What are the Best Features of a New HVAC System?

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When selecting a new HVAC system, you may already have a good idea of what to look for – perhaps a friend or family member has told you to consider the brand, as some brands are (much) better than most.

Best Features of a New HVAC System

What are the Best Features of a New HVAC System?

Maybe you also know that the efficiency of the system you choose is one other essential factor to consider, and it’s important to look at the SEER rating for efficiency as well as the AFUE or the annual fuel utilization efficiency to make sure your boiler or furnace is up to par with your standards.

But alongside all of these considerations come the features. Some features are more desirable than others, and these features can even improve performance, give you a better climate indoors, and even save you money!

How to Select the Key Features You Need

So what are the best features of a new HVAC system? Here’s how to select the key features you need.

  • An HVAC system with a variable speed blower may be a good choice as it can run at a higher or lower speed depending on your living spaces’ temperature requirements. It also gives you greater efficiency for a higher rating of SEER or AFUE. Aside from this, the motor operates more quietly than a standard or generic speed blower, which minimizes disruptions or disturbances, especially at night.


  • When it comes to the furnace, you may choose one with a total of two burners – as this can operate with a reduced (or full) flame that can use up less energy depending on your indoor requirements for temperature. Even more, you can opt for a modulating furnace, as it provides valuation that delivers energy-efficient warmer air no matter the requirements in temperature needed in other areas in your home. Another bonus is that these furnaces provide better and improved air filtration and indoor air.


  • You can also choose HVAC systems that provide communication – it will update you on your unit’s service issues or maintenance concerns, which helps you care for it in the best possible way. You can even get alerts through the thermostat or a mobile app when you need a filter changed or schedule a maintenance call with your local HVAC specialist, as confirmed by HVAC Aurora IL providers like McNally.

New HVAC System

  • When you choose a new air conditioning system or heat pump, it will use a different refrigerant – R410-A instead of the R-22 refrigerant, which is dangerous to the environment. While it’s not possible to purchase a new system or unit that makes use of the R-22 refrigerant, the good news is you can have the old system repaired – but bear in mind that a repair can be more costly if your unit or system will use the R-410-A refrigerant because there is a limited supply. Rather than waste money on repairing an older system or unit, you are better off investing in a new unit using R-410A refrigerant as it also has better performance and a higher SEER rating.


  • If you want better control over your system, it would be good to add smart controls (a thermostat) or WiFi – this way, you can easily control it from wherever and whenever. Your contractor will explain the available features with your choice in unit to decrease your energy consumption, save money, and help keep your abode at the ideal temperature.

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