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Skateboarding is one of those skills with plenty of cool factor, but it’s not just about looking edgy — this skill also does a lot for kids’ fitness and sense of balance.

What’s in it for your child?

  • Skateboarding is great for developing core strength, balance and agility
  • Skateboarding has a lot in common with surfing and snowboarding, so if your child is interested in those sports, this is a great skill to start off with


Get started

  • Learning to skateboard usually involves falling, so be prepared with plenty of safety equipment including wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet
  • The trick to falling is to override instinct and not use your hands to break your fall — rather, roll into it and allow your shoulder and body to take the fall, protecting your wrists
  • The first thing to learn is stopping: try a footbreak stop by dragging your back foot on the ground


Tips and tricks

  • Ollie: snap the tail down with your back foot while sliding your front foot up the board and jumping, so it looks like you’re jumping up with the skateboard stuck to your feet
  • Kickturns: balance on your back wheels for a moment and swing your board to a new direction
  • Truck stands: stand on either of your trucks and balance on the tail of the skateboard


Terms to know

  • Deck: this is the piece of wood the skater stands on
  • Trucks: each skateboard has two trucks that attach the wheels to the skateboard


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