5 Brilliant Ways To Use Vacuum Sealer

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I have been using a best cheap vacuum sealer for some years now, and I can’t imagine my kitchen without a sealer! I can easily preserve food items for months, a year or more if needed. Every time my food stays fresh and doesn’t lose its nutrients and flavor.

The most awaited gadget has just arrived! Now you have your best vacuum sealer. First, you have to read the user’s manual to understand its functionalities.  What next? You may be wondering what to vacuum seal. In fact, I have seen friends who keep their sealers for weeks before packaging their first batch. Here is how to use your vacuum sealer.

When using your vacuum sealer, there are some factors to observe.

Don’t overfill vacuum sealer bags. It is good to leave some inches on the open side of the bag. This way you will get effective sealing and also you will prevent food from spilling into the machine. Note that a large bag material may clog the machine

Freeze liquid foods before sealing them. A vacuum sealer works by suctioning air out of the bag, so it will suck liquid foods. Wash the drip tray frequently to ensure you seal food in a clean environment and with clean tools.

If you use your vacuum sealer in the right way, you will find it a very indispensable kitchen tool. I have compiled 5 brilliant ways to use a vacuum sealer. I have used my machine for these functions, and I hope they will give you more ideas.

5 Brilliant Ways To Use Vacuum Sealer

Use A Sealer For Food Storage

I use my sealer for fresh frozen produce like broccoli, peas, peppers, strawberries, kale, blueberries, green beans, chard and much more. Most of these products last for months enabling me to save money and eat fresh, healthy produce. I usually cut the bag nicely for resealing. At other times, I even reuse the bags.

Also, you can seal leftovers for busy weekends. I love how the sealed bags stack on freezer shelf occupying a little space. Dry food items such as dried herbs, spices, fruits or even sugar and flour can be extended by the use of a vacuum sealer.

Use Your Vacuum Sealer To Reseal Oil, Wine or Vinegar

The shelf life of most liquids drops once you break the seal. I have realized that there are wine stopper attachments. If you can’t finish a bottle of homemade wine in one standing, you can seal it for the next day. You can purchase foodsaver bottle stoppers and seal your jars. It is also a great option for sealing bottles of herb-infused oil or vinegar.

Use Your Vacuum Sealer To Protect Items From Corrosion

From fine silver to ammunition, moisture and air exposure corrode and tarnish metals over time. Now, you can use a vacuum sealer to keep the shine on silver cutlery and save the time of polishing. Ensure you wrap the cutlery in a thick paper or cloth before sealing, so that the sharp knife edges or fork times do not puncture the vacuum pouch.

Use Your Vacuum Sealer To Reseal Chip Bags, Cracker Bags and Mylar Bags

Clothespins and chip clips keep bag contents from spills, but they do not keep the contents fresh, mainly under humid conditions. You can use the seal only function on a vacuum sealer to keep the crunch in the crackers.

Use Your Vacuum Sealer For Emergency

We all have emergencies at certain times. Why not use your vacuum sealer to prepare for the emergency. I mostly use my sealer to portion and preserve produce when they are plenty. Also, I usually package food for a busy weekend, camping and hiking.


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