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The Right Process to Open Vacuum Bag

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Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 05:50 am

After storing your food successful, it’s now time to open the bag. At times, it may be non-food items. So how will you open the vacuum bag?

Whether, your bags contain dry food, liquid food or even other household items, you have to be careful when opening them.

A slight mistake may result in damage to your precious item.


How To Open Bags With Dry Foods

Dry foods are not challenging to handle unless their fragile items like strawberries and some cakes.

To open, grasp the bag on the side of the seal. Then cut the seal gently with a pair of scissors.

If you don’t intend to re-use the bag, you can even cut it on the opposite side of the seal.


How To Open Bags With Liquid Foods

Liquid foods or foods with high liquid content are tricky to open. However, you only have to be keen.

Hold the side of the seal upwards; this is very important because it will prevent the liquid from spilling.

Although the liquids are mostly stored in solid form, there are very high chances of spillage.

Then cut the seal with a pair of scissors; don’t cut a large piece of the paper. Note that overcutting the bag may still cause the liquids to spill.


How To Open Bags With Artifacts Or Household Items

Some artifacts or household items may have sharp ends, so you have to be keen when opening them.

Handling the bags carefully helps prevent instances of injuries.

Since it is not advisable to re-use bags with such items, you can open it form any side.

Thus, hold the bag from either side and cut it gently. Don’t scratch the items with the scissors.


How To Open Bag With Vital Documents

When opening a bag with vital documents, you need to be very careful to avoid spoiling them. Hold the tip of the bag and cut it gently. Don’t open vital documents on a wet countertop.

Regardless of the vacuum bag contents, you have to be careful to prevent damage or injuries.

If you want to re-use the vacuum bag, cut a small part of the seal.

Apart from a pair of scissors, you can also use a sterile razor to cut open your vacuum bag.


When opening your food items, do it a clean environment and use clean tools to avoid food contamination.

You can oven or microwave your food package before opening the bag.

Also, you can open your bag, remove a small portion of the food and reseal the bag.

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