How To Use Vacuum Sealer – Guidelines From Our Experts

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The most awaited gadget has just arrived! Now you have your vacuum sealer. First, you have to read the user’s manual to understand its functionalities. What next? You may be wondering what to vacuum seal.

In fact, I have seen friends who keep their sealers for weeks before packaging their first batch. Here is how to use your vacuum sealer.

How To Use Vacuum Sealer

Test it

Don’t just start sealing your precious items or favorite food. Testing the unit with a dummy item is a great idea. This way, you will see your sealer functions and also familiarize yourself with it.

You can try anything such as vegetables, or a few handfuls of peas, leftover food, just whatever is available. It is usually great to start with some food in the freezer. In case, there is some freezer burn vacuum pack the food. Vacuum sealing the food stops the freezer burn. After having a feel of your sealer, it’s time to embark on bulk food sealing.

The good idea is to seal food that can be cooked later. Conversely, you cook your food first, and then seal it once it has cooled down. Remember not to vacuum seal hot food. Later you can heat the frozen vacuum sealer bags containing food in the oven or microwave.

If you are planning for hiking, camping or trips, you can use a vacuum sealer for home use to preserve foods.  You can also use a vacuum sealer for your other functions. These include sealing vital documents, jewelry, artifact and more to prevent them from air and moisture.

Food Sealing Process

  • Fill food in vacuum sealer bags
  • Make sure the food is leveled
  • Place the open end of the sealed bag into the sealing system
  • Press the seal function to vacuum seal your bag or wait for the bag to seal in case of automatic sealers

When using your vacuum sealer, there are some factors to observe. Don’t overfill vacuum bags. It is good to leave some inches on the open side of the bag. This way you will get effective sealing and also you will prevent food from spilling into the machine.

Note that a large bag material may clog the machine. Freeze liquid foods before sealing them. A vacuum sealer works by suctioning air out of the bag, so it will suck liquid foods. Wash the drip tray frequently to ensure you seal food in a clean environment and with clean tools. If you use your vacuum sealer in the right way, you will find it a very indispensable kitchen tool.

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