Different Uses for the Meat Grinder: Best Ways to use the Meat Grinder

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There is numerous use for meat grinder which many of us are not aware of─ many things to discover with this amazing kitchen appliance. It is a widely popular kitchen tool and good for preparing amazing dishes.

Different Uses for the Meat Grinder

It is a versatile machine that lets you grind fresh meat in your house, but here I am going to talk about other different uses for the meat grinder. Let us start with the list-

Different Uses for the Meat Grinder

Grinding Vegetables

Generally, this tool is used for grinding meats, but what if you can use it with the opposite kind of food? Some people may not guess it, but yes, vegetables!

The meat grinder isn’t good for just hamburgers and falafel─ it’s also great at grinding vegetables. You can use your meat grinder on different types of vegetables with ease. It is possible with a heavy-duty meat grinder.

Even if you love meat very much, it is unlikely that you eat them every day. If you have a meat grinder that you do not get to use very often, you can use it to grind vegetables neatly.

Some chefs prefer a meat grinder rather than a vegetable mixer because they can throw in some spices while grinding vegetables for extra flavor. You can use it to grind onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions for homemade dishes.

Grinding Bones

A lot of people use their meat grinder to grind bones alongside meat. There could be kind of meats which are full of bones, and sometimes they prefer to grind bones for their pets,

You should have a strong motor on your grinder or a decent size grinder for grinding bones if it is manual. You can use it to grind all kinds of bones like a duck, rabbit, chicken, cow, goat, sheep, turkey, etc.

Use Meat Grinder to Grind Bones

It is beneficial for pet owners who want to prevent their dogs from getting fragments of bones getting stuck in their mouths. You can even buy extra blades from the market for your meat grinder if the previous one gets dull for grinding bones.

To Make Sausages

Sometimes we often wonder how sausages are made, mostly for those who are not much familiar with kitchen secrets. You can use your meat grinder to make sausages.

To prepare sausages, there is a different kind of attachment blade. If that kind of blade does not come with your meat grinder, you can buy one separately from kitchen appliance stores.

You will need meat, fat, flavorings and casings for making sausages.

Grinding Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough

There are so many unimaginable things that you can grind in your meat grinders. It never ceases to amaze me. Surely, some will say it is very unorthodox to use the meat grinder that way, but you cannot help much when it actually works. You will make the best out of it with what you have, isn’t that right?

You buy a lot of bakeries from outside, but when you find out that you can prepare delicious cookies at home, will you not take a pass on that chance? Plus, it just increased the new range of projects to work on with your expensive meat grinder, which you barely get the chance to use.

You mix all the ingredients for the cookie dough, and your meat grinder will take up the role of a dough mixer for you. It does not end with just making cookies. You can use your meat grinder to make peanut butter!

Making peanut butter from a meat grinder was supposedly a rumor, but then it was proven to be true. You need to grind them for two rounds. After the first round, the grounded peanut will be smooth but slightly grainy before it becomes all buttery.

When you are done with your second round of ground peanuts, they will come out smooth and shiny. This is a fine way of getting homemade peanut butter and utilizing your meat grinder. Don’t you think!

To Grate Cheese

Believe me or not, you can put your meat grinder to use to grate cheese. If you want to do it yourself but you do not think you have the proper equipment for grating, you can just go ahead and put your meat grinder to that use.

First, cut them into small pieces before putting them in the meat grinder. Then it will grind the cheese into bits, but there can be some leftover sticking onto the grinder; do not worry much about it.

Use Meat Grinder for Making Burger Patty

Making Burger Patty

Another use for your meat grinder is making burgers patty. Just like sausages, you can use them to make patty for your homemade burgers.

While doing it, you can add a few drops of oil and spices according to your preference. You will be choosing the coarseness of your ground patty. All you have to do is make the shape of the patty after you are done.

Then just fry them and put them in the buns. This way, you can easily enjoy homemade burgers just by knowing the trick of twitching your meat grinder’s use.



Can you grind cheese in a meat grinder?

Yes, you can grind cheese if you have the right meat grinder attachment.

Can you grind potatoes in a meat grinder?

Yes, you can grind potatoes in a meat grinder.

Can you grind vegetables in a meat grinder?

Yes, you can grinder vegetables in a meat grinder.

Can you grind carrots in a meat grinder?

Yes, you can.


Bottom line

Many of the usage mentioned above was unknown to the majority. The general appliance for a meat grinder is processing meat, but it just feels astonishing to put it on so many alternative uses.

Not only the meat grinder is beneficial, but it also makes it possible for you to prepare so many dishes at home. Many of these dishes were not easy to make, and the meat grinder can take you one step closer to have many more dishes you wish you could make at home.


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