FoodSaver V3860

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The old FoodSaver versions got a new look and slightly upgraded control panel than the predecessors. The FoodSaver V3860 is available in Chrome Finishing. This small FoodSaver V3860 review article will tell you about the major features, benefits and few cons of the product in moderate detail.

FoodSaver V3860 Review




Few Features of the Product

The FoodSaver V3860 is aptly designed for ease of use. It is sleek and saves space on the kitchen counter. It has a unique feature of detecting the liquid foods on its own. So, liquid spills can be prevented with this product.

You can use FoodSaver V3860 with all the jars and containers with the accessory hose that is provided. To make it easier, the makers have allowed the hose to be retractable.

People get two types of Vacuum Sealing speed with this. The first one is normal (for normal foods) and the second one is Gentle (for fragile food items). The Pulse Vacuum button and pause button are also there.

When you are sealing all your delicate food items, it gives you more control over them. There is the accessory mode button on the control panel of the device. It is particularly useful when sealing jars, canisters etc.

The built in roll cutter helps you in customizing the bag sizes for this appliance and there is also a built in bag opener there. There are LED buttons in the panel indicating the sealing progress.

The Whole Package

It is indeed a versatile product. The dynamic machine includes with it: one 11″ x 10′ Bag roll by FoodSaver, another 8″ x 22′ FoodSaver Roll, 5 big Sized FoodSaver Bags, 5 – Quart Sized bags from FoodSaver, 1 container for the lunch and your leftovers, 1 special container for keeping sandwiches, 1 – 2.5 Qt Quick Marinator, 1 – 1.5 Quart Rectangular Canister along with Cheese Grater.

Things the FoodSaver V3860 is Good For

The FoodSaver V3860 is the best foodsaver vacuum sealer when you consider all the improvements the FoodSaver Company made with this. The machine is cheaper than others in the market when you consider the facilities.

It processed the bugs that were there in the 3000 series earlier. Automatic sealing is one of its key features. FoodSaver 3860 grabs the sealing bags by itself, seals the food itself and that is it.

The machine can detect whether the food is moist or dry by itself too. If you are thinking that this FoodSaver machine can only seal foods, you are horribly wrong. It can even marinate your foods to help you prepare delicious dishes. You can complete the task in merely 10 minutes. The product is cheap too.

Few Words of Warning

People are always looking for something extra but every machine has its limitations. If you are expecting FoodSaver 3860 to seal a heap of bags at a single stint, you got yourselves to blame.

The company has made it clear that this FoodSaver machine can’t handle more than 10 to 12 seals in one go before cooling down for 20-30 minutes. The machine is very much convenient with sealing and it is offered at a decent price too.

Like all the FoodSaver products, it has a one year warranty that covers external damage to the motor. The machine does what it claims by protecting your food items 5X times longer than your average food saving mechanisms.


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