Vacuum Sealer 101: Advantages, Steps and Unbelievable facts

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What are the advantages of Vacuum Sealer?

Vacuum sealers help to extend the shelf life of your food longer than zip lock bags. A vacuum sealer totally removes the air inside the package, thus, reducing the chances of bacteria and germ infections. Chances of food spoilage are highly minimized, so you will not be throwing wasted food. Also, you will cut on restaurant expenditure because you will be enjoying fresh meals at home.

You can label your sealed food. Hence, it will be easy to refer to the same ingredients in the future. Vacuum sealers are also ideal for homegrown foods. Note that homegrown foods are very healthy.

You can preserve seasonal vegetables and fruits for longer periods and enjoy fresh foods all year round.  There are some special sealers for preserving artifacts and other precious household items from dust and humidity.

Vacuum Sealer 101

Get better Vacuum Sealer results by following 3 simple steps

Do you want to get better vacuum sealer results?

I bet you do! However, using a best vacuum sealer to seal some food items can be tricky. No matter how keen you are, you still don’t achieve the best results. You can get best results by following 3 simple steps.

Step -1: Fill bags properly

Filling bags can is the first step to achieving better results when using a vacuum sealer. You should fill it properly if you want to store food effectively. Do not overfill a bag no matter how large it is. Leave some inches on the open end of the bag to facilitate effective sealing. Depending on the size of the bag, leave about 2-5 inches. When sealing dried foods such as herbs, spices or pepper, level the items properly.

Step -2: Freeze liquid foods before sealing

If you want to seal liquid foods such as soup or stew, freeze them first. Freezing these foods making eases the sealing process. They become block solid making it easy to place in seal bags. Not that vacuum seals suck air out of the bag and in the process they can suck the liquid content of your food. Thus, liquid foods will be sucked into the vacuuming system increasing the chances of choking the machine. Also, liquids corrode the electric parts of the sealer.

Step -3: First wrap artifacts, jewelry & other small items before sealing them

If you want to seal precious items such as jewelry, artifacts and other small household items, first wrap them with a cloth or thick paper. These items may have sharp edges, so if you don’t wrap them, they may puncture the bag. If that happens, the items will not be sealed in an airtight environment. It may be exposed to air and moisture.

If you follow these 3 simple tips, you will achieve the best results. You should also ensure the bag material doesn’t get too deep into the sealing chamber. There is usually a colored lie to guide you through the sealing process. Note that small bag material gets a better seal as compared to a large bag. In case you get stuck during the sealing process, check the user manual for guidelines.


Unbelievable facts about Vacuum Sealer

Unbelievable facts about Vacuum Sealer

  • Protect food and non-food items

Vacuum sealers are mainly meant for preserving various foods for longer, therefore allowing you to make a significant difference in your savings. Nevertheless, you can use these appliances for protecting other items such as linens, CD/DVD, artifacts, jewelry and other households that require protection against dust and humidity.

  • Prevent freezer burn

Vacuum sealers have become very popular since they have proved to be more effective than refrigerators. Further, food items preserved directly in the fridge tend to lose water content over time resulting to freeze-burn. This phenomenon leads to a significant loss in natural taste and flavors of the preserved food items, an aspect you would really like to avoid.

  • Help you to save more and prevent food damage

Although vacuum sealers help you to save, you will still have to spend regularly on the food saver supplies. These include best vacuum sealer bags and other vacuum sealers. However, if you want to save more, you can consider these two points. First, purchase food items in bulk then seal it. By doing so, you will enjoy discounts and low prices. Secondly, use the recommend seal bags. Using the right bags ensures effective sealing, so you prevent food damage and spoilage.

  • Can be used for emergency purposes

Are you a hunter or fisherman and want to preserve your catch for long? Then don’t worry! There are handheld vacuum sealers that can be used on the go for emergency purposes. Handheld sealers are smaller, lighter and can run on batteries. Thus, they are perfect for outdoor use. However, they have low suction power and sealing strength.

The food sealed using a handheld sealer lose its freshness after a short time, mostly within a month. Moreover, when you vacuum seal food using a portable sealer, it tends to be susceptible to freezer burn after a certain period.

  • Allow you to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables all year round

Obviously, we all love consuming fresh vegetables and fruits. With a vacuum sealer, you can package and preserve fruits and vegetables when they are plenty. Most vacuum sealers keep your food fresh up to five times longer than traditional food preservation methods. Therefore, you will enjoy eating fruits and vegetables when they are not available in the market.

  • Help you to prepare food in advance

With a vacuum sealer, you can prepare food in advance and preserve it for future use. Also, a vacuum sealer helps to save the time of food preparation.

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