Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad of 2022 – Best in Quality

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Returning home being exhausted, and suddenly you realize that you lost your keys to open the garage door. But somehow you entered into the garage and get shocked seeing that someone trespassed into your garage and stole your expensive tools. Then, it will just add insult to the injury.

Nip that painful state in the bud by getting a wireless garage door keypad. A wireless garage door keypad not only helps you to operate the garage door without key or remote. Rather, it also strictly prevents any unauthorized individuals to enter your garage premises without your concern.

But selecting the appropriate garage door keypad might let you lost at sea. So, to reduce your stress at least level, we have brought to you the best wireless garage door keypad. We have also added a buying guide in our review. So, after getting all the useful info on garage door wireless keypad it will be easy for you to buy the perfect one for you.

Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad 2022

We have spent a lot of time researching and inquiring on several wireless garage door keypad. We didn’t exaggerate any product rather provided all the essential from major to minor features to help you out.

Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Overhead Door – Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad

Overhead Door - Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad


The Overhead Door wireless garage door opener comes with lighted buttons embedded on a large keypad. So whether at dawn or in the darkest night, you will be able to punch the right pin to open the garage door. It has a program button that has been placed on the top of the numeric. So, you don’t activate the program unknowingly.

A modern designed yet simple flip-up cover has been attached to this keypad. This cover is made up of very high-quality plastic to absorb any natural harmful strike. The cover being water-resistant also contains an ultraviolet additive to safeguard the keypad from the harmful sun rays.

Despite the cover being so strong and helpful, it is easy-peasy to remove without using any complicated technical tools. This wireless garage door opener runs on 2-AAA 9-batteries which is of course included. To secure the battery, a triple-lock system has been induced for battery retention.

Moreover, it has a built-in light indicator that will notify you when the battery gets low. And whenever you change the battery the keypad remains unchanged. So you don’t need to reset the pin constantly. You can set this wireless garage door opener keypad to operate Genie Intellicode1 and 2; on CodeDodger 1 and 2.


  • Easy to control without a remote
  • High-quality plastic to protect from water and UV
  • Smooth removable plastic cover
  • Assure high-quality security
  • Lighted keypad for easy visibility
  • Large keypad


  • Battery drains quickly
  • Keypad gets harder after long use


LiftMaster 877max Wireless Garage Door Opener Keyless Keypad

LiftMaster 877max Wireless Garage Door Opener Keyless Keypad


This wireless keypad allows you to set several temporal codes, keeping the real one unchanged. So, give other people the privilege to enter into your garage, unaware that they are given temporal code with the help of LiftMaster 877 max wireless garage door opener.

The LiftMaster 877 max has modern security rolling code as well as +2.0 security technology. Thus automatically, this tech changes the code which has been used once and instead set a new pin. And it sends the new pin to you instantly.

Besides, you will be able to access this wireless keypad without taking any kind of help from a remote or key. Open or close the door just setting your desired personal 4-digit code. No more guessing and pressing the wrong key at night, as this keypad comes with bright backlight. So, it helps you to see the numbers clearly and helps you to fill the right code.

All the Lift Master doors that have been manufactured from 1993 are compatible with this keypad. Moreover, this keypad has a flip-up cover to protect it from any injury the weather puts on it. Get this Best Wireless Keypad Garage Door Opener right away.


  • Easy to install
  • Protect from the weather by the flip-up cover
  • Works for 3 doors
  • Clear to see the backlighted keypad at night
  • It provides full instruction to use
  • Allows setting temporal code


  • Poor lifetime
  • Might not work with some LiftMaster garage door


Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System for Garage

Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System for Garage


Want the best garage door wireless keypad? The Marantee keyless entry system is a front runner with its capacity of locking up to 4 doors. From now closing the garage door is at your fingertip as it comes with one button close option.

Access into your garage by using your very own personal identification number (PIN) of 4 digits. And say goodbye to the need of keys or remote to enter into your depot. This wireless keypad operates on 315MHz frequency. Having this long-range wavelength, it can operate effortlessly without being interfered with by adjacent frequencies.

Plus, the Marantee wireless keyless entry system allows you to set a temporal pin for visitors. So, without hurting their feeling of NO-ENTRY; give them temporal access into your garage. It has an illuminated keypad that helps you to see the button in low light or darkness. Plus, the keypad is also large so that the numbers don’t just crowd there and make it hard for you to punch the code.

Importantly, this is a durable keypad since it comes with a slide-up cover to protect the keypad from the outside damage of the weather. The batteries are also kept in a weather-proof case. Simply set the Marantee on any metal surface with the spacer kit given by the product.

And you will require 2 AAA batteries to run this wireless keyless system. The company provides detailed programming instruction so that you can easily access the system from outside of the garage.


  • More durable
  • Can lock up to 4 doors
  • The slide-up cover protects from the weather
  • Easy to install
  • Illuminated keypad to use at night
  • Quiet proceedings


  • It doesn’t work on other brands
  • Programming might be difficult


Universal 387LM Keyless Entry

Universal 387LM Keyless Entry


It works on a frequency ranging from 300/310/315/372/390 MHz, as a result, you will be able to use this keyless keypad with any garage door brands within these frequencies.

Even if the key is lost or remote gets jammed, you won’t need to stand in front of the door shocked and distressed. The Universal 387LM keyless entry gives you the opportunity of opening the garage door without key or remote.

And it is very easy to mount on the wall. You won’t need to go through noisy- dusty drilling on your wall, just mount the keypad with two screws provided by the company. The Universal 387LM certainly will keep at ease with its high-security system. It allows you to put your very personal 4-digit code so that no one can trespass into the garage.


  • Easy to mount
  • Compatible with major brands
  • Defend damage from the weather
  • Very durable
  • The slide-up cover protects the keypad
  • Illuminated keys for great vision at night


  • It does not work on the Marantec, Hormen door
  • Slider cover jams after a few months


Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad

Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad


So, you are looking for the Best Wireless Keypad Garage Door Opener but in a limited budget. Then the Genie Garage Door Opener is the right match for you. It helps you to reach easily into your garage without any key or remote; though it gives a 3 button remote with the accessories. Fix a 4-digit code of random numbers and keep it safe in your mind.

By doing that you are removing all the possibilities of forced entry into your garage. But times will come when you have to let other people into your garage for maintenance or cleaning. This wireless keypad helps you to set temporal code. Therefore, let people pass into your zone without telling them your personal entry code.

The Genie Garage Door Opener has modern designed auto seek dual frequency. This feature does a fabulous job of changing the code which is being used once and set a new unique code, promptly forward that new code to you.

Put your mind at ease if you are late at night or there is a low light environment with this illuminated keypad. It has a stunning designed keypad with illuminated numbers place at moderate gaps for your convenience.

Moreover, a high-quality plastic flip-up cover has been attached to the wireless keypad. This cover protects the keypad from any damage from outside. And it is easy-peasy to mount with the two screws delivered by the Genie Garage Door Opener.


  • Compatible with all the Genie Garage Door opener since 1995
  • Weatherproof wireless keypad
  • It can set temporal codes
  • Automatically changes old code
  • Lighted keypad for better vision


  • Noisy chain system door opener
  • Remote programming bit difficult
  • Tricky to install


Chamberlain 940EV-P2 Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad

Chamberlain 940EV-P2 Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad


The name describes itself. This keypad is compatible with almost all the Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman models that have been installed from 1993 till now. This keypad comes with a flip-up cover made of high-quality plastic. It protects the well-designed keypad from any kind of injury from the weather. Plus, it slides smoothly up and down.

For convenience, the keypad has made completely wireless. Plus, you can easily set up this wireless keypad without going through any complicated and time-consuming electrical connection. Thus, this keypad eliminates the burden of carrying door opener keys or remotes.

The Chamberlain wireless keypad grants you the scope of closing the door with just the One-Button program. Along with these grand features, this keypad comes with a lighted keypad to help you put in the correct code even in the darkest night.

Moreover, put in a 4-digit code for easy access into the garage. So that no unauthorized person can transit into your garage. Remember to keep a functioning light bulb attached over the top of the garage door. Because the bulb is programmed to work as an indicator. Though this program does not work on Craftsman 100 series.


  • Easy to install
  • Swift to program
  • Heat and water-resistant with the plastic cover
  • Backlighted keypads for great vision at night
  • Very enduring


  • The battery compartment is complicated
  • Misspelling in instructions


Buyer Guide: How To Choose The Right Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad Buying Guide

Indeed, you have gone through all the statements above about the best garage door wireless keypad. But before buying the correct wireless keypad you need to search for the essential features in the product. Below are the noticeable features that you should recheck before buying the idea wireless keypad garage opener.


The core reason for buying a wireless garage door opener keypad is to secure your premises from trespassing. All the company provides security in usually +2.0 technology and rolling code technology. They both eliminate the used passcode and fix a new one so that one cannot use twice the code for entering your garage. This two-in-one feature is a must to secure your garage.

We tested and confirmed that the LiftMaster 877max Wireless Garage Door Opener Keyless Keypad and the Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad ranks side by side regarding these combined features.


A wireless keypad has to go through a lot of impacts from the weather since it stays outside on a wall. So to save it from any maximum manufacturer donates two types of high-quality plastic cover to the keypad. Namely a slide-up cover and a flip-up cover.

A flip-up cover is more convenient and usually lasts longer than a slide-up cover. Because after some months the slide-up cover usually gets jammed. The LiftMaster 877max Wireless Garage Door Opener Keyless Keypad can be very convenient since it comes with a sturdy flip-up cover along with other essential features.


Though many of the customers don’t actually realize the importance of frequency, they really matter a lot. If a wireless keypad has less frequency, then the surrounding frequency will interfere with it. As a result, the keypad will not be able to follow the command properly.

The more frequency a wireless keypad can inherent the more accurately it can do the work. When talking about strong frequency the Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System for Garage comes first with it 315 MHz frequency.


All the function starts from the keypad, it takes the command and does the work. Therefore, the keypad should be well designed; numbers should be placed at an accurate distance without huddling. Plus, the keypad must have backlit to see the numbers clearly in the dark.


It’s not both wise and affordable to buy a product which doesn’t give a warranty. Well, all the major wireless garage door opener keypad give a warranty of 1 year. So, carefully read the warranty papers before buying the keypad.


Frequently Asked Questions

While researching the Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad, we have seen people are searching the following questions answer on Google. Okay, Let’s have a look at the answers:

F.A.Q About Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Are wireless garage door keypads safe?

In short yes, because the door keypad is only accessible by a 4-digit passcode which is set by the owner. Unless the code is shared with other people, it remains invulnerable.

What is the best remote wireless garage door opener?

Though there are many remote wireless garage door openers. But after researching and testing the various product, we suggest that the best remote wireless keypad for a garage door is the Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad.

Can you use a garage door keypad for two doors or more?

Yes, there are garage door keypads that work for 2, 3 even 4 doors. Most importantly the Overhead Door – Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad, can lock 3 doors. And the Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System for Garage can lock up to 4 doors.

What is the best wireless garage door opener?

According to the owners and reviews the best wireless garage door opener indeed goes to the Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System for Garage due to its convenient access, easy installation, easy programming, and high-security system.

Can I use my smartphone as a garage door opener?

With the right app installed in the right mobile device you can easily you can use your smartphone as a garage door opener indeed.

How do I install a wireless keypad for my garage door?

Normally the company provides instruction on how to install and program a wireless keypad. The maximum wireless keypad comes with two screws to mount on the wall.

Can a garage door keypad be hacked?

It’s really hard to hack a garage door keypad if the owner doesn’t share the private PIN with other individuals.

Can you open a garage door without power from the outside?

Yes, you can open a garage door without power from the outside since it is powered from the Wi-Fi inside the home. And the least number of garage door opener requires electrical connection to operate.

How do I make my garage door opener wireless?

In simple terms, you don’t need to make your garage door opener wireless. There are many well-known brands of garage door openers in the market. Buy the perfect garage door opener by reading our Best Wireless Keypad Garage Door Opener review.

Can Alexa open my Chamberlain garage door?

No, you can’t open the Chamberlain garage door by using Alexa or any voice assistant.

How long does a garage door keypad last?

The durability of a garage door opener partially depends on the environment, usage, and materials. Though most of the keypad manufacturer company gives a 1-year warranty, a garage door keypad lasts for 6 to 8 months.

How do I install a Chamberlain wireless garage door keypad?

It’s easy to install a Chamberlain wireless garage door keypad as the manufacturer provides easy-to-follow instruction. Plus, two screws come with the keypad to mount it on the side of the garage wall.

Can the keypad be a different brand from what I had before?

You can have a different brand keypad from the one you had. Because many keypads are manufactured with the compatibility of working with more than a couple of garage doors.


Final Verdict

We tried our heart and soul to provide you with all the necessary and useful information in the best wireless garage door keypad review. You are at the door-point of making the decision to buy the right wireless garage door keypad. So make the right choice to make your garage as well as your life secured.


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