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Factors That Affect Vacuum Sealer’s Longevity

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Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 06:36 am

Most vacuum sealers are designed to last for long, others even a lifetime.

However, your sealer may not last up to the postulated time.

I have seen some friends who use a sealer for only three or six months.

At first, I still had similar problems. I used my first sealer for about two months, and it was ready for the garbage!

I kept complaining to the manufacturer, but at last, I learned some factors that affect a sealer’s durability.

How can you use a vacuum sealer for long? You have to know what causes common damages.


Food liquids

Food liquid is a major factor that affects sealer durability. Ideally, these liquids include oils and water.

The oils may not adversely damage the sealer. Nevertheless, the water may contain acids from acid foods, or it may just be pure water.

Acid usually corrodes metallic parts of the sealer. Pure water can cause metallic parts to rust.

Rusting and corroding affect the sealer’s durability.


Food particles

Food particles usually get into the machine during the sealing process. If excess particles find their way into the sealing chamber, the machine can jam hindering the sealing process. Continued jamming lowers the machine’s effectiveness.



Using the sealer should not affect its durability. But how do you use your vacuum sealer?

Some machines are meant for light sealing while others are meant to handle heavy-duty tasks.

If you’re your sealer is designed for infrequent light use, you should not use it for commercial sealing.

Otherwise, you will affect its durability.

Handheld vacuum sealers should only be used for simple tasks. If you use it for bulk portioning, it will not last for long.


Excess voltage

Most vacuum sealers function with 110v and a few alternatives to 220v.

In the United States, voltage is not an issue, but if you want to use a vacuum sealer in other places consider the voltage.

In case you subject your vacuum sealer to excess voltage, the motor can be damaged.


Other minor factors that affect vacuum sealer durability include;

  • Accidental fall – in case your sealer fall, the outer casing can be damaged. Also, the drip tray may break if it is made of weak plastic. Handle the tray carefully when washing it manually.


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