Top 7 Reasons to Replace Your Swamp Cooler Pads

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A lot of us have swamp coolers at our place but pay little attention to it whether it needs fixing or not. Maybe it is because we never needed to fix it. After all, it never has caused any problem so far.

You are living in your home for a long time, using the same old swamp cooler and it is still working alright. That is why you probably did not give much thought to it because you haven’t faced any trouble yet, but what about the future? You see, you have another thing coming if you do not turn your attention to it very soon.

The main purpose of your swamp cooler is to make airflow into your home and turning it cold while at it. Cooling your home is necessary for, both your comfort and health during summertime or anytime when the weather is hot. But to keep your cooler functioning, there is a tip you must know.

It is advisable to replace your swamp coolers pads for now and then. This is the primary tip I was talking about, and we are going to discuss it more.

The simplest maintenance items are often the most important ones which need to be looked after or the whole system can fall apart. The simple task of changing cooler pads can bring a lot of efficiency and effectiveness to the performance of your swamp cooler.

Looking at it from time to time can bring you a higher level of comfort in the long term.

Top 7 Reasons to Replace Your Swamp Cooler Pads

Best 7 Reasons to Replace Your Swamp Cooler Pads

What effects does it bring in changing your swamp cooler pads after sometimes, and why is it so important? Here are the top 7 reasons to replace your Swamp Cooler Pads:

Better airflow

The air which circulates through the pads of your swamp cooler, comes from outside airflow; so it absorbs all kinds of dust, dirt, debris, and other kinds of foreign particles in the air. Those dust and particles could be harmful at a molecular level. Thus, changing your swamp cooler pads will be really helpful for your own sake.

Air quality

Your cooler sucks the air from outdoor into your house; following that process many particulates and contaminants enter your cooler’s pad, as mentioned earlier. Replacing the cooler pads will increase the airflow.

If you do not change the pads, the quality of the air will drop over time. To keep the air cleaner and breathable, otherwise, its quality will keep degrading.

Energy efficiency

Keeping the swamp cooler pads updated, is a win for you. If you do that, there will be cleaner air flowing into your living space. Thus, this will enhance its performance. By performing better at its job, it will be easier for its maintenance.

This means lower energy bills and more efficiency from the cooler. Who doesn’t love to save a bit more money from reducing the energy bills, right?

Saving money in the long term

It would be much cheaper if you replace your cooler pads on a yearly cycle rather than getting a new cooler altogether, just because you did not pay enough attention to its maintenance.

Buying a new swamp cooler or even repairing one is going to cost you more than just changing the cooler pads. You can save a big deal of money in long-term thinking!

Water flow

The air cooler works by letting air pass over a damp pad, and there is moisture on the pad which is mainly responsible for bringing the cool, moisture, and humid vibe in the home atmosphere.

It needs a continuous supply of water and water control, in order to work properly for cooling.  The concentration of minerals and deposits from the water can build up in the cooling pads. From there the contaminants and pathogens will release into the air in your home space and you will breathe them.

Not something you would want to breathe in, as the particles will be harmful to your health. It is better to be safe than sorry.


We want our product to last long, which why durability is one of the important key features of any product. A warranty or guarantee is given from the manufacturers but ensuring how long the product will last also depends on you.

For a swamp cooler’s durability to prolong, the cooler pad needs to be changed. The swamp cooler is usually placed outside, mostly by the window. Whenever there is rainfall, the water will drip down into the cooler.

The rainwater will flow in and run down the cooler pad, including dirt and minerals.  Over time it will accumulate dirt and minerals, slowing down its performance and rusting it. To avoid that, you need to change the pads.

It always good to change pads during the fall instead of spring to avoid rusting, it is the post rainfall season. People who may not change the pads thinking they are saving, but eventually end up spending more money on repairing or getting a new swamp cooler.

Best 7 Reasons to Replace Your Swamp Cooler Pads


A swamp cooler has to work harder when dirt, dust, and environmental pollutants build up in its cooler pads. Following that, the performance will degrade and there will be this possibility of the cooler stopping functioning.

If you replace the cooler pads once a year, not only the foreign particles will be removed but, also having new pads running for them will increase swamp cooler pads efficiency.


Final Thought

Throughout this article what we told you, it only makes sense to conclude that your cooling pads for the swamp cooler need changing after it is used up for a year or two. Something you are going to take away from this article is the knowledge of why it needs change.

Now that you are aware of the possibilities and the coming dilemmas that can occur if you ignore changing your cooling pads, I hope you refine them properly from now on to save yourself from the bigger trouble.


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