Best Tips to Improve Skid Steer Tire Life

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The three main changeable impacting skid steer tire mileage are environment, operator, and application. Tire choice of proper working situation and implementation is important, as well as training the operator to diminish accelerated mileage and tear.

Operators cause the most implementation on tires by their method of handling. A good operator must know when to counter-reel the skid steer tires and should be experts on maintaining and handling the machine; because different terrains needs different ways of driving to extend the tires life.

You should understand the working environment and its condition before you go invest on your tires,. There are different ranges of tread patterns with tread measurements, and the ratio of rubber/space also matters.

Tread measurement and rubber/void balance depends on the surface covering of your job site whether it is an on-road covering, off-road, or mixed-use (mingling of off-road and on-road use).

Tread depth and rubber/void ratio depends on the surface condition of your job site. There are many surfaces like On-road or improved surfaces, Off-road, Mixed-use (combination of on-road and off-road use).

Tips for Maximum Skid Steer Tire Performance

You will need a non-directive tread type for hard surface application. Off-road uses place traction, depending on climate and region. An belligerent tread type with an unlocked auto-cleaning type is suitable for muddy conditions.


Common Reasons

That narrows down usual or familiar reasons for choosing a tire:

  • Wearing out rapidly from handling on solid type of surfaces due to extravagant abrasion
  • Impact of sidewall mutilation tearing at tire
  • Frequent occur of flat tires can cause dropping of performance or productivity

Evaluate the air pressure and tire pressure in routine basis if you want to avoid surprises. The two key areas to check when evaluating tire wear are the tread and the sidewall of a skid steer tire. By doing so, it will allow you to address the concern and help mitigate the damages. Keep air pressure check to set proper longevity of the tire.

Types & ways

Pneumatic tires needs to be inflated to proper pressure from time to time for functioning, because they were designed in that manner. Otherwise, chances that low air pressure will destroy the sidewall and bead areas is high. Ensure that lugs are tight and minimize the risk of damaging the wheels and tires.

Poor site maintenance could be another reason for tire damages that sometimes people overlook to take into account. Try not to forget that, overinflated pneumatic tires won’t flex the sidewalls the way they meant to. There will be irregular wear, footprint will be smaller than optimum, traction and impact resistance will suffer.


Proper maintenance will keep skid steer loaders in working order, with correct practices from the driver. It is important to keep your tires clean from debris and dirt. You will find oil and chemicals for cleaning.

Another fact to keep in mind,  electric motors produce ozone which can oxidize tire compounds and destroy your tires; so do not forget to keep your tires away from electrical equipment.

Also do not store your tires near lubricants, solvents and oil, these can cause the rubber to prematurely break down. Always try to keep them on flat surfaces, not on path filled with rocks.

To narrow it down in points:

Know your surroundings

The operators must be conscious about their surroundings. The layout of the infrastructure and the landscape matters to carry out the operation properly. The operator must be familiar with the landscape or accidents might occur if he/she isn’t careful.

Maintaining Proper Tire Inflation

You should check tires for tread depth, wear, damage and pressure frequently. Properly inflated to ensure stability and efficiency.  Over-inflated tires will be stiff and may give the operator a harsh ride, making the tires more susceptible to damage.

It is important to make sure to keep all four tires evenly inflated. Uneven compression will make the tires less stable. Thus, even if tire pressure varies from each other, it is important to keep them in check that they aren’t.

It is labelled on the sidewall of the tire that how much it should be inflated to the maximum pressure. Always spectate for rust, cracks and scrapes to know when replacement is needed for avoiding break down during your operation.

Keep a Regular Maintenance Routine

It is crucial for tires to last long for productivity. Wash and remove foreign materials and debris from your tires. It may be convenient for you if you can take a little bit of time regularly to inspect your tire for the sake of it’s endurance.

Tips for Maximum Skid Steer Tire Performance

Operator’s Guide

Operators hold the key to extend skid steer tire’s life or ruin them. Lot depends on their driving habits and practices. Pivoting it in a tight radius, and getting it into narrow spots, the skid steer drivers can be lot responsible for ruining them.

Weight of the bucket and shift of the loader changing directions also impacts on the tires which the drivers must be careful about. It is crucial that the drivers take curves carefully and slowly to avoid obstacles. Operator must maintain good line of sight and clear of obstacles on path.


As far as prolonging skid steer tire life goes, making inspection and cleaning to remove rocks and dirt is important. Do not forget to follow the procedures to prevent your tires to deplete quickly. Always check the inflation pressure and tension for tracks.

It may not always seem to be convenient to take the time to perform routine maintenance duties, but trust me it is of utmost importance. The best way to improve the skid steer tire life is to follow the instructions above and they will enhance the performance.


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