy enough.

Assemble the roof carrier

In this stage, you have to assemble the roof cargo basket. Usually, they are available in two pieces. And this is simple to assemble the pieces. You have to attach the parts, and you are done.

Installing the carrier

In this stage, you have to install the carrier on the cross bars. Before the installation, attach the screws and bolts. Use the washer where needed. Attach the wind breakers. Use a screwdriver to attach the screws firmly.

Now, adjust the carrier on the cross bars. Set it in the right position. You may have to change the position several times to find out the exact position. Once the positon selection is complete, attach the screws.

The installation is complete!


Expert Tips for Using Roof Cargo Basket

For a durable performance of your vehicle rooftop carrier, you need to follow some tips. They are as below.

Check the manual

This is the very first step. You should know about your car roof cargo basket. The manufacturer provides all the relevant information about the product.

Check the weight limit

You also have to follow the weight limit. Usually, a cargo roof basket can carry up to 250 pounds. So, make sure your cargo does not cross the limit of the prescribed weight.

Pack tight

If you want an excellent performance from your rooftop carrier, pack smartly. At times, slack packing result in scattering of the cargos. Chances of damage increases. So, pack all the cargos tightly if you want to put them on the carrier.

Check tire inflation

Your car is carrying some additional weight. So, it may have some impacts on the car tire. You need to check if the car tire is inflated rightly. You can also carry a spare time in case of emergency while using a rooftop carrier.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about best rooftop cargo basket

How to best use a roof rack cargo basket?

To get the best use of your cargo basket, keep the cargos moderate. Never overload. Regularly check if the basket needs any maintenance or if there are any potential damages.

What are the top brands of cargo roof basket?

Some of the top brands include CURT, ARKSEN, ROLA and Tyger Auto. All of them have quality products, and they are reliable.

How can I tell which product is compatible with my vehicle?

To check the compatibility, you have to verify the cargo basket manually. Place it on the top of your vehicle, and get the measurement to check the compatibility.

How Will I Know If I’ve Exceeded the Weight Limit of My Vehicle?

If the cargo basket bents or the welding breaks, it points out that your basket has exceeded the weight limit.

Does the wind deflector work?

Yes, a wind deflector works to prevent damage from wind/


Last words

Hope you have got some in-depth ideas about the best roof cargo basket. I have provided all the available information about the best rooftop cargo basket. All the products belong to the top quality.

The manufacturers also offer substantial warranty against their best rooftop cargo basket. If you need a quality product, you can select anyone from above. Though they have minor limitations, they will render excellent service.


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