How Can You Measure the Size of Your Children at Home?

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Parents always love to see their children grow up. They always support their development. To stimulate the growth of children who are young, parents desire to bring diversified toys and things.

Now the question is which toy can actually stimulate growth maintaining complete safety? Then you start to find think about the best balance bike for toddlers.

The young child always wants a bicycle, and it is their priority. As a balance bike came as an alternative to the bicycle, parents want the best balance bike of the market which will ensure safety. Safety features of the balance bike turned so many parents to come out of the thoughts that cycling is risky.

Safety and convenient features of a balance bike made the parents fall in love with along the children. Measurement is a vital part of the balance bike.

However, it is a confusing matter for many parents to figure out the appropriate measurement of their young children in their favorite balance bike.

There is a method to do this measurement. If you go through the content, you will get to know the method to solve this problem.

How Can You Measure the Size of Your Children at Home?

So many things are there to consider before purchasing the best balance bike for toddlers. Bringing a wrong balance bike is not just a waste of money but can be unsafe for the child.

Parents face the problem that they can not guess the size of their kids to figure out which balance bike they should purchase.

A bigger balance bike will be tough to be handled by a kid. At the same time, a smaller balance bike will be hard and inconvenient while riding.

If parents can figure it out that the size is not appropriate, I will suggest them not to use to balance bike. It may cause some unexpected injuries to the child and can be unsafe.


Size of balance bike

You will find different balance bikes on the market with different designs and sizes for children. When it comes to the balance bike, there is no standard size. But there are ways to find the exact size of he balance bike that will fit your children.

The best way to find the measurement is to read the content properly. If you go through all the contents, you will know which balance bike will be perfect to fit your kid.

Along with measurement, color is also an important factor. There are different colors. Find which one best suits your toddler.


Measure the inseam of the child

Some parents think that height is the most important measurement to buy a balance bike. This idea is not perfect. If you are willing to get the perfect size best balance bike for toddlers, then you must pay attention to the weight.

Weight matters a lot. Not all the balance bikes are strong enough to carry. If you go through all my reviews on the best balance bike for toddlers, then you will know that each and every balance bike is made for a targeted age group.

Some balance bike only targets the kids who are below two years old. Some balance bike focuses on the kid above two years old. It is you to find out which balance bike is offering what.

I said above that height is not the only factor you should focus on. But when it comes to measurement, then the height is one of the most important factors.

You must take it seriously, but you should not pay all your attention to it. Measuring the inseam of a child can be an ideal method among all the measurement techniques.

I found parents use the tape to measure the height of a kid. When you try to do that you will find is tough as the children are so active.

So your measurement will not be appropriate. But I can tell you a trick that you can apply for measuring your kid’s height with tape.

You will put a book in the middle of our kid’s legs. He will start to play with it. This trick will play as the saddle for parents. You can then take the measurement without that much complication. If you follow the following size chart:

You will put a book in the middle of our kid’s legs. He will start to play with it. This trick will play as the saddle for parents. You can then take the measurement without that much complication. If you follow the trick, you will get the best possible way.

Another trick is parents can take to make this process available. Find a pant that you fit your kid best. From this pant, you can actually measure the size of your children. By doing this, you will eventually know what size of balance bike you need.


The correct size for inseam

The correct size for inseam

When you are done with the measurement of the inseam, then you will easily take the decision of buying the best balance bike you need.

  • Children from 2 to 4 years old: 14 – 17 inches in the bike that has 12 inches wheels
  • Children ages 8-12: 18 – 22 inches in the bike that has 16 inches wheels
  • Children ages 6-9: 20 – 24 inches in the bike that has 18 inches wheels
  • Children ages above 9: 24 – 28 inches in the bike that has 24 inches wheels

Weight is also an important matter while purchasing a balance bike. Parents must avoid the balance bikes which are too heavy or too light.

But you should prefer bikes which are easy too carry. It will be helpful for your kids to move the bike easily. The weight of the bike is given with the product. So you can take decision-based on weight before purchasing the bike. Options are available for you.


Things to remember when measuring the inseam

I have already discussed how to take the measurement of inseam properly. But there may be some confusion among parents on how to do the measurement.

It is important as all parents want the best balance bike for their kids. Here I am going to give some tips which can be helpful for you-

Bike with suitable height: You must purchase a bike that has the height of not more than the inseam you measured. This can be a healthy adjustment for your kids.

Balance bike with adjustable height will be a great choice. Measuring the seat: Seat is also an important factor. All best balance bikes are built with seats that are adjustable. I will request to avoid the seats which are not adjustable.

If you can have proper management, then it will be comfortable for your kid. But do not worry too much. All the quality balance bikes are adjustable.

If you buy one balance bike from Amazon and find that it does not fit your kid, then you can easily order another one by changing the previous one. Just do not be stressed on measurement.

These bike companies understand how to keep parents out of worry.


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